Mb, anal, rape

A palimpsest based on a story by topdoggunshoe

Jeremy, an eight-year-old boy, who was slight and fragile for his age at three foot ten, forty pounds, ran up the stairs and ran into his room crying. This had become a custom, which took place every night since his mother left him and his father. He could hear his father stumbling around downstairs. The sounds of crashing and cussing were quite normal. Jeremy broke down in the corner of his small bedroom and cried as his long, blond, shoulder-length hair spilled around his face. He cried because he knew that his father was coming up the stairs and down the dark hall all the way to his room.

Through tears, Jeremy remembered a time, before the alcohol brought out the evil in his father when he did not fear his drunken father banging on his door shouting. Before his father had started calling him a sissy boy, had ordered him to grow his blond hair to his shoulders and had forced him to wear frilly, delicate panties.

His father, a recovering alcoholic had started drinking again mostly because of financial problems; the same problems that caused his mother to leave them. But his father was on his way and that time might have been a thousand years ago for all Jeremy cared because right now his attention snapped back to the present where his father had just kicked down the door and stepped into his room.


“Get over here, you fucking sissy boy,” his father mumbled in a drunken slur.


Jeremy could smell the alcohol from across the room.


“Daddy, no…” But, it was too late, that was all Jeremy could get out before his father moved across the room and grabbed him. His father picked him up and carried him to the basement as he kicked and screamed.


“I’ll teach you to go prancing around, you fucking faggot,” his father screamed in a drunken rage.


His father slapped him in the face, whipping his face back and forth until his checks showed the red hand prints. He was sniveling even louder as his tears and snot ran over his anguished face. His father threw him on the floor and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the shelves next to him. His father tightly closed the cuffs around the tender skin left his left wrist. His stood him up and wrapped the cuffs over a thick pipe attached to the ceiling pulling Jeremy taut until he was barely able to stand on his toes.


His father then grabbed his shirt and ripped the thin material in half exposing his heaving chest and cute, little nips. When his father began to pinch and pull on his nipples, they became hard. There was no way to avoid it. Try as he might, he could not help becoming erect from his father’s manipulations of his nipples.


“You like that, pussy boy?” his father slurred.


His father’s hand came off his son’s chest and grabbed his son’s crotch hard before he pulled down his son’s hip-hugging jeans to reveal his pink, lacy panties. His father bent down before his son’s puny dick and balls and pulled his panties down to his ankles. He was now completely naked. Jeremy’s hairless, little dick was hard. He shuddered when his father ran his fingers along his hard, young dick. Jeremy remembered when his father had taken his virginity four months ago while he slept. He shuttered again as he was brought back to the present when his father’s finger slipped inside his asshole.


His asshole was still puffy and red from the last night’s fucking. He sobbed harder as his father pushed a second finger inside of him and began to finger fuck him slowly. Jeremy broke into a full blown crying fit when he felt the first wave of pleasure overtake his body. He did not want this to happen. He hated it, but try as he might the next thing to escape his mouth was a moan of pleasure.


“You like that, you little sissy?” screamed his father


“No, no, ooh, God, no,” whimpered Jeremy as his young body was overtaken with pleasure.


“Now, you’re going to take me like the cumdump you are,” said his father as he pulled his fingers out of his son and stepped back admiring the fact that Jeremy was attached to the ceiling completely naked.


He continued to cry as his father undressed before him. His father’s cock sprung from his pants. How Jeremy loathed it — all nine-inches of it. A smile crossed his father’s face as he moved his erect penis to his son’s abused asshole. Jeremy cried as his father began slapping his ass cheeks and continued until they were bright red. Moving closer, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to his son’s asshole. Slowly, he guided his cock into his son’s impossibly small, battered asshole. He cried in pain as his father tore his ass walls trying to push further into his little body. As the last inches of his cock was pressed into him, he felt the head of his father’s cock pop into his intestines. His father let it stay there a while as blood trickled out around his cock while his asshole pulsated against the intruding fuckmeat. His father groaned, and then he began to pump in and out of him. Every time his cock left him, he sighed in relief and each time his father pushed his cock in, he moaned in pain and pleasure. He grunted in pain as his father pinched and pulled on his nipples. The feeling that he dreaded came over him. He began to shake and moan. The spasms of his hard, little boy dick as he had his dry cum, radiated pleasure throughout his body. His asshole contractions brought his father the desire to cum, and he began to punch fuck him.




His father was brought over the edge and came quickly. He pulled out before passing out on the floor. Jeremy stood in the basement alone now while his father’s cum trickled out of his asshole. He stood in the darkness with his eyes closed. His asshole still burning from the brutal fucking.


Some time later, he woke up still hanging by his arms. He had to pee and could no longer hold in. As he spread his legs, he began to cry again as piss shot out of him and onto the floor. Jeremy turned to see his father wake up. As his father looked at him, he began to shiver again.