Kenzo's Punishment

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Fourteen-year-old Kenzo was caught not paying attention in class. When Mr. Otori walked down the aisle and saw the boy lazily dreaming out the window, he stopped his lecture. The other boys in the class began to giggle. They knew Kenzo was in for a bad time now. It excited the thirteen and fourteen-year-old boys that one of their classmates was about to be punished. Mr. Otori was known and feared for his horrible, humiliating punishments.

The teacher grew even more interested when he saw what the boy’s hand was doing. It was rubbing the crotch of his gray school uniform pants. The nasty student was masturbating in class, during one of Mr. Otori’s brilliant lectures.


“Something on your mind, Atawa Kenzo?”


The boy, who had been dreaming about sexy female pop stars and how someday he would love to fuck a girl, jerked upright in his seat. He put his hand quickly on the desk, but that only made matters worse. The sizable lump of his teenage erection pushed up at the cloth of his trousers. The boys in the class leaning oversaw this and broke out in waves of laughter.


Mr. Otori didn’t mind. A little fun in class was sometimes necessary to relieve the pressure of studying. The worst part was the huge wet spot that covered the crotch of the boy’s pants. Kenzo had begun to leak a lot recently. He couldn’t understand it, as it had not happened before, but now when he thought about girls or sex, his fat teen dick seemed to start dripping pre-fuck sauce almost at once. And he was a heavy leaker too.


“Stand up, Atawa Kenzo, and show the class your problem.”


Mr. Otori was becoming sexually excited himself. He loved nothing better than to humiliate and degrade young schoolboys. The boy’s face was twisted with shame.


“Please, Otori San, may I not stand? I...I...”


“Stand up at once!”


The fourteen-year-old boy stood next to his desk, hands over his crotch. He had never been so embarrassed in his entire life. The other boys often teased him and laughed at him because he was quiet and kept mostly to himself, but this was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.


“Stand at attention with your hands at your sides!” Mr. Otori barked.


“Yes, sir.”


Kenzo, after swallowing his terror, put his hands to his side. His teen dick tented out the front of his gray school slacks something fierce and the part where the very knob of his prick rested was dark with a wet stain of pre-cum. The boys roared with laughter, mostly glad it hadn’t been them who were caught. They pointed at the crying boy and commented on how big and wet his dick looked. Mr. Otori chuckled.


“Well, Kenzo, it seems you do have a problem that is keeping you from paying attention to my lecture. So perhaps we should take care of the problem before we continue with the class. Please walk to the front of the room.”


“I’m so sorry, Otori San, I couldn’t help it... please don’t do this to me.”


“Front of the room now, or I march you down to the headmaster’s office.”


Kenzo walked stiff-legged to the front of the room, his prick pushing out the front of his pants. The boys leaned down to get a good look at the wet dick lump. Some even poked at it, and then almost fell out of their chairs laughing.


“Now, Kenzo, as soon as we take care of your problem, we can continue with the class, so please remove your trousers.”


The younger boys giggled and applauded. The older boys rubbed their own bulging crotches.


“Please, sir, may I keep my trousers on. I won’t do it ever again, I promise.”


“Trousers off now. At once.”


The sweet-faced Japanese student undid his belt, unzipped and lowered his trousers. He stepped out of them. His sexual problem was now more apparent than ever. His hard wet teen boy prick had soaked the material of his silk boxer shorts almost to the point of transparency. Sticky cum slop clung in strings to the soft material, and the huge wet spot showed the entire head of the boy’s dick.


“You have made quite a mess in your underwear, Kenzo. Better remove that too.”


Kenzo bowed several times to his teacher.


“Please, sir, have mercy on me. Please do not make me do such a shameful thing in front of the class.”


The kids in the classroom screamed with laughter. They bounced up and down in their seats.


“Take off the underpants, Kenzo. Do it now. At once.”


Kenzo, his body slick from the sweat of fear and his eyes leaking tears, slid down his silk boxer shorts and stood before his classmates naked from the waist down. The tails of his white school dress shirt covered his pulsing prick meat. Why didn’t his dick go down from the fear? Why had it become harder than ever?


Mr. Otori smiled. He knew a natural submissive when he saw one. He would be having lots of fun at Kenzo’s expense in the future. The teen prick pushed out the white shirt but was hidden by it.


“Kenzo, open up your shirt and show us your fine, strong, teenage boy body.”


Kenzo’s fingers trembled as he fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. When it was opened, at last, he revealed that he did indeed have a superb body for a boy his age. He was a well-built teen boy. But most interesting was the fat wet teenage cock bouncing in front of him and now and then rising to slap his belly, leaving pecker tracks for the whole class to see. The boys cheered and pointed.


“What were you thinking about, Kenzo, to get you in such a condition?”


The teacher taunted, pointing at the boy’s throbbing prick.


“He was thinking about seeing us bare-assed in the locker room after sports practice,” one wise assed student yelled, and the kids rolled with laughter until tears of joy ran from their eyes.”


Is that true, Kenzo? Were you thinking about looking at your schoolmates’ cocks and balls and asses in the locker room?”


“No, sir, it just happens sometimes. I get like this, and I can’t control it.”


“That’s a lie, Otori San. He brushes up against us in the bathhouse. He touches our asses and tries to let his fingers touch our big balls.” This came from another boy. They were all getting in on the game now.


“Is that true, Kenzo? Are you perhaps a faggot? It’s best if you admit it and tell us the truth.”


Kenzo was sobbing. “It’s not true. I like girls. I’m normal. Please don’t do this to me.”


“Kenzo, turn sideways so the boys in the class can see your hard dick in profile. Push your groin out so we can all get a good look at your fourteen-year-old fuckmeat, although I am certain you have never fucked a girl, have you?”


“No, sir.”


“No, I didn’t think so. In which case, your cock isn’t so much a cock since it’s really more of a clit. Why don’t you rub your clit for us? Show us what you were doing during my lecture. Rub your clit, Kenzo.”


Kenzo stood there, tits rising and falling with each labored breath, his dick sticking out rock hard, his balls swinging below, the perfect specimen of a fourteen-year-old boy in heat and humiliation. He brought his trembling fingers down to his dick and stroked it. It jumped and squirted a little pre-fuck. The boys applauded again.


“Sit up on the desk there in the front of the classroom, Kenzo, and finish what you started. Finish masturbating for us, so we can get on with the class.”


“I can’t, sir. I can’t do this. Not in front of everyone.”


“You didn’t seem to have any trouble at your desk, Kenzo, so now do it in front of us. Beat your meat, boy, or I’ll have you kicked out of the school.”


The rowdy bunch of boys cheered, and Kenzo began to pump his prick. He sobbed as he did it. He had never cried so hard in his young life. His hand worked his prick meat, trying to bring himself off quickly.


“Beat your meat, boy. Rub your titties and tickle your ball sack if it will help, but I want to see you shoot your load. Keep those fucking legs spread, you pussy boy. From now on, boys, let’s call Kenzo Pussyboy. How does that sound?”


“PUSSYBOY!” all the boys screamed in unison.


“I think some of you boys ought to make sure Kenzo does this every day before class, get a whole bunch of the boys to watch just so we don’t have this problem in class again.”


Several boys volunteered to take on the job.


“Better hurry, Kenzo, we don’t have all day. Jerk that cock harder! Pull that prick meat! If you don’t cum soon, I’ll be forced to try some anal stimulation. Would you like that? I could put the tip of my pointer up your asshole. Maybe that would help.”


Kenzo screamed in anguish as his hand flew up and down his hard-teen prick. His balls bounced, his body dripped sweat.


“Keep those fucking legs spread so the boys can see.”


Kenzo whimpered like a wounded animal, arched back, and shot a long thick spray of boy fuck across the classroom. It landed on the wooden floor in three, no four huge puddles. His hand continued to work his dick, more slop dripping onto his scrotum and then onto the desk on which he sat. At last, he sat there slumped and spent, his dick going soft and leaking after fuck.


“Well, now you seem more relaxed, more able to concentrate on your studies, but look at the mess you made, Kenzo. Boys, don’t you think he should clean up his mess?”


One fourteen-year-old jock bully in the class yelled, “Yes, sir, he should clean it up with his tongue.”


The teacher grinned and nodded to his bright students.


“Excellent idea, perhaps he will learn something from this exercise. You heard Eiko San, Kenzo, get down and lick all of your spilled fuck slop off of the floor. The boys gathered around. This they had to see. Their own teen cocks were now pushing out the fronts of their pants, but no one seemed to notice. After all, Mr. Otori himself had a big fat hard-on. Kenzo, on his hands and knees, looked up at his teacher.


“I’ll get sick. I’ll puke, sir.”


“Then you’ll lick that up too.”


Mr. Otori faced the boys of his class. He stood tall and proud like a hero.


“Anybody need to blow his nose? Now is a good time to blow it. Just do it on top of Kenzo’s spilled cum, and he will lick up your nose snot as well.”


Suddenly, thirteen boys needed to blow their noses.