Kenny's Big Brother Dicks Him

(MB) (oral) (nc) (inc) (female)

So I’m finally nailing this hot little slut that I’d been trying to fuck for about six weeks. I mean, she was this goody-goody little twat that all the guys in high school had been talking about. She’s only in seventh grade but already showing some titty bud and really adorable junior high cheerleader and everything. So every jock in high school is jerking off until he’s got a sore dick thinking about screwing the little slutty tramp.

Now, being the captain of the swimming team gives me a real advantage. After all, the wet-panty little dick holes get to watch me in a Speedo at all the meets, and they get to see the size of my dick lump. I love to strut around in my Speedos because it gets all the girls dripping. I’ve fucked over seventy-five twats in my seventeen years and gotten five bitches pregnant. I love to pop fresh young cherry.

So this seventh-grade hole, who always sits in the front at our meets and looks right at my fuck lump, well, she’s a real prize, so I dated the bitch a couple of times. I spent about fifty fucking bucks on her—movies, Mickey Dees, you know the routine. She’s so proud to be seen with me since all the girls envy her. Of course, she can’t tell her parents because she is only twelve and a half, but what the fuck, I’m pretty proud too because soon every guy in the locker room is coming up to me and asking, “Did you pork her yet? Did you stretch out that little cunt?” Stretch is right because I got almost nine inches hard, and it’s really fucking thick too.

So I’m finally dicking the bitch. She’s crying that it hurts so badly that I think she’ll bite her tongue off, so I give her one of my dirty jockstraps to chew on. No harm in that. Once a bitch like her tastes dick, she needs it three or four times a week. And you better believe I made her taste it. I had her licking it and my balls for almost two hours until I had her begging me to put it in her gash. I’m finally fucking the twat, and what happens?



He’s half twat anyway—real soft and gentle and sweet—reads and loves really queer music and shit like that. And he’s too fucking pretty to be a boy with his big eyes and the way his hair falls. It makes me sick just to think about the little asshole. Well, he knows I’m in the bedroom fucking the twat because Ma is out drinking with her latest dick, and we got the house to ourselves, and he saw me take the bitch into my room.


I’m bare-assed behind the cunt, slamming it to her from the rear doggie-style, squeezing her titty buds while thrusting my groin into her cunt and ass so that my big balls swing real nice and heavy back and forth. She’s gasping for breath the way I like bitches to do and sucking on the filthy jockstrap that I wore for about a month without changing or washing. Her spit is hanging from her chin, and she’s clutching the sheets because it hurts so badly. It’s fucking ace man—and that fucking brother of mine has to ruin it all by opening the door and walking right in.


“Mac, can I borrow...”


And he stands there as if he never saw a dude fucking a bitch before. He stands there with his mouth hanging open, just looking at us. The bitch freaks out. I mean freaks out.


“Oh, my God...oh, my God...” she screams.


See, she goes to the same middle school as the little twerp does, and he knows her and all kinds of shit. Well, she starts to cry. I don’t know why, and my brother Kenny just stands there looking at my muscular ass globes and my swinging nuts. My pelvis pushed against her cunt mound, and he doesn’t go away.


“Goddamn little fuckwad!” I scream at him.


But it’s too late. The moment is ruined. A cherry-busting fuck that I had been waiting months for is destroyed because of my bitch of a brother. Besides, it’s his fault mom and dad divorced anyway by coming almost nine years after me, and they’re too old to want him.


I pull back, and six or seven inches of my thick dick meat sucks out of the bitch’s twat, pulling some inner cunt flesh with it. She screams and spits my jock onto the bed and goes ballistic on me and starts to try to crawl away. I don’t fucking know why. Bitches always pretend as if they don’t want it when they really do. It’s a thing they do. So I pull the whole goddamn dick head out of her hole. As it pops out, it’s spraying pre-fuck and cunt slop all over the place. I turn on my asshole of a brother, and he stares open-mouthed like a fucking queer at my dick. The bitch grabs for my pillow and crawls into a fetal position as I climb off the bed. My dick and balls swinging as I head for my brother.


“What! The! Fuck! are you doing in here without knocking first? How many fucking times do I have to tell you to knock first?”


I grab the little asshole by the neck and drag him from the room. I am bare-ass naked and hard dicked and leaking like a fucking faucet. He starts to cry, and then something strange happens. His crying makes my dick even harder. It’s as if his blubbering turns the heat up a notch. Fuck, my dick up and slaps against my stomach, reaching my fucking nips. It’s not slapped up against my stomach in years. It’s too fucking big and heavy, but there it is, and I’m dragging the little asshole down the hall to his room.


He’s screaming and crying that he’s sorry that he didn’t mean it, and then as I drag him around the corner into his room, my dick rubs against his smooth face. The head of my prick rubs along his cheek and onto his mouth, leaving a trail of dick snot. Jesus H. Christ, a jolt goes through me as if I was hit by fucking lightning. My dick does a pussy fucking dance that it has not done since I nailed little ten-year-old Claudine Johnson.


My brother’s face is as soft as a cunt. It is a cunt. He is a cunt. Why the fuck not? I twist him around and rub my prick all over his crying face. Shit fuck, it feels great, so fucking hot. It’s ace, man. Ace. My dick drool is mixing with his tears and the snot coming out of his little pug nose. I know then that I have to face fuck the little twat mouth. What the fuck? My dick and his nine-year-old lips—a perfect match. The best.


So I slap him five or ten times—I don’t remember—until he calms down and goes all kind of numb. I force his mouth open with my thumbs. It’s so fucking soft. His lips are like peach fuzz or Grandma Lowry’s fuzzy stockings or something. I don’t know. Shit, I’m no writer, but I am a cockman, and I ram my plum-sized pink dripping dickhead into that fuck ditch of a mouth, into that fuck funnel, into that little boy holler hole, into his fucking mouth. Boy spit and tears, and cock drool and snot, and some cunt juice, too, I bet, are slopping up the kid’s face and mouth real good. He’s shaking. It’s really comical watching his twitching and shaking.


I feed him more and more dick. I reach the back of his mouth, so I grab his ears and fuck in and out, harder and harder each time, trying to get down his throat. I can smell the sweat from my nuts. My bag is swinging and slapping him under the chin. I push harder and feel my dick break through down into his throat. I reach down and feel his neck from the outside, and I can feel the whole length of my fuckmeat. Shit, I live for these moments, but I honestly never knew that boy mouth could feel as good as little girl face, but then my brother is not really a boy. He’s a fucking pansy, a sissy, and now he is a face-fucked twat-boy. It was then that I decided to bring all my buddies from school over to fuck his little face too. It’ll serve him right and earn me bigtime points with the guys.


Shit, the guys and I could kick back with a beer and watch football on TV, as the little cunt boy crawls dick to dick, keeping our fuckers nice and hard, and wet and leaking. I would invite about ten or fifteen guys over. That would keep the little cocksucker busy and teach him a thing or two about respecting his older brother.


He was choking and could not breathe as he hung from my prick like a marionette. I pulled all the way out. He gulped and sputtered, and his eyes rolled in his head as I rammed back in again, pushing the back of his head to get in balls deep. I smashed his face against my pubes. I could feel my prick throbbing down his throat. It’s hilarious watching the little cocksucker gag on my fucker. Suddenly, I heard a noise at the door. There stood the little bitch I’d been dicking. She was dressed.


“I’m going home, Mac. I don’t think...oh, my god...”


Now, it was her turn to stare.


“Get the fuck out, bitch,” I screamed at her.


I stepped toward her as if to hit her. This had me walking over my brother’s thin little body so that he was between my legs with his face buried in my dick. I closed my legs around his face and with his head between my upper thighs, walked toward the cunt, which sent her screaming from the house. I laughed hysterically.


My brother, his head locked between my thighs, was hanging from my dick by his mouth. I dragged him over to the bed and sat him on the floor with his little head back against the bed. Then I pulled my dick out. I looked at his pretty little face, which was blue by now, and decided to fuck it real slow so it would take about an hour to shoot off. I had him sitting there on the floor, his back against the side of his bed, legs spread like a broken puppet, and I tilted his pretty young face back and, very gently, started to feed him cock.


“You’re going to learn to love this taste, Kenny. You’re going to be getting it every day from now on, four or five times, maybe more, from me and my buddies.”


I pulled out and rubbed my slobbering dick all over his face. He was coated in cock spooge. He was half whimpering, half gulping for air, unable to speak.


“You’re a very lucky nine-year-old, Kenny. You’re going to be very popular with the high school crowd. All my teammates will be stopping by just to see you. And if you’re really good, we’ll jerk off on your sandwiches for school. You’ll be pretty much eating total fuck from now on, Kenny. Kenny the Fuck Eater. Kenny the Slop Sucker. Kenny the Cocksucker. From now on, that’s what my pals and I are gonna call you, Cocksucker!


“And when we call, you’ll come crawling, mouth open and tongue out. Gonna get you sucking our asses too. Guys like that, to get their asses sucked, and the twats don’t wanna do it. I don’t know the fuck why, but you can be our special ass sucker. In fact, later on tonight, before Ma gets home, I’m gonna sit back with a beer and watch some TV while you suck on my asshole. How does that sound, bitch boy?


“Oh, shit...oh, shit...I think I gonna cum...oh, fuck...”


I had half my prick in his mouth when I blasted one of the biggest loads of my life. It fucking sprayed from his mouth even though he swallowed gobs of it. It was gross if I do say so myself—and grossly funny. It slopped down his little striped t-shirt. It dripped from his chin. I swear to God it even leaked from his nose. It was better than any twat I’d ever face fucked, and I’d mouth dicked a lot of them.


It was while he was making dinner for us after he got over his crying jag. I was on the toilet, taking a relaxing dump when my dick got rock hard again. I suddenly felt like I just had to fuck something, not a face, but a pussy. And since my brother was the only pussy in the place, guess what happened next?