Interview with a Piece of Shit

(MmB) (humil) (nc)

dale10: So, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Bryce: Well, ugh, my name is Bryce. I’m fifteen years old.

dale10: I hope you don’t mind my saying you look like shit for fifteen.

Bryce: Huh? Ah…yeah…I guess. Life has been pretty crappy for me.

dale10: You’re a cocksucker and an ass cunt boy, right?
Bryce: I guess.
dale10: You guess? Do you suck cock and take it up the ass for money? Isn’t that why you’re here? Didn’t I pick you up on a fucking street corner?
Bryce: Yeah, you did.
dale10: So you’re a cocksucker and an ass cunt boy, right?
Bryce looks really defeated. Are those tears in his eyes?
Bryce: Yeah…I don’t wanna be though.
dale10: Well, for the purposes of this interview, it doesn’t matter what you want to be. It matters what you are. And you’re a full-fledged cocksucking faggot street hustler who takes the dicks of strangers up his teenage asshole fucking day. Right?
Bryce is silent.
dale10: Right or wrong?
Bryce: Right.
dale10: Good. Then shove this thirteen-inch rubber dildo up your asscunt while I interview you.
Bryce: That’s way too big, dude, it’s gonna hurt me.
dale10: Do you want the money or not?
Bryce: Come on, dude. Have a heart.
dale10: Either you shove the dildo up your cunt, or I pack up my stuff and find a boy to interview who is more cooperative. I’m paying good money for your time. Much more than you usually get to slurp on some guy’s leaking dick and take his knobby prick up your teenage twat. So what’s it going to be?
After a bit of silence, he starts to work the huge rubber dick up his ass. I can see how much it hurts him. Even though his eyes are blurry with drugs and general abuse and wear, I still see lots of pain in them as he works the artificial cock head up his boy hole.
dale10: Good. Now, while we continue with the interview, I want you to continue to work that dildo up your cunt until it’s way in. Keep your legs spread like the whore you are. You’re a fucking whore, Bryce, right, am I right? You whore out your body to make a living.
Bryce: Yeah, Jesus Christ this is big. Can’t I do a smaller one?
dale10: No way. So what do you do with the money you make?
Bryce: Pay my rent and get food and stuff.
dale10: And lots and lots of drugs, right? You’re pretty hooked on drugs. I can tell from your messed up drugged-out look. At fifteen, you’re a drugged-out fucking mess. Most of the money you make whoring goes on drugs, doesn’t it?
Bryce: It’s the only way I can stand it. Well, it was, and now, you know, I need it. I’m hooked, and there is no help for me.
dale10: Well, you’re pretty much right about that. There’s not much hope for you. You’ll probably never fall in love or settle down. I mean who the fuck wants a fifteen-year-old wasted cocksucker ass cunt. Right, Bryce, you have pretty much had it at fifteen. You’re slacking off. Keep shoving that big rubber dildo up your cunt. You do want to get paid, don’t you? You look like shit, Bryce. Like a fucking piece of totally wasted shit. I’ll bet you were cute once. You have nice blond curly hair. You have a nice face. You have beautiful swollen lips from all the cocksucking you do. Your body is still young and somewhat in shape, but you’re a fucking wasted cunt, so pretty useless. How much dick do you suck in a day?
Bryce: Ah…I don’t know. It depends on the day, sometimes two or three, sometimes ten.
dale10: I’ll bet the drugs you’re hooked on are pretty fucking expensive. I’ll bet it’s more like ten dicks most days and two or three on the days you’re a lazy bitch or a worthless piece of shit. Right?
Bryce: I guess.
dale10: Tell me you are a useless piece of shit, Bryce. Say that to me. Tell me.
Bryce: I am a wasted piece of shit.
dale10: Good boy, Bryce. Good boy. It’s important to see yourself honestly. How many times do you get fucked up your whore ass in a day, on most days, just a general figure?
Bryce: Three times about. Generally.
dale10: You take three different dicks up your cunthole almost every day. You do have an expensive habit. How much do you charge a guy to fuck your cunt?
Bryce: Twenty dollars. I used to get fifty at first when I started, but the recession and all, and there’re lots of guys on the street and—
dale10: And you’re a worthless piece of shit. No guy really wants a drugged out piece of shit.
Bryce. You should only charge ten for an ass fuck and five to blow a guy.
Bryce: Then I wouldn’t make enough dough. I got rent and food, and I need clothes and—
dale10: And drugs. Don’t forget the most important part. You just have to take cock up our ass every day. Like, for instance, let eight or nine guys fuck your sloppy twat every day and suck fifteen to twenty dicks. Then you could have enough money for the drugs you really need. I’m sure you don’t have any kind of life except taking drugs and getting fucked, do you? Do you have any hobbies or friends?
Bryce: Ah…um…I guess not. Not much. I like to watch TV.
dale10: Do you have a fucking TV?
Bryce: No. I got a cell phone to set up tricks, but sometimes I can’t pay it. I’m going to get one of those pre-pay jobs as soon as I can afford it.
dale10: You miserable fuck. Get out there and suck more dick and get cunt stuffed and you can afford it. It’s the only fucking thing you know how to do. Right, right, Bryce?
Bryce is crying now with the dildo sticking out of his ass. He looks really cute.
Bryce: Yes!
dale10: Tell me about the guys you suck off. Are they all ages and types? Do you suck all ages and types of strange cock?
Bryce: Yeah, pretty much what I can get. Lots of older guys.
dale10: Well, young guys can get really hot hustlers. They don’t need pieces of wasted shit like you. How old?
Bryce: Like fifty to seventy or so. I don’t like the really old ones. Their dicks don’t get hard, and they are all wrinkly and smell sometimes. And their cum is really watery.
dale10: Yeah, but you suck on those piss smelling wrinkled old dirty dicks because beggars can’t be choosers, right Bryce? Do you lick and suck their wrinkled old assholes too?
Bryce: I don’t like eating ass.
dale10: I didn’t ask you if you liked it. I asked you if you suck ass! If your clients want you to, do you suck their assholes?
Bryce: Yeah.
dale10: Good boy. Good dirty little worthless piece of shit. You can get that dildo farther up your cunt, Bryce. You’re not trying. I have seen boys younger than you do much better with it.
Bryce struggles to shove more up his young asshole.
dale10: Do guys piss on you. Do you drink piss?
Bryce looks down ashamed.
Bryce: Sometimes.
dale10: I would like to piss on you, Bryce. Would it be okay if I stood up and took a piss on you?
Bryce: I guess.
dale10: That’s good. That’s great. I really feel like pissing all over you. It kind of makes you into a urinal, doesn’t it? You’re a fucking wasted piece of shit urinal for guys to piss on. You make a living sucking dick and ass, taking cock up your pussy, and letting guys piss on you. Perfect. That’s perfect. How fucking proud would your parents be if they could see you now? Tilt your head back, Bryce, and open your mouth so I can piss right into your fucking mouth. Oh man, that’s so disgusting. What a disgusting piece of shit you are. Swallow my piss, Bryce. Swallow it all down. I like to offer my boys a little refreshment. Usually, it’s a beer, some wine or a soft drink, but in your case, it’s a nice load of fresh warm salty piss right from my dick. And you do this all because of drugs. Christ, what a fucking loser. Lick my balls a little, Bryce. Some piss dripped down onto my fuck sack. I want you to lick my balls for me. I’ll bet you’re a damn good ball licker. You must get a lot of practice. Lick those big hairy balls, Bryce. Lick a man’s balls. That is fucking amazing. Fifteen-year-old teenage boy and the only fucking thing he knows how to do are lick some guy’s balls and ass and suck dick. I’m going to have you lick and suck my ass later. I want to see how good you are, but for now, back to our interview. You look great, by the way, all glistening and covered with my piss. It suits you. Wasted boys like you look more alert when they are coated with piss. How the fuck did you get into this business, Bryce?
Bryce is really ashamed now, and his head is hanging.
Bryce: Well, there was this man.
dale10: Look up at me when you talk and keep fucking your cunt with the dildo. Don’t slack off, or I won’t pay you. You say there was this man…
Bryce: When I was twelve. Three years ago—
dale10: Duh! Well, I guess it would be three years ago if you are fifteen now and you were twelve then, dumb piece of shit.
Bryce: He met me, and he was really nice to me. He was kind and bought me things. I was lonely, I guess. He told me to run away from home and come live with him. I hated school. He says we could just have fun all the time and that I could be a famous model and an actor and have a great life.
dale10: And you being a lonely, messed up, dumb kid, you believed him, right?
Bryce: Yeah, I guess. I believed him. I thought I loved him. Like a big brother or something. And then he said he wanted me to…you know…do sex stuff with him.
dale10: Specifics, please. Not sex stuff. What did he want?
Bryce: He wanted me to suck his dick. He said if I really liked him and wanted to live with him and…I would have to suck his dick. So I did.
dale10: So at twelve you ran away from home and became a cocksucker. Then what?
Bryce: Well, then he wanted more and more. He wanted to fuck me.
dale10: Of course, that is what your cunt is made for. You have a cute little cunt, Bryce, but I’m not happy with your progress with that dildo. You should be slamming it in and out by now. Come on, whore, get with it or no druggie wuggie money. So this nice man got you to run away from home and then was mouth and ass fucking you. It sounds delightful to me.
Bryce: He took naked pictures of me to put on the internet. To sell to some guys. He took pictures of me sucking dick and masturbating and putting things up my asshole and even pissing and taking a dump.
dale10: He took pictures of you shitting? How, on the toilet or what?
Bryce: Oh…god…he…he had me squat on the kitchen floor and dump in a bowl and all kinds of places. I hated it. I hated it.
dale10: But what could you do? You had run away from home. You were a fucking cocksucker pervert, right. Did he ever make you eat the shit?
Bryce: Later…after the drugs…oh…god…I don’t like to think about it.
dale10: So he got you hooked on drugs, huh?
Bryce: Yeah, when I was still just twelve. And then when I needed the drugs, he made me do stuff—horrible stuff.
dale10: What kind of stuff. Be specific.
Bryce: Like you said. Eat shit. Eat my shit, and then his shit and then…later eat the shit of guys I didn’t even know. And he made me do it with dogs.
dale10: Do what with dogs? Shit?
Bryce: Everything. He made me suck dog cock and get fucked by dogs and drink dog piss and eat dog shit and…and…crawl around like a dog and eat my food from a dog dish.
Bryce is crying pretty hard now.
dale10: Bryce, when you cry, you forget to fuck your cunt with the dildo. Please don’t forget again, or it will be reflected in your pay. This man sounds perfectly nice to me. He took care of you. He recognized that you were a worthless piece of shit and so he helped you become what you are. He helped you find your true self. You were twelve. You didn’t know what you wanted or needed. He helped you.
Bryce: I never watched TV or saw movies or nothing. I never had nothing.
dale10: You didn’t have to. You sucked dick and took it up the ass. That is what you are and what you do.
Bryce: I ran away again.
dale10: That must have taken courage, seeing as how badly you needed the drugs. How did you do that?
Bryce: He, that guy, he started to pimp me out to other guys. He had me sucking ten or twenty dicks a day. I would get sick from all the cum.
dale10: You got to learn how to control that. Ten to twenty dicks a day, how old were you at this point?
Bryce: thirteen.
dale10: Nice. I can’t imagine you weren’t more grateful to him. Think how hard he had to work to get all that dick for you. How often each day were you getting your thirteen-year-old ass fucked?
Bryce: Nine or ten times. I was just fucked all the time. Guys just came and went, and I didn’t even have time to get out of bed.
dale10: At least you had a bed. And he kept you on the drugs?
Bryce: Yeah and I needed more and more, so I had to do more and more stuff.
dale10: Of course, a boy’s got to pay his way in life. Maybe that dildo is too dry for you. Pull it out of your ass and suck on it to lube it up. Then shove it back up your asscunt.
Bryce does this.
dale10: Jesus you are disgusting, sucking your own shit off a dildo. You are pretty much bottom of the barrel, you know that? So tell me how you found the courage to leave this man if you needed his drugs.
Bryce: I met this black dude who promised me the drugs and better conditions. He said I only had to work a couple of times a week.
dale10: So by now you were tasting nigger dick?
Bryce: Every kind. I was thirteen, and I went with this black man. But he’d lied to me. He kept me in a cage and paid me nothing. He only took me out of the cage to suck cock and get fucked and pissed on and shit on.
dale10: But you were already used to that from the other man. You were a big boy at thirteen who was used to piss and shit and dogs you said. By the way, how does dog cock taste?
Bryce: Ugh…I don’t know. I don’t like it.
dale10: (laughing) Well, I wouldn’t expect you would. Get that dildo deep up your cunt, faggot boy. So the black man kept you in a cage and pimped you out?
Bryce: He had me do shows in some clubs in the back rooms for mostly black audiences. I was fucked by lots of muscular rough black guys and whipped, and you name it.
dale10: And so, being ungrateful and unaware of how much it costs to keep a kid whacked out on drugs, you ran away again.
Bryce: That was last year. Since then I’ve been on the streets.
dale10: That is a wonderful story, Bryce. I’m really impressed. You have managed to totally fuck up your entire life by fifteen.
Bryce: Can you help me?
dale10: Help you straighten out your life? Or help you get more drugs? Which do you really want?
Bryce: Well…drugs…I guess…for now. I want to get straight, but right now I need the drugs. I’ll get better. I’ll get the courage to get off them.
dale10: Well, here’s the deal. I can get you some really good money, top dollar. You could get a nice place, and maybe get some help and clean yourself up. Or you could get enough drugs to totally destroy you with this kind of cash.
Bryce: What do I got to do?
dale10: Let some guys torture you. Let them make a movie where they’ll torture you.
Bryce: How do I know they won’t kill me?
dale10: Because they’re not into murder, and I know them. You would have to trust me. They’ll also not do any permanent damage to you, but your body may be altered in that your tits may be more massive and your balls hang lower and stuff like that. And they’ll put you through more pain and agony than you could ever imagine—relentless, horrible, mind-numbing pain. And you’ll have to take it. It could affect your mind somewhat. But I doubt that it would fuck up your mind any more than those drugs you take.
Bryce: What kind of torture.
dale10: Well, I can’t tell you everything because it would spoil the surprises, but they would stretch your nut sack until your balls almost reached your knees. They would work over your tits and stretch them. They would shove large objects up your fifteen-year-old pisshole. They’ll feed you piss and shit and almost suffocate you and almost drown you, but you’ll survive. They’ll hang you by your wrists, ankles, and balls. You will be whipped on your asshole and nuts until you black out from the pain. They’ll burn you with cigarettes, but the wounds will heal. They’ll stick pins in your dick and scrotum and shove huge objects up your asshole. You will be fist fucked and double fist fucked. They’ll blow their noses in your mouth and make you eat their snot. They’ll gut punch you until you are black and blue. They’ll slap your face until it too is black and blue. They’ll force you to eat the castrated cocks and balls of farm animals, raw! Boys have been driven insane from the sheer horror of what they’ll make you do, but if you come through it, you’ll have lots and lots of money—enough to change your life.
Bryce: It drove some boys insane?
dale10: Some the weak ones. But Bryce I have faith in you. I know you can come through this. That’s why I picked you. You’ve already had some bad experiences, so you’ll be able to handle getting fucked by ten dogs one after the other, being on a fucking machine for five days straight, having to fuck a corpse, having twenty guys shoot off on your face. I can’t tell you the really horrible things as I say, but I know you can handle it. So what do you say?
Bryce: Oh…god…I don’t know. How much money?
dale10: Ten thousand dollars.
Bryce: Oh, shit!
dale10: Ten thousand dollars for a month of continual torture, or going back to the streets for five dollar blow jobs. A piece of shit your age should be able to handle that. I mean you’re not worth much, but you should be able to stand one fucking month of torture.
Bryce: I don’t like pain.
dale10: Do you like sleeping in the gutter when you can’t pay your rent, and sucking on old asshole and not having drug money? Then ten thousand could change your life.
Bryce: One month?
dale10: Only thirty days! You’ll be fucked in the mouth and ass almost continually. Your main diet will be the shit from guys’ asses and piss to drink. You’ll be in pain, but it’s only thirty days, my friend. What have you got to lose? Your life is so fucked now just go for it.
Bryce: I guess.
dale10: Then you’ll do it?
Bryce: I guess.
dale10: Good boy. That’s a good boy, Bryce. I’ll call the guys as soon as I fuck your skull. Keep working that dildo in your cunt while I face fuck you. I want to see you really using those cocksucking lips. Let’s see just how good of a cocksucker you are. Then, I’ll call the guys, and they’ll come to pick you up.
Bryce: Don’t I get a contract or nothing. I need some guarantee I get the ten thousand.
dale10: Bryce, don’t offend me. This is a gentleman’s agreement. I have never broken my word. All you need is my word. Now open those fucking cocksucking lips and take my fat leaking dick.