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Jon sat naked in the chair in front of me. The thirteen-year-old twisted his cute bare feet on the carpet. He knew better than to close his thin, pale legs. He was to keep them spread at all times to reveal his sweet teen dicklet and sack. He stared at the floor, at his lap, at the walls any place except at me. He knew that nothing good for him could or would come of our conference. He was a beautiful boy. He had black hair, flashing eyes, a sweet innocent face, a smooth still hairless body with a flawless complexion, and a handsome fresh, all American face.

“Look at me, Jon,” I said, using a somewhat intimidating voice.

The very inflection of my voice could make any one of our boys tremble. As if Jon suddenly realized that perhaps he was not sitting correctly, he spread his legs still wider, revealing even more of the beautiful little pink dick and the velvet smooth hairless sack to my gaze. At the same time, he pushed out his youthful chest, highlighting his small pink boy nipples. He lifted his black-haired head, and his dark eyes made contact with me. I could tell from the tremble in his lower lip, that he was pretty much scared shitless. I find that a perfect way for a boy to feel. It keeps them attentive and trying to please.


“Jon, do you know why we are having this meeting today?”


One valuable and fun way to work with boys is always to keep them off balance. Keep them in constant fear and doubt that they are performing well enough to please you. While complimenting a boy on a job well done is acceptable, you must always remind him to try to do better, and always point out his shortcomings. The frustration he will feel knowing he is never good enough, mixed with his fear of punishment will cause him to excel in his services.


Jon shook his head. His toes curled into the thick carpet. He was terrified of being punished, as well he should be.


“No, Sir!” he said in his still thin, youthful voice.


“I’m upset with you, Jon. And I’m going to tell you exactly why. You have been with us for two weeks now, and I have seen precious little improvement in your work. You still basically suck cock with as little skill as the first time you had my dick in your mouth. While you go through all the proper motions that we taught you, tickling the underside of the cock with your tongue, sucking with your lips, swallowing as much pre-fuck and dick slime as required, mouthing the fuckmeat and so on, you have displayed almost no enthusiasm for your tasks! In short, you give a lackluster suck job.


“The movie Jon’s Wrestling Tournament in which you had to not only suck the dick of your teenage opponent but also of the coach and his four assistants, verges on being utterly boring!” I raised my voice in mock anger. This was all part of the little cunt’s training. “Do you have any idea how much it costs to make a film? We have to pay the cameramen, the lighting people, the actors, and assistants. This film was to be your breakout performance! You were to be our new star. Instead, the kid you wrestled did a better job than you did.”


His hands gripped the armrests of the chair. His knuckles turned white. He began to shake visibly. He had had only a taste of how harsh our punishments could be, but a taste was enough. No boy, whether eleven, twelve, thirteen or twenty likes to have wires attached to his ball sack, pisshole, ass lips, and nipples and jolts of electric current shot through his body. Although I must admit that I get a certain sexual thrill watching a smooth young body jerk about.


“I’m…sorry, sir…I tried my best.”


He flashed those beautiful eyes at me, and part of me wanted to rush over to him and give him a deep tongue kiss. I had spent hours showing him how to properly kiss a man or another boy. I had taught him to be as slutty and piggy as possible, swapping spit and licking his partner’s face. Our customers loved to see a young kid behaving in the filthiest ways possible. Part of the thrill was in seeing how totally and completely dirty the young child could be.


“That’s a foolish answer, Jon. We don’t care about what you think is your best. We care about what we determine is your best. I’ve got a list here of the things you failed at while making your first film. I’m going to go over them for your own sake. It would be wise for you to learn from them. Anyone, even a slutty little cunt like you can make mistakes, but only a very foolish person repeats mistakes! When we found you two weeks ago, I sensed in you a boy who had potential! I don’t like to be proven wrong.”


He lifted his sweet face. He was going to dare to try to reason or negotiate with me. He licked his full young, cocksucker lips.


“Sir, I’m sorry. I really tried, but I’m not that way. Not gay. I can’t help it. I don’t like to suck dick and get fucked in the ass. It hurts, and I hate it!”


I smiled as his flashing, dark eyes filled with tears.


“Jon, aren’t you forgetting something? It doesn’t matter what you like, what you want, or what you feel. That no longer matters. You must stop being so fucking selfish. Your job is to give our customers what they want! What they like! Who gives a fuck what you want or feel? Do I?”


The tears blossomed out of his eyes and ran down his cheeks. Ah, the magnificent sight of a thirteen-year-old boy crying. Wish I had caught that on camera. But never fear, little Jon would soon be sobbing on camera.


“Jon, I am sincerely trying to help you here. I don’t want to see you punished. Remember how much the electricity hurt? Remember the feel of the rubber tube whipping your smooth little ball sack? We don’t want a repeat of that. And all we ask is that for a few short hours each day, you give us a top-notch performance. Now, here is the list of where you failed in your first film.

You didn’t arch your back enough when crawling. Remember your pussy is to be the most prominent part of your body.

You forgot to open your mouth and stick your tongue out like a cock hungry little bitch when crawling from cock to cock. The customers are paying to see a cock hungry thirteen-year-old. That is what we must give them. A dick hungry little slut who cannot live without a big thick juicy prick in his mouth and another one up his sweet little ass.

You didn’t stick you little titties out far enough. I know, I know you thought you were doing your best, but here is an example of how you need to work harder. You should always push your tits out until they hurt, so we can see those sweet little sow nipples just about to burst off of your chest. How do you expect to be a star if the other boy in the film—who I might point out, is only twelve—has better tits than you do? We’re going to have to give you a much more strenuous titty exercise regime. Sure, now you cry! Now that it’s too late.

When the nice actor playing the wrestling coach spit in your mouth, you gagged and spit up. Yes, you swallowed the spit after a while, but you didn’t look grateful or show us how delicious the spit was! And when the four assistants took turns gobbing in your mouth, you didn’t properly show the mouth full of spit to the camera before you swallowed it. Now, I know this was your very first film, and so I’m willing to cut you some slack.

First-time jitters are common, but Jon, I spent hour after hour teaching you how to suck dick with enthusiasm and how to take a nice big thick cock up your little ass. And when the cameras rolled, you seemed to forget everything.

It’s okay for a boy to scream and cry when five huge adult male dicks fuck his little boy cunt. That’s expected. The viewers love to see little boy pussy violated and stretched beyond belief, but I taught you always to push your pussy out to meet the dick. I taught you to grip the cock with your cunt lips. You just lay there like a fucking rag doll, crying over and over that the dicks were too big and that it hurt! If you think those cocks hurt, wait until you do the film with the black basketball team.

In the wrestling scene with the other boy bitch, what is his name…Kip? You were directed to strip off Kip’s undies and bite his dick and balls. It was part of the fucking script. But you hardly bit the kid’s junk at all. You mouthed it a little. We wanted to see teeth marks up and down his little dick stalk, and we wanted to see swollen bruises on his sack.

And when I tell you to slap a kid, I want to see your handprint on his face! You were such a fucking little fairy in the film that I almost wanted to see Kip beat the fuck out of you. The bitch stole the scene right out from under you.

When you sucked the coach’s ass, you showed no enthusiasm at all. I swear, Jon there is not a man on this earth who does not love a good ass licking and sucking. Most men get precious few good ones. They come to our films to live vicariously. They can’t find a cute thirteen-year-old boy to suck their asses, so they get off on our films. You have an obligation to them! I won’t see you fuck up and let them down! You are not living at home anymore where you can get away with murder and be a selfish little twat! I will not settle for second best.

I want you to be the very best ass licker and sucker in our stable of boy actors! The four assistants also complained that your sucking of their asses was second-rate. I know you said your mouth was tired and your jaw and tongue hurt, but that’s what our daily exercises are for.

You have to build strength. I’ll have a nice long ass sucking session with you this afternoon, and I expect improvement on your part. You have an adequately long tongue, but you never seem to get it deep enough up the rectum! Shame on you!

We have boys in our “juniors” category who give a better asshole tonguing than you do. I think for the next week, or so, we will have you eat all your meals out of men’s assholes. That should help.

When you are sucking dick and getting ass fucked at the same time, you need to give the same amount of attention to both men! You can’t cheat one to serve the other. Your stamina just isn’t there, Jon. I think you need more work in the gym to build up your energy and strength, but at the same time, we don’t want to lose that sweet little boy body of yours.

And when twelve-year-old Kip shot his load all over your face, you didn’t scoop it up and eat it with any enthusiasm at all. Our customers are paying to see a teenage fuck pig!

“Sure, now you cry and say you promise to do better, but you know what happens when a boy fucks up. He is punished! Fortunately, we can use some of the punishment by filming it for your next film, Jon and the Nasty Teacher!


“Now I know you think I am angry with you and don’t like you anymore. That’s not true, Jon. I would never have considered you ready for your first film if you hadn’t sucked my dick so well the other night. Here you are, a novice thirteen-year-old, only with us for two weeks, and you took my nine inches as if it was a fucking lollipop, but you froze on camera.


“Keep your legs spread wide, Jon, you know the rules! Now, as part of your punishment, I’m going to fuck you with a thirteen-inch dildo, Jon. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt more than anything in your young life has ever hurt.


I hope it will stay with you and always remind you to give one hundred percent and not to let us down...EVER! Use the pain to teach yourself to always give us what we want. Then we can all get along nicely together. Now, if you would like to drape yourself across my desk and spread your cute little ass cheeks with your hands, I’ll get the dildo. We’ll film this to use, perhaps, in one of your future films.”


Jon was so scared that he could not walk, so I had to help him over to the desk. I was not going to go easy on him. My fucking hard dick in my pants would not let me. He looked up at me and tried to talk, but words would not come out of his sweet mouth at first. I smiled




“Don’t worry, Jon. If you promise me to try harder, I won’t let this little incident damage our friendship. My god, you’ve got a sweet little rosebud. A perfect thirteen-year-old boy asshole! It’s kind of a shame really, isn’t it, that once you’re fucked over and over, that sweet teen asshole can never return to the perfect beauty it once possessed, but that’s life, and we must move onward and upward, or perhaps downward! Your pretty little asshole will get to know cock after cock—in some films, you’ll be fucked by dozens of men—and then larger and larger dildos and bottles and baseball bats and eventually human fists. Life’s an adventure, don’t you know?”