Jake and Timmy, a Bromance

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Timmy's big brother Jake treated him like shit. No, worse than shit. Timmy's dad had up and left, and Timmy's mom was always working or trying to find a new man for herself. That left Timmy's education and care in the hands of his brother. Jake didn't much like Timmy. Shit, every time he wanted to fuck some nice, young, tender cunt up in his room, he had to worry about where the little brat was. Timmy had more than once hidden so he could watch Jake shove his fat into some mindless, teeny twat. Jake was a tough jock, hung like a fucking horse, and everyone at his school, both guys and gals knew it. He was a senior in high school, and he had already fucked five girls pregnant. Jake lived through his dick, and for it was a weapon of power and control. And Timmy fucked all that up, always nosing around when Jake wanted to hang with his buddies or fuck some young pussy.


Besides, to Jake, Timmy was a faggot in the making. The boy was and slender and pretty as a little twat. He had large eyes and sensitive lips, and when he looked at Jake with the adoration of a younger brother, it Jake uneasy. Shit, the kid was always trying to get a look at his big cunt stuffer. He had caught Timmy more than once eyeing the and sack when Jake changed or sauntered to the bathroom bare naked. The little bitch boy was almost drooling! He couldn't take his eyes off Jakes fucker and scrotum. And a horny dude likes to be bare naked around the house sometimes. Just so he can feel it swinging down there, or so he can down and heft it occasionally. Or so he can play with it when chatting on the phone with some high school freshman bitch just itching to get fucked. At those times, who wants some faggy little brother leering at the leaking ?


"That's all I need, to have to live with a fucking faggot in the house," Jake complained to his buddies." He's more like a fucking cunt than a guy, and he's always looking at my ass and balls and dick. Shit, he probably sniffs my dirty jock strap. And the little twat is only eleven. Imagining how embarrassing he will be when he gets older."


Jake's buddies came up with the idea. Especially Mark, who was a devious shit.


"Why the fuck him into a cunt?"


"Huh?" Jake asked, a little woozy from the beer they had been chugging.


"Since he is such a cunt...treat him like one. Shit, I'd love to have my own private cocksucker around the house. You know, for those extra loads a guy needs to dump every now and then."


That was how it started. Jake made Timmy suck his dick. At first, the little shit wasn't any good at it at all. He cried and choked and spit out the sauce. But Jake beat the piss out of Timmy and got him on track. He taught Timmy how to please his huge nut sack by sniffing it, and then licking it, and then lifting each nut with his tongue and licking down under. He taught the boy how to kiss the entire dick from to tip, and then how to lick the pre-fuck from the gaping piss slit. He taught him the same way he taught the young teen girls he dated. He was patient but stern. He made sure they learned to respect his massive eighteen-year-old fuck tool. To guys like Jake, life was all about fucking. Their dicks were the center of the entire world. Every day, they rose with one thing on their minds...getting something to pleasure their pricks. Their dicks hung so heavy in their pants, they felt the weight of it all the time. Their minds were never fully off of their cocks. Ever! You know dudes like this. They are awesome.


Timmy became a first-class cocksucker. Jake decided to share him with his buddies. Timmy hated this of course and even tried to run away. He couldn't confide in his mom, as she loved Jake, and Timmy had been an unwanted child. Timmy felt so alone. The high school seniors kept him sucking dick almost every night and all weekend. Sometimes he had to suck as many as fifteen high school boys in one night. 's a lot for an eleven-year-old boy. He got used to the taste of dick in his mouth and the feeling that his stomach was full of cum, but his jaw was often sore, and his lips became kind of permanently swollen. His throat was raw too, and his voice got all raspy. It was actually kind of cute. It got so, he never got the taste or smell of cock totally out of his mouth and nose. High school jocks would come over night or day, pretend they were visiting with Jake, but actually go into Timmy's room to fuck his young face.


Jake used to keep him bare-ass naked around the house. And then the jock mentality took over. He started doing really sick things to his little bro, like making cute little Timmy sniff his ass. Soon he was sitting on his little brother's face and making Timmy lick and suck out his sweaty jock asshole. If Timmy objected in any way, he got the crap beaten out of him. Jake would talk to some cunt on the phone and have Timmy sucking on his big jock toes or licking his armpits, or swabbing his scrotum or kissing his dick. And his jock buddies could come over anytime night or day and get any part of their jock bodies licked and sucked. Timmy reluctantly became an expert asshole licker. He licked and sucked the assholes of the high school jocks endlessly. Most of their girlfriends didn't want to eat ass, and what teenage jock doesn't like to have his butt munched? So, Timmy became the guy for that. Sometimes jocks would drop by after they had fucked their girlfriends and have Timmy clean up their dirty dicks for them. Timmy got to taste the cunt slime of many of the most popular girls in the high school. The jocks also found it amusing to have Timmy clean out their used rubbers by sucking on them.


Timmy's personality started to change. He had no time for friends. He grew sullen and quiet. However, things only got worse. At one point, Jake became so frustrated with some fourteen-year-old cunt who wouldn't put out, he decided to fuck his little brother in the ass. After all, it was such , little ass. Jake got a fucking, raging boner just looking at Timmy's naked, little ass globes and the deep crack. It like a to the jock. with a cute, round, pink pucker hole.


So, Timmy got his little rectum stretched by fat, dripping, jock dick. It was so painful, he passed out the first time, and that freaked Jake out. slapped the kid awake. But he needed to fuck so badly, he could not stop. When Jake was in fuck there was no stopping him. He the little boy three times that first night. Jake had lots of jizz in his big, furry balls.


Timmy got his ass fucked a lot after that. Jake's buddies heard how good the little, faggot pussy was, and soon, Timmy was taking eight or nine jock dicks up his ass every day. Every time a dude got the urge to blow a load and didn’t have a cunt handy, he would stop off at Jake and Timmy's house. Sometimes, around the house waiting for their turn to fuck Timmy's , little ass cunt. You can imagine how exhausting this was for Timmy, but the jocks insisted that he give each and every time. They would beat him with belts if he didn't do a decent job with his little, cunt muscles.


It was this that, sometimes for Jake would start to dress Timmy like a girl. He would put a lacey, outfit on him and make him around like faggot.


If he didn't act girly enough, they would bitch slap him. They started to call him Tammy, and he had to admit to them that he was a cunt and a girl, and he was forced to talk with a lisp. The games increased. They started to piss down his throat, saying a good takes her boyfriend's piss, which of course is true. Most high school boys piss on or in their girlfriends from time to time. Jake who was more creative than anyone appreciated, started to feed Timmy cereal for breakfast with piss instead of milk. Soon, he was eating salads with cum dressing. The poor elevenold boy spent hours with his face buried in teen jock ass. He would be forced to inhale jock farts.


They made him do shows for them where he shoved dildos, candles, wooden spoons, beer bottles, wine bottles and baseball bats up his stretched out, little, boy ass cunt. The jocks loved these shows. trouble was, each time, they wanted to see something more extreme, more perverted.


Timmy stopped talking to anyone, which was fine because he had more and more dick in his mouth. Jake started to rent the kid out to make some extra spending money. He had Timmy suck off the entire baseball team from a rival high school. All the guys wanted to try a young faggot's mouth. Timmy entered the locker room dressed in a frilly party dress with a wide brimmed hat, looking oh so . The jocks whistled and cheered. They were all sweaty from the game and instead of showering, they had Timmy suck their toes and balls and pits and assholes. The locker room was filled with hard dripping teen dick. Jake raked in the and decided to whore out his little brother full time. He took Timmy to the mall dressed in a girl's and had him suck off the old queers who hung around there looking for little boys to fuck. If they wanted a piece of Timmy's ass, they had to pay more and take him home. Timmy was soon getting fucked all night by strange men. They did other nasty things to him like gobbed spit into his little and even made him eat shit. Jake thought it was hilarious.


When Jake graduated high and moved out, he took Timmy with him. Jake no longer had to work. Timmy made a great living for both of them. Jake is currently expanding Timmy's talents into doing fuck shows with dogs, and s/m shows. Timmy just turned twelve. He has a bright future ahead of him.