Jeff's New Life

A palimpsest based on Jeff's New Life
(Mm) (anal,oral, rim, ws) (humil) (nc) (beast, inc)

Hey, Jeff, cheer up. It won’t be so bad once you get used to it. You just curl up there on the bed and have a good night’s sleep. Obviously, I can’t have you in the master bedroom with your son and me. I might want to fuck him a couple of times more during the night. I’ll call you in if I want you to lick my balls or suck my ass while I fuck him. Your son has a really lovely cunt. Think of it this way, you love him. You want the best for him. I know you begged me to keep our little secret and never ever let your family find out, but I just couldn’t resist fucking the little fourteen-year-old faggot. And now, he’s in love with me. Well, he says he loves to suck my big dick and have me fuck him with it. I’m going to make him real happy, wait and see.

This is the price you pay for being a faggot and hitting on a real man like me. I know, I know, you swear that you’re not a faggot and that I forced you to suck my dick that first time. Maybe that’s true, but you sure took to sucking dick and taking it up the ass quickly. I mean, after that first time at the gym, all I had to do was text you, and you would be over and on your knees with your tongue hanging out.

Was it my big fat dick that first attracted you, or my muscular meaty ass? You must have been a submissive faggot all along, but you just never realized it. I feel sorry for your kids, having a father who is such a cock hungry slut faggot. Sure, now you curl up on the bed and sob, saying your life is ruined. It’s a bit late to think about that now, isn’t it, you piece of shit? Besides when you knelt by the bedside and watched me pumping my big leaking pecker into your fourteen-year-old son’s pussy, your own prick was hard and dripping, proving how hot the sight of me fucking your son was to you.


Now for tonight, you just sleep that way curled up on the bed with no covers on. I turned the temperature in this bedroom down to fifty. We have to conserve energy. Tomorrow, I’m having the bed and mattress removed, and you’ll be sleeping on the floor from now on. I hope the sound of me fucking your son, doesn’t keep you awake. I know it still hurts him a lot, but I didn’t realize he was such a screamer. Do you remember how it felt when I fucked you up the ass the first few times in your office? I know many of your employees heard you crying and sobbing as you begged me.


Yes, your life is changing. It will be very different from now on. For example, I want you to be totally naked whenever you’re home. You strip naked on the porch before you enter the house. I’ll be moving in tomorrow or the next day. You need to fire the housekeeper since I expect you to cook for us and also keep the house clean. Oh yeah, when you’re naked around the house, you’re to keep your dick hard at all times. You’re to keep a full erection, but never ever cum without permission!


What do you mean, what will your sons think? They’ll believe that their father is a goddamn faggot, that’s what they’ll think. They’ll think you’re a fucking pervert walking—no crawling—around the house with your dick hard and leaking, but don’t worry, I’m going to teach the boys. The eight-year-old, he’s got to learn, too, so tomorrow night I’m going to have him in the bedroom to watch me fuck his older brother.


For Christ’s sake, stop crying, or I’ll beat the shit out of you. Remember how swollen and sore your balls got when I took a belt to them at the gym? Next time I tell you to stick fingers up your asshole you do it, I don’t care where we are.


What the fuck do you mean, keep your eight-year-old son out of this? How the fuck can I do that? I intend to live here, asshole. He’s going to see you crawling around naked, sucking my dick and eating my ass. And don’t call me Dean anymore. From now on you call me Master. I think I’m going to have your eight-year-old son sleep naked with his brother and me. He might be like his brother and father. He might enjoy the feeling of my fat hunk of fuckmeat rubbing against him while he sleeps.


Face it, Jeff, you knew that sooner or later I was going to fuck your eight-year-old son in the ass. I’m going to turn him into a screaming faggot just like his father and brother. Half the time, I’ll have my fat dick in his mouth, and the other half in his brother’s mouth. Don’t worry, though, I’ll include you in the fun, too. I won’t neglect you. I’ll let you suck my fuck seed from your baby son’s just drilled boy pussy. I’m going to stretch that fuckhole until he can’t walk. Remember how you could not walk after the first few times I fucked you, imagine how it will feel for your eight-year-old son getting his little asshole stretched all to fuck by my juicy pecker. I’ll have his brother licking my balls and you sucking my ass, as I shove my fuckmeat up that tiny little boy asshole.


Oh, fuck, now you’re crying again. It really annoys me what a total sissy fuck you are, so fucking weak and submissive. The first time I made your fourteen-year-old son strip for me and I slapped his balls and twisted his nipples, you cried like a baby, but you see, now he loves my big cock so much, he’ll do anything for me. I’m going to sleep with my dick in his mouth, so I can piss during the night without having to get up. There’s nothing like the feeling of a child’s mouth or asshole massaging your pecker.


And I promise to let you lick and suck my shit-slick dick clean after I fuck them in the ass. You see, I’m thinking of you. And I’ll also let you clean off the spent dicks of my buddies when I have them over to fuck your sons as well. Don’t get jealous now of your sons. My buddies are going to fuck you too. I’m even going to make sure that my buddies stop in at work and fuck you in your office during the day. Maybe you had better move some of your employee’s desks father back away from your office. You scream pretty loudly when you’re getting plowed.


We’re going to have a beautiful family here. Oh, you might wonder why I put a cat litter box in the hall since you don’t have a cat. That litter box is for you and your sons to shit and piss in. I don’t want you using the toilets anymore. And then you get to clean it up, of course, with your mouth. You will clean up your sons’ shit and piss mess with your mouth, too, unless you want to make your own sons do that.


My god, you’re shivering to beat the band. Is that from fear or because it is so cold? Should I send your eight-year-old son in here to cuddle with you naked to keep you warm? I believe in family intimacy. I want to see you tongue-kissing your eight-year-old son much more. Yes, fifteen or twenty minutes of deep tongue-kissing between you and your youngest son while I feed your oldest son my prick. Oh, and you’re going to want to get some fingers up your son’s little eight-year-old asshole, too, to prepare him for my fucker. Otherwise, I might rip him open.


I know it’s going to be lonely for you as I spend more and more time with your fucking faggot sons, so I think I’ll go out and buy you a big friendly dog, maybe a Great Dane. Then after you’ve learned to suck and fuck with the dog, you won’t be so lonely. But remember, you have to share your pet with your sons too. Your sons will look so fucking cute sucking on a big dog dick. Maybe we’ll get two dogs, so there will be enough dog cock to go around. Oh, and you’ll have to pull your sons from school and say you’ll homeschool them. That way, they’ll always be handy to molest and abuse. Imagine them sucking my cum out of each other’s just fucked cunts.


And once you get over the shame and guilt of it, you will enjoy fucking your sons’ ass as well. I’ll fuck their mouth while you fuck their ass, and then we’ll switch places. It’s going to be so much fun.


I’m so fucking happy I caught you staring at my dick in the gym. Or was it my ass? Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to suck my ass at least for a little while every day. Maybe I’ll sit on your face while I eat dinner.


I also want you to watch your diet so you can keep in shape, so from now on, your lunch at your office will be a can of dog food with cum on top. After you suck enough dog dick, you’ll get used to it. Just relax and try to accept this new situation. That’s the best way to get through it. And as for your sons, if they don’t do what I want, I’ll just beat the fuck out of them. They’ll soon come around.


Of course, I expect to be paid for doing all of this for you, say, ten thousand a month to start.


Well, have a good night’s sleep, Jeff. Tomorrow your whole new life begins.


Damn, it’s cold in here.