Hard to Tell

(MBb) (anal, oral) (humil)
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  • Dylan
  • Jordan

Most of the time, it’s difficult to tell if a boy will be better as a cocksucker or a cute little ass fuck when you first meet him. Of course, you will do both to the little cunt, why pass up one for the other, when you can have both. But somewhere along the way, you usually decide if this young piece of meat is a better pussy boy or a skull fuck. I mean, which do you enjoy the most, shoving your engorged, thick leaking dick down his young pre-teen throat or stretching the fuck out of his tiny smooth little boy asshole?

I do enjoy fucking a young boy’s throat to the extent that his voice is permanently damaged. He will speak with a slightly hoarse voice from now on and never forget whom and what did that to him. On the other hand, stretching the shit out of a smooth hairless melon-sized boy ass can be exquisite.

Sometimes, I try to ascertain which activity the boy is most frightened of, and then I go for that. Again, I almost always go for both ass-pussy and face cunt, but I still ask myself which activity I enjoy the most with each particular boy. If the boy is very, very timid and shy, and scared that makes it even more fun. I know I am changing the boy’s life forever. He will probably be terrified of sex for the rest of his life.
And then, there are times when you just know which activity will please you most. You see the sweet little ass mound in a boy’s jeans as he wanders the shopping mall. The young ass kind of rolls as the boy walks, and the jeans hug the full shape of the little ass globes. I mean it takes all of my self-control to not just drag the little bitch into the men’s toilet and fuck his virgin ass right there. Just strip off his tee shirt, yank down his pants, bend him over a toilet and ram my throbbing fucker up his baby hole! Of course, it is more fun to take a boy home with you, where you can spend hours and hours slowly and painfully stretching his little hole, first with fingers and then with your pulsing prick and then with various household objects.
But then again, sometimes you see a boy and simply exclaim, “Holy fuck, what perfect cocksucker lips!” The kid has a face that you just have to mash against your groin or into your nut sack. You simply must have him lick your big sweaty swinging balls and you must—you must—fuck that face! A boy with true cocksucker lips is a real treasure. We often kid and chat about cocksucker lips, but real, true cocksucker lips on a fuckable face of a young boy are actually quite rare. The face has to be just right. It must look really innocent, and the lips must be full and sensual. Lips you can rest your leaking dickhead on. Lips you gently but firmly force your leaking cock knob into. Lips that can suck on the shaft and move the dick skin just right. Oh, you will have to teach the little guy how to do it, and you may have to be patient but not too patient. Always be demanding, quite demanding with a young little twerp like this. After all, time is limited, and you need to get a nice deep full throat fuck from him eventually after he uses those luscious boy lips.
Make sure to have him lick and suck on your balls. Those cocksucker lips are perfect for a nice long nut sack massage. If your balls are slightly sweaty, he will get a much fuller, richer experience out of it. I often do not shower before I go out looking for a sweet boy with cocksucker lips. I want him to taste everything a real man can offer. I like to feel his soft, full lips on my armpits and also sucking on my asshole as well. Now I warn you, there may be complications. Most boys at a young age do not want to suck on a man’s asshole. I am not sure why, but they have a thing about it. The boy cries and says it’s “dirty” to suck a man’s ass. DUMB BOY CUNT, OF COURSE, IT IS DIRTY, IT’S A FILTHY PERVERTED ACTIVITY, AND THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SO FUCKING MUCH FUN!
Anyway, along with a good full set of cocksucker lips, the boy’s face must also be just right. His cheeks must be peach fuzz soft. His eyes must be large and innocent so that you may enjoy it when they fill with tears. It’s so cute when those full young cocksucker lips quiver and tremble. Of course, if he is a good boy and does everything you tell him to, he will be just fine, and everything will turn out all right for him. Oh, his little baby rosette asshole may be stretched so large that you can fit a soup can into it, but otherwise, he will be in pretty good shape.
Which brings up another thing, is the bitch a one-time thing, or will you have time to truly reshape and fuck up the little cunt? Will you have repeat sessions with the boy with each one getting more and more extreme and perverted? Will his terror mount, as he knows he once again has to visit you and submit to you? Will you have time to teach him how to drink a man’s piss with those full young lips and even how to eat a man’s shit? Imagine a large moist shit log sticking out from those full young boy lips. Ha! Perfection!