Ivan the Terrible

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Ivan Andrevich looked over to the Sony monitor and watched the obscene sight of his thick penis sliding into his nine-year-old kid's little ass. The blond young Russian boy was on all fours while his dad fucked him and his uncle recorded the depraved incestuous kiddie porn on video.


"Ah, dobry, Sasha, that's nice. Nice, good ass, Sasha," Ivan muttered as he pumped his son's behind with his thick pole. He couldn't believe his luck. He was getting to fuck a tight little boy – his own son, no less – and getting paid nicely for it. Tomorrow he would hand the video over to his friend in a cafe in central Moscow in exchange for a nice wad of cash – which would be in dollars – and the man would then arrange for the video's distribution in Europe and North America through contacts in Berlin, Prague, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Napoli, New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Ivan's brother Dmitri moved underneath Ivan's legs so he could get an under-side shot of the man while he fucked his son. Dmitri pushed Ivan's muscular legs apart and pointed the un-blinking camera upwards. What Dmitri saw in the view-finder was pure gold. Ivan's prick was ramming in and out of Sasha's smooth little butt hole while the kid's hairless little cock and balls bounced around with the force of each impact.


The boy's pricklet couldn't have been more than four centimeters, in stark contrast to his father's massive phallus that continued to plow deep into his ass. Ivan grunted in pleasure each time he buried his bone inside Sasha's ass, and sometimes Sasha would let out a high-pitched little whelp, which seemed only to encourage his father to fuck him even harder. Dmitri's own cock was rock hard as he taped the depraved scene, and he knew that the customers were going to enjoy it.


Dmitri then put the camera right behind his brother's scrotum and got some footage that showed Ivan's hairy ball-sack swaying back and forth as he impaled his son. The man's big balls swung towards the camera and then flew away as Ivan re-entered the boy's butt-hole, only to return seconds later on the outward stroke of the father-son fuck. Dmitri loved the contrast between Ivan's big hairy balls and his nephews smooth pink skin, and started to pull on his own cock as he watched the scene.


"Xorosho!" Ivan exclaimed, "damn, Sasha, you have a beautiful ass!"


Dmitri pulled himself out of the position under his brother's legs and climbed behind his brother. He aimed the camera over Ivan's shoulder so he could get an over-head view of the big cock hammering in and out of the young boy, who had been taken out of school so that they could make this video. The only time the apartment was available for filming was during the day, when Sasha's mother was away at work, so the kid had to miss a few classes.


Dmitri then moved to the side to get a close-up view of Sasha's face, as he knew the customers would be interested in the boy's reaction to getting reamed by his father. Dmitri zoomed in on the kid and saw a face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Each time Ivan slammed into his ass, Sasha winced and squeezed his whorish lips together as if he were stifling a scream.


Dmitri thought those slutty lips could be put to better use, so he moved in front of his nephew and thrust his throbbing cock into the face of the little fag. Sasha knew what his uncle expected and obediently opened his mouth and swallowed up Dmitri's prick. Dmitri sighed and threw his head back with lust. He pointed the camera down and recorded his own blowjob, and reveled in the sight and feel of his nephew's hot lips sliding up and down his randy meat. Each time Ivan slammed his penis into the boy's ass, Sasha impaled his face on his uncle's cock.


While he held the camera with one hand, Dmitri ran his hand through his nephew's blond hair with the other. Fuck, the boy was a good cock-sucker. Dmitri loved to get sucked by a boy, and his brother Ivan loved to fuck a boy in the ass, so the two brothers always enjoyed sharing a hot session with Sasha together.


"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Ivan suddenly shouted.


"Me too!" Dmitri added.


Both men pulled their dicks out of the boy's holes and scrambled over to his head and began jerking off, as they knew they had to produce a hot facial cum shot to make the video sell well. Sasha licked his lips in sluttish anticipation and then, with a mighty roar, Ivan shot his sperm all over his son's face. The first spurt hit just below right left eye and started to dribble down his face. The second spurt landed directly in the boy's mouth, and Sasha began to eagerly swallow the delicious cum.


The sight of his brother cumming in his son's face pushed Dmitri over the edge and he shot his own wad, which landed on the boy's cheek and mixed with his brother's semen to form a thick hot lake of joy juice. Both Ivan and Dmitri then rubbed their penises all over the boy's cheeks, and Dmitri turned off the camera and walked into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of vodka.


This would bring them a nice sum, he thought as he poured shots for the three actors.


"Na strovya," Ivan said as he started to think about what he would do with the money. Alcohol, money and boy-sex, what a perfect threesome!