His Son's Sweet Little Ass

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Jake Adams looked at his watch. It was nearly 6:30 and almost time to go pick up his son Tyler at soccer practice. The cute thirteen year old played on a team of seventh and eighth graders, and Jake had recently found himself strangely drawn to his son's soccer practices and games. He had noticed that the boy had a beautiful ass, which was rather disturbing to the otherwise normal law-abiding citizen.


Jake Adams was a man's man. He liked to go fishing and hunting, and he loved to kick back on a Sunday and watch football while drinking beer. He paid his taxes and certainly wasn't no fag. He had always been into girls, but he had nonetheless started to find his son's firm little pubescent boy ass incredibly irresistible.


Jake thought about Tyler's cute butt as he drove to the field at the middle school. He arrived a few minutes before the team had finished their drills and was able to enjoy the sight of the boys running around in their tight little blue shorts and soccer jerseys. His eyes focused on Tyler's ass, and he felt his perverted cock stir in his pants. Fuck, the kid was hot, even if he was his own son.


The boy had a hair of gold, like his mother, and a lithe little body that moved so perfectly as he chased the little black and white-checkered ball around the field. Jake decided then and there to fuck his kid that evening. His wife, conveniently enough, was out of town on business, so he and Tyler would be alone tonight. A perfect time to rape the kid's fanny.


The boys finished their exercises and Tyler came running over to his father.


"Hi Daddy," he said with a big grin. Jake's cock throbbed in his pants.


"Hey kiddo. How was practice?"


"Great. Coach says we're looking pretty good."


Jake smiled at the unintended double entendre. "Yeah, you are looking great! I liked your moves out there."


"Gee, thanks Dad," Tyler said as he climbed into the passenger side of the SUV. Jake looked over at his son's smooth legs and felt his cock stir again.


"How about pizza for dinner?" Jake suggested.


"Sounds super!" Tyler responded enthusiastically.


Jake picked up his cell phone and called Luigi's and ordered a large with pepperoni. It was the boy's favorite.


After picking up the pizza Jake and his son drove home, then the two sat down to eat with Tyler still in his uniform. Jake poured himself a double vodka tonic and took a big gulp. The man wasn't sure how he was going to get his boy's ass, but he was determined to get it.


"You really did look very hot out there tonight, Tyler" he said as he took a big gulp of his drink.


"Thanks," Tyler answered, chomping into his slice.


"Your muscles are really developing," Jake said, then after a pause he added "Even your ass is looking hot."


Tyler stopped chewing his mouthful of pizza and started blushing a red as deep as the tomato sauce on the slice he was holding.


"You really have a nice ass, Tyler."


The boy swallowed. "Um, thanks, Dad."


"I mean it. It's really pretty, just like a girl's. Why don't you show it to me, baby."


"Huh?" He looked up at his father with a weird look on his face.


"Show me your ass, Tyler. I want to see it."


"Why?" he asked.


"Because I want to." Jake was feeling really horny now at the prospect of seeing his son's nude rump and was growing impatient. "Now stand up and show it to me, or I will rip your shorts off myself" he said firmly.


Tyler sat still for a moment, then slowly stood up. He turned around so that his back was towards Jake and then the out-of-control father yanked his son's cotton shorts down to his ankles. Jake gasped when he saw the smooth little globes of his boy's young butt framed by the jock strap he had given him.


"Very nice, Tyler, very nice," he leered softly.


"Are you going to spank me, Daddy?" the boy asked quietly, with a noticeable element of fear in his voice.


"No, Tyler, I just wanted to see your pretty butt," Jake responded.


"Can I pull my pants up now?"


"No, Tyler," he answered flatly, taking a big gulp of his liquor. "Lean over the table." Jake felt himself going out of his mind with lust. His prick was now in control of his actions.


Tyler complied but was curious. "What are you doing, Daddy?"


Jake took another swig of his drink, then spoke to his boy: "Tyler, your ass is too beautiful, I am going to have to fuck it."


Tyler was too shocked to say anything. Taking advantage of the boy's astonished silence, Jake pulled open his fly and yanked his now rigid cock out of his pants. He finished off his vodka and, stepping up behind his son, he grabbed a bottle of olive oil that was on the table and poured some onto his turgid rod. Then, holding his prick in his left hand, he spread Tyler's boy cheeks open with his right hand and placed the head of his dick against the kid's small pink hole.


"Dad, I don't know about..."


"Shut up, Tyler," Jake hissed at the boy, with a ferocity that he didn't know he possessed. "Daddy needs to fuck your pretty ass and you're going to let him. It doesn't matter if you're a fag or not, I just need to have it, so shut your pretty mouth or I'll make you into a cocksucker too." Jake announced before he pressed his cock forward against Tyler's virgin hole.


His hole resisted, but Jake was determined and his dick head finally popped in, causing his other head to swoon in delight as he entered his young son. He had never felt anything so good. Time stood still as his prick took him to paradise, and Jake was only vaguely aware of his son's anguished cries of pain.


Jake looked down at the uber-geil sight of his veiny eight-inch cock thrusting into what had, until a moment earlier, been his thirteen year old son's virgin asshole. The boy continued to cry out in pain and fear, but Jake paid him no mind. He was concentrating on the glorious sensation that was emanating from his penis, and was mesmerized by the site of Tyler's deflowering. He shoved his dick all the way to the hilt and wiggled it from side to side. It felt so good that he couldn't help but yell, and his ecstatic moans merged with his son's wailful strains to form a discordant symphony of pain and pleasure.


After luxuriating in the bliss of their sinful incestuous union for several minutes, Jake slowly began to withdraw his cock until just the head was left lodged in his son's ass. While Jake was enjoying the sight and feel of his cock protruding from his boy's butt, Jake thought he heard Tyler say "why are you doing this, Daddy, why?" Instead of answering Jake slammed his cock balls-deep into Tyler, prompting another cry from his ravaged son.


Jake began to pump in and out in a steady rhythm and he concentrated on what he was doing. He was fucking. But he wasn't just fucking; he was fucking a boy. A young boy. And not just any young boy, but his own son! And it was his son's virgin boy ass! All these thoughts swirled around Jake's randy mind as he pistoned in and out of Tyler's hole, and all too soon Jake felt the tell-tale tingling in his balls that preceded orgasm.


"Hmpfh. Take it, Tyler. Take your Dad's fucking prick up your fucking ass."


Jake picked up his speed and the kitchen table started to move across the floor as a result of Jake's thrusts. The cum boiled out of Jake's balls and into Tyler's ass as the depraved father let out another loud scream. Jake then collapsed on top of his son and after a few minutes withdrew his deflating cock from his now strangely silent son.


"Thanks kiddo, that was great." He said to his son. "I really love your ass. Now clean up the dishes why I go shower up, and you know you had better not mention this to anyone."


Jake headed upstairs as the confused boy pulled up his shorts and started to put the dishes in the dishwasher. He never did tell anyone and his father continued to use his ass for many years to come.