He's Ready


He’s fifteen. He’s ready. All you have to do is get him drunk, suggest that he spend the night, so his parents don’t find out he’s drunk. Have him call his parents and tell them he is staying at a friend’s house, then take him home with you and fuck the shit out of him (literally).

You feed him some mild drugs and lots of Viagra. You get cozy with him. Open his shirt and give him a massage to relax him with fucking him as your ultimate goal. You can hardly stand how cute he is. You nuzzle him and kiss him, getting him to open his mouth so you can spit in it. Later, you will spit all over his face. You will teach this beautiful angel to suck on your balls and to eat your asshole. Look at him. He is already a bit tipsy. He has never really drunk before.

He’s fifteen.


He’s a virgin.


He’s ready.