Jamal Takes Over

A palimpsest based on Jamal Takes Over
(Mm) (anal,oral, rim, ws) (humil, nc) (inc)

I sat naked on the bench in the health club locker room, staring at the tiles on the floor between my feet, but really looking at nothing. I was waiting for Jamal to decide to come up and talk to me. He was this muscular teenage nigger who frequented the club and had ruined my life in the last few weeks. I was ordered to sit naked on the bench without a towel or anything to cover my nakedness. I had to keep my legs spread and my dick and balls visible for anyone in the locker room who wanted a look. I knew instantly that it had been a mistake to sign up at the inner-city health club (which was eighty percent black), but it was near my house and cheap, which was even more important.

The harassment had started on my first visit. Dark-skinned, muscular black boys bouncing around the locker room with their huge dicks and pendulous sacks of balls swinging, high fiving each other and laughing and rapping, and there I was, this moderately built white guy of thirty-two.

I will never forget coming back from the shower, and one chocolate-skinned thug of about eighteen let out a “weeeow” kind of sound and then said very loudly to me, loudly enough for all his pals to hear, “White man, how the hell can you fuck wit such a small dick?”

They all roared with laughter, and I turned bright red. Before I left that first time, I met Jamal. He eased up next to me while I was packing my gym bag. He is one good-looking black man; I will say that for him. He flashed me a big white-toothed smile and said he hoped I was not thinking of quitting the club. He said he was friends with the manager, and they had my address and shit, and it would be really unfortunate if I decided to quit. Then he laid one large basketball player sized hand on my shoulder and said that he would see me at the same time the next day.

Well, that’s how it started. It got worse each time I went to the club. Jamal and the other niggers got me to get towels for them and had me scrub their backs in the shower. They even made me pick their dirty stinking jock straps up off the floor, and they sent their filthy jocks and socks home with me to wash for them.


Now, let me state here once and for all, that I am in no way at all gay. I do not think I ever even had a gay thought, so all of this really repulses me. They would brush up against me, so their big fat black dicks rubbed my body. They would make constant jokes about me being a faggot.


So I had it out with Jamal. I told him I was a single parent with a thirteen-year-old son and was in no way gay, and I wanted to quit the club. That mention of my son was the biggest mistake of my life. Jamal demanded to see a photo of him. His name is Finn. After that, all they talked about was “Finn the Fag” in the locker room.


“Some sixteen-year-old schoolboy probably shoving his dick in the fag’s cunt right now while you is at da club.”


They would say things like that.


Jamal would ask, “Do you suppose he’s ever sucked black cock?”


I told them he was totally innocent, and they should keep their foul mouths to themselves. They beat the shit out of me. I didn’t go to the club for a week. All the windows were broken on my car, and my newspaper was stolen, and somebody pissed all over our door. I received a package at work, and when I opened it, there was a pile of shit in a box. I was going nuts with anguish. I thought of going to the police, but I knew I would face even worse retaliation if I did, so I went back to the club. That was two months ago. A lot had happened in those two months.


Now, I sat waiting for Jamal to speak with me. He walked up, stark naked. The first thing I saw was his huge brown feet next to me. I looked up at his long muscular legs. How could I miss the seven-inch flaccid cock, thick as a flashlight, and the ball sack that looked like it had oranges in it? It was fucking obscene. His stomach was hard and tight. His ass was one of those round tight nigger bubble butts. His chest well defined with large nipples. He had a killer smile, thick nigger lips, and dark flashing eyes that often looked drugged. He had only recently gotten out of reform school for molesting a seven-year-old boy on the playground.


“So, my man, how’s that little dick of yours hangin’?”


I spread my legs wider so he could see my pathetic shriveled white prick and small ball sack. If I did not keep myself on display for them at all times, they would have a wet towel snapping session where my scrotum was the target. It hurt like hell and was totally humiliating.


“So, bro, is everything set up for tomorrow?”


He stood close to me, so close that his huge flaccid hunk of fuck meat brushed my shoulder. His cock was so huge, it was just fucking obscene, and that was in its flaccid state. He had not showered yet, and his body reeked of the nigger stink of his workout.


“Please. Please, don’t do this. I know I agreed, but that was after you had beaten me almost senseless. Please, isn’t there some other way?”


He lifted one leg and put his foot on the bench next to me. His gigantic balls swung back and forth in their fleshy sack.


“Dere is no other fucking way, man. You don’t wanna even think of what we gonna do to you next time you disobeys us. Dere is no other way. Now, it so happens dat I needs me a new fuck bitch, and your pretty little son fills da bill.”


I felt my stomach turn over. I tried to relax, to breathe deeply, but I felt like I was choking. This teenage nigger thug was talking about my son. My little Finn. My thirteen-year-old angel. He had announced to me that he wanted my boy to become his bitch! Jesus Christ!


At first, I had bluntly refused, letting my anger and disgust show. All the niggers in the club gathered around me, about fifteen of them, and Jamal announced that I was racially prejudiced and did not want him “dating” his white son. They started to slap and punch me.


“It’s not that. Honest to God, I swear, it’s not that you’re black. It’s that he is only thirteen. He’s my innocent boy!”


Jamal roared with laughter.


“Any faggot of thirteen is totally ready for cock! He probably sucks da boys at school every day anyway by now.” He looked at the photo of my son, which he had taken from me. “Yeah, he got real cocksucker lips, he shore do!”


“Oh, God, no, he’s just a baby.”


I was crying in front of all of them.


“No, daddy, you gots it wrong. He is a babe, not a baby. Dat pretty little boy-pussy is ready for some nigger popping!”


Half the niggers surrounding me were getting hard-ons, and I don’t think there was one under eight and a half inches.


For weeks, I had argued, begged, pleaded, tried to bargain with Jamal, but he only wanted one thing—my son’s virgin asshole. Once, when I had stood up to them and told them I would go to the police, they dragged me naked and screaming into the health club bathroom and forced me to eat turds out of the toilet bowl. I was sick for two days.


The next time I went to the club, Jamal had made me suck his cock. That was the first time I saw it erect. Over twelve inches of throbbing, leaking nigger cock. I had a panic attack and literally tried to run out of the club. They held me down on a bench, and Jamal fed me his black fuck meat. His balls almost suffocated me. His cock choked me. He even made me suck his ass. What could I do? I agreed to let them have my son. I know. I am an awful father. A sinner. It is unforgivable, but I was scared out of my wits.


“So, tomorrow, I comes over to yo house dressed up real good. You introduce me to yo faggot son. Now, when I sees him, dis is how I wants him dressed. A cropped tee shirt dat says printed on it, “I Love Nigga Dick!” It’s to be so thin that I can see the tips of his budding little titties through the material. Den, he is to wear a nice pair of pink panties with black lace. From now on, yo sissy son is only to wear panties.


“I want you to have some really top drawer booze at yo house ready for me. I’m not sure what I’ll want, so you better have enough to satisfy me, whatever my taste might be. Who da fuck knows, I may want a Cosmo, or maybe some of dat Louis XIII brandy dat costs three hundred dollars. You better have it all.


“After I has a drink, your pretty little sissy son and I gonna sit on da couch and get acquainted. Dat means you, as da daddy, get to watch me finger his cunt and play wit his titties. You gets to see him meet my big fat old cock and even lick and suck it a little. I always insists on sex on da first date, cause how else you know how a bitch performs, right? Shit, I demand a fuck on every date. I mean dat is da only reason for da fucking date is to plow some pussy! Right? Otherwise, I’d rather hang wit da homeboys.


“Now, he gonna be a little uptight and scared at firs’, right? ‘Specially when he see my cock, and he know dat huge motherfucker is gonna plow his virgin ass and turn it into a cunt! Oh yeah, if he got any hair on his ass yet, you make sure he shave it all off before tomorrow. I wanna see bald thirteen-year-old boy-pussy.”


While he said all of this to me at the health club, long strings of pre-fuck started to hang from the fat pisshole as his cock got thicker and thicker.


“Please don’t hurt him...please.”


I was shaking in my naked agony.


“Hurt him? No, why the fuck would I hurt my new fuck bitch? I gonna love him. I gonna show him da pleasures of fucking. Shore, it gonna hurt a little da first time I ram my twelve and a half inch motherfucking cock balls deep into his tight little teenage boy-pussy. Shore it gonna hurt when I pounds him as hard as I can, and den pull out and shove it as hard as I can up his little asshole. Shore dat gonna hurt a little as his asshole turns into a cunt, but dat is jus’ part of growin’ up. As his daddy, you understand dat, right? Better to hab some nice boy like me who wants the faggot for his bitch fucking him, den every boy at school who don’t give a shit about him.


“Now, don’t you worry, I gonna take the little faggot into the bedroom to fuck him. I think dat is private. I mean, you can watch da first time he suck my balls and lick my cock and such. But fucking is between a guy and his fuckhole. I wants you dere at the start, at the sucking part, ‘cause he is gonna be scared like I say, and you can calm him. Tell him it is a natural part of life, and he just gotta learn to please a man. He shoulda learned dat couple of years ago already. He’s a late bloomer.


“Now, I’m gonna want to use his bedroom for da first fuck because I wants to fuck his little bitch body in his teenage bed, wit all his teenage shit around. It’ll be so hot. But den, I’s moving into your master bedroom. You can sleep on da couch. I wants a nice big bed and luxury for future fucks. I gotta fuck at least three times a day, usually more. Now, of course, I still going to be bangin’ real cunt, but I’ll fuck your son regularly cause he is my number one fuck bitch. My special cumdump.


“I ain’t gonna introduce him to my bros until after I fuck him for a week or so. Den, when he broken in, I gonna share him with all da boys from dis here health club. Dere about twenty of us here, as you know, so he gonna be pretty busy sucking nigga cock and getting ass fucked. We gonna do mos’ of it over at yo house. You have lots of food dere at all times fo my brothers when dey comes over to fuck your son. Since he’ll be fucked most every day all day and night from now on, I suggest you apply to homeschool him. Dat way, he don’ even need to think about school, and he can concentrate on nigga cock all da time. And who knows—shit, he still young enough—if he stay tight enough and cute enough, maybe we fuck him for three or four years, you know, pass him around, pimp him out.”


“Please, please use condoms...”


I had tears running down my face. Jamal roared with laughter.


“Condoms? Shit...no. We never use condoms. It ruins da fuck.


“Now, my brothers and daddy be comin’ over lots to fuck him too, so you better have lots of keys to yo house made, or jus’ leave the fucking place unlocked. We want dat fresh young ass ready and available at all times. He don’ leave da house without permission. I would hate it for both of you if some black bro comes over for a good hard fuck, and he not dere!


“I knows you worried about him. Don’ be. After a few days of getting nigga cock, he gonna love it so much, dat all he gonna live for. I seen it in young white faggots lots of times. Someday he gonna thank you for all dis. I mean, how many boys his age are so lucky to get twenty to thirty black cocks a day? Long as his pussy hold up, he be happy.


“One thing, he gonna hab to be a really good cocksucker, ‘cause one da things is dat when da boys in my hood meet up wit guys from other gangs, we got dis thing. We hab our bitches suck da cocks of all da members of the other gangs, as kind of a peace signal, you know, a sign dat we is kewl and everything is okay. So he gonna pretty much hab a cock in his mouth twenty-four seven for da next few months. He gonna be sucking on nigga cock even when he getting fucked by my bros. Dis house gonna be pretty packed full of black boys!


“Now, after a fag has sucked twelve to fifteen cocks a day, he often get a real tired jaw and swollen lips and a sore tongue, so you gonna have to tell him no matter how tired he get, da last cock of da day he suck, gets jus’ as good a suck as da first one in da morning. You gotta make sure he understand that. I can’t have no bad reports from rival gangs dat my bitch can’t suck!


“Now, we gots one more problem, da little faggot gonna be so busy getting fucked and sucking cock, he ain’t gonna hab no proper time to clean up da dicks after dey fuck his ass! You know it da faggot’s job to clean a cock wit his mouth after a brother fuck him. I mean, you can’t expect a brother to walk around wit ass juice on his cock. But he gonna be so busy, he ain’t always gonna hab time to clean up, so you, my friend, is going to have to step up to da plate to help him. You gonna be the official cock cleaner. You gonna lick and suck da cocks clean after dey fuck yo faggot of a son. I want you naked on your hands and knees at all times around da house, ready to lick and suck da cock clean. And you gonna do a fine job too, I just know it. You get all dat ass stink off da cock.


“Maybe you can entertain da brothers waiting next in line to fuck yo son too by licking dere balls and assholes. I never thought of dat until just now. Hot damn, dat is a good idea, ain’t it? So dey don’ get bored while dey waitin’. And den, to keep your son fresh and tight, after every three or four fucks, you gonna crawl in and suck the nigga cum right outta his cunt. Think how great dat is. You gonna get to suck some thirteen-year-old ass-cunt! How lucky is dat? You gonna clean out his little boy cunt real good with your tongue, so it’s ready for da next nigga.


“We gonna be da happiest family you ever seen! Now come on, white boy, suck my cock, can’t you see it dripping all over da floor?”


I put my mouth over the head of the enormous leaking hunk of fuckmeat and resigned myself to my son’s destiny and my new fate.