Joey and Coach

a palimpsest based on Joey and the Coach
(Mm) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (humil, spank, viol) (nc, rape) (beast)
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Coach Black felt his prick jump in the trousers of his seven hundred-dollar suit. At last, at last, he had that cunt Joey Gonzalez where he wanted him. That smart-mouthed, wise-ass, teenage jock, cunt-hound had finally put himself into the position Coach Black had waited for. Sure, the kid was the star of the football team, and sure, he was good, and he maintained a good grade point average to boot, but all of that only increased his ego and his sense of self-importance. Coach Black hated the way the jock boy walked around the school as if he fucking owned it. He hated the way he smarted his way into the good graces of all the teachers. Coach would not be surprised if the little shit was fucking two or three of the female teachers. Maybe that’s how he got those good grades. He certainly had fucked enough of the town girls if rumors could be believed.

Good thing this was an all-boys boarding school, and he could be kept away from cunt by grounding him. There was another way to cure the little prick of his arrogant ways, and now Coach Black had the leverage to do it. Coach smoothed down his trousers and pressed his hard prick against one leg. He did not care if the boy saw it, but he did not want his secretary, Miss Finch, to have kittens.

He threw open his office door and yelled with a volume famous throughout the school, “Gonzales, get your ass in here, now!”

Gonzales struggled to get up off the couch on which he was sitting. He did not do too well; he was a bit drunk you see. Perfect.

“Miss Finch, go to lunch!” Coach barked.

“But it’s two thirty in the afternoon, sir.” she stammered, closing her files and grabbing her purse.

“Then go someplace. You don’t want to be around for the next hour or so.”
Coach grabbed the weaving boy by his blue school shirt and hauled him into his office. He slammed the door.
“You fucking cunt!” he screamed a few inches from Joey’s face.
“Please, don’t kick me off the team, sir. Please don’t kick me off the team. My father will kill me!” the cute teenager slurred. His esteemed father was a wealthy, self-made man.
“How will he feel when you get kicked out of school, huh, dickhead?”
Coach held the boy up by his shirt collar. Then he flung him back onto the couch. The room spun for poor Joey.
“Oh, god...oh, god…I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry,” the teenager blubbered. “It was...well…we won the big game, and I was...we were just kicking back and...”
Jesus, the kid was a hunk. Coach Black could hardly keep his hands off of him. Many, many days he had watched the stud in the locker room horsing around with the other jocks after a practice or a game. Coach had watched the kid’s bouncing balls and his fat uncut prick. Mostly he had scrutinized the kid’s gorgeous ass. It was a perfect athlete’s ass—full, meaty and muscular. He’d heard stories of how Joey made his girlfriends lick and suck his ass. The fucking nerve of the teenage punk expecting high school girls to suck his ass, and the damn bitches had done it too because it was so special to be the girlfriend of Joey Gonzales. Everybody knew he expected a blowjob on the first date and a fuck on the second if you made it that far. Girls over at the public high school talked about his dick all the time. Coach Black hated the kid’s fucking arrogance.
“Coach...Coach...I never did anything wrong before. Please don’t get me kicked out of school…please, sir.”
“We canceled classes today to honor you boys and your victory. We had a field day and how do you show your thanks? By going out and getting bombed. If the best quarterback of our team can’t abide by the rules, how can I expect any of the boys to stay in line?”
Coach threw a file across the room, and it smacked the wall. Joey blinked to clear his spinning head. He had never seen Coach this angry. Coach Black spun on the boy.
“I heard you smuggled a townie girl up into your dorm room. Is that true?”
“Jeez, Coach, I get horny, just like all dudes my age. I have—”
“Did you smuggle a fucking slut up into your room?”
Coach Black stood over the boy, and a little of his spit fell on the kid’s face. Joey hung his head; he had tears in his eyes.
“Yeah...yeah, I did.”
Coach leaned in.
“Jennie Stevens.”
“Jesus Christ, do you want our school closed down?”
Jennie Stevens was the daughter of the town preacher, a very conservative, uptight individual.
“Did you fuck her?”
Coach’s dick was leaking in his trousers like mad. Good thing, he had worn a dark suit.
“Yes, sir,” Joey was crying pretty hard now feeling really bad and quite sick besides, “and Andy fucked her too.”
“I don’t care about Andy. Andy’s not on the team.”
Actually, Coach did care about Andy. That was another ass he really wanted to plow with his big thick dick.
“I care about the team, my job, and not getting sued! How many times did you fuck her?”
“Please, Coach, I don’t feel so good.”
Coach hauled off and slapped the boy hard across the face. Joey couldn’t believe it.
“How many times did you fuck her?”
“Three...three...Jeez...you hit me…you hit me, Coach!”
Coach raised his hand to strike again, and Joey cowered on the couch.
“Three, I fucked her three times...and a blowjob. She gave me a blow job too.”
“I hear you like to fuck ass. Did you fuck her in the ass?”
Joey’s eyes grew wide.
“Who did you hear that from?”
Coach kicked out with his expensive shoe and caught Joey on the inner thigh.
“Answer my fucking question! Did you fuck the whore in the ass?”
Joey crawled halfway up the wall.
“No...no, sir. She wouldn’t let me. I tried to, but she wouldn’t let me.”
“Did you use a condom? Answer me, boy. Did you use a fucking rubber?”
Joey shook his head. A little spittle formed at the corner of his cute mouth.
“I don’t use those. They wreck the fuck.”
“What a fucking loser you are.” Coach Black went to his desk and returned with a half-full bottle of whiskey. “You like to drink so much; here drink this. Chug it. Drain the bottle.”
“Oh, god, Coach, I can’t take any more booze. I feel sick as shit now. I’ll never drink again at school. I swear...just give me a break. Please, Coach, don’t tell my father.”
Coach Black held out the bottle.
“If you do what I say, I might not tell your father. Maybe we can settle this right here in my office. Maybe you can take your punishment from me and not get kicked out of school.”
“Yes, sir. Anything, sir.”
Joey’s bleary teenage eyes looked so hopeful, such a sweet face, such a sweet soon to be cocksucking face. Coach Black loved it. He held out the bottle.
“Drink this. Drink it all.”
“I can’t really, sir. I’ll puke. I’ll pass out. I—”
Coach Black grabbed the boy by his curly hair and yanked his head back, and then he tilted the bottle and began to pour. The whiskey ran over Joey’s face and into his mouth. He choked and gurgled trying to swallow as Coach kept the booze coming.
“If it tastes a bit strange, Joey boy, don’t worry, it’s just that I spit into the bottle twenty or thirty times. Oh yeah, I pissed into it too.”
Joey lurched, and the booze in him started to come back up. Coach grabbed the boy’s face covering his mouth and pinching his nose. Joey had no choice but to swallow his own puke and the booze with piss and spit. More and more of the liquid was forced down the boy’s throat until at last the bottle was empty. Joey sat slouched on the couch only half with it. The room was a total blur.
“Oh, god...I’m so sick...please Coach...I’m so sick.”
“Good, it will teach you not to drink.” Coach Black grabbed the boy and began to roughly pull the kid’s shirt and tie off. “Let’s get this off of you, so you don’t puke all over it.”
Soon the cute jock was naked from the waist up. Joey half cried as he sat there in the athletic office with no shirt on. His nipples grew hard. His well-formed smooth body caused Coach Black’s hard prick to jump and squirt some pre-cum inside the already soaked trousers.
“Is it over, Coach? Is my punishment over?”
“Over? You dumb, twat. It hasn’t even started yet.”
With that, Coach grabbed the boy’s feet and pulled off his shoes and then undid the kid’s pants and tugged them down. Joey rose a bit from the couch and tried to grab his pants.
“Coach, what are you doing? My...my pants...please, Coach.”
“Can’t take a proper ass whipping with pants on, Joey. And that’s part of your punishment, a good old-fashioned ass whipping. You rich private school boys don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a poor family with six kids and get your ass whipped once a week whether you deserve it or not. Now strip off those underpants!”
“You can’t do this, Coach!”
“Would you rather be expelled?”
“Please, Coach, not my underwear,” Joey sobbed.
Coach lost patience. He reached down, grabbed the kid’s garish red/orange briefs, and tugged them down over his tan smooth hips.
“You don’t mind parading around the locker room bare-assed after a game, dick and balls swinging, bragging to all the guys about the cunt you are going to plow. Don’t think I haven’t heard you plenty of times. Look at that fucker hanging there. All right, boy, on your feet, get your ass over to the desk and kneel on that chair. It’s time for me to whip your big round ass.”
Naked! Joey was naked with Coach. Naked and about to be ass whipped. He could not believe it.
“And after I thrash your sweet ass red and raw, and whip that deep ass crack too, then your real punishment will begin.”