(m) (anal, oral) (humil) (reluc)

One of the most exciting and mystifying aspects of my work with boys is how willing they are to degrade and humiliate themselves for the slightest chance at stardom. I know that the casting couch is common in America and Europe as well, but the idea that if a boy can suck cock or open up his ass that that will qualify him to be a pop star or a movie star is mind-boggling. And yet is had been done for hundreds of years. We have records of boys auditioning with sex back to Shakespeare’s time. It’s so fucking easy for a producer or director in theatre to get a boy to put out if the boy thinks he has even the slightest chance of being a star. Stupid, isn’t it?

I am so grateful it works because it has made my life a pleasure. I have fucked hundreds of boys using the pretext that I spotted their talent, and they might be able to make it in show business. The ruse is even more delicious because you know you are just using the lie to get at the boy’s ass and mouth and that he will be dropped back into the street when you are through with turning his asshole into a pussy, his mouth into a cunt, and his self-esteem totally destroyed. It is his own fault really for being so stupid in the first place, and he should have guarded his sexuality more carefully. The very fact that he was willing to part with it for a chance at stardom shows that he is a little slut at heart anyway and that the boy deserves what he gets. I am sure you will agree.

One of my latest examples of this was a healthy sixteen-year-old named Kaeng. I met Kaeng at a dance club in Bangkok with his girlfriend. When Kaeng found out I was a director of theatre and film, he went nuts. He kept following me around the club, ignored his girlfriend, and kept telling me how he would like to be the next “action hero” in the movies. He told me he could do stunts and kickbox and would work hard for me.

Finally, I laid it on the line for him. I told him that if he was willing to do a photoshoot for me naked as I liked “poo chai” (young boys) that I would put him in my next show or film and introduce him to famous producers. At first, he clammed up and went away. Kaeng said he was not gay and could not pose unclothed, but about thirty minutes later, he sought me out and told me he would pose naked for photos, but I could not do anything with him—no sex.


They so often start out this way—no sex—and soon, I have them eating out my ass. He asked if his girlfriend could come along or another friend of his to be safe. I said absolutely not, as he had to trust me. How could we work together in films if he did not trust me?


Well, that is the genesis of the photo session. First, I got the kid bare-assed on my bed. He is delicious to look at, and he would actually make a decent pop star. I had him pose for me, and then I threw him a black rubber butt plug. I told him to lick and suck the butt plug, so I could get some good facial shots of him. At first, Kaeng refused, but I said that since he was not really going to suck dick, he had to suck the butt plug at least, so he complied, and I think he looks damned hot doing it. I overlook mentioning that I had not washed the butt plug since it had been up the ass of a thirteen-year-old boy the night before. Oh well, so I forgot.


I kept urging Kaeng on, “Come on, Kaeng, look as if you really love it...lick that plug...now suck on it like it is candy...smile at the camera…oh, you have a great face for the movies...show me your winning personality, Kaeng.” That kind of shit.


Meanwhile, my prick is rubbing a hole in my trousers. This sixteen-year-old straight boy is willingly degrading himself to try to get into show business. It was so fucking freaky.


We took a break, and I gave the kid some alcohol to loosen him up. He asked about my work, and I spun some tales for him and made some vague promises. We then resumed our shoot. I had him suck and lick the plug some more, then told him to rub the butt plug on his asshole for me. He freaked out, and it took ten minutes to convince him to do it. I had to tell him he had done really well so far, but now he must do this for me, or he should just get out and forget the whole thing. I reminded him that I had not forced him to come to my room to do this.


I finally got the young stud to spread his legs and show me the teenage asshole that would soon be a pussy. I really felt the need to unman this boy and break him down. He kept making me promise I would never show the erotic photos to anyone, as he rubbed the black rubber plug over his beautiful puckered asshole.


Of course, the next step was to get him to fuck it into his asshole for me. I told him that most young potential stars have sex with me and that I reward them by helping them with their careers, but that I would respect his wish not to have sex, and that he would only have to put the plug into his ass for me.


He moaned and complained, but I could tell he was mine. He started to work the plug up into his teenage asshole. He said it hurt and would not go in. I told him to lick and suck it some more to cover it with spit. He asked if he could have some cream or something to put on it, and I said no, only his spit.


I cannot describe to you the thrill of watching a teenage boy shoving something up his ass. It is so totally degrading for the kid; there is no way around it. You know the boy has never done anything like this before, and here he was humiliating himself by shoving a butt plug up his tight, tender, virgin asshole. I kept telling him what a good job he was doing. You have to give the little sluts encouragement every step of the way.


“That a boy, just a little more, come on, you can get a little more in there.”


Even the toughest boy will cry and tell you it is just too big, and he cannot get any more in, and you have to keep urging him on.


“Just a little more, one more inch, come on.”


And, of course, you are not satisfied until the entire plug is buried in his ass-cunt, and he is laying there exhausted and uncomfortable with his tits heaving and totally embarrassed while you snap photos. What have you done to this boy? The little boy cunt is lying there with a plug up his teenage ass. He has ass fucked himself. He will be changed forever by the experience.


I even had the audacity to say to him, “Your girlfriend should see you now, how handsome you look!”


Well, at this point, he so wanted his humiliation to be concluded that he kept asking me if he could take it out now and finish. Of course not, I made him get up on his hands and knees and show me the plug up his pussy that way. I told him to arch his back and push his ass out toward the camera, the ultimate humiliation, or so he thought. At this point, I had no interest in his dick or balls. I only wanted to turn him into a girl. I needed to unman this healthy sixteen-year-old boy. I told him to fuck the black plug in and out of his ass while I took photos. He was sobbing in a quiet, pathetic way. I started to rub his ass, telling him what a fine star he would make and how much money he would make as he pumped his boy-hole with the plug while I snapped beautiful degrading photos of the teen boy fucking his own ass with a large black butt plug.


At a certain point, I knew that I would get no more from him on this night. An astute boy seducer has to be aware of that, so I told him to get dressed. I did not say anything. After he was dressed, he asked me about his career. I told him he had real potential, but I was unsure because of his unwillingness to be kind to me sexually. I told him to become a star, a boy has to want it badly enough to do almost anything to get it. He responded that he had done everything I asked.


“Yes, but suppose a wealthy film producer is willing to let you star in his film, but he wants you to suck his cock first, what will you do?”


That shut him up. I gave him my card and told him to go home and think about it and call me in a few days. A few days later, he returned, ready to give me that beautiful ass of his and ready to have his first taste of dick. I knew then that I could take him all the way to the bottom.