Johnny's Dad

(Mm) (anal, oral, (humil) (nc) (inc)

It was Friday night, and Johnny had a date. He had a date with an adorably cute fifteen-year-old girl from his school. He wanted to kiss her, and feel her budding teenage tits and finger her pussy and get her to jerk his dick, and, who knows, maybe even suck him. He had a way with girls. When he was allowed to see them. That was the catch. He was seldom allowed to go out on weekends and see girls.

It was his father. Johnny’s father easily qualified as an abusive parent—an extremely abusive parent. It was the alcohol. Johnny knew that things had gone tough for his dad, losing Mom and a big job in the same year and having to move into this shit hole of a house. Johnny’s father drank and drank, more and more, and when he drank, he became totally weird. Totally unlike the dad, Johnny had known as a kid. He became a pervert.

Johnny looked at the clock. He was supposed to meet Tisha at the mall at eight o’clock, and it was now six-thirty. He looked down at his homework and sighed. He hated schoolwork. He was not brilliant at his studies. He was not even average. It was a struggle for him.

“How are you doing, stupid?” Dad smelled of booze, and it was early in the evening. He would only get worse. “Looks like you’ll be spending Friday night home with the old man instead of fucking fresh young pussy.”

“I can finish this tomorrow. I got the whole weekend to do this assignment.”


“Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today. I intend to bring you up right, even if it’s the only thing in this fucked up life of mine I ever do right. You will finish the assignment now, and you will not leave this house until I go over it to fix all of your fucking mistakes. I won’t see you fail out of school.”


He sat on the arm of his son’s chair and ran his hands through the boy’s short blond hair. Johnny hated it when his father touched him. It always started something.


“When I was your age, I got straight A’s in school. And I got plenty of pussy as well.”


His father let his hand stroke the soft pale cheek of his fifteen-year-old son. Johnny knew better than to pull away. If he did, he was sure to get hit. His father beat him more and more lately. He even took a belt to his young teen ass. Johnny didn’t know what to do. He was not a large kid. He had tried to fight off his father, but that had just made things worse.


“You know, sometimes you remind me so much of your mother, God rest her soul. When she died, I died too, inside. But sometimes, when I look at you or touch you, I feel like she’s still with me in some ways.” He slid his hand in the neck of Johnny’s tee shirt and started to rub his smooth shoulder. “Come on, sit next to Dad, and make him feel good.”


“Not tonight, Dad, I really want to go see Tisha. Please!”


“Make old dad feel good, and maybe you can go out and finish your homework tomorrow.”


Johnny’s father now had his hand under the boy’s t-shirt, rubbing his teenage nipples. Johnny really hated how it felt. It made his body tingle, and he knew that was wrong.


“Your mom had small tits, but her nipples sure were sucky. I loved her nipples. We always said her tits were like apples with a strawberry on top.” The old alcohol smelling man rubbed and pinched Johnny’s nipples. “That’s why I make you work your nipples for thirty minutes every night, son, to remind me of her. They look more and more like her tits. Take off your tee shirt and give the old man a look.”


Johnny felt like crying, but he knew that it did no good. The old alcoholic would just call him a sissy and a pussy, and all kinds of bad names. Johnny’s only chance was to hurry and please his father, and then perhaps he would be able to meet Tisha. He slid off his gray tee shirt to reveal his boyish paled smooth teenage torso.


“Such soft skin. Just like your mom.”


The old man played with the boy’s smooth chest, plucking and squeezing his nipples. Johnny closed his eyes and chewed his lower lip. God, how he hated this.


“Lift your arms, son.” Then Johnny felt a hard slap to his face. His head spun. “I told you to shave your armpits, so you feel more like your mother there. She wouldn’t have had hairy armpits. Now you keep those armpits shaved. Understand me?”


“Yes, sir.”


Johnny felt his father’s tongue licking at his armpits. What a fucking pervert. He used to be such a wonderful man. The rough fingers tugged the boy’s pink nipples off his chest, and the thick tongue lapped at his armpits, then neck. Then he started to lick Johnny’s face all over. Johnny knew he dared not pull back.


“Holy fuck, my dick is hard tonight. It feels like it’s going to explode.” The drunk stood and pulled his fat nine-inch prick from his trousers. “How about your dick, son, is your dick hard for dad too?”


Johnny didn’t say anything.


THWACK! Another hit.


“I asked you a question, son. Is your clit hard for me?”


“Yes, sir.”


It wasn’t really hard, and Johnny hated it when it was called a clit. Oh shit, the old man’s fat dick was leaking pre-fuck already. Strings of goo ran from the dick tip to the floor.


“Get those pants off, son. Daddy’s going to fuck you. A man has to have a decent fuck once in a while. You realize that, don’t you? You can help old dad out. And he’ll make you feel really terrific too. You know you love it. You always were kind of a pussy boy. You never liked football. Never much of an athlete. Kind of faggot.”


Johnny didn’t know which worse, the foul alcohol breath or the tongue that was licking all over his body. His father threw off the rest of his clothes and stood there naked, fat prick rampant and leaking.


“Hurry up, pussy, strip off them duds for Dad.”


Johnny undid his pants and let them drop. He kicked off his sandals and stepped out of his trousers. He then peeled down his boxer shorts and stood naked in front of his dad.


“You lied to me. Your clit isn’t hard. Get that fucking clit hard!” His dad hit Johnny again, and the fifteen-year-old boy yanked and pulled on his teen prick, trying to please his dad.


“You can get it hard all day in school, looking at the cunt, but you can’t even get it hard for your old man when he asks you to. By god, I’ll ground you for a month, boy, if you don’t get that dick hard.”


Johnny closed his eyes and thought about naked girls. He rolled and pinched his prick in his fingers. He pulled on it, and at last, it began to thicken and grow.


“Now give Dad a nice sloppy tongue kiss.”


Johnny really hated this part. His young mouth filled with his father’s spit. He had to swallow gobs of spit. The alcoholic kissed the boy for five minutes, running his tongue all around inside the kid’s mouth. Meanwhile, his hands were busy cupping and squeezing the fifteen-year-old scrotum and then reaching around to finger the ass globes. Johnny had really lovely, smooth ass cheeks—full, round, and tight. His father slid his finger up and down the young ass crack. He treated the boy’s ass crack as if it was a cunt. His father forced his son to his knees.


“Wet down my cock, son, so it goes in easy. You know I hate artificial lube.”


Johnny licked his father’s swollen leaking cock. He licked up and down the cock stalk. Then he tongued the wet knob. He wanted to cry; he felt so queer doing this.


“Your mother was much better at it, but don’t worry, we’ll get you there.”


Johnny felt sick to his stomach. He no longer felt like going out with Tisha. He just wanted to go to bed and sleep away the horrible memories. He licked the drippings off the dick. It smelled so bad that he could hardly stand it.


“Don’t forget to lick my nuts. Your mom always loved the taste and smell of my nuts.” Johnny licked his father’s fat swollen scrotum, getting ball hair in his teeth. “Lift the nuts with our tongue, son. Work them real good.”


When the man’s nuts were shinny and slick with teen boy spit, and the dick was hard as a rock, he dragged his son to his feet and spun him around.


“Okay, grab my prick. You know I love it when you put it in yourself.”


Johnny reached around, grabbed the fat fucker, and placed it between his ass cheeks. He loathed the feel of a cock between his fifteen-year-old ass globes. It was a nightmare that stayed with him for days and days after. And recently, it had been happening more and more frequently. He adjusted his body, and his dad pulled one of the boy’s ass cheeks aside to reveal the pink teen-boy asshole. The boy had a beautiful asshole, no doubt about it.


“Your mom didn’t like taking dick up her asshole, but in your case, we ain’t got much choice, huh? Gotta stretch that little boy-pussy real good. Turn that asshole into a real cunt, so you can please your old man. I’ve wanted to fuck more and more lately, but I just don’t have the ambition to go out to meet any new women. So, I figure, I can just make myself happy with little Johnny’s boy-twat. That right, Johnny?”


Johnny’s answer was lost in a scream of pain as his father shoved his dickhead into the boy’s asshole. In how many families around the world is this a nightly event? How many teenage boys are forced to take their father’s fat dripping pricks up their boy butts? They never tell anyone. They are too humiliated. The shame is too great.


Johnny’s dad eased himself into the chair with his son impaled on his prick. He adjusted Johnny’s small youthful body so that he could enjoy a nice slow fuck. He bounced the boy on his dick, and every time he approached climax, he slowed down. He made the fuck last thirty minutes. Johnny was in total agony.


“Now, isn’t this better than meeting some twat at the mall? She can’t give you what I can. Tell you what. Why not spend the whole weekend home here with me. I’ll cancel bowling tomorrow, and we can just fuck all weekend. I’ll even help you with your homework to give us more time to fuck.


“I been thinking about it, and I think it’s time you moved into my bed with me. A man like me shouldn’t have to sleep alone. I wanna have a mouth on my dick when I sleep at night. Oh, fuck, what a tight little cunt you have. It’s great.”


“Please, Dad…ugh…oh, god...please...oh, shit...Dad...it hurts so bad...please, Dad!”


Nine inches of man cock was working its way around inside the fifteen-year-old boy’s asshole. Johnny’s guts ached. His ass felt ripped apart. He curled his toes and cried and cried. He was ashamed to have any friends. He was even embarrassed to talk to girls. He felt like everyone could read his secret life on his face and from the way he walked.


But this was just the start of his new life. His dad had lots of fun ideas planned. Johnny would be spending a lot more time home with his dad in the future. Johnny’s father had gotten some of his dead wife’s undergarments out of storage. Now he wondered how they would look on Johnny.


Johnny would look very hot in his mom’s bra and panties. He would just keep Johnny that way around the house all the time, ready to fuck all the time. Suddenly, Johnny’s father knew that he would be able to drink less and get his life back on track as long as he had Johnny to take care of his sexual needs. Life was good.