Jared's Torment

(Mm) (scat) (cbt, sad, tort, viol) (rape)

Jared was trembling. Not from the cold. The room was plenty warm. No, he was trembling from fear. I love the sight of a bare-assed naked boy of fifteen or sixteen trembling from fear. It does my heart good. Jared was lying on the bed. I had not tied or shackled him. I wanted him free of bonds so that he would have to comply willingly with what I was about to do to him.

He was lying on a rubber sheet, so in case he pissed or shit out of fear or pain, he would not mess up the room too much. I had not allowed him to eat for twenty-four hours to clean him out, but you never know for sure. He is a beautiful boy, slender yet with the start of muscles, blossoming manhood in the body of a teen boy. Large feet. Flat tummy. Budding pecs. Boyish face with full pouty mouth and curved nose. Large eyes, currently wide with fear.

I moved around the room naked as well, setting things up. It was useless to try to hide my huge hard-on, so I just let it bounce and throb, knowing that it intimidated the boy even more. When I had things ready, I eased myself onto the bed next to the terrified teen, who lay there stiff and frightened, hands clenched at his side in fists.

“Hi, baby,” I whispered in his soft, smooth, silky ear. I liked to speak quietly to my boys. It somehow made the whole thing even more ominous. “Are you ready?”

“Please,” he whimpered, also quietly. He knew better than to raise his voice to me. He may have been sixteen, but inside he was now a frightened little boy.


“You know what we are going to do now, don’t you, baby? We are going to play some pain games. I am going to administer extreme pain to you for my pleasure, and you are going to show me what a brave young man you are. Okay?”


His soft skin started to perspire. It was fear sweat.


“Is it going to hurt badly?” he managed to say. It sounded like his throat was dry, his tongue swollen.


I smiled and stroked his head, mussing his luxurious silky hair.


“Oh, god, yes, it’s going to be unbearable. The trick is to keep you from passing out. If you pass out, then you don’t feel pain, so I’m going to try to give you as much pain as I can without you passing out. Keep you right on the edge, so to speak. It will almost drive you insane, the pain digging deep into your nerves, fucking up your mind, and giving me an even bigger erection than I have now. Can you feel my erection rubbing against your body?


“Later, when you’re totally broken, I’m going to fuck your virgin teenage ass with my erection, but not yet. Not until I have my fun with you. I watched you at school, you know. You’re such an arrogant little jock. Such a little tough guy that I said to myself, ‘Let’s see just how tough young Jared really is. Let’s see how much he can really take.’ So now, so that you can enjoy the experience more, let me explain to you precisely what I’m going to do.


“I am quite good at this, you know, quite professional. I think you’ll be impressed. You must lie very still. You’re not tied down in any way. But if you move about, the pain will just be worse. Help yourself. Do yourself a favor and lie very, very still. Pretend you are having an operation, because in a way you are.


“Now first, I’m going to handle your fine young teenage penis. What a fine set of cock and balls you have. So much larger than many sixteen-year-old’s I have worked on. You’re what they call well hung, and you haven’t even stopped growing yet. Your prick tube is so thick and nice with that nice big dickhead. And your balls, although still soft and smooth like a kid’s, are quite large and hang low. Later on, I will hang weights from your nut sack to make it hang even lower. Won’t that be beautiful?


“But first, I’m going to start with your fine young dick. You see this pointy metal rod. It’s called a sound. Can you say sound, Jared? Jared, when I ask you a question, I expect you to respond, or it will be worse for you.”


“S…sound?” he was trembling so badly now his teeth were chattering. So fucking cute.


“Now, first of all, I’m going to shove this sound up the piss-hole of your dick. I know it’s quite thick, and that’s the point. Not only will it enter your urethra and slide up inside your piss tube, but it will also stretch the pisshole itself. It will be excruciatingly painful. Doctors sometimes do things like this, but they grease the sound and do it very gently.


“I’m going to shove it in quite hard and then fuck it in and out roughly, causing you mind-numbing pain. You must make sure you lie very still. Then, leaving the sound up your dick, I’m going to open this box of large-sized safety pins. I am going to stick over two dozen safety pins through the skin of your ball sack. Won’t that look nice, Jared, nut sack jewelry?


“I’m then going to stick pins through those find young nipples too. Your nipples could be a bit larger. I like it when a boy’s nipples stick out, so we’ll work on that. We’ll put safety pins through your titty tips and then tie threads to the pins and then tie the other end of the thread to your toes after your legs have been bent up to meet your chest.


“You won’t be able to hold that position long. As your legs tire and you have to lower them, you will stretch your nipples nice and long. Who knows, perhaps you will even tear the pins from your nipple tips. That’ll really hurt, won’t it? I’ll also stick six or seven safety pins through your tongue so that when you open your mouth in screams of pain, it will look fabulous.


“I may stick a few safety pins through your eyelids too. I’m not sure yet. Next, I’ll make you raise your legs and rollback, so they are over your head, making your ass crack the highest part of your body. You have a gorgeous teenage boy ass, Jared. I made sure. I don’t take boys unless they have an exceptional ass. You have a nice high tight round ass with a deep ass crack and lovely full ass globes.


“I’m going to make you lie that way with your legs over your head, and I’m going to beat your ass crack with a radio antenna. It works perfectly to raise beautiful welts. I’m going to beat you right in the ass crack itself and across that pretty young puckered tight teen asshole. I’m going to whip your balls that way too until they are swollen like grapefruit. Make sure you don’t weaken and let your legs drop, or we will have to start all over again, and you wouldn’t want that. Stop crying, Jared, and listen to me.


“I don’t mind if you cry later. I don’t care if you sob. In fact, it makes my hard-on drip when teenage boys sob, but please don’t cry yet. You’ll miss some of my explanations.


“Next, I will shove a giant dildo up your asshole. It will be the first foreign object you have probably ever had up your asshole. It will turn your asshole into a pussy. The dildo I use is quite stiff and has little bumps on it to make it hurt more. So now both your teen prick and your asshole have something shoved up them. I’ll leave you that way for a while to rest. However, before I go to eat lunch, I’ll offer you some lunch. You see that bag with the tube. I will insert that tube into your nose, which also hurts a lot. It will leak the contents into your mouth, and you will swallow it.


“Do you know what is in that bag? Watered down shit! Runny, shit. What a fine lunch for a growing boy like you. And you will swallow it all. After lunch, I will allow you to lower your legs and crawl outside to hose you down. I will let you gargle, not for your sake but for mine. I want a boy who smells sweet.


“You will crawl outside to be hosed down, with the dildo still up your cunt and the sound still up your prick. Next, I will fuck your ass for the first time with my own prick. It will be your first fucking, and I will probably kiss and make out with you too. We’ll be just like a young romantic couple, except that you are sixteen and I am forty-four. I’ll lick your face, kiss you, play with your titties, and tug on the safety pins. And I will give you your very first fuck. You can see that I have a large dick. Nine inches of man prick.


“After I shoot my load up your boy-cunt, I will scoop it out with a spoon and feed it to you. I’ll scrape the inside of your already raped and battered asshole with a metal spoon and make you eat the cum along with any ass slime that comes out. Then, one by one, I will break the fingers on your left hand. The pain here will be unbearable. I’ve seen boys lose their minds from having their fingers broken one by one.


“Next, I’ll burn your scrotum and your tummy and your prick shaft with lighted cigarettes. I will put out the cigarette stubs on your tongue. All of that will make me very hard again, and I will now fuck your face and shoot a load of fuck-scum down your throat, but only after I insert a twelve-inch, beer-can-thick dildo up your raped stretched boy-cunt. Next, I’ll break your left arm at the wrist and elbow.


“And then I’ll allow you to get some rest for tomorrow’s games. Tomorrow, the games get much rougher. I thought we would start out easy today. So, Jared, my dear, handsome, sexy, teenage hunk, are you ready to begin. Now feel free to scream and cry all you want. Just don’t move. Lie very still. I love the feel of your fat teen prick in my hand. When I think of all the girl cunt this prick could have fucked…but I will put it to much better use. Ready? Here we go!”