Journey into Servitude

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil)

It was understandable that the kid was nervous. He was about to be ass fucked for the very first time. This is a significant moment in the life of any young man, especially a young man who up until a few nights ago thought he was totally straight. The first fuck can be traumatic for any boy knowing that his tight, little, puckered asshole is about to be penetrated by a long, thick hunk of male fuckmeat. And, even though you promise you will go slow and easy both you and he know you will not. Once you get that pristine teen pucker opened you will want, no, you will need to fuck hard and rough balls deep! That's just the way it is. You will want to turn this teenage jock into a screaming pussy! Roughly fucking a virgin kid establishes right from the start your roles and your identities. You are The Man. He is the boy! You are the Top. He is the bottom.

A boy's first ass fuck whether he is seventeen or twenty-seven is an important occasion that he will never forget. It is the occasion where he is turned from a healthy, happy, girl-fucking jock into a mewling, obedient pussyboy. You will notice that after that first fuck his entire demeanor changes. He loses much of his cocky arrogance. He becomes much easier to manipulate and control. Thaddeus or Thad was about to be ass fucked for the very first time. I understood that he was nervous. At least five times during our "date," he had tried to back out, begging me to just jerk him off "like we did last time." He even offered to suck my dick, something he had done on our previous date, and something he did not enjoy.

Thad didn't want to be a cocksucker. He didn't want to be an ass-fuck boy. Christ, Thad had a girlfriend for shit sake! He fucked his girlfriend three or four times a week. I always enjoyed thinking about the boys I seduce fucking their girlfriends. I like to imagine them stuffing their rampant teenage dicks into some young schoolmate pussy.


Oh, before I forget, that's another thing that freaked out Thad. He was shocked when I announced that I was not going to use a condom when I fucked his ass. I had no intention of ruining this fantastic, virgin, anal fuck by covering my meat with rubber. No, Thad would just have to trust that I was clean and disease free. He did use condoms when he fucked his girlfriend, but here with me, he had no fear that he would get pregnant from my dick up his ass! I had to laugh fantasizing how cool it would be if I could get Thad preggies. Imagine this cute blond kid walking around with a huge, swollen belly and my baby inside! What I wouldn't give for that.


I guess you have guessed by now that I am a dominant authoritarian type. I like to be in control. And I like to play with young men who think they are in control, but who find out very quickly that they are instead, totally dominated by a Real Man!


Thad is one such cocky stud. I met him at the food court at the mall. I struck up a conversation while I watched his soon to be dick sucker mouth gobble down a burger. He was with that girlfriend of his, and it was obvious what I wanted from the way I ignored her as I stared deeply into his eyes while we chatted, and I could tell there was a connection there. He seemed fascinated by my swagger and my tough demeanor. I wore very tight black jeans and a black tee shirt with a leather jacket. My jewelry was simple but expensive. I hadn't shaved for a day, so I had a nice shadow on my strong jawline. Young Thad later told me he thought I was some kind of male model. He was dressed in skinny jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.


He was perfect for the plucking. I told him that I hang around the mall a lot, which is the truth when I am boy hunting. I said that maybe I would catch him again sometime. Ha! Sure enough, the very next night, he showed up without the bitch. I could tell he was eager as a new puppy to get to know his new Master — only he didn't know it. He was just a fresh-faced kid who thought he was merely seeking the company of an older, cool dude; not being reeled in like a fish who'd bitten the hook in the bait. I told him an exaggerated version of my life, how I worked with models and pop stars. How I was in the music and theater industry. His eyes simply grew wider, as the lump in my pants grew larger. I ventured to rest a hand on his neck as we walked, and soon I was massaging his shoulder. His eyes became more and more dreamy, as I told him of my journeys around the world to Asia and Europe.


I asked him if he'd like something a bit stronger than soda or Starbucks. I could see that he didn't drink much by the way he shyly hemmed and hawed. Nothing like alcohol and pot to weaken a boy's resistance to dick in his mouth and up his ass. He wanted it. He wanted my company, and he also felt an electrical attraction toward me. He told me so. He texted me several times an hour. We chatted about dumb stuff like music and television.


That first night at my place, I didn't push too hard. I simply gave him a massage to "relax" him. He told me all about his girlfriend over and over and how great sex with her was. Turns out she didn't even suck dick or take it up the ass. I told him that any girl who didn't suck dick should be dropped immediately. That got him thinking.


And yes, I admit it. I sucked dick to get him where I wanted him. I gave him a blowjob. It was sweet too. His teenage dick was fat and juicy. He came almost at once he was so excited by the very idea of getting sucked. After he shot his load down my throat, he apologized profusely. It was actually kind of funny. Of course, my sucking his cute teen dick was only a prelude to him returning the favor. My fuckmeat was almost twice as big as his dick was, and I had no intention of cumming quickly. He did protest, but I reminded him of what I had just done for him. He knew that to keep my friendship he had to return the favor. By this point, he kind of idolized me as young men sometimes do, and he knew he didn't dare put our new "friendship" in jeopardy.


Well, one thing led to another. Drinks and pot and conversation and massages and more and more blow jobs. I was now sucking him less, and he was sucking me more. I taught him to lick my balls and moved his cute, young face toward my ass. With each new activity, he was terrified at first then nervous but curious and then obedient. So I knew I had a true submissive in my grasp. I could also tell by how dependent he became. If I didn't answer his texts almost at once, he got all skittish and insecure.


The first time he licked my ass was a big step for him. I told him that if he really cared about me, he would do this thing. It was a kind of bonding between us. By now, he understood that just because he did something for me that did not mean that I would return the favor. Our games had increasingly gone in the direction of him servicing ME!


I went to one of his school's basketball games. I sat where he could easily see me. He was so nervous, he didn't play very well. He kept watching me instead of the game. During a break in the game, with the high school cheerleaders bouncing their titties and showing their wet crotched panties to the crowd, I had a word with Thad.


"Do me a favor, Thad, go into the locker room and take off your jock. Play the rest of the game commando for me!"


His face looked like he was high on some powerful drug. His jaw hung slack, and his wide eyes glazed over.


"Ugh, I can’t do that. I'll bounce all over the place..."


I just smiled and nodded my head. This was a big test. Could I control him in public? He retreated to the locker room and a moment later came out again. I don't think most people in the crowd could see his floppy dick and chunky teen balls beneath the satin of his basketball shorts but I could.


His pale, muscular body interested me intensely. I loved the almost hairless, youthful, satin-smooth skin. I became somewhat obsessed with the arch of his back leading into the tight round curve of his teen ass cheeks. I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. I had to get my dick up that ass!


And here we are. Thad's big ASS FUCK night. He was skittish as a colt. He tried to talk me out of it, but I was already fingering his hole, and he was getting turned on. His fat dick slapped his belly and leaked a pool of pre-fuck into his navel. I kissed him with lots of spit. Kissing had become a thing with us. At first, of course, he had balked at the idea of kissing another male, but I had won him over by turning his cute face toward me and looking deep into his beautiful eyes. He wanted to kiss me, but he was just afraid and a bit shamed by the experience. Soon we were swapping spit like pros. It was at the time what we got into snogging that I suggested to him that he drop his girlfriend.


"What do you need to fuck a cunt for? You've got me!" I told him.


Even though the logic was faulty — I mean he was fucking the girl — since with me he was sucking my dick and soon going to get ass fucked. He was changing from a giver to a receiver. Still, he was so overwhelmed by our relationship that he broke up with the girl the next day. I feel a bit sorry for her. She would no longer experience his sweet, hefty teenage cock up her cunt.


It was also about this time that I began to control his masturbation. I suggested to him that he play with his dick as much as possible, but that he save his cum for special occasions with me. I wanted this boy hot for sex with me 24/7.


As we made out over the next few weeks, I worked two fingers into his asshole. He discovered what I already knew — that he got off on anal stimulation. I would suck on his nipples and fuck two fingers in and out of his tight, little, jock asshole. He was putty in my hands. A word of advice for you other "young man seducers" out there: be patient. Patience pays off. Move too quickly, and you might scare the young man away. You want to make him, gently but strongly, submissive to you.


Thad began to wear clothing that I picked out for him. Of course, it was clothing that showed as much of his sexy, blond, young body as possible. His grades began to slip in school, but I convinced him that sex with me was more important than studying. Oh, I made sure he kept his grades respectable but other than that I wanted him interested in school as little as possible. The basketball team was not as important as balling with me!


And now, I fucked his cute young ass! I worked my dickhead into the tight pucker. I had gotten the boy hole to the point of taking three fingers, but I know my thick dick still hurt him terribly. I explained to him that the first four or five times I fucked him there would be pain, but after that his rectum and bowels would stretch to easily accommodate me.


I was turning Thaddeus into a pussy! I held his legs up and spread him like he was some kind of cheap whore while I shoved more and more dick into his hole. I used this position so I could watch the pain and surprise on his cute young face. I kept telling him what a good boy he was. How proud I was of him for taking so much dick. I kept telling him I loved him, and I hope he loved me.


Now, my friends, that love business is a big deal. It's one thing to fuck around with a dude. It's another to use the word love. Of course, I didn't love him. He was a teenage fuck! He was a boy to play with. I knew that after breaking up with his girlfriend, he had to transfer his "IDEA" of love to someone. And that someone was me. If he loved me, if he needed me, he would do what I wanted. And he would open up the secret submissive side to his personality, so I used the word love with him. With my dick half way up his rectum, I told him I love him, and he told me he loved me. When he said it, his eyes sparkled, and a bit of snot ran from his cute nose. He was in such discomfort from my fuckmeat that is was difficult for him to get the words out. I knew that after this first fuck he would belong to me. He would be MINE!


He had a hard time taking me balls deep. He was really tight inside. I had to work my dick back and forth and around. I had to plunge it in, force it in so that my balls slapped his ass.


I flipped him and put him on his hands and knees so I could ram him doggie style. I pounded his boy butt as hard and fast as I could, but I held back my orgasm so that I could prolong the fuck. I wanted him to be utterly exhausted and fucked out by the time I came. He began to grunt and sob and moan. His grunts matched my balls deep fuck thrusts, and his sobs accompanied my pulling my fucker out almost to the head before plunging it in again. He threw his blond head from side to side, sputtering that he couldn't take any more, that I was ripping him apart. Of course, I wasn't ripping him at all only stretching the hell out of his insides. I must say, Thaddeus had a very elastic asshole. He wasn't the best boy fuck I ever had, but close, quite close. His little ass mounds looked so smoking with my fat fucker rammed between them. I held his slender hips and pounded the kid even harder.


At last, I couldn't hold back anymore, I had to spray my sperm up inside his bowels. I grabbed him roughly and held him close to me while I fucked my dick into the root and felt his rectum pulse around my fucker. His teen asshole literally squeezed the cum out of me. I sucked on his neck until a bright blue hickey appeared. I emptied my balls into his bowels. He screamed, and then the scream turned into an exhausted whimper. He lay sweat slick beside me, as I picked up my phone.


"Jeff, get Pete, Steve, and Larry and get your asses over here pronto. I've got a boy ass here you have simply got to try."


Thad lifted his head. His hair was plastered with sweat.


"Huh? What? What are you..."


I kissed the boy on the lips for almost a minute. Cum trickled out of his just fucked ass.


"Baby, I love you so much, and you are so good I just have to have some of my friends try you."


Fear clouded his face.


"But I can't. I hurt. You…just...I mean...I only want to do this with you."


Such sweet innocence.


"I know, Thad, and I only want to do it with you, but you are so wonderful that I just have to let my friends see how good our sex is. They are just going to fuck you a couple of times each. It'll get easier and not hurt so much I promise you and then when they go, I'll have you all to myself again."


"I don't want to be...I don't want…to do that with anyone else. It really hurt. I think I am hurt inside."


He was getting worked up.


"It always feels that way the first few times. You'll be fine, I promise you. I thought you loved me, Thad. That's what you said anyway. I care about you so much, and I want to show you off. I want to be proud of you. If you do love me, you will do this for me. You will want to please me."


"Oh, God, can't I do something else. Can't it just be between you and me?"


"Oh, Baby, it is between you and me."


I was massaging his big dick which had not cum.


"It is between you and me. I am just so crazy about you and what a great lover you are that I want to show it to others and only to my best buddies. I want them to be jealous of what we have. Please, you need to do this one thing for me."


I kissed him and kissed him while I rubbed his young, smooth body until his dick was leaking again and then I ran a finger down and probed his sore asshole with my finger. He winced just a little bit. He had no idea what lay ahead.


Pete, Jeff, Steve, and Larry would soon be over to fuck the kid along with John, Bill, Carl, Louis, and Clint. Oh, yes, my boy had quite a night ahead of him, and after it was over, he would be a proper submissive, serving not only me but whomever I told him to. Thad's journey into servitude was just beginning.