Stories by Kip Hawk

Story Codes 

 Alex's Anal Audition

 Mm, anal

 Blowjob for Dad

 Mm, oral, inc,

Brandon's Joy
Mm, anal, inc,
 Britches Down for Pa
 Mm, anal, reluc, inc
 Dad and Daryl's Dick
Mm, oral, inc

 Dad Loves Kyle's Ass MB, anal, inc
Dad's Bucking Bronco
Mm, oral, inc
Dad's Faggot
 MB, anal, inc
Dad's Surprise Christmas Gift
 Mm, oral, inc
 Ethan Lets Dad Do It
 Mm, oral, inc
 Face-Fucked by Dad
 Mm, oral, inc
His Son's Sweet Little Ass

 Mm, anal, nc, inc

Hot August Night with Dad
Mm, anal, oral, inc
 Ivan the Terrible
 Mb, anal, oral, inc
Morgan's First Blowjob
 Mm, oral, inc
My Dad is a Poppers-Crazy Cocksucker
 Mm, oral, inc
My Son's Slumber Party
 Mbb, anal, oral, inc
Neanderthal Nephews
 MBb, anal, oral, inc
 Pater Familias
 Mm, anal, inc
 Probing Christopher
 MB, anal, nc
 Raping Ryan
 Mb, anal, viol, nc, rape, inc
 Son's Speedos
 Mm, anal, nc, rape, inc
 Stud Son
 Mm, anal, oral, inc
The Yanks Are Coming
 MB, anal, inc
Theokles and His Patéras Mm, anal, inc