Having Fun with Jacob

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I slap the cute young teenage boy across his soft, pale face. His blond hair flops in the air as his head snaps to the right. He would go down, but I grab his naked arm and hang on to him. A second slap sends his face in the other direction. His eyes are blurry, and his nose runs, but he is still angelically darling. A boy this age has to learn to respect his elders. And he's got three elders here to respect. Me, C.J., and Chris. We're taking time to work with the boy to get him to respond correctly to our demands. He's put up some resistance, but that is quickly waning. He's learning that you don't mess with the needs of men like us. He looks so thin and fragile dressed in nothing but his small underpants. We'd gotten him to strip down to his briefs before the real trouble started. He was sweet and humble, and obedient until we told him to remove his undies. Sure, he had been scared, scared shitless, but still obedient. For some reason, he didn't want to strip totally bare-ass naked for us, but if he didn't, how the hell could we fuck him in the ass?

Ass fucking the cute little bitch wasn't our final goal mind you. Oh no, we intended to play with this young colt for weeks or perhaps months to come. This was just an early session. I studied his slender, naked chest as I held him up by one arm. I shook the arm, and his entire body trembled. The look in his crying eyes was one of stark terror.

“Now, look what you made me do, Jacob. You made me get rough and manhandle you. I didn't want to do that. I wanted us to be friends, good friends, best friends, but you've just got to learn to obey orders. Otherwise, it's going to go very, very badly with you.”

I hauled off and punched him hard in his tight, smooth, young gut. First, I feared he might pass out. I hate it when a boy passes out and can't feel the pain. Then I thought he might puke. Puking is okay as long as the boy licks it up again, and that you are finished, for the time being, tongue kissing him. I hadn't had much chance to tongue kiss Jacob yet, so I didn't want him puking. He sucked in air from the pain in his cute, flat tummy, and I kicked the back of his legs with my boot and sent him crashing down onto the floor on his small tight ass. WHUP! He hit the floor hard screaming out in pain. C.J. and Chris roared with laughter.

I grabbed him by the long, blond hair and dragged him across the floor. Not to get to any specific place, just to enjoy dragging him and hearing him howl with pain.

“Now, fucking stand, and take off your fucking underpants!” I barked.


He was apparently a shy boy. Perhaps he didn't like to change in front of other boys in the high school locker room. His hands shook so badly that he could hardly hook his fingers into the waistband of his briefs. The poor kid did not want to be naked in front of three fully-grown, fully dressed men. I peel off my tee shirt. I don't know if that made him more comfortable or even more frightened. I could smell my own sweat — the sweat of sexual excitement. I was going to fuck the shit out of this young virginal boy.


The underpants came down from the pale, bony hips. The wisps of pubic hair turned into a light curly thicket surrounding a preciously beautiful, fifteen-year-old dick. It arched nicely over a full, young, low hanging fuck sack. The dick was average in length and girth and had a nice pink dickhead. We were going to have lots of fun with that. I reached out and slapped him hard in the ball sack, as he was not moving fast enough to suit me in peeling down his underpants over his thin legs and big feet.


“When I say move it. You move it, boy! Don’t dawdle with us!”


He gasped from the pain and l fell to the floor once again as he lost his balance. I grabbed one of his naked, big boy feet and yanked his legs up into the air. I ripped the underpants the rest of the way off him. Then, still holding one leg up and spread by the foot, I stomped on his tender, pink dick, and nuts with my boot. By the time we finished with this kid, he would never be able to have any babies, but who cared? I'm afraid we pretty much ruined the nuts of any kid we played with. We ruined his nuts and his asshole. There are an awful lot of teenage boys out there that we played with who are permanently limping around wearing diapers. We like the really sweet, innocent ones. We like to totally fucking ruin them. While he was writhing in pain, curled up into a fetal position, I took the opportunity to explain some of the rules to him.


“Now, listen, Jacob, this is the way it is. You are going to be our fuck toy. You are going to be our fuck toy for as long as we want. It may be a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. While you are our fuck toy, you will do any and everything we tell you to do. We are going to fuck your mouth and your ass constantly. Our friends are going to fuck your mouth and your ass. We are going to do filthy unspeakable things to you. Things you can't even imagine. We are going to humiliate and degrade you in every way possible. We are going to use you as our toilet, and we are going to conduct pain experiments on you. Every waking hour of your life will be filled with fear of us, and what we will do to you next, but you will not be able to escape us. If you try to run away or tell anyone or even commit suicide, we will go after your family and especially your sweet, little brother. So face it, Jacob, you are trapped. Don't even think of trying to get away. Suicide is not an option for you. You simply have to stay with the game and learn to suffer. Have you got that, Shitface?”


I kicked him in the guts again to make sure I had his attention. He rolled over moaning and held his stomach. His entire body trembled with shock. So young, so smooth, so perfect.


“Turn over on your back and spread your legs. I am going to ask you some questions, and if I think you are lying, I am going to kick you in the nuts really hard!”


He rolled over onto his back, but he was so scared, his legs would not open. I kicked them apart.


“Wider, Assface!”


I got his legs nice and wide and nudged his soft, almost hairless, ball sack with the toe of my boot. My dick was hard and leaking in my jeans.


“Now, you better answer honestly! Have you ever fucked a girl?”


He was so fucking cute. His lips trembled so much he could hardly get the words out. I have seldom seen a boy this scared.


“Eh...no...sir, not yet!”


He got the respect right.


“Fifteen and never fucked a cunt. What are you, some kind of faggot?”


J.C. sauntered over and put one of his boots down on the boy's face. He rubbed the dirty sole of his boot across the cute face pressing down on the kid's nose and lips. We would probably break that nose at some point. He would tell his parents he fell and hurt himself. He would have lots of “accidents” in the weeks to come.


“Have you ever sucked a cock?” I asked while rubbing my swollen dick lump so he could not miss it.


“Oh, God, no please...I'm not gay...”


“You’re going to be sucking lots and lots of dick every single day. Some days, when we have a party, you will suck fifteen or twenty cocks. You will become an expert dick sucker — a master cocksucker. Maybe we'll even make you suck the cocks of some of the boys at your school!”


He was sobbing now, and C. J. leaned down and wiped away the boy's tears. He stuck a finger up the boy's nose and pried out some snot from his crying along with some boogers. He held the boy's face and fed him his own nose crap. Jacob gagged and groaned as he cried harder.


“Have you ever been fucked up that faggot ass of yours?”


He did not answer fast enough, so I kicked him in the nuts. The velvet-soft bag wobbled and danced and the large nuts inside the sack throbbed.


“NO...NOOOOOOOOOOO,” He screamed until he almost lost his voice.


“No, what?”


“No, I’ve never been...been...fucked.”


“While we play with you, you’re going to be ass fucked five to ten times every day. You’ll come over here after school every single day and get ass fucked. On weekends you will be fucked all day and night. When we are not fucking you with our cocks, we are going to shove huge dildos up your sweet young ass with larger and larger dildos each time. Long, thick dildos!”


“OOOHHH God, help me!” he screamed.


“No one will help you. You have to live with this. If you try in any way to get away from us, your family will suffer. Each day, all day and each night, you must think only of serving us, thinking of our cocks and our balls and our sexual needs. Tell me, have you ever licked and sucked a man's ass?”


The very thought of that made him twitch and squirm and attempt to crawl into a little, naked ball once again. Both C. J. and I had to kick him numerous times to get him back on his back and alert. Chris came up with a lighted cigarette and held it to the boy's right nipple. Jacob had to learn not to cause trouble. The cigarette ash burned the beautiful, large, pouty boy tit.


“I'll ask you again. Have you ever licked and sucked a man's ass?”




He could barely get the words out.


“Well, you will be licking and sucking and eating out our assholes every day. And if you don't eat ass with enough enthusiasm, we will shove long pointy objects up the pisshole of your dick.”


I didn't tell him we would do that anyway. One could give only so much information at a time to prolong the agony.


“Don't worry, some boys learn to love the flavor of nice sweaty, dirty man asshole. And once we start using you as a human toilet, of course, licking dirty ass will seem a piece of cake.”


I dropped down to sit on his slender, naked chest. I took his soft, sweet face in my hands and spit a huge loogie into his face.


“There is not a fucking filthy act of depravity that we will not perform on you. We’ll do inhuman, unbelievable things to you and make you do obscene degenerate things in public in front of others. AND YOU WILL DO THEM. YOU WILL DO EVERY FUCKING THING WE TELL YOU TO DO! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT?”


I reached into his mouth, between his full soft lips and grabbed his tongue. I yanked his tongue out of his mouth. He groaned in agony.


“The first time you disobey us, we will have the word FAGGOT tattooed across your chest in big black letters! I want this tongue stretched longer so that it can get nice and deep up my asshole. And so it can lick public urinals clean of other men's piss. Your little brother is ten years old, right? RIGHT?”




He had trouble answering with me gripping his tongue.


“You see, we know all about your family. We do our research. I want some nice photos of your little brother totally naked! I don't care how the fuck you get them, but get them for me. Tell him it's for a fucking school project, or bribe him or threaten him, but some nice naked photos of your dear little brother! And all of his “assets” had better show.”


I stood up, unbuckled my belt, and peeled down my jeans. I wore no underwear. My eight and a half inch, thick, meaty fuck, leaking like a fucking faucet slammed up into view, and I thought the kid would lose his mind. He burbled like a baby.


“Time for you to suck your first dick, Bitch!”


C.J. and Chris dragged the terrified boy to his knees in front of me. I undid my boots and peeled off my socks to be totally naked. I wanted him to appreciate the power of an Alpha male.


“See this dick? This is your God from now on. This is the only thing you pray to. This is what you love and are in love with. MY FUCKING DICK!”


I grabbed him by the blond hair and pulled him in.


“Smell that sweaty cock. Smell it. That is man smell! You are going to learn the difference between Chris and C.J. and me just from the smell of our dicks and balls. You are going to be able to identify us from the taste of our cock leak. You are going to have whole meals, entire banquets of cock leak and cum.”


He tried to smell my dick and balls. He really did. I have to give him credit for trying. But he lost it. He simply lost it. He screamed bloody murder and tried to twist away from my two buddies. He flailed and kicked, and then simply went bonkers, so we had to beat him severely. We had to take a cattle prod to his nut sack. We had to shove the cattle prod up his virginal asshole and turn it up high. I had to take each individual nut in my fingers and squeeze it and beat it. It would take time, but we would get him to come around to our way of thinking. We stuck needles into his dick stalk and cock head. We put safety pins through his nipples and stuck long sharp pins through his toes.


We had to do this carefully for we did not want him to go into total shock. That is no fun. We wanted him to feel every moment and learn from everything done. He must learn that he is our absolute toy, and he must never ever disobey. Eventually, he was back on his knees sniffing my swollen leaking dick and pendulous ball sack. Then I told him to stick out his tongue, and I rested my wed dickhead on the tip. I let my cock leak run down the groove of his tongue into his mouth.


“See, Jacob. That doesn't taste so bad, now does it? You see, if you are a good boy, we can get along fine. Fucking the face of a terrified virgin boy is one of life's great pleasures. With many many other perverted pleasures to follow. We would take Jacob to hell and leave him there!