Japanese Student's Test

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I don’t know if the young Japanese footballer was shy because I was in the room, or because of what he knew the coach might do with him. I mean word must get around among these fourteen and fifteen-year-old teenage team members that the private one on one session with the coach gets pretty personal. I had been introduced to the Japanese boys’ team coach through an internet connection who loved some of my stories. These guys were heavily into teenage humiliation, and so coaching a team of shy awkward boys of tender age was perfect for their games. You know how shy boys are about their bodies and their blossoming sexuality. In Japan, it is increased by their natural reluctance to show their feelings and their strong sense of shame. These adults who preyed upon the boys were more into humiliation than any sex. They get their pleasure from watching a boy’s complete degradation. Of course, to keep their jobs and to ensure future fun they had to work very slowly and carefully. Through my internet friend, I was introduced to the Japanese sadists. On my next trip to Japan to visit my underground filmmaker friend Ryo, I met up with my new friends over tempura and beer.

Shino, the coach, had invited me to the personal session he was having with a somewhat new boy on the team named Kenzo. I was allowed to sip Kirin beer and enjoy the proceedings. I was introduced as a famous football coach from America. The darling boy, with close-cropped black hair and a sweet, nervous smile, bowed to me and stood at attention. Shino told the boy to sit next to him and relax. He casually draped an arm around the boy, and they talked for a while about his game. Then, Shino said he had to ask the boy a few questions about his private habits to determine if the boy was on a good regime and schedule to make sure the teen had the proper ethics to be a footballer. He asked Kenzo if he had a girlfriend. The boy blushed and looked down

“Hei!...Yes…” he said.

He was dating his very first girlfriend. (Boys in Asia often don’t date cunts until they are in their late teens. Most of their time is spent with their fellow buddies. That’s why there is so much boy-boy sex, and homosexual interaction at that age is considered normal. Boys and girls are still pretty formal in Asia. But Kenzo at fourteen was already dating. He was a horny little fucker.) Shino began to rub the boy’s shoulder.

“That’s fine, time for you to become a man, huh? Tell me Kenzo, do you fuck her?”

The question was asked using Japanese words that were very vulgar, personal and impolite and designed to embarrass the boy. Kenzo looked amazed at the blunt question, and then he looked at me.

“Come, come, don’t be shy in front of our guest. I want him to see that we’re like family here. We’re very honest with each other. Now tell me, do you shove your dick into her pussy?”

Shino was rubbing the boy’s youthful chest. I’m sure getting some nipple between his fingers, although I could not see beneath the boy’s shirt. It was a great honor to play for this squad, and the boys knew they had to put up with whatever Shino wanted of them to stay on this famous winning team. Also, boys in Japan are used to having to obey schoolmasters no matter what.

“No, sir… we don’t…I have not…” The poor boy didn’t know what to say.

“Well, get to it, boy. What are you waiting for? That pussy is dripping for you. You should be fucking it a couple of times a day.”

The teenager could not believe a grown man would talk so to a fourteen-year-old boy. I was getting a painful hardon watching the kid’s discomfort.

“So how many cunts have you fucked? Be honest with me now. I can tell when a boy lies to me.”

Shino’s other hand went to the boy’s naked leg and started to rub. I love the look of schoolboys in uniform or sports gear, and the boy looked exceptionally cute in his shorts and jersey.

“Ugh…well, sir, I…I have not done that yet…sir.”

I had some trouble with the boy’s Japanese because the questions so shook him that his answers were muddled and hesitant.

“Done, what, young man? Say the words like a man, not like a sissy. We can’t have sissies on our team. Are you saying you have never fucked a girl?”

“Not yet, sir, but almost…I mean…several time times I…”

The coach pulled away from the boy suddenly as if repulsed, making the boy feel unwanted, freakish. The boy stared at the floor as Japanese do when they feel shame. My dick throbbed, and my balls pulled up.

“Are you a homo? Are you not a real man?”

“Oh no, sir, it’s just that I’m shy, and I haven’t had the chance to. I’m with other guys most of the time and”

The coach grabbed the boy’s shoulder hard.

“Other guys are with their buddies too, but they find time to fuck cunt. Most boys your age are fucking pussy every day.”

This, of course, was not true at all. Most boys his age in Japan are virgins. They fuck at a much later age than we do in the States. But poor Kenzo in his cute little football kit didn’t know this. Fuck, he was an adorable kid.

“Are you a teenage asspussy for the other boys?”

It looked like the boy would break down crying, which was so sweet.

“Oh no, sir, I never…have I meant…I…”

The teen couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“How do I know you are not sucking the cocks of my boys and draining them of their precious energy? How do I know you are not offering your ass-cunt to the boys to fuck when they’re in training and away from their girlfriends? How do I know you are not a sick pervert, tell me that, Kenzo?”

“Sir, I…you have to believe me. I’ve only just masturbated with other boys. Never anything more.”

“Stand up in front of me. When was the last time you blew your load of teen cock slop? Tell me the truth now. Let me see in your eyes so I can see if you are lying to me.”

“Five days ago, sir.”

The boy hung his head in shame. He was so darling in his uniform that my dick was leaking like a wet sponge, so I spilled a little beer on my lap to cover my embarrassment.

“Five days ago, you fucking pervert. I should throw you off the team. You know how I feel about my boys spilling their seed and draining their energy before games. I want my boys to fuck every cunt they can as often as they want, but not before games. My best players, who are real studs, not fucking mama boys like you, they stop fucking their girlfriends, so they have power-filled ball bags. They suffer for the game; for the team, and here you go beating your meat like some baby who just discovered his dick.”

It made no sense that the coach in one breath was attacking the boy for not fucking daily, and in the next, berating the boy for shooting his load, but it was that kind of confusion that broke the boy. It was that kind of mindless control that the coach wanted to exert on his boys so that they could never please him, no matter what they did.

“I’m sorry sir, but I’d gone four weeks with no release. You milked most of the other boys to help them out, but you never called me in, and I couldn’t stand it. I needed some release. My balls were hurting so bad, sir, that I could hardly walk.”

“I suppose seeing all those bare-assed boys with their masculine dicks in the showers every day made your perverted teenage cock ache to shoot a load. Probably, you wanted all that dick up your pussy.”

“Oh, sir, you have to believe me. That’s not how it is at all. I love girls.”

The coach laughed a nasty laugh.

“Oh sure, as friends to keep scrapbooks of boy singing groups, but not to fuck. Boys half your age are shoving dick into cunts. Look, boy, we appreciate honesty around here. If you want to become asspussy for the team, if you want to be a cum dump for them at the victory parties, just tell me. I can arrange it. My boys need a little relief now and then, and your hole is as good as the next, I assume.”

The boy had this stupid frozen grin on his face. Asians often smile when completely humiliated and devastated.

“Sir, you have the wrong idea of me. What can I say?”

The coach was feeling the boy’s legs, squeezing the firm young teen muscles.

“It’s a shame too, you have the right legs for a footballer. You could have been a champ. A star. Instead, you’d rather exercise this muscle around boy’s cocks.”

He reached up and began to squeeze the boy’s tight young ass globes. The kid had a gorgeous ass; I could tell that even with his shorts on. The coach sure knew how to pick them. There is nothing in the world like a fourteen-year-old boy with a beautiful ass.

“How many of my boys have fucked you?”

The poor boy almost collapsed. He was crying now.

“None, sir, nothing like that ever happened, I swear!”

“Take off your shirt. Let me see if you are built normal or if you have titties like a cunt. I can’t stand boys who are half girls and have those big flabby girl udders. You can tell if a boy is a faggot by his tits.”

The poor boy didn’t know what to do. The coach pulled him back down next to him on the couch and started to help him off with his shirt.

“You know, when a coach gives an order, you obey at once. Otherwise, you’ll be off the team by tomorrow. Now, let me see your chest. Well, your tits are nothing to rave about, but at least they look normal. Are they over sensitive like a cunt’s tits?”

Shinto reached up and began to finger the boy’s nipples. The helpless Japanese teen turned red in the face, squirmed and tried to pull away without actually offending his coach. The coach worked the kid’s nips, pulling and twisting them until they were hard little pebbles.

“Are you getting hard from that titty work, my little faggot footballer? This is a test you know. I want you to relax. You say you’re not a faggot and that I can safely have you on the team with my boys. If that’s true, then a man touching you should not excite you sexually, right? RIGHT?”

“Hei, I guess so, sir.”

The little fuck cunt was so confused that I could see by now that we were going to be able to do anything we wanted to do with him, which was a pleasing prospect.

“So, you just relax, and we’ll see if you are a real man or a fucking homo faggot cunt boy.”

The coach made his move. He reached down into the boy’s crotch and started to squeeze the teenage dick and balls. The kid’s smooth, beautiful body began to tremble like a leaf.

“Please, sir…please, I beg you…Coach…don’t…don’t…”

But the coach was rubbing Kenzo’s dick through his shorts and jock.

“If you are not a homo, then this should not turn you on. Trust me, boy. I’m your coach. You have to know I’m doing this for your own good. Maybe you are a fucking faggot and don’t even know it. We have to find out for your own good, don’t we?”

I love to see the lower lip of a fourteen-year-old boy quiver as he starts to cry. Watching a boy of that age ball is pure delight. He is trying so hard all the time to be grown-up, and here we go and reduce him to a little baby once again. This poor boy kept trying to smile, to be polite and respectful to the coach, and it was a hoot, those tears running down over that cute fucking grinning face.

“Play with your nipples while I examine your prick,” the coach said while his hands rubbed and squeezed. His hands were really working the young meat.

“Please, you don’t have to—”

“Play with your fucking nipples.”

The boy started to tug and twist on his boy tits as the coach rhythmically squeezed and pumped the kid’s dick through his uniform shorts. It was so hot to see the tugging on his tits. His mouth hung open like an idiot as drool dripped from his lips.

“I don’t know. It feels like it’s getting a little bigger as if it’s getting an erection. Only a full-fledged cocksucking faggot would erect under these conditions, but I just can’t tell with your shorts on. Stand up and strip off your shorts.”

The boy stood up on shaky legs.

“Sir, I swear to you on my honor, I am not a faggot. I have never even had thoughts like—”

“If you’re not a fucking faggot, you won’t mind taking off your shorts in front of other men, right? Only a homo cocksucking asspussy cuntface would feel embarrassed stripping in front of other guys. Look at my boys. They walk around the locker room bare-assed all the time, teenage dicks swinging, balls bouncing, ass globes rising and falling with each step. But a cocksucker, a faggot boy with twat lips for his asshole; he would be shy to undress. He would be afraid that his clit would get hard in front of the other naked boys. So what’s it to be. Will you strip down the shorts or not?”

The boy was caught, and he knew it. I had been snapping photos with my digital camera all the time, and this increased the boy’s humiliation. Now, he stripped down to his snug blue jockstrap. He had a nice full, hunky Japanese ass with a deep crack.

“That a boy. Show Coach Shino, and his American friend that you are a real man, not some fucked out, cum leaking boy pussy who’s been sucking prick since first grade.”

Coach smiled. The boy stood there clad in only his jock strap. Fourteen years of fuckable beauty. I wanted and needed that young ass.

“Now, put your leg up on the couch here, so I can work that dick of yours through your prick pouch, and let’s see if you are a man or a faggot. I have to be honest with you. Not much of a cock lump here, boy. No wonder the girls want nothing to do with you. Your cock could hardly even fill their hot young pussies. That’s a bad sign. Real men have larger dicks than asswipe faggots. Your pathetic little peanut prick is not a good sign at all.”

Jesus, he was destroying this fourteen-year-old.

“Keep twisting those udder tips, boy.”

Kenzo pulled harder and harder on his nipples, tears running down his cheeks.

The coach squeezed the boy’s dick lump through his jockstrap. I could not tell if the kid was getting hard, but I was ready to burst through my trousers.

“Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee,” the boy wailed, eyes squeezed shut, pulling on his boy tits like some horny cum slut.

“Not much of a dick, but this ass of yours is prime boy meat. Really makes a fine faggot ass, if you ask me. The boys like to shove their dicks up faggot cunt after a winning game. I mean, they need cunt after a winning game. I mean, they’re really horny right after a game, right, and the girls aren’t around just then. And the boys love to blow a good thick load. Sometimes, I will hire a street hustler to provide some ass-cunt for my boys. But shit, if I have one on the team, a ready, willing and able teen twat fuck dump with nice big cunt titties for the boys to hang on to while they plow faggot pussy, why should we go outside?”

“I’m not…I’m not…I’m not,” the boy sobbed over and over and over like a fucking mantra.

“I’m quite sure I can see a little twitching going on behind that jock pouch, girl when I squeeze and rub your big meaty ass globes. You have one fine set of ass globes. Any boy or man fucking between them would think he was fucking a real cunt! Is your crack sensitive? Let me rub a finger up and down your ass crack and see if that gives you a faggot boner.”

Kenzo wailed out loud, a wail that filled the room, but the coach was undeterred. He ran a finger up and down the boy’s sweaty ass crack. I was out of my mind with fuck-lust. I couldn’t wait to get my dick up that virgin teenage hole. Then, the coach sat back with a disgusted look on his face. The boy stood before him weak in the knees and shaking, chewing his lower lip, eyes getting red from tears.

“You know, I would say from the feel and shape of your ass that you are a faggot. If you are, the best thing for you to do, girl, is to admit it and face it and adjust your life. I can help you to do that. You could make some nice gang of boys a fine sex slop sewer.”

Kenzo was destroyed. This coach was a master at his business. He accomplished in a few minutes what I have seen take other guys weeks to do. I decided then and there that I had to study under this sensi.

“I’m not… I’m not… I’m not…” Kenzo couldn’t even get the words out.

Fuck, he had a cute face. Soft cheeks streaked with tears, a delicious mouth with full soft lips just waiting for me to gob sputum into. Corrupting innocent teenagers is my life’s calling. We all have our talents. That happens to be mine, but the coach had a few things he could teach me.

“I’m afraid there’s only one way to find out the truth about you. Let me help you strip off your jock strap, Kenzo. Let’s see if you are really a fuck sewer, faggot slop hole or not.”

The coach reached out again, rubbed the boy’s jock covered crotch, and then began to peel down the strap.