High School Hazing

(B) (humil)

In my recent stories, real-life essays, and letter exchanges on the subject of hazing and initiations, I wrote a bit about high school team hazings. As some of you know, my introduction to BDSM was as a teacher for a few years at a wealthy private school. I had been interested in dominance and submission but had had little experience with it. I was twenty at the time and got a contract teaching at this wealthy private school of rich boys. I learned that the hazing rituals at this school were severe and almost unbelievable. The teachers, board, and parents all seemed to know of it. Although some of the teachers protested and hated it, other teachers seemed to love it. Freshman boys and new boys on sports teams were put through really grotesque (and hot) hazings often with extreme sexual content.

Since I was fucking several of the senior boys, I was permitted to witness some of the hazing games. I have written about that at other times so I will not repeat myself. Younger boys having to masturbate in front of older boys was nothing at all compared to some of the things they had to do including sucking lots and lots of dick. There was very little ass fucking for some reason, but the younger boys had many objects shoved up the virginal asses. The boys had to eat ass almost every day.
A boy’s tits are a perfect target for hazing fun. At first, the clips on his nipples are not too tight. He is in little pain, but the exercise is more for humiliation. The clips will get more painful. Soon metal office clips will be used. You can painfully stretch their tits with suction cups and glasses. Those little teen titties can really be turned into sow nipples. I have always really enjoyed doing this to boys with whom I have worked. Once the male nipples are worked enough, they will never go back to their former shape. They become like sensitive sow tits, and they show even through tee shirts.
Now, what interested me about these high school hazings that I both witnessed and, in later years, studied is the fascination that boys of seventeen and eighteen—straight boys—had in the dicks and balls, and tits of the younger boys. What pleasure they got out of torturing and abusing those particular parts of a younger boy’s body. There had to be some sexual connection there.
A boy would have clothespins attached to his nut sack, to his foreskin, even to his ass lips. And he would have to parade around in front of other boys like this. The boy takes this humiliation in good spirits since he wants to be on the team so badly. He has been convinced that this kind of thing is “all in fun.” Is it all just innocent fun when the older boys handle and finger his uncut teenage prick and his still-developing nuts? They will roll his nuts in their hands and attach clips to them. They will finger his asshole and attach clips to the ass lips themselves. What kind of pleasure will they derive from this if it is not sexual and all about domination and submission? These are Alpha boys taking their fun with a boy who is forced, at least for a while, to be a sub. As you see from the news every few weeks, this kind of stuff still goes on. In fact, after a lull, it is on the rise again.
Sometimes the pledges are forced to shave each other’s cocks and balls, and asses, which is common in high school hazings where the hair is relatively recent and shaving it off reduces the boy to a prepubescent state. I have read about high school and college hazings where one pledge was forced to bite off, chew and swallow the prick, ball and asshole hair of another pledge.
In Thailand, I played a game several times with two boys who were sometimes brothers. The boys had to pull out their own ball and prick and asshole hair. The boy who could tug out the most hairs—two, three, four—at one time would win, and I would give him a generous monetary reward. Seeing them in extreme self-inflicted pain but doing so of their own volition just to make money, gave me a raging hardon. Sometimes I had boys tug out each other’s ball or asshole hair. I have also had boys chew and swallow the armpit, pubic and ass hair of other boys for money.
In the school where I taught briefly, the new boys had their prick, ball and asshole hair shaved and then they were forced to eat it. They also had to eat each other’s shaved ball hair as well. High school boys were forced to masturbate each other using only their feet. Remember, these were normal, totally straight boys, girl fuckers who submitted to twisted homoerotic forms of hazing just so they can get on the team.
Demasculating the boy is a big part of the game. I remember that freshman boys had to come to class some days dressed as girls. I have files full of photos from my days teaching proving all of this. Swim team boys had to go to class wearing only their speedos. Imagine the teasing they took.
Such hazings also take place in middle schools. I have a whole series of photos of middle school hazings including a boy tied up and gagged in the locker room shower, and boys made to crawl around naked. Many coaches and teachers seem to get off on this whole thing as “just boys having innocent fun.”
You have all read, I am sure, about “new boys” getting broom handles shoved up their assholes as well as toilet plungers—symbolic fucking of new boys to reduce them to cunts. This is typical in high school. I witnessed this myself. I also saw new boys made to masturbate and suck each other as entertainment for “the team.”
I am afraid that I am guilty of encouraging the boys who were close to me to do even more disgusting and obscene things to the boys they were hazing. I know I should have put a stop to it, but that would not have been any fun. Instead, I told them to go further. I suggested the boys being hazed be forced to suck and eat the asses of the whole team, which really started me in on the lifestyle that I have been practicing ever since. This was my start, this and some incidents that happened when I taught in England.
Sounds were shoved up the boys’ piss holes as well, not real medical sounds, but straws, pencils, even chopsticks. Shoving something up a boy's pisser is a fun and easy way to bring him pain as well as a kind of demasculation of the boy. Strong, tight rubber bands around the kid’s dick and balls is another common form of discomfort for the boy.
I am always available to discuss with you my lifelong study of hazing and pledge abuse. As I say, I have one of the world’s most extensive files on the subject.