Hot August Night with Dad

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Kevin knelt before his father, who was sitting on the couch with his legs lewdly spread open. The horny boy once again was getting ready to blow his dad on this summer's evening, and he licked his lips as he grabbed the older man's stiff rod and gently stroked it up and down.


"Go on Kevin, suck Daddy's dick," his father urged him on.


Dan Cooper shut his eyes as he thought blissfully about the sensations he knew he was about to feel on his prick. He didn't have to wait long. He soon felt the boy's soft lips kissing his dick head all over, and then the kid started licking up and down his pole.


Kevin was now fourteen and had been having sex with his dad for over a year. The kid was a natural cock sucker, and Dan had given him ample opportunity to improve his talent. No one had ever blown Dan the way his young teenage, fag son did.


Suddenly Dan felt the wet tightness of Kevin's throat engrossing his prick. He opened his eyes and saw the blond head impaling itself as the boy tried to get all of Dan's eight inches down his queer throat. Dan knew Kevin would succeed; he always did. In a matter of moments, the entire length of his penis was securely lodged in Kevin's willing throat, and the boy was planting sweet kisses on Dan's pubic mound.


"Oh that's nice, Kevin, make Daddy feel good," Dan sighed.


Kevin sighed in return and raised his head slightly to begin a slow rise up his father's prick, keeping his lips tightly wrapped around the shaft. When he reached the top, he lifted his mouth off of the dick so that he could lick the head a few times, and then he eagerly put it back in his mouth and made another downward plunge.


"Hmpf! Fuck, that's good, Kevin! You are such a good boy to make Daddy feel so good."


Kevin released his Dad's cock so he could answer him.


"You know I love making your dick feel good, Daddy."


"Yeah, it feels fucking good tonight!"


Dan looked at his son and saw Kevin smiling back at him. The kid was cute as hell. He was wearing a red t-shirt and some white shorts as he sucked his father. Kevin swallowed the paternal prick once again and resumed his up and down motion. His bobs gradually became faster, and Dan began to purr with delight. He thought about emptying his nuts into the boy's suctioning mouth, but he really wanted to fuck the kid's tight little asshole tonight.


"That's enough of that, baby," he said as he abruptly pulled his son's head off his prick. "I want to get some of your boy ass."


Kevin smiled excitedly as his butt hole quivered at the thought of what lay in store. Dan got off the couch and went to the bathroom and returned a moment later with a jar of Vaseline.


"How do you want it tonight, Daddy?" the boy asked with a sly look on his face that made Dan's dick throb.


"Get up on the couch and thrust your ass out like the bitch you are," the man commanded.


Kevin scrambled into position, and Dan stepped behind his boy. He drank in the sight of Kevin's ass straining against the white fabric of his jockey shorts for a moment, and then grabbed the sides and yanked them down and off.


"Fuck, that's pretty."


Dan couldn't believe how beautiful the fourteen-year-old ass was. He grabbed the boy's ankles so he could spread his legs apart and have access to his hole. He lowered his head down to the boy's butt and spread his cheeks open. He could smell a funky musk that drove him wild with lust. He flicked his tongue over the boy's asshole, causing Kevin to spasm with delight.


"Yeah Dad, tongue my hole. Give my cunt a good lapping."


Egged on by his son's request, Dan started to lick the faggot's hole. His muscular tongue lapped all around the brown and pink star and probed teasingly inside the boy's bowels. When Kevin was nice and wet, Dan opened the jar of Vaseline and scooped out a glob of grease. He penetrated the boy's hole with his lubed finger and loosened him up, and then covered his own dick so that it was nice and slick. He then positioned himself between his queer son's legs and pressed his penis against his asshole.


"Here it comes, faggot, take your Daddy's dick up your fucking ass!" Dan warned as he pushed forward.


The boy gasped as he felt the steely rod enter him. Dan let the boy adjust to the invasion and then buried his prick to the hilt, prompting his son to yell out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy.


Dan left his dick lodged in his boy for a moment and wiggled it from side to side. He then slowly withdrew until just the head was inside, and then thrust it all the way back in again.


"Oh, fuck, Kevin, you fucking have a hot fucking ass."


Dan slapped the boy's right ass cheek as he plowed into him. He began a slow in and out pumping motion, and Kevin bucked his hips back to meet each plunge like a good little faggot boy.


"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my ass good!"


"Yeah, Kevin, you got a hot fucking boy ass. I'm gonna fuck your ass good!"


Dan continued to fuck the kid, and his thrusts grew faster and harder. Kevin grabbed his own dick and started to jack it as his father enjoyed his ass. His dick was about four and a half inches, a little thin, but he had a nice set of smooth balls hanging below it. A small rectangular band of hair ran above his crotch, the boy had just sprouted pubes a few months ago, but was developing quickly. His hormones tormented him, and he was perpetually horny. He eagerly agreed to become his dad's faggot because it provided him with the release he craved.


Dan was now flying in and out of his son's ass, and he felt his balls tighten.


"Fuck, Kevin, I'm gonna fucking cream your boy ass. Give me that boy ass! Give it to me. Yeah that tight boy ass, fuck!"


Dan was overcome with lust as he shouted. The repetition of the words "boy ass" seemed to push him over the edge, and he felt his balls explode like two hand grenades as he shot his load into his boy.


"OHHHHHHH! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah, that's fucking good, inside your little boy ass, your tight, hot boy ass, take it up your boy ass!"


Kevin fisted his own prick furiously and brought himself to an orgasm and the father and son spasmed in delight together.


Once he was spent, Dan collapsed on top of Kevin and then rolled to the side. He pulled the boy towards him so that Kevin's head was snuggled against his chest. Father and son lay there silently for quite a while, relaxing in the afterglow of their incestuous fucking.


This was what heaven was, Dan was sure.