Health Tips for Boys Eleven to Thirteen


Note: Please pass this around to young people you may know or meet on playgrounds, schoolyards, or in parks, malls, etc.

Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions concerning your developing sexual health. Have a healthy, safe, fun summer boys.
1. I am just starting to grow hair "down there." What do I do?
 A good question. Most boys are confused by the suddenly sprouting tufts of prick hair and ball fuzz. Older boys want a beautiful thick bush, so the best thing to do from the age of eleven to sixteen is to shave it all off every few days. That is right. Shave off all the prick hair, all the ball hair and even any hairs that might grow around the asshole. That way, when you are older, you will have a nice masculine bush. Also, boys between eleven and sixteen pick up various viruses and infections and keeping your prick hair shaved keeps that part of your body germ-free.
2. Is it wrong to masturbate, and how often can I do it?
 Of course, it is not wrong to jerk off. Beating your meat is one of the most enjoyable things in the world to do. However, if you want to increase your sperm potential so that when you fuck girls, you shoot a good load into them, try the following. Play with your prick every chance you get as that will help it grow. Play with your prick and work up a decent erection ten or twelve times a day, almost once an hour, but don't cum!
Keep your dick hard as often, and as long as you can without cumming, that builds cock strength and cum quantity. It helps your balls grow, and it fills you with male hormones. Play with your prick as much as you can but try to shoot off only about once a week. At first, it will be difficult, but you will soon get the hang of it, and even find it fun. It is called "edging," and it makes your dick powerful.
3. How do I make my balls larger?
 Girls love guys with big nuts. They love to suck on low hanging balls. So how do you get a magnificent set of low hangers? Easy. Get a wooden ruler or one of mom's long wooden cooking spoons, and every day, whack your balls for at least fifteen minutes.
You can also have a friend whack them, and you can do his. Yes, it hurts. But don't your muscles ache when you exercise or play sports? Hit your balls as hard as you can at least fifteen times in fifteen minutes. Use the rest of each minute to handle the pain. I know getting hit in the balls really hurts, and your scrotum will swell up, but you will soon notice that your nuts are larger and hang lower.
4. At what age should, can I start fucking?
 Kids today are fucking at younger and younger ages. It is natural and part of our cultural development. Most boys today start fucking at eleven or twelve. If you are thirteen already and have not fucked, you are falling behind the norm. True you may not be shooting sperm yet, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a good healthy fuck. Who do you fuck?
Well, before you start to date girls your age and fuck them, you should practice, so you do not embarrass yourself. I mean, you want to impress that hot chick, don't you with your fucking skill? So my advice is to practice on your little sister and brother. For practice purposes, either a sister or brother is okay as you can fuck your brother in the ass and mouth, or your sister in the ass, pussy, and mouth.
A sister or brother from about four to eight is ideal for these practice sessions. Don't worry that they are too small, as your prick probably isn't fully developed yet and isn't too big. If you do not have a little sister or brother, a friend's sister or brother, or a neighborhood kid will do just fine. Just make sure you pick someone you can control, so they do not go blabbing about your practice sessions to everyone and embarrass you.
5. How often do most kids fuck?
 Most boys between the ages of eleven and thirteen fuck about four times a week. Most don't have a regular girlfriend yet, so they do not fuck the same girl but like to spread their sperm around. Lots of boys do not even want a girlfriend as they want to sample as much pussy as they can. Most boys also spend some time during this age playing around with their buddies. That is right!
This is an enlightened age, and society now understands that it is not queer to have sex with your buddies. It is great fun to have jerk-off parties, to whack each other off, and even to suck each other’s dicks. More adventurous boys will take it up the ass from their pals. It is a great way to have sexual fun when some cunt is not available. By the age of eleven, you should be sucking dick and getting your dick sucked almost every day, how else will you ever grow up to be a fully developed teen.
6. What about condoms?
 Condoms are for old people! Kids today do not use condoms except for some fun sex games involving saving cum or piss. Never use a condom when you fuck pussy, it ruins the fuck! Enough said.
7. Some guys have a powerful piss flow, how do I get that?
 Yes indeed. Do you notice when you are pissing next to a buddy that his piss stream is much stronger than yours? That is because his pisshole is more developed than yours. However, you can fix that by enlarging your pisshole. Start using a cotton swab and stretch the piss lips, then try inserting the tip of a thin plastic straw into your dick.
Each day push more and more straw into your dick hole. It will hurt, yes, but again, no pain, no gain. Now try shoving the tip of a ballpoint pen into your pisshole. See how much of the pen you can push into your dick to widen and stretch the pisshole.
8. What about smoking cigarettes, is it cool?
 Well, frankly, yes it is. There is nothing wrong with smoking at eleven. You can always quit later. Lots of boys at eleven smoke two packs a day, and enjoy it. Just make sure your parents do not find out. The same is true about trying pot and drinking. Most boys your age get drunk regularly. You can even have fun with it with your pals, like have puking contests, etc. That is just a normal part of growing up.
9. How do I get a big dick?
 This takes lots of work. However, you can do it. Feel under your balls, what you feel just before your asshole a part of you that inside is the prostate gland. You may have heard of it. Well, it is directly connected inside of you with your cock. So the best way to grow a bigger dick is to massage that gland. How do you do that? Not from the outside, but by inserting something in your asshole and rubbing it on that gland. A finger will not work, it cannot go in deep enough and isn't thick enough.
However, your asshole is quite small and like your pisshole, may need to be stretched a bit to take something in to massage that darn prostate. Most boys who have a huge dick by the time they are sixteen or so, start at about ten or eleven, just like you have to work out with your body to get big muscles. They sleep every night with something up their ass, pressing against their prostate while they sleep. It is an excellent time to do that, as you are sleeping and it is working for you.
Start with a hot dog, as it will easily go up your ass. It is too soft to do much of a massage, but it will help you get used to the feeling. It is no worse than shitting out a turd, except here you are taking something in. After your hole gets comfortable with the hot dog, use a large pickle or a carrot.
That will do some good, but the real growth will start to take place when you start sleeping with a large cucumber up your ass. I know that sounds strange, but I swear to God it works. You will notice your dick getting larger in no time at all say two to three months. Try this. It really works!
10. Any Fucking Tips?
 Yes, when you fuck, fuck as deep and hard as you can. Think only about your pleasure and you will give pleasure to your fuck partner. Fucking is about control and power. Show you have it. Always make your partner clean your dick after the fuck with his or her mouth. It’s the way the fuck ritual should end. Don't be afraid to fuck ass, its one of the great pleasures of life. Moreover, its great fun to switch from ass to mouth with your partner. Pick a partner who is weaker than you are, so you can influence them to let you do whatever the fuck you want with them.
If you meet another boy in school who is younger and weaker than you are, make him suck your dick. It is a great way to show control among your peers. If you have an older brother, offer to suck his dick for him. That is a way to show that you are willing to learn. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is natural. One way to get better grades in school is to offer to suck the dicks of the queer teachers. Lots of boys do it. How do you think all those dumb jocks get good grades?

A healthy fourteen-year-old boy named Danny, who has followed my program since he was ten, has full young nuts and a beautiful and thick prick that is still growing I might add. His asshole is healthy and well-formed from his exercises. He is popular with both boys and girls. He fucks about four to six girls a week because the young cunt at his school cannot leave him alone. His buddies are glad to give him blowjobs because he is in such good shape. He can shoot four loads a day with no problem. (Some of that is due to specialized diet, which we can discuss at a later date).
He started practicing on both his little sister and brother when he was ten, and they were four and five. His nine-year-old brother is now working with me on his sexual development. Danny gets lots of stares in the locker room from other guys, who are envious of his popularity and fucking skills. Moreover, it is all because he started young and knew what he is doing!
I hope these health tips help you to have a fun, safe summer, and that you boys grow into real little studs. I know if you follow my simple advice, you can do it.
Have a good time, boys!