Johnny, How Can You Love

(MBb) (anal, oral, rim) (nc)

Johnny woke up shackled to a wall. It was like something out of some fucking medieval graphic novel or some sci-fi x-box game. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that he was fucking bare-ass naked. He was shackled to a stone wall and totally bare-ass naked. This was sick! This was unbelievable. He surely would awake in a few minutes to find himself safe at home in his bed, surrounded by his posters of teenage celebrity cunt and computer and sports shit. He was safe. This had to be a dream. Young sixteen-year-old Johnny wanted to scream to himself to wake up. He tried to throw off the nightmare by shaking his cute head. But the dream would not abate, and the man who emerged out of the darkness seemed all too real.

“Who the fuck are you? Where am I?” Johnny demanded, his voice sounding alien and hoarse to himself.
His lithe young naked body stretched and strained at his confinement. Johnny had a very nice body. Not overly muscular since he was still young, only sixteen. It was well toned and smooth and still had the unblemished skin of a boy. His muscular development was impressive. His pecs were we nicely formed and capped with two large nipples. His tummy was tight, and his legs were sturdy. He had played soccer in school. With his ass to the wall, his two tight smooth soccer ball ass globes could not be seen, but they were prizewinners. Girls loved his ass. It was hard and smooth with a deep crack. Girls pay a lot of attention to the asses of boys. Johnny knew that. But there was one thing even more important than the ass. The dick! And Johnny had a beauty. He was uncircumcised, and his fuck tube hung heavy from a bush of dark hair. It was thick even when flaccid, and when erect grew to an impressive eight inches. Johnny loved his dick almost as much as the girls did. Well, more. Johnny loved his dick more than the girls did. He took excellent care of his dick. It was in fact, his fat hunk of fuckmeat that had gotten him into this predicament. Pre-dick-ament! How appropriate.
“Hello, Johnny. Don’t you remember me? We met at that Lower School Career shindig where you so kindly offered to teach the boys how to handle a basketball. You probably don’t remember. I was one of the parents in attendance. How kind of you to give your time and talent to inspire sixth and seventh-grade boys since so many of those boys look up to you as an idol. Well, with your looks and talents, why not, right? No wonder when you went into the toilet to take a piss, a whole gaggle of boys followed you. No wonder when you stood in front of the urinal, you backed away about three feet so all the little boys could see your big teenage dick pissing! I know they were impressed by the size of that dick. My son was anyway. I know because he told me. We have an understanding my boy and me. He shares everything with me.”
“Look, what the fuck is this about? You can’t keep me chained up like this. I’ll call the police.”
“Oh, Johnny, how can you call anyone? Your cell phone is in my drawer upstairs. I’m telling you what this is all about. Just be a little patient. I’m going to make you a bit less comfortable now. I’m going to wrap this silver duct tape around your beautiful teenage body. Just for a few minutes until I can get you on the table. I’m going to wrap it over your mouth too, so you can’t interrupt. I know you want to know why you’re here. Although, I suspect you already know I want to tell you anyway, so there’s no confusion. I want to tell you everything, but if I allow you to interrupt every few seconds, we won’t get anywhere, now will we?”
“Please, Mr. whatever your name is, there must be some kind of mistake. I didn’t do nothing wrong!”
“Anything wrong, Johnny. You didn’t do anything wrong. And that’s debatable. I’m going to wrap this tape over your sensuous lips now, Johnny. You have movie star lips. The girls must love to kiss those lips. They must swoon when you tongue them. They must be ready to give you anything you want.
“Now a few bands of the tape around your wrists, and some around your handsome, smooth, young teenage body. Stop kicking, Johnny. You’ll only hurt yourself. Look how you make your teenage dick and balls dance when you struggle. They flop all about. How sensual. You like showing off your fuckmeat, don’t you, Johnny? Is that because it’s so beautiful and long and thick? How big does it get? Over eight inches, isn’t that what you told the boys in the lower school bathroom? There now, you’re trussed up like a Christmas goose. Let me help you over to a chair first. We’ve plenty of time to get you to the table.
“Where was I? Oh yes, you were pissing in the boys’ bathroom at the lower school. My boy says about six to eight little kids were watching you. You were, after all a high school sports idol. You know how kids are. And you love the attention of the boys, don’t you? You adore their hero worship. My son told me how you stepped back from the urinal and began to stroke your dick in front of the boys. How your cockhead emerged from all this thick foreskin. How you took your big teenage balls out of your pants so the little boys could see them as well.”
Johnny shook his head, trying to explain, but he could not utter a coherent sound with the duct tape around his mouth. The man began to use some rope around Johnny’s penis. Johnny didn’t like the older man touching him down there like that.
“Well, you do have a hefty hunk of fucker, I will admit that. You must be the talk of the boys’ locker room at the high school, huh? I’ll bet you show off there too. You were certainly the talk among these little boys. The way you stood there pumping and stroking your dick until you had a full hard-on to show those innocent little tykes. My son was impressed. I can tell you that. He had lots of questions about sex after he saw your big cuntbuster.
“Don’t you think what you did was the slightest bit inappropriate, Johnny? Oh, I know boys compare their dicks all the time and even fool around together. It’s a natural part of growing up, but after all, you’re sixteen, and these boys were in sixth and seventh grade. Some were even younger, weren’t they? Little boys are so impressionable, and you wanted to show them more, didn’t you? My son told me you actually dropped your pants and underpants to the floor so that they could get a better look at your huge dick and low hanging nuts. Your nuts are quite impressive, Johnny. I have to admit that even I am impressed by them.
“Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Okay, Mister Whacko, so I showed some boys my dick and balls. Big deal! Is that any reason to kidnap me and tie me up like a fucking hog ready for the slaughter?
“Johnny, I’m going to insert this tube up your asshole now. I’m going to fill your asshole with soapy water. I want you nice and clean, so you don’t shit all over when we start the main part of our project. I’m going to pump this soapy water gently into your guts. It’ll feel uncomfortable. It’ll make you feel like you’re going to explode because I’m filling you with quite a bit. But don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. You will bloat a bit, and look like you’re pregnant and I’m going to make you hold it for thirty minutes. You will feel intense cramping, but when I let you shit it out, you will be clean inside. Then we won’t have any accidents when I work on you.”
You should have heard the sounds Johnny made. The words were incomprehensible, of course, but the sounds were beautiful. The teenage stud was freaking out.
“You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep tugging at that tape like that. It’s too strong for you to tear. And this yellow rope that I’m wrapping around your dick is more for the photos I’m taking for the internet than for anything else. It’s kind of a decoration that will come off, of course, before we seriously start on you.
“Anyway, Johnny, where was I? Oh yes, you were standing there in the boys’ can at the lower school with your jeans and boxers around your ankles, your tee shirt pulled up to show your hard tummy and your pecs, stroking your more than ample teenage boy meat for the little lads who idolized you. Was that fun for you, Johnny? Do you show off to little boys like that a lot?
“Had you stopped there—don’t mind the hose. Just relax your rectum if you can—had you stopped there, we might all have chalked it up to some innocent fun. But you went further, didn’t you, Johnny. And here is where it gets really twisted and perverse, you asked the little boys if they wanted to touch and feel your big dick, didn’t you? You invited the boys to hold your heavy cock and balls in their little hands. That would be considered perverted by some. By many!
“Can you feel the soapy water filling your bowels? My sons love getting enemas. At first, they didn’t, but I started them young enough, so they’re not only used to it now but look forward to it. I fill them up until their tummies are ready to burst and then I have them dance for me for at least an hour. If they lose even one drop, they’re punished. It’s fun. But back to you. You stood there while those little boys hefted and lifted and felt your teenage fuckmeat and nuts. Are you just a show-off, Johnny, or are you a certified pervert? Oh, I see you’re curling your cute big toes. That means you’re feeling the soapy water in your guts.
“Had you stopped there, with having the lower school tykes feel your big dick, we might have forgiven you. A little “Show and Not Tell” never hurt anybody, right? Right! But Johnny, you asked the boys to kiss your dick. You asked which ones of them were brave enough to kiss your dick and your big testicles! That was where you crossed the line, Johnny. That is unacceptable behavior. You can’t go having sixth-grade boys kissing your dick. And then you asked some of them to lick it, didn’t you? And, of course, boys at that age are so impressionable. They’ll try almost anything, especially if a hero of theirs asks them. My son says that your dick was leaking and dripping pretty heavily. Is that right, are you a natural leaker, Johnny? We’ll find out shortly. I’m going to pump your dick a little, get it out of that thick foreskin and see what it looks like. I have to admit it’s a magnificent cock. It’s a prize-winning penis all right. No wonder you’re so proud of it.
“Oh, Johnny, look at how tight and swollen your tummy looks. That’s a thing of beauty in its own way, isn’t it? Have you ever considered trimming your prick hair? If you trimmed your prick hair a bit, your dick would look even larger. That would impress your girlfriend—and the little boys even more. You’ve got a lot of prick hair, Johnny, and it’s kind of running wild all over your groin. You should at least shape it a bit. I mean, how would you look in a thong or posing pouch with this wild mass of undergrowth? Let me get some pictures for the internet.
“Now, when I say that boys of that age are easily influenced, I simply have to refer to the next bit of action in the bathroom to illustrate my point. You asked the boys to take out their little cocks to show you, didn’t you? You taunted them and coerced them into removing their pants and underpants, so their small, undeveloped dicks and balls were hanging there for you to look at while you pumped your big leaking prick. And then you had the boys hold their little dickies up next to your huge fucker just so you could feel powerful, didn’t you? Those poor little innocents just did what they were told.
“What? I can’t understand you with that tape on your mouth. You’re crying, aren’t you? You’re probably cramping pretty badly by now and want to shit out that water.
“My son was unclear about exactly what happened next. It seems that some of the boys stripped naked, not all of them, is that so? They all had their dicks showing, but some of the boys at your suggestions stripped totally naked. Naked youth is so innocent. You stripped totally too, is that right? You stripped totally bare-assed in that boys’ toilet and played with your fuckmeat and ball sac in front of those little boys.
“Hey, pay attention. Don’t drift off. That’s the result of the cleansing I’m giving you. I know the cramping is unbearable. I’m going to allow you to shit it out into this bowl in just a minute. No need to be embarrassed. I mean, after all, you were naked in a room of little boys, pumping your huge dick as it leaked all over the fucking floor. Pretty impressive. I know my son was impressed. And then, it seems you suggested that the boys pump each other’s dicklets. At that age, they’re still so small and cute, but you know it can feel terrific to have it stroked, even if they can’t shoot at that age. So there you are, the high school hero, jerking your fucker with eight naked or semi-naked little boys impressing them with how much fuck leak is pooling around your feet.
“And then you asked my eleven-year-old son to lick your balls! Now that really goes beyond decency, Johnny. Why would you want a little boy to lick your big bloated teen nut sac? My son said he refused at first and you made fun of him in front of the other boys. You taunted him and called him a sissy. So, he finally, under the burden of peer pressure, licked your leathery teenage fuck sac.
“Johnny, you seduced that little boy into a homosexual act, which can change a boy for life. It can really ruin him. Since that day, the other boys have been calling my son Balllicker! They have also been calling him Cocksucker! That’s right. You got him to suck your dick too, didn’t you?
“In fact, you got five of the boys to take turns sucking on your big fat teenage dick. Do you think that is being a good role model? You can shake your head all you want and cry, but I think you need to be punished. But first, let’s empty you out. I’ve got your legs taped to the chair legs, so they’re spread. I’m going to hold this bowl up under your asshole, so you can just shit out the soapy water for me. Don’t be embarrassed that some shit will come out with it. That’s the purpose. I know it makes you feel degraded and shamed, but trust me, I don’t mind. Go ahead, shit out the water from your guts.”
Bubbling and farting sounds preceded the emission of the shit water from young Johnny’s guts. The boy was too terrified to feel the full force of the humiliation, but still, it was enough to shame him thoroughly. When his bowels were empty, the man held up the bowl filled with brown, sudsy water. Then he took the tape off of Johnny’s mouth.
“Please, Sir, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean nothing by it. I was just fooling around. I got a girlfriend. I was just goofing around with those kids.”
“Hush, Johnny. Don’t go babbling on. We’ll talk about it in a minute. First, I have a little job for you. You see this bowl filled with your shit water. I want you to drink it all down like a nice boy.”
The boy turned gray!
“You...what…you want me to drink...”
Johnny started to gag at the idea of it. His eyes opened so wide you could see white all around the irises.
“Why...why would you want me to do something like...”
Johnny gagged again.
“Oh, I know, it’s a foolish indulgence, but I want to see you suffer a bit for what you did not only to my eldest son but to my baby boy! It’s my baby boy that really bothers me. He’s the real reason you’re here.”
“Your son, who is—
“Now, drink up, Johnny. I’m going to touch your ball sac with this Taser to get you going. Call it incentive!”
The plastic object with the metal tips touched the soft skin of the boy’s fuck bag, and he threw himself in his chair, screaming until he lost his voice.
“Now, drink up before I do it again. Come on, chug the shit water. Drink it all down. And if you puke, you’ll be made to drink that too!”
It was quite an ordeal for the naked teen taped to the chair. Several times he puked, and so he was forced to drink not only the shitty soap water, but also his own vomit, but the man was patient, and eventually, the boy completed the task.
“There now, Johnny, that wasn’t so bad, was it? It’s not nearly as bad as when you shot your load of baby batter all over the face of my eleven-year-old son in the school toilet. You made him the laughing stock of the school among his friends. But still, I wouldn’t even consider doing what I’m about to do to you, had you only sexually humiliated my eldest boy. I’m going to tape your mouth again because I can’t stand that screaming and babbling. I know that boys get a bit wild with each other, and while it’s true that you’re sixteen and my son is only twelve, a little bullying can be good for a kid.
Of course, I can’t speak for the other boy, the one you made eat your ass. Oh yes, I heard about that too. How the boys stood around frigging each other’s little dicks while you made one of them lick and suck on your ass. Don’t you feel that is going a bit too far, even for boy-boy roughhousing? And then you got the boys to all suck on each other’s dicks and balls, and asses. Experiences like that stay with you, I mean, Johnny, you could be crippling those boys emotionally for life. I accept that you were just fooling around, kidding around with a bunch of little kids who idolized you, but still, it was going too far.
“Now, let’s get you over to this table. Hop over, and I’ll help get you up. Don’t look so terrified. You don’t even know what I’m going to do yet, but I’ve got a mirror set up so you can see. Did you see that Swedish film about the girl, who tattoos the word RAPIST on the stomach of her parole officer who fucked her? I thought of doing something like that to you. Oh, for shit sake stop struggling. You’re not going anywhere.
“Let me tape you down good so you can’t move and hurt yourself. Do you see this sixteen-inch dildo? I’m going to start by shoving this all the way up your asshole, but as I said, I don’t want you to think I’m behaving in this extreme manner just because you diddled my son and shot your fuck snot all over his innocent little face.
“Oh, no! I have a much larger bone to pick with you. You fucked my baby boy, my beautiful little eight-year-old boy’s bald and beautiful asshole. Well, was bald and beautiful. Now, it’s just bald. You fucked my precious boy so hard the ass lips are turned inside out.
“How does this dildo feel going up your rectum? That’s how it must have felt to my son. You fucked his virgin boy-cunt, didn’t you? You shoved your big fat dick up my son!”
The boy on the table was screaming bloody murder into the tape and throwing his head from side to side. The man didn’t desist from his efforts to force the Coke can thick, sixteen-inch dildo deep into the kid’s churning guts, stretching the teen’s tender asshole to tearing.
“I know you’re afraid your asshole will rip. Think how my eight-year-old son felt when his asshole tore and needed stitches. I know you thought he would never be able to identify you, with that woolen mask you wore, but he did. He knew it was you. He’s a smart little cookie. When he saw you at career day, and when my son reported what you had done to those boys, he knew at once that it was you. And just now, while you were still out, I brought him in and had him identify your dick. Just to make sure, I even had him put it in his mouth again to see if it felt the same as when you forced him. He’s sure it’s you.”
The teenager tried to throw himself off the table, but he was securely bound. His lithe young body glistened with the sweat of fear. His eyes rolled in his head as he begged for forgiveness, for understanding as the man gently fingered the boy’s flopping dick.
“You’ve got a problem, haven’t you son? You’re a sex addict. You molest boys to feed your sick lust. God knows how many you’ve molested—and little ones too, not even teens. You shove your big fat dick up little boy assholes. The worst thing is now my baby boy wants cock all the time. What can I do to tame the fever burning in his boy-cunt? Other boys his age can’t even shoot a load yet. I’ve tried to get my eldest son to fuck him to satisfy the hunger, but his dick is too small. It just doesn’t do the trick. You have ruined my baby boy. You made him suck your cock. Now, she has the taste of cock in his mouth, and he wants it all the time. Oh, he doesn’t admit that, but I can tell it’s true. You made him a cock whore. And he’s only in third grade.
“What am I going to do? I try to be a good father. I let both my sons suck on mine, but they’re shy because I’m their father. I understand that. They say they don’t want to, but I can tell they need it now, all because you ruined them. So you see, you have not only destroyed my sons, but you have ruined my life too. I’m going to have to fuck my boys, I know. I just don’t quite know how to start. My sons are probably queer now because you made them suck you. Now, I’ll have to have them suck my dick every day. I’m getting older, how am I going to provide a load for both my kids every day?
“So you’ve got to understand why I feel some animosity toward you. I’ve got to stop you before you corrupt other families. God knows how many little boys you have fucked. So what can I do? I’m going to castrate you!”
The teenager on the table suddenly grew very still. He stared up at the man not believing what he had heard. His eyebrows lowered and his eyes sought out the man’s face. Did he understand correctly?
“Yes, Johnny, I’m going to cut off your cock and balls to teach you a lesson. I’m not going to use any anesthetic. I’m going to make you stay awake to watch as I slowly slice off your dick, and then cut off your ball sac. You’re going to have to lie very still if you want to live. You see, the trouble with castration is the bleeding. If you throw your body and struggle, you’ll bleed more. I have to control the bleeding until I can cauterize the wound by burning it. You can watch it all in that big mirror. I’m slowly going to saw through your dick stalk, but first I’m going to masturbate it and get it nice and hard. Oh, did I tell you that before I actually cut the dick off, I’m going to circumcise you? Just for some extra pain and fun, I’m going to cut off your thick handsome foreskin with a razor blade.
“You won’t be showing off to any more little boys, Johnny, but you won’t’ be forgotten. I told my little boys that I would preserve your dick and balls in two jars that they will keep in their room to look at every day. It’s morale-building my young sons. They know that they can’t ever fuck without paying the consequences. It teaches them not to be a bully. They’re nothing but little cunt boys now.
“How does that dildo feel up your ass? I’ll bet you forgot all about it. You see how the mind works, Johnny. You have extreme pain and discomfort in your ass from the twelve-inch dildo until I started to tell you that I was going to cut off your dick. Then the pain in your ass went away. Ha! Isn’t it amazing? Well, shall we begin?”