Harumi's Birthday

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Harumi's older brother is very rough with him, but you cannot blame Hieko. He is a senior in high school and needs some spending money so he forces his little brother to model for porno and go out and whore for him. Harumi is one of those sweet, shy, quiet, student types so it goads Hieko to greater and greater acts of sadism. The little shit is just a goody, goody boy who is always polite and doing and saying the right thing. Hieko changed all that. He turned his little brother into a fucking cumbucket.


I met Hieko through some friends in Tokyo and was able to purchase some nice pics of Harumi, who was only thirteen at the time. I was amazed at the amount of pain and degradation the kid could take. Having drinks with Hieko in a small bar in Shinjuku where teenage employees stuck their dicks and balls into buckets of ice and then rubbed the back of your neck with them so you could cool off, I complimented Hieko on his photography and also on his stern handling of Harumi.


"Boys of Harumi's age so often get out of hand. It’s wonderful for an older brother to take hand in bringing him up properly," I told Hieko.


Tipsy on sake and hoping that Hieko really liked me, I laughed and soon Hieko and I were good friends. I showed Hieko some pictures I had of Danny and Brandon to relax the kid so he would trust me although I said nothing about my connection to Mr. Black.


The high school senior invited me to a cheap hotel the next day for a special party. It seems it was to be Harumi's fourteenth birthday.


The next day, in a small "love hotel" that you could rent by the hour, Hieko, his pal Toru and I drank beer and waited for Harumi to arrive straight from school. Hieko ordered Harumi to get to the hotel fifteen minutes after school let out. Hieko laughed that there was no way the poor kid could make it on time, no matter how hard he tried. Of course, he would be punished.


Finally, the birthday boy knocked on the door and Hieko yanked him in the room, shouting at him for being late. I could see that the scared look in the young boy's face was genuine and I got out my camera. Hieko had given me permission to snap pics of the party. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had offered Hieko a nice sum of money for this private showing of his little bro. After all, friendship only goes so far.


First Hieko ordered his little brother to model for me in his school uniform. Something about young boys in school uniforms turns me on. You too? I love the fact that they still wear them in Japan and Thailand.


Hieko ordered Harumi to drop his trousers and pull down his bikini underpants. I got my first look at his fresh, young, teenage, boy dick and balls. They was not large, but so boyish and sweet that I threw an instant boner. Harumi was ordered to turn around and push his ass out for the guest and his camera.




This youngster knew how to push his ass out. So many teenage boys just bend over, but this little slut had been taught to push his ass out like a real fucking cock whore. I could tell that Hieko has spent many hours training the cunt and I felt sure the boy was bringing in good money for his older brother.


Next Hieko had Harumi model wearing just his tiny bikini. Hieko insisted that Harumi wear girlie underwear, even though the kids at school in the locker room made fun of him. He felt it would teach Harumi humility.


Since Harumi was only allowed to charge the Japanese equivalent of five dollars for a blowjob to the kids at school. Hieko was a senior at the same school and advertised his little brother to all the older kids every single day Harumi had to suck a dozen or so teenage dicks.


Now we ordered Harumi to strip bare assed. I love the sight of a boy his age bare-assed naked in a room full of dressed men. He is so vulnerable and so exposed. The three of us stood around talking about his naked body. Hieko told me the boy's ass was better than any pussy. Harumi stood very still and very submissive, but not looking particularly happy. When required to, he posed to show me a certain portion of his young body. I checked out his tits, his asshole, his balls, his cock, the usual. I stuck fingers into his mouth and down his throat to make sure he could deep throat.


"Does he take piss?" I asked.


Hieko smiled. "He will do anything and everything you desire. He drinks piss, eats shit, sucks dogs, you name it. I started working on him two years ago.


"Yes, but isn't his pussy all stretched out and sloppy by now?" I stuck two fingers roughly up the young boy's ass.


"See for yourself. I make him exercise his cunt muscles every night for forty-five minutes to keep them tight so he can give a fuck as good as any virgin schoolboy. Sometimes he will take five or six dicks up his twat in one day and I will still enjoy a nice tight fuck in the evening.


I held the sweet young boy's face in my hands and looked into his eyes. There was submission there, but also fear. I like that in a boy.


"His face looks ever so slightly swollen and bruised."


"Oh that's just cause some buddies and me were slapping him around yesterday. I arranged a special birthday gift for him. One guy to fuck him for each year, a real nice birthday gang-bang, but he didn't appreciate it. He whimpered that his pussy was too sore and swollen so we had to slap him around a little to teach him to be grateful for his dear brother's birthday gift."


"You should be grateful, you selfish little Fuckface." I hauled off and slapped the boy hard across the face.


He fell back onto the carpet bare assed naked, dick and balls flopping around. Hieko roared with laughter and lit up a joint.


"Man, you do know how to treat the little fuck don't you?"


I smiled. "I have had lots of training with my own boys. You can't be soft with them or they take advantage of you."


Hieko ordered Harumi to spread his legs, and spent a few minutes kicking the boy in his ballbag and asshole. I think it was simply to impress me. I must say I was and am impressed with Hieko. I have considered telling Mr. Black about him. I think Mr. Black might have a positon open for such a handsome, young, teenage sadist. I could tell at once that it was not just the money. Hieko really enjoyed abusing his little brother. That is an important quality. You cannot do it just for the money. You have to do it for love of humiliation and degradation and abuse. Otherwise, it becomes mechanical and uncreative. When you abuse a young boy, you can't do it for the pics you will take or the money it will bring in. You have to do it for the joy of working over the soft, young, smooth body of a cute teenager, watching him twist in shame and pain for the sheer pleasure it gives you. If you please yourself, others will be pleased.


Two years of work had done wonders for Harumi. He had none of the cocky arrogance of so many teens his age. He hardly spoke at all and looked mostly at the floor. He seemed to have absolutely no self-confidence, which was sweet, and he obeyed orders in an instant with none of the stupid begging or whining.


"Well," Hieko said, sucking on the joint and passing it to Toru and me, "Let’s have some fun with the little fucker shall we?"