Heart to Heart

(MB) (anal, oral) (nc) (inc)

I was having a heart to heart chat with my eleven-year-old son. He is so sweet and cuddly, that he was sitting on my lap in just his panties. I had my finger inside his panties, tickling his eleven-year-old pricklet, as we chatted. He is such a sweetie and something of a “Mama’s Boy.” Bringing him up without a mother there has been no easy task for me let me tell you that. I try to instill the correct ideas, values, and ethics in him. I feel I know how a boy should behave and what a boy his age should think, but I admit that sometimes I am wrong.

I want you to know up front that I have never fucked my son. Oh my no, I am a man of high morals and ethics. I would never shove my fuckmeat into the asshole of my own son. Oh, it’s been tempting let me tell you. It’s difficult being a single father, having the yearnings of a normal healthy male. And seeing on almost a daily basis the soft pink hairless asshole of my own dear child who so resembles his dead mother. So I have relented a bit. I have taken to tickling and fingering his fuckhole, and the sweet darling does enjoy that. Well, did enjoy that.
I started fingering him from the time he was eight. A year or so before that, he had taken to the habit of kissing my dick good night before he went to bed. I confess that it was my idea. I had taught him that good boys love to kiss cock! It was almost their favorite thing in the whole world. I taught him that soon he would have his first “boyfriend,” and that he would expect him to kiss and lick his dick! Some of you may think that a boy of seven is too young to learn such facts of life, but I disagree.
Schoolboys in the seventh and eighth grade nowadays are expecting to get their dicks sucked. If a sissy boy wants to be popular, he has to know how to give a damned good blowjob by sixth grade. Of course, many high school boys like to bully younger boys, so they can feel the thrill of having a sweet tiny pre-teen face to fuck. So, in that sense, Matty, not actually having had sex and reaching the ripe age of ten, was a late bloomer. I have read about boys much younger than ten that have taken dick up their boy-cunt, and I have seen some interesting films that prove this.
I tried to instill in Matty a sense that his main purpose in life was to please men sexually. This is what sissy boys are born for, what they live for. To that end, I tried to teach him to be an excellent cocksucker by practicing on me. I know, I know, many of you think because I am his father that this is not right, not correct, somehow sinful or perverted, but I would much rather have my little sweetie learn on my fuckmeat than on the fucker of some wild, dirty teenage boy.
Now, to be fair, Matty resisted at first. It took some patience and even discipline to teach him that this was his proper place in life. He protested that the other boys at school didn’t suck their father’s dicks. I pointed out to him that most likely they did, but no boy would be allowed to talk about this. And then I felt it was time for Matty to get fucked! As I said, my high morals forbade me to do such a thing, so I set about looking for a nice “boyfriend” for Matty. I wanted to choose an older boy. Older than him anyway, so his “boyfriend” could bring some expertise and knowledge of “life skills” to the relationship. I wanted a boy who would appreciate how special and talented my little boy is. I wanted a boy who would shelter, protect and take good care of him.
I found such a boy working at the local grocery market. He is eighteen. I feel the age difference is just right. He is certainly more mature than my son is. His name is Jeff and he just recently got out of a reform school for boys, placed there for raping a boy of nine. I know some of you should feel that I should be wary of a former criminal, but look at it this way. Jeff has paid his debt to society. Doesn’t he deserve a second chance at life? A nice steady “boyfriend” might help him adjust to society and make him happy. When I interviewed him and asked him if he would like a younger aged “boyfriend,” the cute kid lit up like a Christmas tree!
However, there were certain other requirements. I say with all modesty that I have a huge dick. So Matty had been learning about cocksucking and masturbating a dick from a man who was very well hung. The last thing I wanted was for him to turn around and get a “boyfriend” with a peanut prick! Some poor slob who had only five or six inches of fuckmeat! That would be cheating my dear son of the true thrill of sex, so I demanded to see Jeff’s fuckmeat! At first, I am sure, he thought I was some kind of pervert, but I showed him films of my son sucking my dick to calm him down. Through these, we built a mutual trust. I said I wanted a young man who could really bring out the best in my little boy.
Having established trust, Jeff stripped naked for me one night at my home. I got out a small scale and weighted his seemingly heavy balls. I wanted to make sure his seed bags could hold a good quantity of cum. He was shy at first about me handling his fuck sack, but I assure him that I was one hundred percent straight. I expect teenage boys to be a bit shy and nervous, so to calm him down I asked him about his various sexual experiences, how many young boys he had fucked, if he liked to fuck ass or face, you know, those normal, down to earth questions. Well, young Jeff was a veritable FUCK MACHINE. I held his dick in my hand to feel its heft. It was quite thick, which is good.
You would be amazed how a thick dick can enhance the fuck experience for a young boy. Long skinny dicks cannot compete with a good wrist thick cunt stuffer. The young boy-cunt is stretched in this manner, giving a fuller, more complete fuck. I was also please to find that Jeff’s dick erected to nine inches in length. With my son being only eleven and small for his age, he would certainly be pounding into the little tyke’s stomach. Jeff was shy when I masturbated him, but I had to get the dick juicing, so I could see how much fuck-lube he produced. I am happy to report that Jeff is a real leaker.
“But Jeff, are you rough when you fuck? Do you give the boi-bitch a good hard ride?”
I wanted to make sure he was not some weak, pathetic dweeb.
“I fuck the boy’s hole so hard, he can’t walk when I am finished.” The typical bragging of teenage kid was so cute. “I almost rip the fucking bitch in two!” he boasted. “I fuck their asses hard, and then pull out and make them lick my dirty dick clean!” He laughed a kind of naughty boy dirty laugh. He truly was a cute kid.
I had to admit, he sounded like the perfect “boyfriend” for my son. I smiled and ruffled his hair.
“That a boy! That’s what I like to hear! How often do you need to fuck?”
He puffed up his young chest in pride.
“Three times a day, at least, sometimes up to five times!”
“Sounds like little eleven-year-old Matty is going to be kept quite busy!”
We both laughed and shook hands. When horny young Jeff heard that my son was an anal virgin, he almost went nuts. He loved cherry boy-cunt.
Of course, Matty was shy about meeting his new beau! What boy isn’t? I put a ribbon in his hair and had him wear a frilly blouse and pink silk panties that made him look even young than eleven. Jeff wanted to take him upstairs to bed at once, but I pointed out that while sex was an important part of any relationship, there were other things to consider. I served them lemonade, and made then sit for an hour and talk to each other. I did allow Jeff to play with my son’s pricklet while they chatted.
Matty had to sit with his legs wide apart while Jeff fingered his hard pricket while he told Jeff about school and church, and his hobbies and all those personal little things in a young boy’s life. I really wanted Jeff to respect my son and get to know him as a person! Of course, Matty couldn’t help but notice Jeff’s huge dick throbbing and leaking in his jeans. After an hour of this, he was almost out of his mind with lust. It was time for me to step in.
“Well, Jeff, after getting to know my little boy, do you think you’d like to be Matty’s steady ‘boyfriend?’ I want a serious relationship, not some fly-by-night affair. You have to respect him and treat him properly.”
“I will, sir. I do respect him,” he said as he gave my son’s pricklet a hard yank.
“What about you, Matty, do you want to be Jeff’s boyfriend? Are you mature enough to have a steady boyfriend?”
Matty made a face as Jeff tightly gripped his balls and yanked them.
“I guess so. I mean, you want me to have a boyfriend. I want to please you, but he is hurting me.”
“Honey, what did Daddy tell you? Sometimes it hurts a bit. It is a sissy boy’s job to put up with that. Soon it will feel real good, right, Jeff?”
“Oh, bitch, I am going to make you feel so, so good. You’re never going to want to let my dick out of you!”
And that was how it started. And I must say that it is working out really well. That first night, of course, there were screams of pain and even revulsion as Jeff fucked my son in his little virgin asshole. I felt bad for him, sure, but I kept telling myself, better here in his home, supervised, than to have some kid from school fuck him behind a building someplace. When your kids reach a certain age, you have to accept some realities, right?
So that brings us to the current chat I was having with my little boy. Jeff and Matty had been dating for a month now, and the poor little thing’s asshole had been well stretched into a lovely cunt. Jeff, it seemed had a hobby of shoving objects up his “boyfriend’s” cunts, you know, candles, bottles, dildos, what have you. Oh, he was really nice to my son. He took him to the movies, out to eat, played X-box with him, all those things “boyfriends” do with their young loves. True, Matty complained he seldom got to watch the movie because he had to suck his dick during the film, but young love is like that.
And people did tend to stare at an eighteen-year-old thuggish looking teen with an eleven-year-old girlish boy, but that was something Jeff and Matty would have to deal with. He did love to make his dress really slutty in public, high cut off shorts, so tight they went into his ass crack, and a tiny cutoff tee shirt showing off lots of smooth skin. A boyfriend is entitled to show “his boy” off, right?
Our current chat was about something a bit more sensitive.
“Daddy, I let Jeff do anything like you said I should, but he keeps talking about letting his buddies fuck me, his two best friends. They are always pinching me and rubbing my ass and stuff, and he says I should let them fuck me and suck their dicks!”
I smiled indulgently at my sullied son.
“Matty, honey, it’s just because Jeff loves you and is proud of you and wants to show you off. I’m sure he is so proud of what a good cocksucker you are and how well you fuck, that he wants to show off a bit in front of his friends! I say, that if you really love Jeff, you will do this for him. Now, look, you got Daddy’s dick all hard! Why not suck it for me?”
A few moments later, he took his sweet young mouth off of my swollen leaking dick knob and looked up at me.
“But, Daddy, his friends are black! I am a bit scared of sucking black dick and having big black cocks fuck me.”
“Matty, I’m ashamed of you. Haven’t I taught you not to be racially prejudiced? Black boys with big juicy cocks need sex just as much as white boys, maybe more. Now as soon as you finish sucking my dick, I want you to call Jeff at the grocery store and tell him to bring his nice friends over here tonight to fuck you!”
Sometimes, just for fun, Jeff let me watch when he fucked my son. It was a beautiful sight. And I must say, he was not boasting, he does fuck extremely rough and hard. And who knows, he might let me watch when his black friends plowed my sweet young son. What fun that would be!