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Hi friends,

Just a short email to tell you that I have made a bit of progress with my new internet friend Jake. Jake, you may remember, is sixteen and suspects he is bi-sexual or "fluid" as the kids call it today. What that means is he is a fucking faggot cocksucker who does not want to admit it yet. Jake is very, very shy and has had no sexual experience other than beating his own teen meat. I have gone very slowly with him so as not to lose him. I gather from what he says that he is a kind of a nerdy loner at school who loves music and video games and shit like that. I think he might be entirely corruptible. I need to build his trust. He has admitted to me that he does look at the dicks and balls of the other boys in the locker room and he thinks about them fucking girls. He has not admitted to me yet that he wants to suck on those big, fat dicks. He does say he loves my stories of boys being trained and abused. That alone should send up a red flag! Duh! Why does a sixteen-year-old kid choose to like those stories considering all the porn on the internet?

I have learned he has a younger brother, which can be lots of fun. The brother is thirteen, so he’s definitely a fuckable age. These boys do not realize how dangerous it is to flaunt themselves on the internet and how they are putting their cute, teenage asses in jeopardy. Little brother's name is Dylan.

Jake is definitely potential fuck fodder. I have learned that Jake masturbates two or three times a day, so he is a horny sixteen-year-old fucker. They live with their mom, a single parent, which always makes things easier.

The next step is to get Jake's trust and then get some nice leverage on him. I have been badgering him to send me a naked photo of himself by praising him and telling him I think he is really good looking and has model potential. I told him if he trusted me, he would send me one of himself with a hard dick. I told him I needed his complete trust for us to be friends. After all, I open up to him and share my stories, etc. Etc. Etc. I also tell him I think he is really smart and special, and I would like to be his friend. So he sent me a nice hard-on pic. I like his tits and would love to work on them. He has a nice, smooth body too and an acceptable dick. Love to see that dick up his little bro's thirteen-year-old ass.


He has asked me if the stories I write about "doing stuff" with boys is true. I asked him in turn if he would like them to be true. If this materializes into anything, I will transcribe our conversations as I have done with "special" boys in the past. Nothing may come of it. At this point, I don't know, but I get a nice, hard dick thinking about the potential not only of sixteen-year-old Jake but of thirteen-year-old Dylan as well. Some of you who have been with me for a long time may remember the young man I trained over the internet a while back, who ended up a totally fucked up ruin of a human being sucking dick on the street. You may remember that he had a cute, younger brother whom I just about got but then lost. I even got some high school boys to bully the little bitch and make him suck their dicks, but then, when I lost contact with the older brother when he was totally ruined, I also lost touch with the little brother. Well, you can't win them all.


Even if I can just get sixteen-year-old Jake who suspects he may be gay...ha...to suck and fuck with his own little brother that would be a fun accomplishment, right? I mean, imagine Jake corrupting his little bro. I'd certainly go for that. Jake might at least share some of my stories with the little bitch to get the thirteen-year-old boy mind working.


Anyway, we'll have to see how this plays out. But I thought I would share Jake's old photo and his new one with you. You can see that the boy has potential.


What do you think...should I go for it?