Kirby's Story

MB, anal, oral, humil, spank
Author Unknown


Kirby bit his top lip as the school secretary picked up the phone to advise the headmaster that he had a visitor.

"Mr. Kensington, I have a Kirby Phillips to see you." The secretary replaced the handset and turned in Kirby's direction with a withering look lingering across his face told the boy to “take a seat and wait.”


Kirby sighed and slumped onto the hard wooden bench that ran along the length of the waiting area wall. He knew he was in trouble and it was not the first time, but this was different. This was serious!


The headmaster knew Kirby as he had been to see him twice since he began at the school, but both those incidents were nothing compared to the trouble he was in now and he was scared out of his mind.


He thought back over the events of the last hour on how he had been caught red handed. It was so embarrassing! Of course, what else did he think would happen? It is not as if they could ignore it.


The headmaster would have to inform his parents. His parents! Christ, now he really was scared. They were probably already on their way to the school, excusing themselves from their jobs for the afternoon following an awkward phone call from the very man who sat right in front of him.


The phone rang on the secretary's desk and he looked Kirby's way as he replied, "Okay I'll send him in now."


The secretary looked Kirby’s way and gently tilted his head towards the headmaster's door, clearly he thought the boy too lowly even to speak to him. Kirby swallowed hard. He had convinced himself that he was waiting for his parents to arrive. Surely, his parents needed to be present … didn't they?


Kirby staggered slightly as he stood up. He looked down and straightened his uniform before slowly pacing across the waiting area and grasping the handle of the headmaster's study. Just as he was about to pull down on the handle, Kirby remembered his previous encounters with the headmaster. He let go of the handle, lifted his hand and firmly knocked twice on the door.


"Come in," called the headmaster from behind the heavy oak door.


Kirby took a deep breath and pressed the brass handle down as he pushed the door open. The smell of leather, books and wood filled his senses as he slowly stepped inside. It was just as you would imagine a headmaster's study to look, traditional and antiquated.


The headmaster did not look up from his desk for several minutes after Kirby shut the door behind him and he was beginning to wonder if the headmaster had forgotten that he was there. The headmaster eventually looked up with a rather strange look in his eyes.


"You'd better sit down," he told Kirby.


Kirby padded softly towards the chair that faced the headmaster's heavy oak desk. He placed his school bag on the floor and sat gently down as he waited for the headmaster to continue.


The headmaster closed the book he was writing in and looked at him. "Kirby Phillips ..." he raised his eyebrows and rubbed his hand over his slightly bristled face, "… I wasn't expecting to see you today."


Kirby dropped his gaze to the floor, once again biting his lip as he braced himself for the onslaught that was surely about to hit him, but Mr. Kensington merely sighed to himself and leaned forward with his arms crossed across the leather inset top that crowned his beautiful desk.


"So, tell me what happened."


Kirby started to cry. How could he begin to repeat what had happened? He was mortified. Soon his parents would be here and then they would know. Surely, Mr. Kensington would not make him tell them, would he? He cried even harder at the mere thought of having to look his parents in the face and tell them exactly what he had done this afternoon.


Mr. Kensington reached into a drawer and plucked out a tissue. He handed it across the desk and watched as Kirby dabbed it around his eyes. He was a handsome boy, but he was not one of the best looking in the school. He was slender without being too skinny. He rated him an eight, or maybe a high seven.


He let Kirby cry a while longer and then watched as the boy finally brushed his long, blond hair back to reveal his puffy eyes and tear stained shirt. He could not fault the boy’s appearance. His uniform was spotless, bang on regulation - white shirt, dark grey shorts, grey knee socks, polished, black shoes and a black blazer emblazoned on the pocket with the school shield. No complaints there. Many of the boys could learn a thing or two from this one, he thought to himself.


It became clear to Mr. Kensington that he could wait a long time for Kirby to open his mouth and tell him what happened. The boy was a nervous wreck right now and he half expected the boy to break into tears again at any second. In the end, he decided to be the bigger man and put the boy out of his misery.


"Okay Kirby. I know what happened. Mr. Spencer told me all about it."


Kirby began to sob again and Mr. Kensington felt compelled to do something to stop it before he got too far into his hole.


"Don't cry. There's really no need. It's not like this has never happened before."


Kirby glanced up at him and saw that he was looking straight at him. He did not look as angry as he had expected. In fact, the headmaster almost looked friendly.


"You're not the first boy to get caught with his prick in his hand, Kirby and you won't be the last."


Kirby almost laughed at the headmaster’s flippant remark.


"There, that's better, isn't it?"


Kirby nodded and was slightly relieved at Mr. Kensington’s pleasant demeanor.


The headmaster offered the boy another tissue to let him dry his eyes again before continuing. "You have put me in a bit of an awkward position though. I should have called your parents already."


Kirby looked up and the relief washing over his face was palpable. "You mean you haven't?" he sniffed.


Mr. Kensington shook his head.


"Are you going to? Please don't call them Mr. Kensington. They'll kill me!"


"I very much doubt that Kirby. They might be very upset and angry with your behavior, but I very much doubt they'd consider killing you."


Kirby looked on nervously as Mr. Kensington eased back into his comfortable leather chair. This was good, Mr. Kensington thought, the boy was scared. He would be easy to manipulate. He knew from experience that a fearful boy would endure almost any humiliation and abuse.


"Kirby, I've been doing this job for quite a few years now. More than twenty actually and well, I've seen many thousands of boys come through here in that time. Moreover, I think, over the course of my career, I've become quite a good judge of character. The thing is Kirby, I've been doing this so long that I've seen it all before. I can look at your class and tell you pretty much who will do what with their lives, who will make lots of money, who will struggle in life, who will get a girl pregnant before they graduate. He let that little nugget sink in before he continued," and you too, Kirby, I know pretty much what your life has in store for you."


Kirby looked a little taken aback. This was not he had been expecting at all.


"Correct me if I'm wrong," the headmaster began. "This wasn't your first time, is it?"


Kirby bit his lip again, paused for a second and then slowly shook his head.


“How often do you masturbate, Kirby?”


Kirby’s cheeks turned cerise and nibbled at his bottom lip in consternation, “I … I … oh, sir … I do it every day.”


“Only once a day?” Mr. Kensington retorted.


Kirby was beyond embarrassment.  He already felt the shame of being caught masturbating. Now, Mr. Kensington was asking him about his masturbatory habits as he squirmed in his seat. His dick was so hard and his balls ached since Mr. Pierce caught him before he could cum.






“How many times a day?”


“I dunno, sometimes twice, maybe three times,” the boy’s voice quivered softly in response.


"Have you sucked cock, Kirby?"


Again, Kirby paused before he shook his head again.


"You haven't yet, but you really want to, don't you?"


Kirby looked down, avoiding his eyes before nodding his head gently.


"It's okay," he said. "There is nothing wrong with that. It's natural to be curious and guys love it when you suck them, especially if you swallow their cum."


Kirby felt his face blush deep red behind his long, golden locks.


"You see, Kirby, I've had my eye on you for a while. I knew this day would come, because I know exactly how your life is going to pan out, because I've seen it all before."


Mr. Kensington pulled himself out of his chair and stood facing the large window that looked over the fields behind the school.


"You masturbate a lot, don't you Kirby? You love to stroke your little prick, but you need your boy-cunt full to really get off, don't you? Probably use a hairbrush handle or something, maybe you've even 'acquired' a dildo from your mother."


He turned his head just enough to see Kirby’s expression of undeniable shock. Kirby could hardly believe what he was hearing.


"But you, Kirby ... you're different aren't you? … You're the real deal." Leaning nonchalantly against the windowsill, he turned back to face Kirby, wondering whether his cock was visible beneath his navy blue slacks.


"What … do you mean?" whimpered Kirby.


The headmaster smirked at Kirby and walked back over to his chair. He stopped right next to it and looked down at Kirby across the desk.


"How many times have you spied on your classmates?"


Kirby nearly choked. How could Mr. Kensington possibly know about that?




"Umm ...."


"We both know you have, so tell me."


Kirby's heart was beating fast as he tried to formulate a rebuttal in his head, but nothing came except the truth.


"A few times."


"A few, so like, I'm guessing like four or five?"


Kirby nodded, all too quickly.


"Or is it a little more?"


Kirby's face gave it away immediately.


"Okay, it doesn't matter. Do you like looking at cocks?"


Kirby nodded softly.


"You want cock bad, don't you? Your mouth salivates and your boy-cunt itches because you want it so bad."


Kirby eyes looked like they would pop out of his head.


"You want a boyfriend. Isn’t that right?"


Again, Kirby felt strangely compelled to reveal the truth.


"Yes, I want a boyfriend."


"Hmm .... I don't think you do Kirby. I think you want more than that. A lot more.


"The truth is Kirby, I know boys like you. I've seen it time and time again. Like I said, I can see it in you. You might think you want a nice boyfriend, but you don't. What you really want is a regular supply of cock and even when you get it, it won't be enough for you. You'll be sucking cock in toilet stalls, in the park, at the mall with any guy who offers.


“That’s all you want, Kirby. Cock and lots of it, you’ll spend your day, from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, searching for cock, any cock, to worship, to suck, to fill you. Cock is all you will live for. It will be your life.”


Kirby was starting to get irate with the headmaster now.


"This is ridiculous," he exploded. "How can you know all this? It's not true. I don't want to be like that."


"Really?" asked the headmaster. "So how come you've been squirming in your seat for the last few minutes? Why is your mouth salivating? It needs cock, Kirby. Your boy-cunt is itching, isn't it? You're desperate for something to fill it, aren't you? Only cock, lots of cock will do satisfy you."


Kirby's face turned crimson.


"I told you Kirby, I can see it in you. You're a cock-whore. You can't change it. The best thing you can do is embrace it. Don't let anyone hold you back Kirby. Take what you want and enjoy every second of it with no regrets."


Kirby was almost panting now and Mr. Kensington knew he had the boy just where he wanted him.


"You want to touch your little prick, don't you Kirby? Yeah, I know. You need to feel your fingers on your little prick, huh?"


Kirby tried to deny his arousal, but it was a fruitless exercise.



"Well, what are you waiting for? Pull your shorts down and show me your hard, little prick."


Despite himself, Kirby reached for button on his shorts and with trembling hands, he slowly popped the button and pulled the zipper down. Inch by inch, he lowered his shorts down revealing his slim, toned thighs. Mr. Kensington licked his lips in anticipation as he watched the show. His cock was rock hard now, aching for release from the confines of his trousers, but he knew how to play the game. He knew he had to be patient just a little while longer. Kirby's shorts reached his knees and Mr. Kensington felt himself exhale as he was treated to the sight of Kirby's white, cotton briefs and he could see the wet spot where Kirby’s prickhead was leaking.


"Go on," he said. "Rub it through your underwear like a good little cock-whore."


Kirby hesitated then felt himself move his hand down between his legs and rub against his hard prick. He had never been harder in his entire young life and he felt like he would explode at any minute if he did not get to cum soon.


"Do it," ordered the headmaster. "Show me how you make yourself cum."


Kirby moved his briefs to the side, exposing is prick and staring stroking it in earnest.He leaning back in the chair and spreading his legs wider as he rubbed himself. Mr. Kensington watched intently as he surreptitiously squeezed his cock as he watched Kirby masturbate.


"Oh yeah, you need something inside you don't you, something to fill that greedy little boy-cunt of yours."


The headmaster's words making his cock throb and Kirby groaned with anticipation.


"You like it when I call you a cock-whore, don't you Kirby? Because you know, deep down, that's what you are, what you were born to be, a hole for cocks to use whenever they feel like it."


Kirby’s fingers rubbed faster and faster on his prick and his jaw was trembling as he listened to Mr. Kensington’s verbal taunting. Mr. Kensington watched intently, openly rubbing his rock-hard cock through his trousers as he waited for just the right moment.


"Stop!" Mr. Kensington barked, as he slammed his hand down on the desk.


Kirby nearly jumped out of his skin and then groaned in frustration as the headmaster denied the orgasm he had been so close to achieving.


"You don't get to cum yet. First you have to prove to me what a cock-whore you really are."


Taken out of his reverie Kirby reverted to his lip biting innocence, but Mr. Kensington was having none of it.


"Oh Kirby, look at you, your legs spread, your underwear soaked and pulled to the side, your fingers covered in pre-cum. Is that the behavior of a normal boy? No, but you're not a normal boy are you? You're a cock-whore."


"Here's a tip for you. Very few men like to see a cock-whore pleasuring himself and the few that do are a waste of time. As a rule, they are selfish pricks that are denying you the pleasure of worshipping their cocks. You want them to use your boy-cunt, your mouth. That’s your pleasure - making sure that the man’s cock is satisfied. You'll come to resent the ones that don't give you that gratification.”



"Come here."


Kirby took a second to gather himself up and then, looking a little nervous he shuffled around the heavy desk to where Mr. Kensington sat with his cock straining against the confines of his trousers.


"Good, now undress for me. I haven't even seen your little titties yet, I bet they're cute aren't they?"


Despite everything that had gone before, Kirby felt incredibly nervous and hesitated just long enough to irritate Mr. Kensington.


"I told you I wouldn’t call your parents, but if you disobey me, well, I might have to reconsider."


Kirby looked at him with imploring eyes, but Mr. Kensington remained unmoved.


"Undress now, Kirby."


Kirby glanced in the direction of the door, aware for perhaps the first time that as far as he knew it remained unlocked.


"Don't worry. No one will come in that door unless I say so. James, Mr. Wilson, used to be a boy at this school. He knows what goes on in here."


Kirby's jaw all but dropped open.


"Now, strip like the good, little cock-whore you are!"


Kirby ever so slowly peeled his blazer off and looked around for somewhere to put it.


"Just drop it. Cock-whores don't care about their clothes. They only care about cock."


Kirby dropped the blazer to his side and then began slowly undoing the buttons on his clean, white shirt.


"That's it. Show me what I want to see."


Kirby reached the last button and once again hesitated a little too long for Mr. Kensington's liking.


"Kirby, you're not here to tease me, so quit stalling and get naked, otherwise I am going to have to paddle you."


Kirby's eyes widened in horror at the thought of the headmaster spanking him and he peeled his shirt off his shoulders.


Mr. Kensington placed his hand on the bulge in his pants and started to rub it gently to take the edge off the need he was feeling. Kirby noticed the headmaster's hand stroking his cock and he felt prick bounce slightly as he realized that his body was making Mr. Kensington do that to himself.


'Maybe I really am a cock-whore,' he thought to himself.


Slightly more eager to please, he pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor revealing his pert nipples. Kirby took a breath, as he stood before Mr. Kensington in his stretched and ill fitting, sodden, white briefs with his shorts puddled around his ankles.


Mr. Kensington sighed contentedly as he gazed at Kirby's beautiful little tits. He was already looking forward to pulling those nipples hard and making the boy squeal, but of course, that would not be happening today. It would happen soon enough, but not today.


"You're doing great Kirby. Now remove your shoes and socks. Kirby bent down to remove his shoes and socks, and lifted his legs out of his shorts. Kirby straightened up and Mr. Kensington stared at the nearly naked boy in front of him.


“Come a little closer."


Kirby took a step closer to Mr. Kensington.


"Now, your underwear."


Kirby looked at him imploringly and finally relented. He trembled as he hooked his fingers and thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and slid them down his silky, smooth legs. Once past his knees he let them fall and stood up again, once again revealing his gorgeous, erect, little prick to his headmaster.


"Beautiful," the headmaster moaned. "Now .... we've established that you're a cock-whore, haven't we?"


"Yes, sir," Kirby agreed with more than a hint of shame in his voice.


"And, I've already explained that you shouldn't be afraid to embrace your cock-whore wants, haven't I?"


"Yes, sir."


"I want you to kneel down now Kirby and then I want you to place your hand on my cock."


Kirby sank to his knees and once again bit his lip as he slowly placed his hand on Mr. Kensington's straining cock entrapped in his trousers.


"Can you feel it?" Knowing the effect, it was having on Kirby.


"Yyyeeessss..." the boy whimpered.


"You want it, don't you, Kirby?"


"Uh huh," he sighed.


"Well cock-whores who want cock have to learn to beg for it. Are you going to beg for it, Kirby?"


He nodded slightly, but said nothing. After a few moments, Mr. Kensington prompted him.


"I'm waiting, Kirby."


Kirby cleared his throat and licked his lips before opening his mouth a couple of times and then falling silent again.


"Beg, Kirby."


"Please may I ... please, may I suck your cock, sir?"


Kirby felt Mr. Kensington's cock pulse as he spoke, and the headmaster gave a little groan of his own.


He chuckled softly, "You're learning cock-whore," he said. "But, try again. And, this time really let me know how bad you want it."


Kirby was breathing hard as he started to speak again, "Please, sir. Please let me ... suck your big, hard cock. I really, really want to suck it."


"Better, just try it once more."


"Oh, please sir. Please let me. Let me be your cock-whore and I want your cock..."


"You want it?"




"Where do you want it Kirby? In your hand? In your mouth? In your cunt?"


Kirby was trembling and almost breathless with trepidation now. Kirby could make out the outline of Mr. Kensington’s impressive cock under the trouser fabric and continued to stroke the throbbing rod. Mr. Kensington smiled, while not huge, Mother Nature had blessed him with a solid six inches and even nearing fifty as he was he could still keep up with a man two thirds his age.


"Okay, you can have it."


Kirby fumbled with the belt, then unfastened and unzipped the headmaster’s trousers, letting them fall and puddle around his feet. Kirby hooked his fingers into the headmaster’s boxers and tugged on them until his cock sprang out and pointed straight up at him, just inches from his face. He licked his lips as he studied the angry crimson red color of the tip and wondered just how it would fit in his mouth.


"There, that's what you wanted isn't it, a hard cock..."


Kirby could only nod as the headmaster’s cock bobbed and strained in front of his face. He reached out and curled his thin fingers around the thick, hard and throbbing stalk. It felt good in his hand, warm and solid. He felt his own prick pulse and squirt as he slowly began to stroke the headmaster’s thick, rigid cock.


"Kiss it," said the headmaster as he looked down at Kirby stroking his cock.


Kirby leaned forward and placed one tender kiss on the head of Mr. Kensington’s cock. Mr. Kensington loved making his boys worship his cock, but not just his cock. He did not want them to feel neglected and he had no qualms about sharing his boys. The more the merrier as far as he was concerned. He knew he could never really satisfy a true cock-whore. No guy could, three strikes and even the best of them would be done, but a true cock-whore could go on for hours.


"That's good Kirby, but it's a little dry. "Go on then, show me what a cock-whore you are. Why don't you show me how my new, little cock-whore sucks his headmaster's cock?"


Kirby looked up at him with huge eyes.


"Just lick it first, use your tongue all over the shaft and my balls. Get it nice and wet for me."


Kirby was cautious at first, but like the true cock-whore, he soon got into it, and soon Mr. Kensington was moaning in ecstasy, but he was running out of patience with the boy. He knew Kirby was young and new and he didn't want to mess it up, but he needed more than Kirby was giving him right now and wasn't prepared to wait any longer.


He reached down and guided Kirby’s head to the tip of his cock, pulling him forward until about half of his cock was in the boy’s mouth. A couple of times Kirby thought he might gag and backed off a little, but Mr. Kensington soon pushed him down again. He pulled the boy’s long, blond hair into a pony tail and used it to guide him, one minute pushing his head down, the next pulling his head off his cock while Kirby gasped for air.


The headmaster barked instructions as he went, "You're going to have to do better than that cock-whore. Don't you want my cum?"


Kirby groaned and Mr. Kensington couldn't help but notice that Kirby had started sneakily playing with his prick while he sucked on his meat.


"I know you're playing with yourself while you sucking my cock, cock-whore. You’ll be spanked for that.”


Kirby groaned around the headmaster’s cock as the headmaster pushed his hips up, pushing his cock deeper still into the boy’s mouth.


"Good boy, you know that by the end of the month you'll be taking my cock in your throat, don't you?"


Kirby grunted loudly as Mr. Kensington began fucking his mouth in earnest. The headmaster pulled out and he grabbed his cock with his free hand and pumped it hard, ordering Kirby to open his mouth.


"You're going to swallow it all like a good little cock-whore, aren't you?"


"Yes ..."


"Yes, Kirby, you're doing great. Now get ready, “I'm cuminnnnnnnnng!"


Mr. Kensington pumped his cock furiously and a few seconds later a huge arc of cum erupted from the end of his aching cock, some of it landing in the boy’s gaping mouth, some of it splashing onto his cute face, and in his hair. Mr. Kensington continued to pump his cock until he was spent and then used his fingers to scoop up the cum that had missed the boy’s mouth and fed it too him.


Kirby’s first taste of cum hadn't been as bad as he'd been led to believe and the thrilling sluttishness of swallowing the headmaster’s cum had far outweighed the taste in any case.


The headmaster bent down between the boy’s legs, his thick, experienced fingers and thumb expertly stroked the boy’s prick. He bent close to him and whispered to him, knowing the effect his words would have on him.


"You've been such a good little cock-whore today, and now I want you to cum for me. Just think about all the nasty things I'm going to teach you next. I'm going to have you beg me to fill your boy-cunt with my cock and then I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to cum. That's what you want isn't it, your dirty little boy-cunt filled with hot, slippery cum?


"And when I've finished fucking your slutty, little hole I'm gonna make you get down on your knees, just like you are now and clean my dirty cock and you know what? You're gonna love every fucking second of it!"


He felt the boy's body start to tremble and he knew Kirby was right on the cusp. Mr. Kensington stopped fondling Kirby’s prick, denying him his orgasm and Kirby thrashed against Mr. Kensington’s body in agony. He slumped against Mr. Kensington and the headmaster had to hold him upright for a few minutes until he found his equilibrium again.


"Mr. Kensington, my balls really hurt. They hurt so much.” Kirby felt as if his balls were going to bust. They were absolutely killing him, even his tummy hurt.


"You’re a good boy, Kirby. Mmmm, Look how swollen they are. I bet your balls really do ache, huh?” he asked, with a smile in his voice, paying no attention to the boy’s distress and helped him up into his chair.



"The blow job was sweet," said Mr. Kensington. "But, as nice as that was, it wasn't what you really, really want, was it?"


Kirby did not know what to say that consequently he said nothing. Mr. Kensington smiled as much to himself as to Kirby.


"Therefore, as I was saying, isn't there something you want to ask me?"


He may well be one the hottest boys in the school, but he was somewhat dimwitted, and Kirby looked at the headmaster with a vacant expression on his face.


"I want to be the first to break in that lovely tight cunt of yours."


Kirby’s face blushed once more in embarrassment and he started to pull his thighs together and move his hands in a pointless, but instinctive move to cover his nudity.


"Don't even think about it," warned the headmaster. "In fact, let’s do this right. I want to see you properly displayed."


The headmaster grabbed the boy and pushed him back in the chair. Ignoring the boy’s squeal, he grabbed the boy’s legs to bring the boy forward until he sat on the very edge of the leather seat, and then pushed on the boy’s chest causing him to lie back in the seat and expose his hard, little prick and marble-sized balls. The boy’s tummy fluttered as the headmaster took hold of his legs and positioned them over the arms of the chair causing the once chaste boy’s ass cheeks to obscenely spread and reveal his tight, virginal boy-cunt. Mr. Kensington crouched down on the floor in front of the boy, gazing longingly at the quivering, puckered rosebud.


"You have a beautiful boy-cunt Kirby. Why don't you open it up with your fingers so I can really see it properly?"


Kirby felt like he would just about die in a minute, but slowly his fingers edged back between his legs and he gingerly used the tips of his fingers to part his asshole and expose his tight channel to the gaze of the headmaster.


"Very nice," he said, licking his lips as he imagined plunging his swollen, aching cock into the unspoiled, virginal fuckhole.


"Now just push one finger into your sweet cunt for me, Kirby."


Kirby slid the middle finger of his right hand inside himself. He loved the feeling of his finger against the slight bump he felt. He did not know yet that he had found his G-spot.


"Now take it out and lick it clean."


Kirby reluctantly removed his finger and brought it up to his lips. He looked at the headmaster imploring him to stop making him do these things.


"Go on, suck it clean. You need to get used to the taste of your cunt if you're going to be a cock-whore. After all, most guys are going to want to cum in your mouth after they've fucked your tight, little cunt."


He thought about adding that some might want to fuck his mouth after they had fucked him, but thought better of it. There would be plenty of time for that later. The boy was at a critical stage in his awakening after all and he did not want to ruin it now that the boy had come this far.


Kirby licked and sucked his finger clean and swallowed. It did not taste as bad as he expected, but he still could not believe he had sucked the shit off his finger and swallowed it. He really must be a cock-whore that Mr. Kensington believed he was.


Mr. Kensington knelt down right in front of Kirby, his shoulders pressing against the insides of his beautiful, taut thighs and pushing them even wider.


"You look lovely," said the headmaster. "Do you want me to fuck your cunt?"


Kirby was beside himself. He could barely bring himself to speak, but he wanted it so much. Finally, he managed to nod his head just an inch or two.


Mr. Kensington smiled, "No Kirby, if you want it you have to learn to ask politely."


Kirby shuddered as he felt his breath grazing his swollen, pink lips. Why was Mr. Kensington making this so hard for him?


"Come on, I know you want to. Just say 'Please Mr. Kensington, please would you fuck my magnificent cunt for me?'"


Kirby swallowed hard and composed himself. He could not think of anything he had ever done in his whole life that had been demeaning, but he was determined to succeed.


"P ... plea ... se," he panted. "Please, Mister .... Kensington ... please ... would you fuck my magnificent cunt for me?"


"There, that wasn't so hard was it?"


Kirby's breathing was ragged.


Mr. Kensington was determined to teach Kirby properly. "Ask me again Kirby. Only this time convince me that you really want it."


Kirby groaned again. His prick was practically convulsing as Mr. Kensington spoke to him, humiliating him for his own amusement.


"I'm waiting," Mr. Kensington reminded him.


Kirby continued to breathe heavily as he struggled to get his thoughts straight, but Mr. Kensington was becoming impatient. He lifted his hand between the boy’s open legs and slapped it against the boy’s balls. It was not hard. It did not hurt him or leave a mark, but the shock almost sent the boy over the edge.


"F ... u … c … k," Kirby moaned, which brought a smirk to the headmaster's face.


"Oh, we'll get to that Kirby, don't you worry but you have to ask for it. You want to cum, don't you? And the only way that's going to happen is if you convince me that you want me to fuck your cunt."


Kirby twisted in the chair, his frustration driving him half-insane and pushed his asshole towards Mr. Kensington.


"Please," he begged. "Please, just do it .... please."


"Do what Kirby? Look at you. You're like a bitch in heat. I bet you'd let me fuck you while your father watched, wouldn't you? Christ..."


"Please .... oh please, just fuck me and make me cum."


"Tell me you’re a cock-whore," requested the headmaster.


"I’m a cock-wore," Kirby responded.


"I’m a cumdump and a fuckhole," pushed Mr. Kensington, his cock moving ever nearer to the boy’s hole.


"Yes," he panted. "I’m a cumdump and a fuckhole, please fuck me!"


Mr. Kensington relented and pushed his cock into the boy’s quivering boy-cunt. Kirby was trembling as for the very first time he felt his fuckhole touched by another human being.


"Oh, God," he moaned as Mr. Kensington pushed more of his cock in, pushing his closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! It hurts, please take it out. It’s too big, sir! Oh, God! Stop!”


Mr. Kensington knew it would not take long for Kirby to enjoy it. Before he even touched him, he knew the boy had worked himself up so much that it would simply be a matter of guiding him to the edge and giving him a gentle shove over the cliff. His cock bumped against the boy’s prostate and the boy moaned in pleasure.


"Are you close?" he asked, pulling Kirby’s head back by his hair. "Are you ready to cum for me cock-whore?"


"Oh, fuck!" He wailed as his climax hit.


Mr. Kensington grabbed the boy’s legs as he fought to hold him still enough to keep the pressure on the boy’s prostate, but as strong as he was the boy eventually bucked away, only to instinctively force his boy-cunt back towards Mr. Kensington’s cock for more. This happened two or three times until finally Kirby, completely shattered and utterly exhausted, lay irresistibly on the chair with his legs splayed open like the cock-whore he was and cum running from his abused and swollen boy-cunt.


Mr. Kensington pulled away from him and moved over to his desk where he picked up his phone. Within seconds, he had taken half a dozen photos of the boy splayed wide for the entire world to see. Kirby barely even registered the clicking camera as Mr. Kensington took the photos.


Mr. Kensington let Kirby lay there for a couple of minutes. He sat back in his chair and debated whether to send one of the photos to Mr. Pierce, a little treat for his complicity in all this. He eventually decided against it. There would be plenty of time to show him later over a pint of twelve-year-old malt.


Kirby stirred and pulled himself upright. Self-conscious of his naked state he closed his legs and placed his hand to cover his still dripping prick.


“Sit properly, Kirby.”


The boy looked at his headmaster in bewilderment.


“Sit how I showed you. Scoot down and put your legs over the arms of the chair and your hands at your sides. A cock-whore always shows the goods.”


The boy maneuvered himself into position. The sated boy’s body blushed as he displayed his violated hole to his headmaster. Mr. Kensington’s cock gave a little twitch as he observed the freshly fuck boy.


"Okay?" asked Mr. Kensington.


Kirby nodded nervously.


"Anything you want to say to me?"


Kirby wondered what he meant. He pondered for a few seconds and eventually managed to croak a small “Thank you."


Kirby looked down at the floor again, and suddenly the clicking of the camera registered in his head.


"Did you take pictures of me?" he asked with a worried look.


"Yes, I did, but don't worry. No one will see them."


Kirby did not look reassured.


"Kirby, I'm a man of my word. No one else will see them. You can't blame me for wanting to take them when you looked so beautiful. Besides, it doesn't hurt to have a little insurance."


"What do you mean?"


"Well, this is all well and good, right here, right now, but what happens when you walk out of that door?"


Kirby looked slightly confused.


"I don't think you're the sort of boy who's going to try and cause me any trouble, but even so ... even if you're grateful to me now, I'd hate to think that you would neglect your duties after everything I've done for you.


"I'm very pleased with you Kirby, we're alike, you and I. I needed to fuck boy-cunt every day. I can't stop myself. I'm not proud of it, but I accept it and I'm very much looking forward to continuing your cock-whore training. I'm going to give you a fortnight of detention to be served in my office after school. I expect you to be ready to learn from me and anyone I invite to use you. Do you understand? I might even let the whole football team have a go on you. They love to fuck.”


Kirby looked confused. "You're going to let other people use me?" Why was Mr. Kensington doing this to him?


"Of course Kirby, you're a cock-whore now, that's what cock-whores do.


“Your little prick belongs to me so no more jacking off for you. I’ll know and if you so much as touch your prick, I’ll cut it off. Don’t worry, you’ll have access to all the cock you can handle and more. It won't be long before your name gets around and you’ll be begging boys to feed your fuckholes with their cocks. How else are you going to learn to cum just from having your cunt stuffed?”


Kirby looked horrified at the thought and that he had those photographs of him, but deep down he realized that Mr. Kensington already knew him better than he knew himself.



“It’s time for your punishment, Kirby. Please understand I don’t like to do this, but when you are disobedient, you need to be disciplined and it’s an incentive for you to be worthy and to perform your duties with the upmost pride.


“Now keep your legs spread so I can give you six swats on your ball sack. I feel compassionate today, so if you close them, I’ll only add one more to the count.”


Kirby’s eyes were wide in terror. He could not believe the position he found himself in, but Mr. Kensington had those photos of him. He just could not have his father know the disgusting things he had done. Poor, poor Kirby - if he only knew.


Mr. Kensington could not believe the submissiveness of the boy all splayed out before him, just waiting to have his balls walloped.


“Beg me, Kirby. Beg me to hit your balls and apologize to me for making me do this to you,” the headmaster intoned.


“Please, sir, hit my balls. I’m sorry you have to punish me for being bad,” Kirby answered in a quavering voice.


The spoon swooshed through the air and struck his balls. His lip trembled. His nose wrinkled up. His eyes squeezed shut. Then the pain shot though his body and his body curled up to protect itself. His scream echoed from the walls and reverberated down the halls and into the classrooms causing his fellow students to cringe in their seats.


“Kirby, get back into positon! This one didn’t count since you closed your legs.”


Kirby coughed and gasped for air. He could not move. The ache spread from his balls up into his bowels and stomach, and made him feel nauseous, but he knew he had to get in position. He would not be able to take his punishment swats. He slowly unfolded and settled himself back into position. His face was white, the terror of what he was to endure reflected in his eyes.


Kirby’s balls had retracted into his abdomen to protect themselves. Mr. Kensington reached down and pulled them out. Kirby gasped, but remained steady.


The swats to his balls were unbearable. Kirby screamed until he was breathless. He hands grasped his ankles forcing his body to keep his vulnerable and traumatized balls presented for their punishment. Kirby undulated after each of his swats, but remained in position for his six swats, which surprised and disappointed Mr. Kensington.


Kirby was blubbering. Tears and snot covered his face, contorted in anguish from his torment. The boy’s balls had swollen and turned purple from their beating. Kirby lay in the chair as he gasped for air.



"I think you should get dressed now Kirby and I'll see you tomorrow."


Kirby stood up tremulously and limped over to his clothes. He bent down to pick up his underwear. Now that they had both cum, he felt weird being naked in front of his headmaster and wanted to dress quickly.


"No more underwear - I expect my cock-whores to be ready for fucking.”


A disorientated Kirby dropped the underwear. Kirby gasped when he slid the shorts over his swollen, battered balls. When he was dressed, Kirby gathered up his book bag and started to walk towards the door. Now that he was fully dressed again, he was unsure of what he should say.


Mr. Kensington saw the boy ready to leave and smiled. "Just one more thing Kirby, unzip your shorts and pull your prick and balls out before you leave. This should dissuade the other boys from abusing themselves when you explain why you’re hanging out.”


Kirby robotically unzipped himself and pulled his prick and grotesquely swollen balls out. It was an ignominious end. Kirby felt his cheeks redden once more as he walked out of the office with his punished genitals on display.