Jordan's New School

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Jordan was anxious about his new school. Not just because of the new environment and people, but also because of his fear that someone would notice the chastity cage in his boxers. Two months ago, Jordan’s father had caught him having sex with a girl in his room. His father then forced him to wear a chastity cage and moved to another town saying their old town was a “bad environment.”

As he walked through the halls, he felt as if everyone was staring at the awkward bulge. The tight cage had compressed his seven-inch soft monster into a one and a half inch nub. Needless to say, he was feeling rather inadequate.

The day went by normal: he introduced himself in all his classes and seemed to adapt rather well, he had almost forgotten his predicament, but then came gym class. In his old school, Jordan was a star soccer player. He loved sports and being shirtless during practice, showing off his well-trained body. He especially loved being in the locker rooms after practice, where all the other boys felt ashamed to shower next to him due to how little their dicks were compared to his cock. He’d sometimes even rub himself in the shower to show off the fully hard nine-inch beast between his legs. However, those days were over. Now everyone was showering, and Jordan hid in the stall in the corner hoping no one would notice or say anything.
He then realized that he’d spent so much time worrying about everybody watching that he didn’t notice that the locker room was empty. He turned off the water and dried himself off openly, thinking there was not anyone else in the locker room. His heart stopped when he heard a voice behind him.
“Nice nub, bitch,” the boy said.
The boy was about as fit as Jordan and maybe about an inch taller too. Jordan quickly wrapped himself in the towel.
“There’s no need to cover up. I’ve seen your cage.”
With that, the boy pinned Jordan against the lockers. The towel fell to the floor leaving Jordan’s muscular body exposed to the stranger. Despite being similar in body type, the boy was somehow able to get an edge over him.
“I’m Trent, but you’re gonna call me sir from now on,” he said with an evil smirk.
“I don’t have to call you shit,” Jordan spat back
Trent then responded by kneeing Jordan in the balls. Jordan collapsed to the floor in pain.
“You’re going to call me sir, or else I’m going to tell everyone in school about your puny nub.”
Jordan continued cupping his nuts and caged cock.
“What do you want…sir,” Jordan said through gritted teeth while still recovering from the low blow.
“Suck it!”
Trent smile was getting larger as he began to unzip his pants. Jordan struggled to get to his knees facing the massive cock in front of him. It had to be at least nine inches if not even bigger. It had to be even bigger than his before he was locked.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” Trent pulled his hair “I told you to suck it, and I’d think you’d prefer to do it fast before the football team comes in here to get ready for practice.”
Jordan grudgingly tried to take the cock into his mouth, but he couldn’t. His soft lips wrapped around the head and his tongue grazed the piss slit but simply couldn’t take it in any further. The thought of another boy’s cock in his mouth made him retch. He just couldn’t. His thoughts were immediately stopped by Trent. While Jordan was thinking of how he was incapable of taking Trent’s monster, Trent grew impatient He grabbed Jordan’s head and forced it onto his cock.
Jordan gagged, tears flowing out of his eyes from the violent gag reflex. About six of Trent’s nine and a half monster had just been forced down his throat. Trent’s hand was forcing more and more inches down Jordan’s virgin throat. Trent began to moan, as he started to push and pull Jordan’s head up and down his cock. He could feel a cum shot coming up fast, and the thought of Jordan taking a mouthful of cum against his will sent him even closer to the edge.
Jordan was in distress. The tears streaming from his eyes were out of the revulsion of his situation rather than the gagging. His throat had begun to accommodate the beer can sized cock. Trying to get away was pointless. Trent, the captain of the soccer team, was monstrously strong. He also had a firm hold of Jordan’s hair. Trying to free himself of Trent’s grip might get his scalp ripped off in the process.
Trent suddenly lets out a deep moan. It was coming. Jordan closed his red and puffy eyes, knowing that he couldn’t stop what was happening next. Trent let out a powerful grunt, and the walls of Jordan’s throat flooded with his thick cum. Trent pulled out after the third shot letting the next three shots coat Jordan’s face, and then the next four shots shower his body. After his cock stop spurting, Trent shoved Jordan onto the floor, making him fall with a loud thud onto the hard tile.
“You look so good when you wear my cum like that.” Trent laughed. “You should probably take another shower.”
He zipped up his jeans, grabbed his backpack, and walked toward the door.
“I’ll be in touch, bitch,” he said before finally walking out.
Just by Jordan’s luck, the football team began to pour into the locker room. Jordan quickly got up to wash the thick cum off his body making sure to shower in the corner and hide his cage.
By the time he made it home, he was exhausted. He couldn’t get the taste of Trent’s dick out of his mouth, and the fact that he had been crying was evident to everyone at school for the rest of the day. This wasn’t how he’d planned his first day. By the time he managed to get home he just wanted to hide in his room and try to shake his cage to see if he could get any release to relieve the massive heap of stress. Unfortunately, when he opened the door, he saw Trent and his father, laughing and chatting in the living room. Jordan’s heart sank before the horror of the news he was about to receive hit his ears.
“Oh, hi, son, this is Trent. He’s going to be your new key holder,” his father chirped.
Jordan was petrified.
“He lives right next door, and I talked to him all about your little ‘situation,’ and he brought up the fantastic idea of having someone trustworthy that you can actually socialize with be your key holder as it might help you to adjust to your cage.”
Jordan’s heart had sunk straight into the floor. Trent walked up to him, and with this charming boy scout smile introduced himself as if he hadn’t just sexually abused him a few hours earlier.
“Since I’m your new key holder, I’d like to invite you onto the school soccer team.”
With his back turned away from Jordan’s father his smile turned into a darker more devilish version of itself. He looked Jordan in the eyes and whispered, “I suggest you take me up on my offer if you ever want to see that key again.”
Speechless, Jordan could only nod his head.
“Great! Your father said you were quite the athlete before you were locked up. Let’s hope that hasn’t changed.”
Jordan couldn’t even imagine what kinds of fucked up shit Trent could have in store for him.


It’s been five months since Jordan became Trent’s slave. The first few months were difficult, but eventually, Jordan’s life seemed to settle into what became the new “normal.”
As a sociopathic honor student whom Jordan’s father gave complete control of his life over to, Trent had him follow a strict daily schedule that began immediately after school. Each day after school, Trent dedicated two hours to homework with Trent in the library. As long as he kept Jordan’s grades up, Trent was free to do whatever he wanted to him. Then immediately after, the real work would begin.
Mondays were training days:
Trent would save his dirty jockstraps each week and tie them around Jordan’s face like a surgical mask. Then he would run him ragged working out with hours of bleacher running until Jordan was drenched in sweat and on the verge of collapsing, often during the hours when most of the other athletes worked out. Then once he finally decided Jordan was done running, he would yank his pants down and make him do 300 pushups with a hard spank in between each one.
Tuesdays were what Trent liked to call “team bonding”:
After practice, Jordan was forced to suck off every single team member of the soccer team until they ejaculated. He was required to swallow every single load, with Trent inspecting his mouth after each boy finished. If even a single drop were found unswallowed, Jordan would be forced to shower without hot water while the entire team watched and ridiculed him and all fifteen members were allowed to give him one hard whack with a wooden paddle. This became especially difficult due to one member, Eric, being hell-bent on dripping his cum on the floor.
Wednesdays were for humiliation and even fucking if Trent was in the mood that day:
Jordan would spend hours in Trent’s room. Trent would lube up Jordan’s ass, and stick whatever humiliating thing he could find: toothbrushes, pens, cucumbers, carrots, tennis rackets, even water bottles. Most times he would take photos and post them on his Snapchat. If Trent were feeling up to it that week, he would lay down and force Jordan to ride him while he took more pictures. If Jordan ever dared to make eye contact, he’d receive a hard slap across the face.
Thursdays were for whoring out:
Trent would leave him tied up, hands behind his back and feet tied far apart to the bench face down in the locker room for three hours, letting whoever walked in on him do whatever they wanted. The team members were usually as or if not more sadistic than Trent was. Typically they’d piss on him, write “fag” in marker all over his body, or force them to suck their cock. Eric always came every week bringing in a surprise. Just last week he fucked Jordan senseless, shoving his head into the hard tile floor.
Fridays were Trent’s favorite:
He’d lie down in his bed and play video games or watch a movie. Meanwhile, Jordan would have his hands handcuffed behind his back and would slowly edge Trent for four hours; he was in love with the mounting pleasure he received from Jordan’s warm mouth. If Trent came before the four-hour timer went off, Jordan received one-hundred paddle whacks and fifteen shocks from a cattle prod.
Saturdays were the worst days:
Saturdays were Trent’s turn to edge Jordan. He’d unlock Jordan from his cage, and tie his hands and feet to the bed and edge him for four hours. Trent was somehow a master at dragging it out making the experience as intense and painful as possible. Sometimes he’d stroke him incredibly slow, making each stroke feel like a mini orgasm on its own. Other times, if Jordan’s body gave any indication that he was close, he would jack him off at an intense rate, something Jordan rarely had the control to power through.
If Jordan ever came (and 90% of the time he did), the wave of pleasure would be practically nonexistent because of what happened next. Immediately after, Trent would continue stroking, jacking his sensitive dick until the sensitivity wore off, Jordan’s post-orgasmic screams could be heard three houses over. Then fifty kicks straight to the balls, delivered in slow succession, Trent making sure that each kick was felt and the intense, gut-wrenching feeling was savored.
Trent was gracious enough to give Jordan Sundays off for the most part except whenever Eric called him up wanting a threesome with Trent’s “toy.”
After six months, winter break began, and Jordan thought the end of the school term meant a break or at least some let up on the brutal schedule. Jordan thought that winter break would bring him some peace of mind. Little did he know that it was going to get much worse than he ever thought possible.