Japanese Rape Party

(MmBb) (rape) (viol)

Have you ever been to Japanese Rape Party? If you've been reading the Asian papers in the last few months, you will know that more and more school girls and boys are getting raped every day. It's quite alarming. I decided I had to investigate this latest fad in Asia – teen rape. Some of my Japanese friends, who know of my liberal attitude, (Some of them were in on the Yoshi fun.) invited me to a Rape Party.

First, we met about three in the afternoon, had sake, and talked about some of our previous fucking adventures. Those of us who have pictures shared with the group and we started a circle jerk. There were about ten of us and soon we all had big, hard, dripping dicks. This was perfect for me as the others were all Japanese and somewhat younger than me. It was paradise.

There I sat, slightly drunk, them very drunk as those little Japs can't take much alcohol. We were all naked, and some of the sixteen-year-olds were fascinated with my big dick. They touched it, rubbed it, and pumped it. They lifted my balls and talked about how heavy they were. I, in turn, told them I thought their Japanese pricks were very cute, and I frigged several of them very close to climax, but nobody came because we were getting heated up for the main event of the night. Some serious teen boy raping.


As we drank, we talked about how once a boy is raped in the ass that he is ruined for life. If he were a normal, healthy, teen boy, he now would be afraid of sex, afraid of girls and boys and probably emotionally damaged. All of our dicks got harder at the thought.


At about six p.m., we were ready to look for our first victim. He was a student of about seventeen. I preferred something a bit younger, but my friends told me not to worry as the night was still young.


My buddies donned their sunglass and wool hats or other disguises and soon returned to the apartment with this very nice looking seventeen-year-old with a slender, but well-muscled body and rather long hair that was soft as black silk. The boy actually puts up quite a fight, so my friends took turns slapping him silly. They invited me in to take a few swipes. It was fun to see his face slam from side to side as I whacked him.


My friends told me this kid was known for being quite the lady’s man around the campus. Noh, my buddy, stroked the kid's cheek and gently put his hair behind his ears. He leaned down and whispered to the boy, "Do you know what's going to happen to you? You are going to be fucked in the ass like a cunt!"


My, oh, my, you should have seen the boy struggle now. They had to kick him in the balls and almost knock his teeth out to get him to behave. They stripped off his clothes and got to work. I stood there pumping my dick. We took pictures of the boy fighting and trying to escape. Noh said he would show me how it was done at a rape party.


At a rape party, the trick is not to cum. That's right, the idea is to ass fuck as many boys as possible, ruin their virginity, and destroy them. So, of course, you don't want to cum too soon and deplete your desire and performance. So, we all took turns ass fucking this boy, but none of us came. We also made him suck dick, all the while telling him that any girl could now tell immediately that he had been boy fucked. We said it showed in a guy’s face and how he walked.


He went from fighting to crying and begging, to sobbing and whining in just the perfect progression from stud to pussy boy. After we'd really opened up that ass, all ten guys taking their turn, we shoved a beer bottle into him and then put him to sleep. We took him naked and dumped him in a soccer field. Noh informed me that that was just the warm up. Now, we were ready for something a little younger and more fun.


There was this schoolboy of fifteen that the gang had been watching for some time. They showed me pics they had snapped of him walking home from school. Perfect. They told me he was very shy and played with video games more than the other kids. He didn't seem to date yet and was a very good boy. On this particular evening, he had a special language class until seven thirty so it was now eight fifteen and he should be just about where we wanted him.


We send out our kidnap squad, and they returned about thirty minutes later with the lovely, little thing in tow. He was scared out of his mind and couldn't even talk. I thought he would piss his pants. A lot of us were naked, and when he saw that, he tried to bolt for the door, but we stopped him.


All ten of us circled him and pawed his soft, smooth face and his delicate neck. I touched his beautiful lips and imagined my dick going between them. Noh told him he had a choice. Get fucked by all ten of us, or die. He just wouldn't listen to reason. He screamed, foam bubbled from his cute mouth, his eyes rolled in his head, and he tried to claw his way to the door. So we beat the fuck out of him. I mean what could we do?


It wasn't our fault, and we gave him a choice. He was a little scrapper. Even after we had his clothes off and were mauling his soft, smooth, young body, he kept clawing at us, so we wrapped his wrists with electrical tape. Some of the guys held him still, and Noh lifted his legs and offered me first chance to finger the virgin asshole. It was moist and warm and oh, so sweet.


The nice thing about Asians is they are so immaculate. When you rape a European, you better wash him first, or you'll get a dick full of shit. I fingered his asshole while he begged to be let go and Noh rubbed his fat cock all over the boy's face.


You see if boys were introduced to boy/boy sex at an early age, at six or seven say, by the time they were teens they would be used to it, and it wouldn't freak them out like this. I mean why in heaven's name should this fifteen-year-old make such a big deal over getting a little dick up his ass? Well, ten dicks up his ass actually.


They allowed me the honor of opening him up. My dick was the largest in the room, and I had quite a time getting it into the kid's little shitter. But, oh my, it sure felt good. He was so pretty, I dropped my body over him and kissed him over and over with my prick embedded up his rectum.


I told Noh that this boy was so sweet, they ought to send pictures of him bare-assed and getting fucked all over the internet. Nobody can say exactly how old Asian boys are so nobody would censor them. Noh told the boy in Japanese that he would soon be an internet star, and the kid really freaked out. He screamed for us not to do that that it would ruin his life.


We said we would send the website address to his school, friends, and parents, unless he were a good, little cunt. That calmed him down. Over the next two hours, he was constantly fucked and also learned how to lick cock and balls very well.


But Noh still wouldn't let me cum. He told me the main event was still coming, and boy was it ever great. I've got pics of it, including a rare picture of me. (I almost never allow myself to be seen in pictures for obvious safety reasons) But, the next event was so very special that I just had to get a pic of it.


Tell you about it next time.