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Dear dale10,

I have been an avid reader of your stories for a long, long time. When it comes to raising my own son as a single parent, I used many of your precepts and educational ideas, but I feel that I have gotten myself into something of a mess, and I would really appreciate your advice and the advice of your readers to help me out of this jam. I have an eleven-year-old boy named Kippy. He is a beautiful little boy, but, like most boys, he has self-destructive attitudes and ideas. When he was about eight years of age, I began to notice he was a faggot. I know many of you will say that at eight that a boy cannot be anything, and it is impossible to determine such things at that young age.

However, He has taken no interest in girls at all, and he has just turned eleven. I have caught him playing with his prick on numerous occasions, even though I have instructed him to never touch himself unless supervised. I have him play with his prick and asshole and tits for about an hour each night while I watch so that I can teach him to have a healthy attitude toward his sexuality, but it does not seem enough for him. I worry that perhaps he is a born slut.

I must admit that since he was nine and his mother died, I have been having him suck me off on an average of eight or nine times a week. I just have not had an interest in looking for a new woman in my life, and I have a very active sex drive, so I felt this was the best thing to do. After all, he is a product of my wife and myself, and I am a good father to him. It is the least he can do to pay me back. It does feel good. I love to sleep at night with my dick in his mouth all night.

He protested at first, of course, as boys will do, but I am also a stern parent when need be, and I do not shy away from a good hard bare-ass slapping or a session with a cattle prod if need be. His teachers at school say he has become reticent and sullen and introspective, but I do not see what is wrong with that. Not every boy at eleven needs to be a showoff.

But here is my problem. Feeling that my son was a faggot, and not wanting to be prejudiced, I decided to help him be comfortable with his lifestyle. He does not seem to know he is a faggot yet, but I think I am pretty sharp on this issue. I have had lots of faggots blow me, and believe me, my son is a natural-born cocksucker. You would be amazed at how he slurps on my meaty eight-inch fuck tool. Sometimes, I have him lick my balls for hours. However, he was, until recently, an ass virgin. I did not make his boy asshole into a cunt. I guess I'm a romantic at heart and felt that should be the job of his first real boyfriend. You see, I do care about him. So I set out to find him a boyfriend. Call me matchmaker if you will. I just want him to be happy. Even though he says he hates all of this now, and cries and has outbursts a lot, I know that someday he will appreciate it.

After a long search, I finally found the man I considered the perfect boyfriend for my son. His name is Rafe Luna. He is forty-five years old. Now I know some of you might think he is a little old for my son, but look at it this way, he will be another parent figure as well as a boyfriend and lover. And being so much older, he can teach the boy so many vital things. It will free me up to pursue my life.


Rafe is not, was not gay as such, but he just got out of prison after serving a twelve-year sentence for molesting, raping, and torturing a series of little boys. Now, I know you think that I should not allow such a man to be with my son, but consider this. The man has paid his debt to society. He has been released from prison. Do you not think he should be allowed a fresh start in life without us judging him? He took an immediate interest in my son when I showed him the nude photos. I saw that he could be a faithful and attentive lover for my boy and also a good teacher. The third thing you should know is that Rafe is black. Now, my son, Kippy, hates blacks. I am ashamed to say that. Well, hate is too strong a word. He is frightened of blacks. Terrified. So I felt a black lover would help him conquer his prejudices and fears. Do you think I am right on this account?


The upside is that Rafe and Kippy have lots in common. They both like videogames; junk food; movies; loud, trashy music; and I think they will get along well. The problem is, I asked Rafe to move in with us so he could have a nice home and also devote himself to the relationship with my son. I want a real relationship, not just a casual dating kind of thing. I want only the best for my son.


The bad part is that Rafe has taken over the house. He never wears any clothes and walks around, bare-assed all the time. I have a hard time having friends over. He has taken over the finances and wants me to hand him my check each week. He says he is better at money management than I am. Do I put up with this for the sake of my son? Rafe has moved into my son's room and sleeps with him in his tiny bed. Rafe says this is so they can bond better.


I know they are already having all kinds of fun because they play games like The Cop and the Prisoner, Indian Torture, and Iraq Prison. Kippy really gets into them. I can hear him screaming all through the house.


Rafe also insists that Kippy remain bare-assed at all times at home and that he does not walk around the house but that he crawl on all fours. Do you think this is going too far for a relationship in such early stages? He fucks my son in front of me all the time. I have to admit it embarrasses me, should I say something about it? We will sit and watch TV (Rafe controls the remote), and Rafe will have my eleven-year-old boy on his lap with his huge black dick buried up my son’s recently opened cunt.


An even more significant concern is that Rafe says he is into toilet games. I am not. Now, I want to be a good parent, and I do not want to get in the way of my son's first real dating relationship, but should I allow piss and shit games in my house if it turns me off? I am a liberal kind of parent in that they can do whatever they want, or whatever Rafe wants actually, but do I have to watch and have it happen in front of me? It is bad enough that Rafe never closes the bathroom door when he shits. He sits on the toilet and talks to us, usually about the size and feel of his dump. Do I have to be around when he takes the sobbing Kippy into the bathroom for fun and games as well? What do your readers think? How much of my own life should I be willing to sacrifice to ensure my son's happiness in his first love relationship? Rafe also speaks of wanting to share Kippy with some of his friends from this bar he goes to. Is this a wise choice?


Can you offer some advice to a confused but caring parent?

Stan Krause


P.S. I guess my main concerns are: Do you think they will make a good couple? (I know there so much more to it than this). Should I allow Rafe to have control since he seems to need to be a good boyfriend to Kippy? Rafe wants me to watch while Kippy sucks him off and he gets fucked, would a good parent do this? Rafe wants me to do things like piss on Kippy. I have never done this kind of thing. Should I do such things to please Rafe? Rafe says I can only get sucked by Kippy with Rafe’s permission. I really miss the blowjobs, but I know at a certain age, a parent has to let go of their child. It is just so difficult to let him go to another, but perhaps he is at the age to do this.