Just Last Summer

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Zack Pryor thought it would be a typical summer holiday after which, he was excited to be going to high school. He would be a bit young to be a high school freshman, but he was a good student and where his birthday fell pushed him into ninth grade early. Zack had no idea that a group of horny older guys — sexual perverts — had other ideas for his summer fun. With his sweet cocksucker lips and innocent face, can you really blame them for wanting to have some fun with him? So what if Zack had a crush, his first major crush on a girl, on Mel Crosby a real cutie in seventh grade.

This group of four men had other plans for Zack. They intended to turn him into a cocksucking, ass fucked faggot. They intended to break the boy totally. First, they would force him to suck dick and threaten to show the photos they took to the entire high school he was entering. Then they would slam their dicks up his tender, smooth, perfect teen boy ass — over and over — every single day for weeks and weeks. They would force Zack to call himself "Faggot" and "Slut" and "Dicksucker." They would make him meet them every single day all summer long so they could drag him into even more filth, humiliation, and perversion. They would make him dress in tee shirts that said "SLUT" and "COCKSUCKER" and they would take him to restrooms dressed that way and make him suck the dirty bloated dicks of strange men. He would be sucking as many as twenty-five dicks a day, and the cum would bubble out of his nose and mouth. They would not only rape his cute young ass but shove objects up it...broom handles, toilet plungers, bottles, candles, dildos, even a baseball bat. They would piss on him and teach him to drink piss. They also would teach him how to eat out their dirty assholes.

Zack's summer turned into a nightmare. When he tried to run away, they threatened him that they would go after his family. So he had to endure the nonstop torture. They put him naked in the back of a van and arranged a beer party where twenty men fucked him in the ass. They whipped his sweet ass until it was dark red with welts when he was not enthusiastic enough about serving men's dicks and asses. He would suck asshole for hours at a time. They even made Zack eat their shit. They also made him suck the cocks of large dogs and take dog dick up his ass.


Zack's parents could not for the life of them figure out what was wrong with the boy. He became sullen, nervous, and jittery, and developed a stutter. He could be heard crying at night. His parents chalked it up to the boy going through puberty, not to the fact that his ill-treated, young asshole had been stretched so badly it would never recover. The men took Zack to after-hours parties at gay bars and made him dance naked for huge crowds of perverts. He had to masturbate while he danced and shove rubber cocks up his young asshole. Is it any wonder that by the end of the summer poor Zack had a nervous breakdown? He was terrified to leave the house. His parents decided to homeschool him. They also had him seeing two different therapists and taking lots of pills that calmed him down but deadened his mind even more.


I am certain that Zack now has a real taste for fat leaking dicks, and that his asshole cunt itches for prick to be stuffed up it. After all, a faggot can only hold out so long.