Joe's Boys

(MmB) (humil)

The six little boys sat in the straight-backed wooden chairs facing Mr. Lorenzo. He was dressed in an expensive blue silk shirt with a silver and blue patterned necktie, tailor-made grey slacks, blue socks, and two thousand dollar handmade Italian loafers. He sucked on a silver toothpick. He was incredibly handsome in a dark Italian streetwise kind of way. He had black curly hair, a straight nose, full lips, and a prominent chin. His hands were beautifully formed like something from a Renaissance painting, and they brushed the non-existent dust from his slacks or plucked an invisible thread from his shirt. He smiled at the six little boys. He liked them. Not only were they cute as hell, and ripe as fresh peaches, but they also earned him a shit load of money. Not only these six. He had over two dozen boys, ages six to fifteen working for him, but he liked to meet them in small groups of four to six, so that they felt his attentions were personal, and that they were part of his “family.”

The boys were all dressed similar, very short shorts that were almost too small for the compact little bodies, and very tight little tee shirts, most of which rode up well above the boy’s tight smooth tummies. Mr. Lorenzo, Joe to his friends, liked to have the boys looking slightly slutty. The young boys didn’t know the difference, but the older boys hated the look. They felt humiliated and degraded having to dress this way. Joe actually enjoyed their discomfort. He thought it made them look even sexier.
The boys in this grouping of six ranged from nine to fourteen. The nine-year-old boy sat comfortably in his tiny white shorts and a too small tee shirt with the word SLUT emblazoned across it. The fourteen-year-old was very uncomfortable and with good reason. His shorts were so tiny that if he moved wrong in the chair, his teenage balls hung out one leg hole or the other. In the rear, half his ass crack showed. Joe told the boy, whose name was Calum that the shorts looked sexy on him, and he should use them as a selling point. Calum’s small tee shirt was torn beneath each armpit and it only came down in the front an inch or so below his nipples so there was a lot of fourteen-year-old boy flesh on display.
He twisted and fidgeted nervously in his chair. Other than fourteen-year-old Calum and nine-year-old Pete, there was ten-year-old Billy, who was a flirtatious doll, eleven-year-old Zack who was very shy and thus produced the smallest profit, even though men loved his soft slender body and his shy demeanor. He just didn’t have the same drive as the rest of the boys When working a men’s toilet, little Zack would allow potential customer after customer escape because he was too shy to approach them. Joe knew he had to work on that, even if it meant getting a bit rough with the boy, but the kid was a genuinely sweet boy and cute as a button. Then there was twelve-year-old Bobby who was precocious and so excited that his little pecker had finally just begun to shoot jizz that it was hard to keep him off the streets. He was a true little slut in the making, his only weakness being his almost too eager aggressiveness. Men liked innocent, sweet boys, not cock hungry little whores.
The last boy in this particular group was thirteen-year-old Tony. Tony was Joe’s little brother. Joe had fucked the boy in the ass when the kid was eight, passed him around to all of his friends to gain status in the neighborhood, and then started to pimp the kid out when he was ten. He was an old pro at thirteen and one of the best cocksuckers in the city—bar none. The boy had a lush young face, again like an Italian painting. He had full fruity cocksucker lips, large seductive eyes with long lashes, and a delicate way about him that drove man after man almost out of their minds with the desire to skull fuck him.
Older men with thick veiny dicks, slick with cock-spill loved to lay on top of the boy with their slimy fuckers buried in his mouth for hours on end. They felt somehow that they were corrupting the beautiful face that aroused them. He was the favorite of all the boys for bukkake parties. Sometimes, twenty or thirty (once even fifty-two) men would unload their bloated balls on the boy’s soft smooth angelic face. Tony hated those parties. He didn’t mind it so much when Joe and his friends fucked his cute tight round little ass or fucked his face. He had learned to accept it as his job to suck cock and lick balls and ass, but he didn’t enjoy all those men dumping on his face until it was glazed and dripping with cum. And then, of course, they always wanted to see him lick up and swallow the wallpaper paste thick spunk. This still bothered him, but Joe assured him he would get used to it in time.
You see Joe had a turnover problem. First, boys grow up so quickly, and his particular brand of customer was no longer interested in a boy of sixteen or seventeen. Hell, some of his best customers lost interest in a boy the day his balls dropped, and he shot his first load. Joe didn’t quite understand these peculiar tastes, but he didn’t much care as long as the money kept rolling in. Then again, he had difficulty in finding boys young enough to please some of his most exclusive clients. For some reason, some of these men wanted to have sex with boys of four and five years of age.
“To each his own,” Joe would say smiling, but it was damned hard to find boys that young, and when he did, they didn’t last long before they became damaged goods. Some clients only wanted virgin boy mouth and ass. Some clients, quite a number of them actually, were hung so huge that you just knew they were going to do severe damage to the hole of a four or five-year-old boy. Joe tried to help those boys by preparing them ahead of time through butt plug and dildo exercises.
But then there were the wealthy clients for whom “price was no object,” who wanted a five-year-old say, whose asshole had never even been opened with a finger. He wanted to spread those magnificent little ass cheeks and see a perfect little pink dot of an asshole. One wealthy client with a beer can thick nine-inch dick even asked that he only be given boys whose turds were small, so as not to stretch the asshole too much. He wanted to do the job himself.
Joe Lorenzo’s job was not easy, but the money was terrific. He sucked on his silver toothpick, pinched the crease in the cuff of his trouser leg, and smiled.
“Well, are you boys ready to go out onto the streets and earn me some money?”
“Yes, Mr. Lorenzo,” the boys answered in unison, some with more enthusiasm than others did. Joe noticed that shy little Zack hardly spoke up at all. “You boys know that we are just pulling out of a recession, and men aren’t spending the money on boy sex that they once did. So, we need to work harder. I am lowering the street prices to try to lure in more regular customers. So, this week we are charging only ten dollars to suck a man’s dick and twenty dollars to let him fuck your little ass. I expect every one of you to bring in at least five hundred dollars a night.” He almost laughed out loud, watching the scared little faces doing their arithmetic. “Of course, if you suck and fuck so well, that a man gives you a healthy tip, well then, that means you need to service fewer men in a night, doesn’t it? Of course, any boy who brings in more than a thousand dollars a night gets special perks like a new X-box gaming device or a brand new iPod.”
The eyes of the little boy pussies lit up. All except those of fourteen-year-old Calum, who had been hustling for two years and was starting to wonder what was going on with his life. He wanted, needed more than this, but how do you tell that to Joe Lorenzo? Calum had been getting fucked nightly for almost two years and sucking dick after dick for as long as well. He tried to remember back to a day when he had not sucked at least a dozen dicks a day, and he could not. He guessed that by now he was a full-fledged boy slut and pretty fucked up, but he still yearned for something more than this. Joe had told him that he would make him a video star, but that was not the kind of change Calum longed for. He wanted a future and a friend. He needed a real friend.
Joe turned to his little brother Tony.
“Tone, get up and show these boys your sexiest walk. Tone here has a walk that is pure pervert bait. His ass can send out radar to any boy lover for miles around. Show the boys how to wiggle their ass-pussies, Tone, my boy.”
Joe had always called Tony, Tone. Now Tony blushed a bit, but he rose and walked back and forth in front of the boys, pushing his tight young ass out and wiggling it.
“Take down your shorts, Tone, so the boys can see how those ass muscles work!”
Tony made a face but did as he was told. He hated having to do things in front of or with the other boys. That was much worse for him than the clients. He lowered the tight shorts and displayed an absolutely perfect thirteen-year-old boy ass. It was the kind of ass that brought in hundreds of dollars a night with a client. You see, truth be told, Joe didn’t have to hustle his boys on the streets, especially not for such ridiculously low amounts of money. It was all a clever ruse. Joe wanted to keep the little bitches humble. He didn’t want them to have any idea the kind of money he was raking in. Hell, the movies he shot of them doing things naked like brushing their teeth, pissing, shitting, playing with themselves, and playing with each other made him hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the actual sex films of men fucking the boys brought in even more.
No, this street business was just a game he played to keep the boys in line. It was good every now and then to make them go out and solicit dick. Things mustn’t be too easy for them that they became complacent.
Tony stepped out of his shorts and put them on a chair. The boys were taught to be very careful with what little clothing they got. Next, Tony sauntered back and forth, his thirteen-year-old prick and balls bouncing in front, and his perfectly shaped boy ass wiggling in back.
“Look, boys, see how one ass cheek rises and then the other, see how the ass globes tighten and loosen? That tells a client that the boy needs to be fucked. It tells him that the boy has an itchy cunt that can only be scratched by a nice big dick. Tone, while you are at it, spread your legs, bend over and spread your ass cheeks for the boys. I want them to see your hole.”
Tony felt terrible, but he knew better than to ever disobey his big brother. The thirteen-year-old spread his legs wide. His teenage balls hung full and heavy between his thighs. He had a good set of nuts for one so young Tony reached back and spread his ass cheeks, revealing a beautifully pink, round asshole.
“Now look, boys, Tone here has been fucked maybe over a thousand times. He has taken a thirteen-inch black dick and thick Italian salami. He has had fist up his boy-cunt. He had even been double dicked. And yet look at how tight and elastic his sweet boy hole is. Tony, put a couple fingers in your asshole and stretch it for us.”
Tony sometimes wondered how his own brother could treat him like this, but there was no act of perversion of which Joe was not capable, he had come to that conclusion. Joe seemed to relish dirty, filthy, degenerate sex. Tony hadn’t told any of the other boys, but a few weeks before, Joe had made little Tony do a sex show with two huge black dogs. He had been made to suck their ugly greasy pizzles and balls and then take their dog dicks up his ass.
“You see how tight Tony’s boy-pussy is. That is because he does his fuckhole exercises every day. He works at keeping that boy-cunt tight and fresh. I don’t want to see any sloppy loose boy-cunts around here. You know what happens if I get angry.”
The boys squirmed in their chairs, even fourteen-year-old Calum.
“So you little shits make sure you do an hour of asshole tightening exercises every night. You can help each other. Stick a finger up a buddy’s asshole and have him tighten his hole around it and hold it that way for thirty seconds then relax. Repeat that for an hour. No man wants a slack pussy on his boy.”
All this time, poor Tony had been standing with his ass cheeks spread. He felt the cool, fresh air of the room on his sore little asshole. Joe gave him permission to put his shorts back on.
“All right, who wants to show us how they have been doing with their tit development?”
Of course, twelve-year-old Bobby raised his hand. He jumped up and pulled his tight tee shirt up and off, revealing a luxuriously smooth slender boy torso. There was no hair as of yet beneath his arms, and his chest was just starting to develop, but his tits were puffy and rosy looking.
“Looking good, Bobby,” Joe said, and the boy beamed. “Look at how sensitive and slightly swollen Bobby’s nipples are. That’s the way all of your boy tits should be. Now I know that some of you have much larger nipples than others do, and that is certainly not your fault, but no matter how small or large your titties are, you can keep them extremely sensitive. We provide free sandpaper. Each night, you should tug and twist your nipples for fifteen to twenty minutes and then lightly sandpaper them to keep them really raw and perky. That way, when a client touches you, it will feel like an electric current is going through your body. The client will really enjoy that. You should also sandpaper your dick head very lightly. Not too much. Calum and Tony can help you with this. Just sandpaper the piss lips enough so that even touching your little dicklets will send a shiver through you.”
Without being asked, cute little twelve-year-old Bobby, tugged down his shorts to show his sandpapered prick head to the boys. As I said, he had had his first wet cum just recently, and so he was always randy. His cute little pecker erected in an instant, and the red piss head pushed out proudly.
Little Zack seemed to shrink into his chair and fold up into a little ball. It was at that moment that Joe Lorenzo decided he would not send the shy boy out into the streets. He would have a private session with the kid and fuck some of that shyness out of him. A good hard gangbang might help Zack with his social problems.
“Now, I want you boys sucking and fucking like crazy this week. I really want you fucked out by Friday. Because then, after resting for a couple of days, we are going to have a huge fucking Fourth of July Fuck-a-thon. I am bringing in fifty clients, and all my boys are going to have to be in top form. I want you boys to fuck like crazy this week and learn some new techniques. I want you sucking and fucking better than ever. I want to see some real dick sluts by next week. Oh, and we are going to be filming some of the events at the party so some of you boys will become celebrities! Now get out and fuck! All except for you, Zack, you’ll come with me for some private tutoring.”