Julio's Welcome

(MB) (humil)

“All right, cunt, spread your legs nice and wide for the camera. Show us that cute little wetback body. Now, do you see why I made you take off your shirt and pants and shoes and socks? It looks much better for the photos. You’ve seen the pictures of the Mexican children in the cages, haven’t you? Well, as long as you are a good little boy, that won’t have to happen to you. We’ll protect you, but only if you are a good little boy. I’m so glad, and you should be too, that I caught you trying to cross the border. Some other officer might have shot you. BANG! And just like that and you’d be dead. Climb back up on top of the car and lie down. Give us a big sloppy whore smile.

“How old did you say you were, ten? Perfect. That’s an ideal age. You see, you’ll be accepted in our country if you have viable employment, if you have a job. So, fortunately, you met me, and I am going to give you a job.

“My God, you’re dirty. We have to clean you up. There’s a hose over there. I know it’s ice-cold water, but that’s okay. We’ll clean you inside and out to get you ready for your new job in our country.

“This is Officer Mike. Officer Mike, this is Julio, a dirty little sneak who tried to get into the country illegally. Julio, Mike is a very, very good photographer. He is going to take some nice photos of you for the records. I know the roof of the car is hot from being in the sun, but you’ll get used to it. You look so cool in your hat and your sexy little underpants. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of your clothes. I put them somewhere for safekeeping, but I can’t remember exactly where. Don’t worry, we’ll find them later or we won’t.
“Hey, Mike, look at those sexy little boy toes and those beautiful thin arms and legs. And see that darling dick lump in those underpants, isn’t that hot? And look, his titties are just developing, perfect to work on. Ha! Oh, Mike, you nasty fuck you. I can see your hard ten-incher throbbing down the leg of your trousers, and we haven’t even started anything yet. Wait until we show the new guys the photos and tell them that for a price, this little piece of shit is available for anything. And I mean anything! First time I saw this little bitch’s ass wiggle, I knew we had us something special.
“Now, if he hasn’t been fucked up the ass and down the throat by his daddy and his older brothers, we may have a real winner on our hands. Look at that darling face and those lovely big white teeth. Imagine a big fat cock shoved into that mouth. Oh yeah, this one is going to cry. He’s going to cry a whole lot.
"All right, Julio, you ready for your first modeling session. You can make lots of money in America, just modeling for photos. Beautiful. Not a hair on that smooth young brown body. No pit hair and I know he’s doesn’t have any prick hair. After all, he’s only ten. Oh shit, now I’m hard and leaking.
“Mike, stop laughing so hard you mother fucker and get that camera out.
“Julio, just stay on that old car roof just like that. You look beautiful. I know you don’t understand half of what I say, but that’s okay. Your mouth ain’t going to be used for talking. Jesus God, your body looks soft and smooth. You’re going to be mucho popular!
“Okay, now Mike is ready to shoot, so…
“Did you hear what I said, Mike? I said you were ready to shoot. Shoot, get it? Fuck!
“Mike is ready to shoot some photos so keep your legs spread as wide as you can. Stick your pale little titties out. You’re going to have some fine tits in just a couple of years. That’s if you last that long. A boy as cute as you are is pretty much totally ruined by the time he’s thirteen. Your ass will be so stretched out that there won’t be much left of that sweet little ass. It’ll only be good for donkey and horse shows.
“Great, great, my god you’re a natural little pussy boy, aren’t you? Do you know what that means? Comprende, mariquita? Cocksucker? Cunt boy? No? I guess his English is limited. When I found him, he kept asking for a church. Doesn’t he know that he would be eaten alive by those priests? Of course, most of the priests like to start them out younger than ten. They like to drill them for the first time at five or six.
Julio, raise your arms. Lift your arms, show us your sweet hairless armpits.
“Mike, did you ever fuck a kid’s armpit? It’s a great feeling.
“I like to rub my big leaking prick all over their sweet young faces. Glaze over the face with my fuck paste.
“Of course, if it is a little girl, I not only love to be the first to fuck her tiny cunt but also get her pregnant. We had a contest among us officers a few months back to see who could get the youngest cunt pregnant. Some of these little foreign cunts are hitting puberty really young lately. Bill, you know Bill, big mean motherfucker, well Bill got this ten-year-old bitch preggies, seeded the little cunt right after her first period. She’s at one of the camps we keep secret from the press and the busybodies. We want to go up to see her. She’s sure to be walking around by now with a huge bloated belly. Imagine carrying a baby at ten. She’s a terribly tiny thing too, so it must be hysterical. We wanna go up there and throw another fuck into her.
“Just last week, we found the cutest little brother and sister both about eight years old. It’s hard to tell, so many of these fuckers can’t speak English. Well, we stripped them, had a look at them, and decided it would be really cute to have them fuck each other. So we had them put on a little show for us.
“Julio, lift your legs up and spread them. Understand? Spread your legs. Great! Now for the money shots. Julio? Listen, I’ll speak slowly. Now I need you to take off your underpants and your baseball cap. You’re not going to need them for a long, long time, weeks probably. Now, don’t be shy. Let Mike take some pictures of you peeling down your underpants. Holy shit, that is sexy. Give us a sweet sexy smile. What’s that?
“What’s he saying, Mike? He doesn’t want to take his undies off. Oh, my goodness!
“Julio, do you see my belt? If you’re not a good boy and do what we say, I’ll have to take my belt off and whip the fuck out of your sweet little ass with it. And my aim is not so good, so I might whip your tiny little Mexican dicklet and nuggets by mistake. That would be very painful, hurt mucho! Ha!
“Here, let me grab your little titties and pinch a little, just to impress upon you that I’m not fucking around. Does that hurt? Do those sweet pale little nipples hurt? Then you better be a fucking good little boy. Oh, for Christ’s sake, don’t start crying on me now. It ain’t like I made you suck off a dog or something. Not yet, anyway. Besides, the border dogs need some entertainment out here in this god-forsaken wasteland too.
“Here, give me the bitch’s foot. I’m just going to shove the tip of my jackknife under his toenail. Just to teach him to be obedient. We can’t let them in our country unless they learn their place and how to show respect. Best way to show respect, for you and your brothers and your sisters and mothers, is to learn how to be a first class cocksucker. And good ass fuck boys are always welcome here. At least until you turn twelve or so. I know that fucking blade under your toenail hurts. It’s to teach you respect.
“Okay, now really slow and sexy like, strip down your underpants.
“Oh, shit, Mike, we got ourselves a winner here. Isn’t that the cutest little boy pisser you ever seen? It’s the size of my little finger with that sweet baby piss hole. I’m sure he has never had anything shoved up his piss hole yet. We got to find some good strong twigs. And those baby nuggets are like velvet, the sack is like fucking velvet. That’s why you want a young one. By the time they hit puberty, the nut sack skin starts to get leathery and then, of course, when they start to get hair down there, it all goes to hell.
“Now see, Julio, it’s not so bad to show off your goodies to the nice immigration officers. Spread those legs real wide, just like a fucking whore, so Mike can get some good photos. Great, keep the legs wide. Now, reach down and play with your little prick, okay? Just take it in your fingers and play with it.
“Oh! Oh…oh…oh…oh...I think I caught me a glimpse of some fresh virgin boy pussy.
“Did you see that, Mike? Did you see that puckered pre-teen Mexican boy cunt? Woah, that’s going to be sweet to fuck with a nice thick nine or ten-inch cock, I got over nine, and you have ten, so I think we are perfect candidates for the deed.
“Julio, bring your knees up to your sweet thin little chest, so we can get a good look at your asshole! We’re going to turn that asshole into a pussy. We’re going to fuck that asshole raw, and when we finish fucking it raw, we’re going to shove a bottle of good Mexican beer up that hole. We got to get your asshole ready.
“You see, Julio, we got five thousand soldiers coming down here to the border, and those five thousand young men need some sexual recreation while they are protecting us. We got about thirty-five coming to our command post, so I thought it would be a really nice gesture to offer them some prime Mexican little boy pussy—all thirty-five of them. Oh, a few of them may want to pass on some stupid moral grounds, but most of them will have hard, needy dicks.
“And then, of course, there’s my team of ten, all of whom love little boy ass. So that is at least forty or so horny young soldiers and border patrol that you are going to service with your pussy and mouth. That means pretty much round the clock fucking and sucking for you. We’ll give you a break every now and then to piss and shit and to eat and wash, but otherwise, non-stop dick!
“The last boy we kept here, we fucked until he was nothing but a zombie. Of course, he was only nine, so I suspect you’ll last a bit longer. And then some of the guys come up with some pretty creative sadistic games, and that wears down a little boy even faster. I mean, look at that sweet little dicklet. Would you ever imagine in a million years that you could take a screwdriver up your pisshole? Like I say, some really creative games.
“Okay, over on your hands and knees so we can get some nice shots of your ass melons. Good boy. You see, I’m going to send these photos to the new soldiers coming down and offer you to them for a really reasonable price, maybe twenty dollars for an hour. And those that are interested in little Mexican boy cunt can contact me. If we don’t get enough response from the new soldiers in our area, we can expand. Shit, I can drive you all over the border in my truck and offer your ass and mouth to hundreds of soldiers and officers. And if you take an important enough dick up your pussy, you might even be granted asylum. I mean, having a great pussy at ten is a real talent, right? Then again, I heard of one detention center a bit north that had an eight-year-old boy as their permanent urinal. Thirty or forty guys pissed in this kid’s mouth whenever they had to go. Who knows, that could be in your future too.
“Here, let me just stick a finger up your asshole.
“Hold him still, Mike. This is one tight boy cunt.
“Stay still, bitch, or I swear, I’ll cut your fuck sack. There he goes crying again. Boy, if you think my finger hurts, just wait until you feel my fat dick! I’ve had grown women complain that it was too thick and too long. And we got to try you out, Mike and I got to try everything we can think of. How else will we know you’re good merchandise?
“Wow, that hole is tight. Here, boy, suck your shit off my finger. I shoulda known you wouldn’t be clean down there.
“Here, Mike, let me hold the little weasel. You go and get the tire iron out of the truck. Let’s try that out on his little asshole to get him loosened up just a bit before we fuck him. This border duty is the best thing since sliced bread!
“Easy, boy, my big dick almost just shot off in my pants.”