Jian's Weekly Meeting

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The fourteen-year-old Asian student sat across the desk from me. I had set up these weekly meetings with him, and I could tell by the way his slender, pale teenage body trembled that he was terrified. Good. He had come straight from school, so he still wore his uniform consisting of a white shirt, and blue shorts, high white socks, and tennis shoes. His book bag rested on the floor beside him. He had beautiful dark flashing eyes, a head of wild black hair, soft porcelain skin, and full, pink lips that he kept licking in fear. His nose was thin but spread wide at the nostrils. He took short breaths and looked mostly down at his lap, but sometimes up at me to answer the questions. His left arm was strapped to a lie detector.

“So tell me, how was your week, Jian?”

“Fine,” he said in quite good English. The needle jumped.

“Now, you know very well that if you lie to me, I will know it instantly and that would be very unfortunate for your entire family, Jian. So let’s try that one again. How was your week?”


He looked up at me and licked his lips.


“Very bad. I was very scared all week. I cried”


The needle held steady.


“Good, that’s much better. Did you cry every day?”


“Yes, sir, I am so afraid—”


“Good, very good.” If you don’t think my dick wasn’t already hard, you are out of your mind. “You know that the future safety of your family depends on how well you do for me. You do understand that, Jian?”


He looked down.


“Yes, sir.”


I love Asian family loyalty and duty. It can so often be used to get a boy exactly where you want him.


“So tell me did you masturbate this week?”


He shook his head too embarrassed to answer. Then when I sat silently waiting, he finally said, “No, sir.”


“Well in our last meeting you told me that you usually jerk off four times a day, so not being able to beat your fuckmeat for a week must be very, very difficult for you, huh?”


“Yes, sir, it gets hard by itself all the time.”


“Yes, I can understand that, but you just be a real good boy and don’t jerk off until I tell you that you can, all right, Jian?”


“Yes, sir, I’ll try, sir.”


“No, no, you won’t just try. You will do it. You will do everything I tell you to do. I have the lie detector here, and unless you want to see your father go to jail for his illegal business dealings, you better be a very, very good boy. You do want to keep this just between the two of us, don’t you, Jian?”


He looked up, chewing his full lower lip. His eyes were wet with tears, marvelous.”


“Yes, sir.”


“Good, then no whacky-whacky. Now, tell me, have you ever thought about fucking your brother?”


The fourteen-year-old boy looked at me with a pained expression on his beautiful face.


“My...my brother? Hiroki is only eight years old.”


“Oh, Jian how little you know. He’s probably a little faggot slut already looking at all the dick lumps on the boys at school. He probably looks at you, and your father’s dick lumps too. Little faggots are like that, Jian, they are dick crazy from about the age of six on. Now, have you ever thought about fucking him?”


“No...no, sir...never...”


He was telling the truth.


“Well, that’s part of your assignment for next week. I want you to spend one-half hour every day thinking about fucking your little brother. Think about shoving your dick in his mouth and his ass. Think about him licking your balls and even drinking your piss. One-half hour every day, and you know I have the lie detector here, so you better do it.”


“PPPllleeeaaassse…no...sir…please...I don’t want to.”


“Don’t give me any trouble you fucking, slope-headed asshole. You do what I say, or I make that call to the police about your father, and remember, I have the proof to back it up. Now, open your shirt for me, please.”


He screwed up his pretty face, tears tracking down his cheeks and dripping from his chin, and he slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons on his white school shirt.


“No, no, all the way, open it all the way and spread it wide. Better yet, take off the fucking shirt. Take off your shirt, Jian. I want to see your teenage tits.”


I had not seen the little fuck toy naked yet. That would come during later meetings, but I had watched him during swimming class at school, and I knew he had a nicely shaped chest. His pecs were still youthful but with an excellent, hard, firm shape to them, and his nipples were rather large and pouty.


With trembling fingers, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. I loved the sight of the sprouts of just forming black armpit hair and the smooth, pale stomach. Most of all I love his chest.


“Oh, dear, dear, dear, Jian, just as I expected. I am not at all happy with your nipples.”


He looked down at his naked chest.


“My nipples?” he asked innocently enough.


I don’t believe he had ever considered his nipples sexually. Many young guys don’t until they are shown the errors of their ways.


“Yes, they’re much too small. I want you to have big, fucking, girlie nipples. I want your nipples to stand out an inch from your chest. I want your nipples to look like the nipples on a sow who has just nursed her baby piglets.”


He sniffed back some snot into his cute nose. His face had a perplexed expression.


“I don’t understand, sir.”


“That’s because you are such a dumb cunt. Straight As in school, and the captain of the freshman swim team, and a star soccer player, and you are still a dumb cunt. I want you to work on developing your tits to please me. I want your nipples permanently stretched out until they look like fucking whore nipples. I want them out one whole inch by next week’s meeting.”


“My...I…I don’t even know…how do I...”


He was in a fog.


“Jesus Christ, pay attention, cunt. You’ll pull on and twist your nipples for three hours a night, non-stop. You’ll also pull on them between classes at school. You will put clothespins on them and pull hard. By next week, your tits will stand out like cunt titties.”


“But...sir...what about...how will I look? Will they stay that way?”


“Oh, yes, they’ll stay that way for the rest of your life, big, fat, girlie nipples on our little high school jock. Sow tits on our champion swimmer. Oh, yeah, all the guys on your team will see your sow tits when you swim and so will all the school when they come to the meets, but you are not to quit the team. Do you fucking hear me? They will all see that Jian is growing girl tits and they’ll start to wonder if you are a ladyboy.”


I sat silently watching him sob for a few minutes while rubbing the hardon in my pants. I wanted to take time with this one, to drag out his total degradation slowly. He was so naturally submissive and in such a pickle. He had to protect his family. It was his duty, even if it meant destroying himself.


“Those are your two assignments for the week. Think about fucking your little brother and get to work on those tits, boy. Now, if your tits are not sufficiently stretched by next week, I won’t even bother with our interview. I will simply turn your father in, and since you don’t know how stretched out they will have to be to please me, you better work on them extra hard to get those fucking bit nips out like you had cigarettes on your tits. I want big, long, stretched out nipples. Don’t disappoint me, Jian. Because you are so damn dumb, I will show you some pics of some boys with well-developed nipples. These boys are former students of mine.”


I handed him the pics of boys from eight to seventeen. Each of them had beautiful bodies and faces, but freakishly elongated nipples. Huge, malformed tits so sensitive that the boys couldn’t even really wear a shirt without pain but couldn’t very well go without one either because of how they looked.


“Of course, these boys have been on the nipple pump as well, and we won’t get to that for a few weeks yet, but you get the general idea of where we are heading.”


Jian just kept staring at the pictures of the boys with their sad faces looking at the camera or down at their huge, swollen, freakishly enlarged nipples. He shook his head in despair.


“We can always add some silicone later, the wonders of modern science, as well, so we get them exactly where we want them. Of course, they might throw you off the swim team for having tits like a girl since it’s so distracting to the other boys. Okay, Jian, unless you have any questions, I think that’s all for today. See you next week.”