Hong Kong Kink

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I just returned from a productive trip to Hong Kong. The sex encounters I had planned on were delightful, but the ones that were accidental were even more thrilling. I want to share with you two encounters that took place at my hotel. I stayed at the R.P. Hotel in Mong Kok, the very Chinese section of Kowloon about as far north as you can go before you get into the New Territories. I did this so I would have some privacy and be away from the hub of central Hong Kong, which was still only eighteen minutes by train, so it was no inconvenience.

I was a bit taken back by the high security of the hotel but later wondered if this was for the protection of the guests and their activities. One needed to use one’s room card to access hallways, the gym, the changing room, the pool, and the restaurants; every door was locked. They also checked your name when you went to your room, and I feared at first I would not be able to bring a young “guest” up to my room but found out they have a very liberal “guest” policy.

The young Chinese male staff is very flirty, and the hotel is connected to a massive shopping complex where boys with nothing to do but wander the hallways looking for nice men to help them out. Some of these boys are looking to earn money to help them with school supplies and the like. The two first real incidents I had happened in the health club sauna.


The nice thing about the sauna and health club at the hotel is that adults bring their children, so there are plentiful boys to look at. Unlike some of our gyms back home, here you can watch boys of eight, nine, ten, thirteen and fourteen, prancing around the locker room bare-ass naked. The door to the sauna is right across from the shower stalls, so you can see the naked boys as they wash. This is one of the best sights in Hong Kong. The boys under twelve seem to be quiet and hang on to their Dads, but the boys of thirteen and fourteen are wild and run around, and their balls and dicks flop and swing and bounce and their tight tiny asses invite a good hard fuck.


Another nice thing about the young Chinese in Hong Kong is that many of them speak excellent English. So when they beg for more dick, or ask you to fuck them harder, you can understand them unless, of course, you are making them speak with your fat dick in their mouths. Of course, my sadistic sense came into play almost at once.


Not knowing the rules, I was seated in the steam room, wearing my swim trunks, on my first night there. In walks a young man of about sixteen, stark naked. He is a very nicely built Chinese boy with a huge uncut dick. At once, the picture starts to clear up, and I begin to get the hang of things. The boy sits across from me in the sauna and spreads his legs, so I can see his big floppy balls and dick hanging over the edge of the seat. He is presumably on display for me. He does not smile. He curls his big young toes and runs a hand through his wet black hair. He looks me in the eyes. I know at once that this boy needs to be fucked.


I also realized that someone had been watching out for me, because my room number was right next to the health club. After I played with him a bit in the health club, I took the boy from the sauna back to my room to fuck him. I made him bend over and show his hole to me. I weighed his balls as if I was sizing up a prize stallion. He became more and more turned on, and I could tell he needed it badly.


As I said, my room was right next door to the health club, but that still meant a walk through the club, out the door and down the hall. I made this sixteen-year-old boy do the walk naked holding only a small washcloth in front of his dick and balls. I could tell he was excited by the humiliation, and this, of course, was right up my alley. I would soon be right up his alley. He had to walk through the gym with men and women working out, passed the front desk of the health club and out the door and then down the hall a bit to my room. I, of course, was dressed.


In my room, I learned that he was at the hotel with his parents who were involved in some convention that was going on, and he was free for three days and left on his own. He was a horny little fucker, and for three days, I put him through his paces. Although he had had some cock sucking and masturbation experiences back home, he had never been ass fucked. That was the first thing I took care of. After fucking his asshole in various positions and stretching it a bit with my fingers and a water bottle, I fucked his cute young face. I then showed him the pleasures of getting his big young balls whipped. Loving how submissive he was, I sent him into the hall, closed the room door, and made him beg me to let him in until he was in tears.


We took a break from the sex to go “shopping” in the vast modern mall adjacent to the hotel. I made him wear nothing except his tight, small gym shorts, flip-flops and a wife-beater. He was suitably humiliated. We went to an air-conditioned film, and he froze during most of it, especially when I made him strip naked and masturbate during the movie. I also made him shove popcorn up his ass, then take it out and eat it and then shove a hot dog up his asshole and then shit it out and eat it. The boy was crazy with sex need.


Back in my room, I taught him how to suck dick properly, how to lick balls, and how to eat a man’s ass. He was an outstanding student, so after I fucked him again, I taught him all about drinking piss. I took him back to all the men’s toilets at the health club, the hotel and the mall to have him lick out all the urinals we could find. I also started him in on licking toilets, both seats and bowls. On day three, our last day together, I introduced him to my shit and taught him how to eat it without gagging. This took some work, of course. By this time, we were also introducing larger and larger objects up into his now well-fucked sixteen-year-old asshole. I also introduced a plastic chop stick up his young piss hole.


After our three days together, I bid a sad farewell to my first Hong Kong encounter. I shall miss him. I made him promise to do as many nasty sexual things as he could back home, and he is continuing to email me so that I can monitor his education. I hope to get him involved with some of his schoolmates.


The second encounter was even more of a surprise and more outrageous. I never expected this. I was in the sauna again with four other guys, three older Chinese men and an adorable young Asian kid of about seventeen or so whom I was hoping to fuck. We were all just sitting there dripping sweat when this man of about thirty enters with his son who I later learned was nine. Both are wearing swimsuits. All heads look up. The father stands there and begins to teach his son about the sauna and the heat. The boy looks very shy and somewhat scared. I like a scared look on a young boy’s face. Asian boys are often very delicate and sensitive looking. His thin little body was petite and smooth. The father kept asking the boy if he liked the sauna and the heat. Something seemed very odd about it all like it was a show or something. His voice was loud, and he barked at the kid. I noticed that some of the men seated there were getting hard-ons. Then the man told his son to take off his swim trunks. The boy shook his head and begged his dad in Chinese, but the man hauled off and slapped the kid, hard.


Then the man said in English, “Take off your swimsuit, you little bitch.”


I knew that some of this must be for my benefit. The boy across from me was masturbating openly by now. The little boy slid his tiny trunks down to reveal the sweetest nine-year-old ass you would ever want to fuck. He stood there naked and trembling, water and sweat pouring off his small body. In Chinese, the man ordered the boy to turn around. The boy did a slow circle, so all present could feast their eyes on his sweet pale little body. He had tears in his eyes, or maybe just sweat. His little lips trembled. He kept saying things in Chinese to his dad.


Then in English, the Chinese Dad said, “Go stand over there where the heat is better.”


He pointed in my direction. The little boy walked between my legs and stood to face me, his eyes glued to my big hard dick. I could see now that he was quite unhappy and petrified. I spend some time studying the small dicklet and sack on the little boy. I had not touched him at all yet. I was a guest and did not know how far I was allowed or meant to go.


The father grunted something in Chinese to the boy, who then proceeded to climb up on the bench and stand next to me. This put his cock and sack just a bit lower than my face. The man seated next to me started to run his hands over the boy’s smooth, tiny ass. I began to wonder if this was a regular event at the hotel spa. These men seemed to know what they were there for. The guy next to me began to finger the boy’s asshole. The boy whimpered and moved closer to me, but the kid’s dad snapped some words at him, and the boy stood at attention, his hands balled into tight little fists. I reached up and started to flick the kid’s barely formed nipples. The boy’s father smiled and nodded. I also then began to play with the boy’s dicklet, gently massaging it. The guy behind the boy had a thick finger up the child’s asshole. With his other hand, he lifted one of the boy’s thin little legs so that he could get more finger up the tiny asshole. The other men in the sauna gathered around and began to feel the child. One guy started to rub his thick erect dick on the boy’s feet. The young dude tilted the little kid’s head back, and tongue kissed the boy before spitting in his face. I was turned on by this, of course. All the while, the father never moved, nor removed his suit, nor touched himself.


I say this with all modesty, but I had the largest dick in the sauna, and the father noticed this, so after about ten minutes of everybody in the sauna fingering the boy’s asshole and getting three fingers up his hole at once, the father decided that I should fuck the boy. Now as you know, I generally like my boy ass a bit older, and I do not go soliciting little boys of this age. But what could I do? I was in a foreign country, and I had to be polite.


So while I sat there with my legs spread and my throbbing and leaking dick standing up, they held the boy over me and lowered him onto my cock. He shook his head and started to wail. His father was having none of that and slapped the boy three times, quite hard. I could see that there was good discipline in this home. The dad put up with no nonsense from his son. The kid’s hole was extremely tight, of course, but quite elastic. He had been fucked before. The guys lowered the boy onto my dick and then bounced him, so I was balls deep up the kid’s little shitter. Then while I fucked his little ass, the other gentlemen in the steam room introduced the boy’s mouth to their hard leaking cocks. If I had been concerned about hotel security, in my current state of mindless lust, I forgot all about it. I pushed down on the little boy shoulders to get even more dick up his ass. We bounced him on my cock quite hard, and I was happy to see the look of pain on his cute face was genuine.


I am afraid I shot much more quickly than I wanted to. They lifted the crying boy off my dick, and another gentleman inserted his up the boy’s cunt. The kid’s father barked something, and the child immediately cleaned my dick with his mouth, although my cock was not soiled much. The boy was obviously very clean inside and out.


Now the teenage boy started to kiss me and lick my armpits. Two of the men were fucking the little boy front and back, and through all of this, the father never did a thing. Eventually, all five men unloaded up the nine-year-old boy’s ass. I kissed and sucked the teen, and he sucked me into another orgasm. We put the little boy on the floor of the sauna and had him shit out our cum, and then we made him lick it up. Well, we didn’t, the boy’s father did. I was delighted to see that he knew that a boy must clean up after himself. Then we all had a good piss on the crying boy, including in his mouth.


I took the teen back to my room with me for additional sex and learned from him that this man brought his little son to the hotel about once a month. Although I never saw him or any of the same men again, apparently they had a way of getting the word around when the father/son duo would show up. The teen told me they sometimes played snap towel on the boy’s hot little ass, and they sometimes made him crawl around like a doggie. He told me he had fucked the boy in the pool and the weight room as well.


The teen came from a wealthy family, was a student and just came to stay at the hotel about once a month for fun. We had fun. But I will never forget my Hong Kong hotel. I had some other fun experiences there, including one at an Opera Cabaret. I may share these in the future.