Indian Brave Summer Camp

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Fuck it all anyway, we could do anything fucking thing we wanted to the little shits, and their stupid, yuppie parents didn’t even know. I mean let's face it, the kids knew they were being sent to summer camp so their parents could get rid of them. Poor little cunters, young boys, six to ten, deserted by their parents. Thank God, they had us to take care of them and fuck them up good.

Well, we did this Indian show kind of thing. Had the little boys practice Indian dances for about two fucking weeks, dancing around in their shorts and tennis shoes. We loved watching their bare upper bodies so little boy like and smooth. We worked them real hard, yelled at them and made them cry if they didn’t fucking dance until they dropped. We told them they were picked to do a special show for some Indian experts, guys who were historical scholars of Indian lore, and that the fucking Indian dances had to be perfect. We made the little guys dance all day and night without food sometimes. The dances were really humiliating too. The boys had to jump around like deer and then bend over and grab their ankles and waddle around like bears and shit like that, anything to allow us to get off on little boy ass. They were so fucking cute.

But, the thing was on the day of the show that was the first time they saw their costumes. We laughed as we told them they were authentic Indian costumes so the Indian experts wouldn't be angry. Each little boy got a belt and a little piece of cloth to hang in front of his dick and balls. That was it. Shit, fuck, the little boys were so embarrassed and humiliated. There they stood crying in just these stupid costumes with a dumb feather in their hair and some lipstick on their faces for war paint and a small piece of cloth hanging in front. Well, it didn't take much to figure out that when the boys danced everything would show, baby boy pricks, balls, assholes, the works.


Some of the boys tried to back out but we told them we needed every boy to dance for the thing to be authentic and they couldn’t let the other boys down. We said real Indians were not ashamed of their warrior bodies that they should be proud. Of course, their pale, little, boy bodies were nothing like warrior bodies. Shit, their little, boy titties alone were enough to get me creaming. And the audience, twenty-five, fucking, boy-loving perverts. Hungry homos, who get off on baby boy, bare-assed bodies.


The drum music started, and the little boys did their dance with every leap naked boy ass cheeks bounced and wobbled, with every turn, the cloth swung and revealed tiny, little, boy pricks and baby nut bags. When the boys did their bear step, we could see little, pink assholes and rectums. Guys were sitting in the stands jerking on their fuck meat. The audience thought it was so fucking hot. The boys danced and danced on bare feet, of course. To make the dance authentic, we had placed sharp stones in the dancing circle. You should have seen the fucking little cunts yelping and crying while they tried to look brave.


But that was just the beginning of the fun, you see watching the twat boys dance, we got to know which of the little holes was the most obedient, which of the boys were the most submissive and those we singled out.


After the dance we sent the other boys off for a real Indian meal as a reward, a kind of cornmeal paste that we had put some piss and shit into. Did I tell you that we fed the little cunts on piss and shit all summer, mixed it right in with their meals? We also gave the boys their vitamins at night, a nice big spoonful of cum. Stupid, little fucks didn’t know what they were eating. Thought it was "special vitamins" and that it was, all of us camp counselors contributed to the boy’s welfare. Sometimes we fed them dog or horse cum too. Oh, and we told them we were having some of the beds repaired, so we made them sleep bare-assed four to a single bed. Each of the counselors picked one of the young ones to sleep with us in our beds. That would always be the first bunch of tykes to get dicked up the ass for the summer. Before the summer was over every boy would be expert at sucking dick and taking it up his fuck hole. They wouldn’t tell their parents either because by the end of the summer we had the little shits convinced that they were fucking faggots and it was their own fault. Kids are so impressionable at that age.


Anyway, the "Indians," who were specially chosen from the group, four of them, were told that they had been picked to undergo a special bravery ceremony. They had to prove how brave they were by not crying and undergoing real Indian torture. The stupid, little pricks, one six-year-old, two eight-year-olds and a ten-year-old, went right along with it. Shit, we had a blast with them, shoving big dildos up their little rectums, telling them all the while to be brave, not to cry, and to take it like real warriors. We stuck pins in their tiny ball bags and through their nipples. We beat their asses and the soles of their feet. We shoved sticks up their piss holes. The boys had to lie on the dirty ground, and all us guys stood around and pissed on their faces. Man, you should have seen the dick hoses shooting sprays of stinking, yellow piss down on those cute, innocent, little boy faces. It was wonderful.


Then we brought out four large dogs to fuck the boys. We told the little cunts that real Indians communed with animals and nature. We made the little boys suck dog dick. You should have seen the six-year-old go down on doggie dick. Me and all the counselors, who were in their late teens and early twenties, were standing around jerking their pricks right out in the open. It wasn’t long before we were kneeling in front of the boys who were being dicked real good by the dogs and rubbed our dripping dicks all over the little punk’s faces covering their cute, freckled faces with cock spooge, pushing our dick knobs into their tiny mouths, shoving inch after inch down their throats until they were gagging and choking while doggies plowed their tender, little rectums with animal prick. These four little boys were told that from now on they were special warriors, guardians of the animals and that every day for the rest of the summer they had to let themselves be fucked by the dogs. And we had fourteen dogs at the camp. I especially loved watching the six-year-old and the two eight-year-olds taking dog dick. Their tiny, pussy rectums stretched beyond belief.


I know what you are wondering, did the guests get to fuck the Indian warriors too? You bet your boots, buster. They fucked the crying little boy twats all night, but not before we rewarded each little warrior by pinning a special Indian badge right through his right nipple. Fuck it, the six-year-old swallowed so much cum we had to have his stomach pumped, which was okay too as we loved watching him squirm in agony. Shit, but those were good days, I look back at some of the photos of the boys in their Indian outfits, and it makes me feel so good. I just got to go out and get some boy ass.