Intensive Theatre and Dance Training

(B) (humil)

When one runs a theatre, one has so many various aspects of art with which to deal. Not only must I produce and direct a fresh series of shows each year, but also I must attend to the development and training of new, fresh talent. Of the many, many boys who audition for me (I won’t spend time here discussing the females who audition for my shows) only a very few will cut the mustard. Often I am looking for just one or two “right” boys for a show, and I audition over a hundred. As you know by now of my “special” interests and me, I am also always on the lookout for more than just conventional talent.

Privately, I am looking for two things in a boy. Well, three really. First, very good looks, unless his face is cute and his ass adorable, he can audition elsewhere. Looks are essential on stage and in bed. Second, does he want to be an actor badly enough? What is he willing to do to get a shot at doing professional theatre? And last, does he have a natural submissive nature. Boys who have built-in submissiveness are easier to handle, and I can get what I want from them more quickly. Once in a great while, I will take on a boy who is not particularly submissive, and then, of course, I have the tremendous chore to break him.
After you audition the boys trying out for any given role by having them do a monologue or two, you then ask them if they are willing to be nude scenes or scenes with sexual content. Some will balk at that. If they do, get rid of them at once NO MATTER HOW CUTE THEY ARE. They will merely cause you trouble. This is especially true if they are in the twelve to sixteen age range. If they go to Mom and Dad and complain, you are in deep shit. NO MATTER HOW CUTE, thank them and send them on their ass wiggling way. Now you have the boys who are willing to do nude stage work and also perform in plays with sexual content. You interview them to learn how meddling their families might be in your work. Look for boys who come from broken homes or boys who tell you they don’t have much home supervision. Did the kid come to the audition alone, or with some bitch cunt of a mother?
This audition deals with one aspect of theatre training. DANCE CLASS. I have four boys, ten to twelve, participating in a private dance class for and with me. I am making them dance naked so that I can more easily study their muscle structure to see how they are developing. (That’s what I tell the stupid cunts.) I am also helping them to get used to their bodies by being nude in front of others. While I work with them, I have various friends of mine stop in for a chat or a cup of coffee, any excuse really, so that the boys are humiliated and embarrassed to have to be dancing naked in front of strange men. My friends will often comment on the “nice big dick” or the “silly little dick” on this or that boy. “That boy has a really nice scrotum,” my friend might say.
The boys are required to take various dance postures. I help them with hands-on correction. I will shift a nice fresh young boy ass, checking out the depth of the ass crack while I do it. I will let my hands brush over the teenage dicks and balls. I will massage the boy pecs and feel the pert titties. Some of the dance positions the boys are forced to take will reveal to me their clean, tight, pink assholes that way I can judge if the boy is really as fuckable as I think he is. In this way, I can eliminate the boys who don’t quite measure up. Being teenage boys, they will sometimes shrivel up with tension and nervousness and at other times spring a nice healthy teenage erection. I encourage the erections telling them that it is normal for a healthy boy to throw a hard-on when naked. I tell them not to be ashamed or shy. Of course, to my delight, they are both. Some boys find the nudity too much and drop out. I wish them luck and send them on their way. The boys who stay get put through a strenuous dance routine involving jumps and spins so I can study their flopping dicks and balls and their succulent asses. I will also study which boys make eye contact with me and seem to really want “stardom” badly enough to do whatever might be required. You’d be surprised at the number of hungry little cunts who will go all the way to get on stage. By all the way, I mean all the way—not just conventional sucking and fucking, but water sports, toilet games, discipline, you name it.
Of course, the ultimate goal is not just to fuck some cute boy ass. The ultimate goal is to find a boy that we can totally fuck up. A boy who we can shape into a mindless fuckhole slut, a boy who will entertain for us at parties and learn to suck dog dick, a boy who will willingly drink our piss, eat our shit and take our fists up his fucked out cunthole. This will take time and also patience. It may also take drugs and alcohol. The boy must be broken and then reshaped into a dick ditch! He must be taught to understand that he is nothing but a receptacle for cock slop. His throat must be fucked so hard and so frequently that he is permanently hoarse. His young teenage asshole must be so stretched that he loses all bowel control and needs to wear diapers. And, of course, somewhere along the way, his dreams of becoming a star must be curbed. He is not to be a star. He is to be a fuckhole! He is not to perform on stage in a theater. He is to perform at gay sex parties sucking the dick of a Doberman.
Now, I photographed the four boys selected for intensive theater training. Of course, I made the boys expose their most intimate parts. I wanted to get good photos of their teenage dangling dicks and ball sacks. I wanted to be able to study their muscle tone and their flat teen tummies. Which of these boys if any, has what it takes? Which of these four lads should I take under my wing for “special attention?” All four boys are game for nudity and sexual exposure in the theater. They all agree to do what it takes! Which one of them has “got it,” that special thing that will allow me to turn him into a piece of shit, cocksucking dick slutted fuckhole?
They are still quite shy even though they are game enough to grab each other’s dicks jokingly when I tell them to. For some of them, this is the first time they have ever touched another male’s dick. They are shy; you can see that in their faces. The best way to get them to do this is to make a joke of it making it a fun thing.
Soon one or more of them will have a big heavy male cock in his mouth. Of course, they would never believe that now. That is the challenge. Which of the boys, Jason, Caleb, Martin, and Charlie, has the talent to become a total fuck slut? Upon which one shall I focus my undivided attention?