(MB) (anal) (rape) (snuff)
A palimpsest based on a story by Banderfoot

It was a cloudy and cold afternoon when I saw him hitching alongside the empty state highway. He had, at a glance, a young, fresh “deer in the headlights” look about him. I pulled over just past him and waited for him to run up to me. He tossed a small backpack into the back seat as he climbed into the front.

“Going west?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, “all the way to Oregon.”

That was all he said. We did not exchange names or any other pleasantries. He looked about fifteen or so, had strawberry red hair and some freckles around his nose.
At this point, I should describe some things about myself. I travel about the upper Midwest involved in the sales of farm machinery. I have no wife or family and am responsible only to myself. I work for no specific company but arrange sales for several brands. I am very good at what I do.
I am also what you would call a serial killer and a rapist. My favorite prey is young teenage boys like the one sitting next to me here. The opportunity frequently arises along the highways and byways of my grounds. I have never had to stalk. Typically, I find one way or another to lure a victim to where I can subdue them and then take them to some secluded area where I have my fun.
As we drive silently along, I take increasingly long glances at him. He has pure white skin, blue eyes and a sad, distant look in his face. The boy was very much underdressed for the weather for this time of year in light clothes. If it had started raining before I found him, he might have frozen.
“Runaway,” I thought to myself.
He was becoming quite nervous with the way I was eyeing him, perhaps thinking he had made a mistake catching a ride with me. I wanted to know one more thing before taking him.
“Have you been out there long? Where did you start from?”
“Yeah, since Thursday I guess. I started in Springfield” (I assumed Illinois).
That was all I needed to know. The boy was days away from where anyone knew him or would be looking for him so I was sure that I could do this without much risk. About a half a day’s drive down the road, I knew there was a turn out from this road to an abandoned quarry that I have used twice before. Two other young teen boys in fact!
I made an excuse of having to take a leak and pulled over when no cars were coming. As soon as I stopped, I brought my fist into the boy’s face and gut with several hard blows. The boy barely managed a shocked grunt before he was unconscious. I then quickly brought out the rope and hogtied him, and then I gagged him. As he was just coming around, I pulled him out of the car and put him in the trunk.
I continued my drive at a regular pace. I had plenty of gas and was in no hurry. My cock was getting hard listening to the boy’s bumps in the trunk and muffled screams. I nearly creamed myself in anticipation of what I was going to do him.
A few hours later I turned off the highway down a secondary road. It was off of this road where the quarry was located. By now the boy had managed to get his gag off somehow and was pleading with me to release him. I pulled onto a bumpy and overgrown dirt track, my car barely able to manage it. I could tell by his screams that he was getting petrified now!
After some time, I got to the area I used. It scarcely looked as if anyone had ever visited since the last time I was there. I could hear the boy screaming and pounding for someone to let him out. I thought I should oblige. I unlocked the trunk and threw it open. He lay there hogtied.
“Please, stop! No!”
“Hey, faggot, it’s time for some fun,” I taunted.
I yanked him out of the trunk and dragged him to a tree. He was whimpering for me not to hurt him and let him go. This was going to be fun. As I undid his raw and bleeding ankles from the rope, he started to kick at me, so I gave him one sharp slap to his face.
“Do not try that again or you die, faggot!” I screamed.
I fastened his wrists to the tree with a lead rope.
“Please don’t hurt me, mister…just let me go…please, let me go,” he begged.
“Oh, don’t worry about that. I ain’t gonna keep you,” I told the boy.
I walked back to my car and got out his small backpack. There were some clothes and boy crap, a little bit of weed and a student ID. “Stephan Decatur High, Andy Feady, Freshman” was all it said. I filled the pack with some heavy stones and threw all of it into the quarry’s dark, cold water.
“So, how old are ya?” I asked him.
“Fifteen,” he said slowly, “please, let me go!”
“Fat chance, faggot,” I snickered.
I walked over to where he lay and pulled a wicked looking knife from a sheath. I put the blade at the cuffs of his pants and sliced all the way up to his waistline, slicing the pants in two halves. I could tell he was scared that I would slice him too.
“Well, Andy, have you ever been fucked by a guy before? Ever have a man’s cock in your boy-cunt, ever feel him cum inside you?”
“Noooo, please don’t do this. I never did anything with guys. I’m not gay, please don’t.”
“Oh, calm down, faggot. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing you got fucked up the ass. After I cum inside you, I am going to strangle you, weigh you down and drop you in that quarry pool over there. YOU’RE GONNA DIE TODAY, FAGGOT! No one is ever going to know what happened to you.”
I could see the tears well up in his eyes as the fear washed over his face. He knew then that I was not lying and that he was indeed about to die a horrid death.
“Nooo! Oh, god, somebody, help me, please! Someone help! HELP!” he screamed over and over again as pissed himself a little.
“Oh, now, sunshine, don’t cry. I tell you what. I can’t fuck and kill you until you cum first. Okay, faggot?”
“Wha...what?” he stammered.
“Here, I’ll show you.”
I cut open his jacket and shirt revealing his pale white body. He was the purest white, with light colored nipples, which also had the same light freckles on the top. I left only his dirty, piss-soaked tighty-whities on. I kissed him around his face as he turned his head away from me. I licked down his neck kissing his ear and shoulder and made my way down to his gorgeous petite nips.
I could hear him whimpering lightly in fear as I rolled one tiny nipple in my fingers as I gently sucked the other. I switched a couple of times before progressing downwards, kissing and licking his soft white belly as I cupped one hand on a tit and the other started to massage his prick and balls.
He was already getting hard. Most of my other victims never got aroused this fast (I, of course, killed the ones who didn’t anyway, but no need to tell him that now!) I started kissing back up his torso, increasing the pressure on his hardening prick.
“Kiss me back and use your tongue like your life depends on it, faggot,” I whispered in his ear.
As our lips touched, his mouth opened and we wrestled tongues. I think he at least had gone this far before. As I kissed and sucked his tongue my hand slid over the top of his underpants and onto his hard prick. The heat was intense, and as I wrapped my hand around his hard prick, he spurted pre-cum.
“Man, you are ripe, aren’t you?”
“Nooo…don’t...please…oh…god,” he weakly sobbed.
I cut his piss-soaked underpants off him. He hard prick was oozing pre-fuck.
“Well, faggot, time for a final and first fuck for ya,” I said to him as I shed my pants off and climbed between his smooth legs putting his legs over my shoulders. The exposed pink, crinkled asshole added to my excitement and to the boy’s degradation. I guided my cock towards the boy’s tight, virgin asshole. I paused for a second and then pushed against the clenching hole. My invasion was met with resistance as the tiny hole would not open up to allow me to penetrate. I gave a hard thrust, and my cock popped in. The boy screamed from the agony of my cock conquering his once virgin fuckhole.
“Ow…no…please stop…don’t do this…oh, god…it hurts…please,” the boy tried in vain to plead with me.
I grew tired of hearing him at this point so with my shaft buried balls deep in his tight boy-cunt, I closed my hands around his throat and squeezed. I started to bone him really fast as I closed my fingers tighter and tighter around his thin white neck. His face turned beet red, and he tried to throw me off of him. I was having none of that.
I screwed him hard into the leaves and gravel. I knew I would not last long in this tight little teenage boy hole, so I viciously fucked him faster and faster as his tight hole milked my cock. I wanted him alive long enough to feel himself cum from being fucked before he died. I had to time it right.
“Now it’s time to make you cum, faggot.”
“Na…na…unghhhh…no,” he groaned as my cock pummeled his virgin asshole.
I could tell this little cockwhore was about to pop! I tightened my grip around the struggling boy’s throat. His lithe little body shuddered and convulsed into a powerful orgasm as cum blasted from his pulsating prick, covering his smooth, white stomach in cum.
“Na…na…nah…ahhh…oh…mmm,” he cooed as his wave of pleasure subsided. He then immediately began to sob.
“Gonna cum now, faggot, right up inside you and make you mine forever,” I told him as the semen rushed in the first jet into his sucking asshole. Jet after jet shot into his receptive box just as the life faded from his eyes.
I continued pounding and pumping my cum into a now lifeless corpse. Man, it felt great. I spent myself inside the boy. I pulled out and smeared my cum on that cute freckled red head’s face and then took out my camera for some personal photos of my newest prize.
In a few minutes, his body was stuffed in a bag along with heavy rocks at the bottom of an abandoned quarry lake. In time I would search out another prize.