Johnny's Piss Initiation

(mm) (oral, ws) (humil)
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Johnny was scared on the day of his team initiation. The boys had been razing him all week, telling him how horrible it would be. Still, he knew other boys had gone through the same thing. I mean, to get on the team was the goal of every kid in the school. The Varsity team members ruled the school. Even the teachers gave them special breaks because the coach and his team brought the school fame and glory.

Johnny was a handsome sixteen-year-old. He had a girlfriend, Jenny, who he was sure would let him fuck her in a few weeks. She was just shy and coy since she was a virgin, but Johnny could not wait to get into her cunt.

Johnny did get handjobs from her on almost every date, and the fourteen-year-old promised to suck him too, but she was so fucking shy that it took forever. He had dated her six times before she would even show him her pussy.

His buddies teased him that that was the price you pay for dating fourteen-year-old twat, but he liked young girls, and he loved to pop virgin cherries. So, in other words, Johnny was your normal healthy teenage kid. The other guys on the team liked him, but they too had typical healthy teenage boy desires, among them, sadistic tendencies. So they got together and decided really to put Johnny thorough the works. The day of his initiation, they gathered outside behind the school.

Tim, the captain of the team, handed a glass to Johnny. “Okay, Johnny, for your first initiation task,” Tim smiled and undid his zipper as he took his big fat girl-fucker out of his pants. “Take my dick in your hand.”

Johnny almost freaked out; this was really queer. He tried to smile, but he felt really nervous.


“Isn’t that kind of faggy, Tim? I mean, we’re all straight guys, aren’t we?”


“It’s to show allegiance to the team. It’s for bonding. Hold my dick.”


Johnny, with trembling fingers, reached out, and for the first time in his young life, he felt another dude’s prick. It was spongy and sweaty. Now Tim held out the glass.


“Now, while you are holding my dick, take a piss in this glass.”


“You want me to piss right out here in the schoolyard? Shit, there are girls watching and everything.”


“Look, man, we don’t have time to fuck around. You’re either on the team or off, either you pass your initiation, or you go join the chess club.”


The nine other boys watching laughed at that one. The chess club was for faggots. They knew that because sometimes they made the geeks of the school suck their hard dicks after sports practice. Tim was some hot stud all right. He was so damned handsome and sure of himself. So cocky, lots of faggots in the chess club beat off thinking about him.


Johnny felt shivers run up and down his spine. He was feeling quite humiliated, but what could he do? He unzipped and took out his sizable teen dick. Johnny was a really cute kid himself. Lots of girls at the school had wet panties most of the day looking at him in his tight crotch hugging jeans. Tim held the glass out.


“Now, Johnny, just fill this glass with your fine teen piss. And after you fuck the brains out of that fourteen-year-old cunt you are dating, make sure you piss up her cunt for fun. Then pass her on to us.”


The boys all laughed, but it was common knowledge that the boys on the varsity team did pass their girlfriends around. The girls had to put up with it if they wanted to be the girlfriends of the school’s star jocks. So a guy would often let his buddies fuck his girl, or even take her in the ass while he fucked her cunt. After all, best buddies share everything.


It took a while for Johnny to start pissing, but soon it was flowing fine, and the glass was filled with the amber liquid. Johnny could smell his piss in the glass.


“Okay, dude, good job. Now, as your second task, you have to drink the glass of piss.”


These dudes were totally whacked. Johnny felt sick to his stomach, but he knew they were watching him to see if he had the balls to make the team. He had already shown he was an exceptional athlete, but was he man enough? Johnny gulped and looked down at the glass of piss. Then he made a decision. Tim grinned as Johnny raised the glass and put it to his lips and drank the foul liquid. The taste was horrible, salty and bitter, and the smell awful, but he did it.


“Chug it, Johnny, drain the whole glass,” Tim said.


The guys applauded and cheered him on, laughing all the while. Johnny wanted to puke badly, but he managed to drain the glass. He looked a little green around the gills, but he smiled at Tim and handed him the glass back.


“Good job, Johnny, my man.” Tim slapped Johnny on the back. “Now strip down to your underwear.”


“Aw, jeez man, out here in the open?”


Johnny knew this would not be good. The boys nodded and laughed. In front of his teammates, Johnny stripped down to his white underpants. Some of the other guys kicked off their shoes and socks and took off their shirts, but Johnny didn’t know why.


When Johnny stood there in only his bulging white briefs, his tummy flat and hard, his nipples pebble-like from the cold, Tim smiled and handed the glass to one of his buddies. Art, a burly jock, took out his monster hose that had fucked twenty-five different girls in two years. He dangled the prick over the glass, and then Stan, another jock, also took out his big prick.


The two boys then proceeded to piss at the same time, filling the glass to overflowing with hot stinking yellow boy pee. The piss splashed down onto the ground, and Johnny realized why the boys had removed their shoes and socks. Now, Tim’s smile grew broader; it was that shit-eating grin that won over all the cunts in the school.


“Here, my man, is the next part of your initiation. Drink the glassful of your teammate’s piss.”


“This is really sick, man. I don’t know if I can do this.”


Johnny was feeling quite sick now. He knew this initiation was getting out of hand and getting quite perverted. How could teen boys be so fucking sicko?


“You can do it, Johnny. We really want you on the team. Come on, show us you got what it takes.”


Johnny closed his eyes. His face was adorable, a really cute sixteen-year-old boy in agony.


“No, no, open your beautiful eyes, and come on now, drink down the glass of good healthy buddy jock piss.”


“I really need to puke, man,” Johnny moaned.


“You may puke after the initiation is over, but not until then. If you puke now, you will have to lick up your puke.


Johnny gulped down his rising bile and raised the stinking glass to his mouth. The piss was bubbly and frothy. Art and Stan stood there, actually playing with their jock dicks. They were so excited to see a dude have to drink their urine.


“Oh, man, this is so sweet.” Art said, his prick hardening.


The other guys thought nothing of it. Shit, they walked around the locker room with boners all the time. They were guys, totally masculine teenage jocks.


Johnny made a really sour face and then drank the glass of piss. It was much worse than drinking his own, as the taste was much stronger.


“I ate some asparagus for you, Johnny,” Stan laughed.


Once again, the guys all cheered when Johnny drained the glass of teen piss.


“Johnny, you are doing really great so far,” Tim said. “See, it’s not so bad, is it?”


“It’s fucking horrible,” Johnny said, trying to act tough, standing there in his underpants. The guys all laughed again. Then two of the boys moved to one side to reveal a bathtub they had dragged from behind the school out onto the playground.


“Okay, Johnny, time for the next part of your initiation. Climb into the bathtub, will you, please?”


Honestly, the things rowdy teenage boys will get into for a little fun. And Tim had ordered Johnny, dressed in only his underpants to get into the tub. Johnny was already sick from having to drink not only his own piss but also the piss of two other teammates.


The foul urine growled in his teen tummy and tasted bitter in his mouth. It burned his throat. Still, he knew the team initiation would be rough, and he also told himself he could and would get through it. It was just so fucking twisted and sick. Had all the guys really gone through this? He had a hard time imagining Tim letting any guys piss on him.


“Just lay down, Johnny. You’re doing a really great job so far. Now we want to get some photos of this for the yearbook.”


Tim and other seniors laughed as young Johnny lay down in the old bathtub. And then the pissing started again, it was really gross piss too. The smell was unbearable.


“All the guys on the team had a big plateful of asparagus for lunch. I think you appreciate the unique odor and taste,” Tim said, unleashing another pungent load of boy piss himself, aimed right at Johnny’s cute young face.


“Come on, guys, this is too much,” Johnny protested as five sprays of hot jock piss hit him in the face and body, but he never should have opened his mouth as Tim’s piss went right in.


It was true. This piss tasted really disgusting, not that the other piss had not tasted bad, too, but this was really gross and smelled to high heaven. Johnny wanted to puke in the worst way, but he was afraid to, so he swallowed his vomit along with the piss.


“Can you taste the difference in the piss, Johnny? Can you?” Tim asked as his piss slowed to a dribble, and two more husky teen jocks took his place, lowering their pants and hauling out long hose-like pricks.


They shook their dicks over Johnny’s face, and new torrents of piss cascaded down onto the poor boy’s nose and mouth. Johnny didn’t know if he could handle it. I mean, it was too gross, too sick, too perverted. There was a limit to how far an initiation should be allowed to go.


He opened his eyes for a moment, shaking the piss out of his hair and eyes. He saw that about fifteen kids who were not on the team had gathered around to watch the initiation. Guys and chicks. Oh shit, this was terrible. Then another spray of boy pee hit him in the eyes, and the sting made him close them. But for the first time, he heard the laughing and the cheering. Had it been going on all the while? Had he been too focused on surviving to notice? He noticed now. The kids were howling with laughter, and more and more teammates lined up to piss on Johnny. His strong slender muscled teenage body was slick with piss. It glistened in the afternoon light. He felt he would never be able to wash away the awful stink.


Even the guys pissing commented on the horrible stink of their asparagus piss. At such times of stress, it is strange what the mind catalogs and remembers. Johnny, for some reason, began to take note of the piss sprays themselves.


Some of the boys had a much stronger piss spray than others. The boys with the bigger dicks and larger piss holes seemed to have a piss that sprayed out with more force. Some jocks also just let their dicks hand limply over the edge of the tub and allowed the piss to cascade as if from a waterfall onto Johnny’s face. While other jocks held their fat teen cocks and aimed the piss at the portion of the boy’s face or body they had chosen as a target. The tub now had about six inches of boy piss in it, and Johnny was sloshing around in it. More and more boys moved in.


“Okay, Johnny, take off your underpants!” Tim ordered.


“Oh, god, come on, other kids are watching, please, guys.”


“Follow orders, or you fail the initiation. Take off your underpants.”


Johnny reached down into the piss that was half covering his lean body and started to peel off the piss-soaked underpants. For some reason, the feeling was really gross. He lifted his ass, and the underpants stuck to his globes, so he peeled the material off his jock bod. He then raised his legs and removed the dripping piss-soaked underpants. The kids gave up a cheer as they saw Johnny’s teenage dick and balls. All the while, the pissing never stopped. New guys lined up and took out their pricks and pissed.


“Now put the underpants in your mouth and suck the piss out of them.”


“Ah…I...I don’t know if I can do this.”


Johnny just could not learn not to talk. The moment he spoke, the six jocks that were currently pissing into the tub turned and directed their sprays at his mouth. Johnny burped, and piss bubbled up from his tummy. Piss ran from his nose. With shaking fingers, he placed the piss soaked shorts at his lips. He figured it could not taste any worse than what he had already tasted. The underpants were so soggy they were almost transparent, and they had turned from white to deep yellow in color. The tub had now nearly a foot of piss in it.


The boys were laughing and slapping each other on the back. More and more kids from the school crowded nearer to the tub to catch the action of the new boy sucking on his own pissy underpants. Johnny put the underpants into his mouth. The moment his teeth closed over the material, like water from a sponge piss squeezed out of them.


“Shove as much of it into your mouth as you can and suck,” Tim ordered.


Taylor, the captain of the basketball team who had the prize cock all the cheerleaders talked about, stood over Johnny’s head and began to piss with a dick that must have been seven inches flaccid.


You could not get on the varsity cheerleading squad until you had been fucked by the big black jock ‘s twelve inches hard dick. Every girl had to put up with it, or she was dropped from the squad. And not only did she have to get fucked in the pussy, but also in the asshole and mouth. Taylor, needless to say, loved his honorary job. It was an unspoken rule that if you were a jock who was dating a cheerleader, you still had to let Taylor fuck her. Not that most of the jocks cared anyway since they were always passing their pussy around from guy to guy. Teenage boys are like that.


Wait a minute! Taylor was the captain of the basketball team! What was he doing pissing on Johnny? Johnny wanted to protest, but he could not with the underpants in his mouth and the piss running down his throat. Taylor’s huge black nuts swung as he unloaded his piss onto Johnny’s face. Then Johnny once again cleared his eyes and shook the piss out of his hair and noticed that the next teenage pisser was a kid from the football team, and next to him a guy from the wrestling team. What was going on?


“Yes, Johnny, my man, in order to make the team, you have to allow all the players from all the teams to piss on you. That means almost every boy in the school gets to piss on the new kid!” Johnny tried to sit up, to get up out of the tub, but a naked foot held him down.


“Easy, Johnny, you can’t quit now. Not in the middle of all of our fun. Why there are over twenty guys lined up here who want a crack at taking a leak on you.”


Over thirty other kids had gathered to watch the event, some of them as young as twelve and thirteen. Seventh and eighth-grade kids from the school next door, no doubt.


Johnny wanted to die. This was horrible. How far would these sadists go?