Henry, His Dad, and Horse

(mb) (oral) (humil, viol) (inc)

If you don’t think I was frightened for my five-year-old son when we walked into that room, you are nuts. Not that Horse was not good looking. He dressed in that trendy A&F baggy casual style, with a baseball cap on his head. He had a head of dark curly hair and a winning smile. He had also cut up a guy that I know so badly that the poor son of a bitch needed facial repair. Horse was not to be trifled with. He thought I had trifled with him.

Actually, I had gotten a bit over my head into debt gambling. Okay, way over my head. I was a twenty-three-year-old college student with a wife and child, and my life was pretty much shit. I had gambled to try to break out, and all I had done was sink myself further into shit. Horse represented the “Boys Downtown” whomever “they” were.
I was pretty naïve to all this street stuff. All I knew was that I would be dead by morning if I didn’t placate Horse. And what Horse wanted was not my money, which I didn’t have anyway, nor my life, which I still did, but my five-year-old son. Call that sick. Go on. I do. I did. I think it’s the sickest thing on earth. And I love my son. I really do. But what was I to do? It was either provide my baby boy for his sick lusts, or my son, my wife, and I would all be swimming with the fishes or some such suitable cliché.
Horse stood across the hotel room smiling as one of his thugs ushered us in. My son Henry squeezed my hand more tightly. He was such a good boy. The saddest thing was that he trusted me implicitly, and now I was about to sacrifice him to save my own ass—mine and my wife’s. I had offered my wife, Ann, to Horse, but he just chuckled, shook his head, and said he likes boy-cunt—really, really young boy-cunt.
“So this is the little fuckhole,” he said with an evil smile on his handsome face.

It stung me like a slap to the face I tell you, calling my beautiful little Henry a fuckhole. Only five years old. How could he be a fuckhole?
“This is Henry,” I said hearing my voice shake.
Horse’s smile grew bigger.
“I’ll bet he had every dick in kindergarten leaking, huh?”
He reached down and groped the massive lump in his jeans. It was huge. Obscene. I’d heard a rumor he was a fucking freak down there.
“Does he know why he’s here?”
I couldn’t answer. I could see Horse’s dick lump pushing out his pants as he walked over to us. I wanted to turn and run. He got in front of Henry and squatted to be on his level, looking into his big blue eyes.
“Hi, Henry, I’m Horse. Do you know why you’re here?”
Henry shook his pretty head negatively. Horse chuckled.
“You’re here because I am going to fuck you. Do you know what fucking is?”
Henry shook his head back and forth again, and I had to bite my lower lip to keep my sanity.
“My, my, what a rotten sex education Daddy has given you. I would have thought a pretty young dick ditch like you that you’d be sucking Daddy’s big dick every night by now. That’s what good little five-year-old boys do. Are you a good little five-year-old boy?”
Henry nodded affirmatively.
“Then why haven’t you been sucking Daddy’s dick every night?”
“I don’t know...” he said barely above a whisper.
“Please—” I managed before Horse stood up and gobbed right in my face. A huge wad of spit hit my nose and ran down over my lips.
“Are we going to do this my way or not?”
“Your way,” I muttered.
Henry gasped at the sight of his daddy being spit on. Horse looked down at him.
“Do you want your Daddy to be hurt?” Tears filled my son’s beautiful eyes as he shook his head. “If you are a good little cumdump and do everything I tell you to do, your daddy won’t be hurt. But if you make even one mistake, I will hurt him, and I will hurt him bad. Do you understand, you fucking little cumdump?”
Henry looked at me. I nodded to him that Horse was speaking the truth. He looked at him, a tear running down his cheek and nodded yes. Horse smiled broadly.
“Good. Then let’s start out by you telling me ‘I’m a fucking little fag who loves cock!’ ”
Henry twisted his face up in that cute expression he makes when he is trying to figure something out. Horse punched me in the stomach.
“I don’t like to repeat myself.”
“I’m a little fag who loves cock,” Henry said.
You should have seen how he looked, those horrible words coming out of his sweet innocent mouth. Horse shook his head.
“No, you’re a fucking little fag who loves cock!”
“I’m a fucking little fag who loves cock.”
“Louder. Say it nice and loud, bitch!”
“Beautiful. Perfect. And you are too. You’re going to be. You’re going to be a fucking little fag who loves cock. Well, you’re going to be a fucked little cumdump who loves cock. Don’t worry. Daddy is going to stay here and watch it all. That’s his punishment for not paying his debts. Who knows, Daddy might even participate. Wouldn’t that be fun? Now, let’s get a proper look at you. I want you to go over there in the middle of the room and take off your clothes. Take off your shorts, and then your shoes and socks. Take off your underwear until you are totally bare-ass naked for your Daddy and me.”
“Daddy, do I have to?”
I wish he hadn’t turned to ask me. Because that made Horse angry and he stomped on my foot and kneed me in the nuts. Henry cried out, ran to the middle of the room, and began to undress.
My God, he was beautiful. So beautiful that when he had stripped down to only his little boy Sesame Street undies, Horse had him with his hands at his side so that he could eat the boy with his eyes.
“What a perfect little fuckhole. Jesus, that fag is going to have a nice cock on him when he gets older, you can tell that already. But to be honest with you, my man,” he smiled at me, “I prefer a boy with a little clitty. I prefer them when they’re little sissies! I don’t get much baby boy-cunt. It’s not easy to come by, so this is a special occasion for me too!”
He turned to me, spit on his hand and rubbed it all over my face. I just stood there taking it. What could I do? He turned back to my baby boy.
“Now, real slow, baby, take off your undies so we can see your pretty little clitty.”
Henry frowned again. He knew what he was doing was a “bad thing.” We had talked about “bad things” and how he should never let anyone do any “bad things” to him. Now I wish I had never told him that because it just made it worse for him. He peeled down the Sesame Street underwear and stood there totally naked. A five-year-old naked boy. Horse jumped up and down with glee.
“Woweee! Look at the little fuckhole! Look at the tiny ass on the little fag! Oh, fuck, am I going to have fun ripping that open.”
“Oh, god, please, I can’t stand this!”
Now I was crying, and Henry was crying because I was crying. Horse spun on me.
“Why don’t you join the party, Daddy? Why don’t you help your little cunt of a son to relax? Why not strip out of your clothes as well?”
“Please don’t make me undress in front of him.”
I was in extreme pain.
“Would you rather be dead, fuckhead? Huh? Would you rather be fucking dead? I’ll still fuck your baby after you’re dead, so it’s your choice.”
Henry was screaming for me to obey the man. I obeyed my son. I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks. Then I stood up and took off my sweatshirt, jeans, and t-shirt. Then I halted. I was so fucking scared. Horse hooked his thumbs in the loops of his jeans.
“Whatcha waitin’ for, Blanche?”
“Do I have to show him my...my...my…” I couldn’t even say it.
“Your dick? Do you have to show him your dick? Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, you do have to show him your fucking dick. So take off the fucking briefs.”
My wife and I had always been very conservative around the house, and careful not to let our son see anything he shouldn’t. So I knew that this was Henry’s very first look at an adult penis, any penis. I peeled the shorts down and stood naked in front of my son. His eyes widened when he saw my dick, which for some awful reason was half-hard. I have no fucking idea why I am well hung. My balls hang low and heavy. Chicks have always loved them. Before I met my wife, I fucked around quite a bit. Was this my punishment? I stood there naked. My nipples hardened in the cold air of the room. I could see Henry’s nipples were nothing more than tiny pebbles.
“There. Are we all comfy now? Henry the Cumdump feels much more relaxed now that he can see Daddy’s prick and balls. Don’t cover yourself with your hands, Jeff. If you cover yourself, Henry and I can’t see your big fat dick and balls. Have you ever seen Daddy’s cock and balls, Henry?”
Henry didn’t respond, so Horse kneed me in my big fat naked nuts. I crumpled to the rug.
“I asked you if you ever saw Daddy’s big fat cock and balls, Henry.”
Henry yelped like a wounded animal and shook his head back and forth. He bit his beautiful lower lip in fear. Horse kicked me.
“Spread your legs. Show Henry your cock and balls. That’s where you come from, Henry. Oh, you came out of Mommy’s cunt, but you first came from the tiny hole in the middle of your daddy’s cock! It’s called a piss slit.”
Henry shook his head. Horse looked angry.
“He…he thinks...he thinks he came from the angels.”
I was sitting there on the rug, crying, legs spread, my nuts resting on the carpet, my dick half-hard for no good reason, talking about angels.
“Tell him he came from your dick and Mommy’s cunt.”
“Honey, the man is right. The Angels sent you, but you came from—”
“Sit in the chair!”
I did.
“Spread your legs wide.”
I did.
Horse smiled and went toward Henry.
“Henry, I want you to go over and have a good look at Daddy’s big cock. Have you ever seen a cock, Henry?”
He shook his head no.
“Well, you go on over and have a real good look.”
Henry walked between my legs. His eyes were so full of love along with lots of fear. He looked down at my dick and balls.
“Go on, Henry, take Daddy’s cock and balls in your hands and feel them.”
“Please, Horse, must you do this?”
“I can do whatever the fuck I please. Now, Henry, I want you to take your daddy’s prick and nuts in your sweet little hands. You have five seconds, or I will hurt your daddy.”
Horse came over behind me, and for some reason started to rub my shoulders and run his hands over my naked chest, even tweaking my nipples. It aroused me. I am ashamed to say it, but it aroused me. I am in no way gay. Never have been. But my dick got harder and harder. Henry, fascinated by my growing prick, reached out and took my large nut sack in his tiny hands.
“Tell him how much you like it when he plays with your cock and balls.”
Horse was twisting both my nipples now.
“Henry...Henry, I really like it when you...when you play with my cock and balls.”
Henry smiled at me, a strange, uncertain smile. I knew he needed some encouragement. My breathing was growing heavy and ragged not only from my five-year-old son holding my dick and nuts but also from Horse working my tits.
“You are a good looking guy, Jeff. A very good-looking guy. I’ll bet the cunts drip when you walk by. We could have been friends. Good friends. It’s a shame this had to happen. Let’s hope it all works out for the best. Ask Henry to kiss your cock!”
I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. Not ask my own five-year-old son to kiss my cock. I just couldn’t until Horse started to work my nipples viciously. He pinched them so hard that I thought I would black out. I have good pecs and rather large nipples, and they are very sensitive.
“Ah…ah…Henry, please...please...honey, please kiss Daddy’s cock.”
Henry wrinkled up his cute nose. It’s a look he makes when he thinks something is icky. But when he saw Horse increase the pain still more, he quickly bent down and gave the stalk of my dick a kiss. Holy shit, his lips were so soft. My dick jumped and got even harder as it burped out a dollop of pre-cum. Why? I know it was a really sick, perverted reaction.
“No, no, you stupid fucking cock whore, not a quick peck, I want you to give Daddy’s cock a real long kiss, a loving smooch right on the head of the cock. Hold it in your hand and kiss it right on the tip.”
My five-year-old son kissed my dick. Then at Horse’s orders, he kissed each nut. Then he licked my balls. He hated that. My cock was rock hard by then. Horse was gently massaging my pecs and nipples. My dick was streaming pre-cum on my son’s forehead. I was crying and in the throes of lust at the same time. Henry was crying, and his tears mingled with his spit on my fuck sacks.
“That’s right. Lift the nuts with your tongue. Lick way down under Daddy’s scrotum. What a good fucking little cock whore.”
If you think a poor five-year-old boy being forced to lick a man’s balls is the worst thing you ever heard of, read no further, what came after was a thousand times more horrifying and more perverse that I can hardly even write about it. But even now, thinking back to that night of agony and terror, my dick throbs and leaks.