Grandpa and Clarence

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As soon as my daughter leaves the house, I fuck the shit out of my grandson, Clarence. I fuck him most mornings before the fucking faggot goes to school. Most days I make him leave for school with my cum running from his stretched out fourteen-year-old cunt. I fuck the cumdump brutally and make sure he knows that if someone discovers his abused asshole, it is his problem, and he had better blame it on some boy from school and not me.

If he dares to disobey me in the slightest way, it’s a trip to the basement with him. In the basement, I have all kinds of pliers and clamps and fun things to discipline him. My daughter is gone a lot, what with work and going out with friends. I don’t blame her since she is still young enough to find a nice new husband after losing Clarence’s father in an auto accident. So Grandpa kindly offers to take care of Clarence while his mother puts her life back together.
Clarence is not happy about this, because he knows when he is home alone with me, he will have to suck my big thick, smelly old cock and take my throbbing dick in his pretty little asshole. Well, to be honest, his asshole is not so pretty anymore since I began stretching it with my dick and my hand and anything else I care to use.
I make him keep his prick shaved clean so that I can see the puffy stretched out, elongated dick stalk. I have been working on his prick for months now. He is ashamed of his naked prick because it is so distorted from all the abuse. I think it is amusing. My name is Gerhardt, and I fuck my grandson!
Yeah, I am proud of it. I have always been a mean fucker. When I was younger and ran a dry cleaning business, I would hire young Asian and Jew boys to work for me. I would find some way to blackmail them to let me fuck them. I was very good at building up files on my employees so that I had some leverage to use against them. Sometimes I made two of my male employees do a gay fuck and suck show for me while I was sucked off by a third faggot. I lived well. So when I retired, why should I not continue my fuck life, but how? Well, my beautiful grandson was just turning twelve, and his cute young developing body and winning smile got my dick hard and dripping more and more.
Oh, I always loved the little fag. I remember when Clarence was quite young, I would bounce him on my lap and my fucker would get rock hard. I would let him feel it between the cheeks of his tiny sweet ass. I would hug him as slid my hand up under his tee shirt to feel his little boy titties. I would casually allow my fingers to burrow up under his underpants so I could fondle his little pricklet and brush against his hairless asshole. I did this as I said when he was quite young, but I thought it was nothing more than innocent play. I had no intentions at that time of fucking him in the ass and mouth. It was not until I retired, and my daughter’s husband died, and Clarence and his mother moved in with me that I seriously began to consider fucking the shit out of the young faggot.
From the way the boys in his seventh-grade class bullied him, I could tell he was a fucking sissy. Boys often had boners in his presence. I knew I had to work hard or he would have his cherry popped by one of the useless skinny teen boy dicks. How much better it would be for him to feel his Grandpa’s fine thick greasy leaking German sausage, right?
I became terribly aroused by the cute winking of his wrinkled little pink asshole. I guess the first time would be considered rape. He fought, and cried, and begged and sobbed. Quite frankly I was getting sick of his complaining. I had to slap him around a bit, which of course only made my fuck meat harder. I tried to explain to him that there was not much pussy available for an old German man like myself. Where was I to find a sweet young juicy cunt? After all, have I not needs as well? Why must the young be so selfish? Do they just want to put me out to pasture? My balls are still full of cum, and I am as horny, maybe more so than I was years ago. I could fuck all the time. It is all I think about, so I raped Clarence.
I used some spit and forced my fat dickhead into his asshole. You should have heard him squeal. Holy shit, it was really something. I stretched that asshole into a cunt and fucked him balls deep with him screaming bloody murder. He was crying that I was fucking him too hard and too deep. After that, I would fuck his hole frequently. It became apparent to me that I enjoyed giving him pain. I chewed on his little boy nipples until the nipples were raw, rubbery and stretched. I fucked him three times in quick succession, thrilled that I could still muster up such potency. I felt young again.
He was shocked that first day when I grabbed him by the hair and demanded that he lick and suck my filthy dick clean including all the cum and shit that had accumulated under my thick foreskin. What the fuck is wrong with youth today? Do they learn nothing? Am I supposed to walk around with a sticky, cheesy, slimy cock all day? Am I supposed to let cum drippings coat and flake on my big hairy scrotum? Did he not realize that it is a fag’s duty to clean a dick after a fuck?
I was afraid then for a few days. Afraid my grandson would tell his mother. But as I had learned from dry cleaning boys, if they are ashamed enough by what happened to them, they will keep their abuse secret. This was so with twelve-year-old Clarence. He was too humiliated to tell anyone. Oh, how his young twat must have hurt in the days after that first fuck. He avoided me around the house, and I had to laugh at his slight limp when he walked.
It was four days later when my balls were swollen to bursting with the need to unload, that I had a second encounter. I am not without compassion, and when I saw that Clarence’s ass lips were still puffy and sore, I decided to teach him how to suck cock instead. I spent over eight hours patiently teaching him how to lick a cock from the root to the tip and into the pisshole. I instructed him how to lick a man’s scrotum properly by lifting the balls and coating them with saliva. Once again, he resisted. This time, I had to take a belt to his fine young bare ass to get him to respond. I also taught him how painful it was to have his balls whipped. At this first cocksucking session, I made him say, “I love you, Grandpa” over and over with my thick prick buried in his mouth. It was so funny. Saliva and snot squirted out of his mouth and nose when he tried to talk with my fucker in his mouth. Such a pretty boy! How I did love him.
It was around this time that I instituted new rules in the house. Whenever his mother was gone, Clarence was to get bare-ass naked immediately. He was to remain naked. When he sat, he was to spread his legs as wide as possible to fully display his boy-cunt for me. He was to shower, piss and shit with the bathroom door open so that I could watch him. He was such a pretty boy, just blossoming into young manhood. Ach, my dick was hard most of the time. It seems that no matter how often I fucked him, I could not bring it down. I felt like a teenage boy in my lust, and here I was at seventy, fucking a twelve-year-old faggot.
I wanted to change his status at school as well, so I forced him to go to school wearing skimpy elastic shorts with no underpants underneath. He wore thin tee shirts, so the brown of his nipples showed through the fabric. Some days I forced him to go to school with a thick butt plug up his asshole. I even took to stopping by school now and then to visit to make sure he did not remove it.
Did all of this take a toll on his personality? Of course, it did. I had learned from my frightened dry cleaning fags that they became quiet, sullen, and depressed. Their health and general demeanor declined. But who gives a shit, right? I mean one cannot have everything. When my daughter expressed concern over Clarence, I gently told her that boys go through phases and that it was only a passing thing. The next day, I whipped Clarence’s balls with the plastic rod from a set of Venetian blinds, and when his tormented balls were swollen almost to the point of bursting, I told the fag that I expected his attitude to improve. Then I filled him with an enormous soap and water enema. I made him hold it in for forty minutes while I whipped his feet and his ass and balls. After that, he smiled more in public and tried to summon up more energy.
It was just before his fourteenth birthday that I started to piss in his mouth. Who knows what brings on such things since I was not generally into such games. I like to fuck a faggot hard and heavy to unload and that is that. But now with Clarence, I began to think of every way I could degrade, and abuse, and humiliate and hurt him. And so, I started to use his pretty young mouth as a toilet. At first, it was only now and then, but eventually, I pissed in his mouth every time I had to go, even in the middle of the night. He had to be ready always to drink Grandpa’s pee. My heavy yellow spray of urine hitting his tongue and lips and splashing off his face gave me an exquisite feeling. I altered my aim on purpose pissing all over his face and hair and then slapping and blaming him for not drinking it all. Then I would make him lick the spilled piss off the floor.
I began to enjoy watching him crawl rather than walk. As his balls developed, I liked the way they swung and swayed when he crawled. I loved to whip his balls with my belt. His asshole was constantly puffy and sore. I would wander the house looking for objects to shove up his asshole —the larger and more misshapen the better. His brown nipples were now huge and elongated from my constant work on them, and Clarence told me no girl would ever want him with such deformed tits. That gave me a good laugh. The truth was what girl would ever want him with what I was doing to him?
I cannot recall the first time I shit in his mouth. I know it was a month or so after he turned fourteen. I just felt that since I was pissing in his mouth, I might as well have him taste my shit as well. I had been working with him on eating my ass for a few months, always encouraging him to get his tongue deeper up my rectum. He really resisted me on ass eating. I had a hell of a time training him. For days he fought me and withdrew from everything. He would not go to school, and he hid in the corner of his room and even his closet. I had to be strict with him. I shoved the nozzle of the shower hose up his asshole and turned it on cold. I dragged him down the stairs by his hair into the kitchen, and I forced a rolling pin up his asshole. I forced his prick into a waffle iron, slammed down the lid and turned on the heat. I shoved ice cubes up his asshole. Still, he resisted. It was not until I fucked his pisshole with Bengay that he came around and agreed to eat my shit.
The first time he was not very good. I took a shit onto a plate and after tying him down, fed him the shit with a spoon. He vomited and then reluctantly licked it up. He kept gagging and spitting as he licked his puke up. Do not please think I was unkind. After all, he is my grandson. I allowed him all the time in the world to clean himself after a piss and shit session. It was not until a week later that I was able to squat down and take a shit directly into his mouth.
You know, I even considered having all his teeth pulled so that he could give a perfect cock suck with his gums. That would feel really great. And they do make really good dentures nowadays, so he would still be presentable in public. But how would I explain to his mother that I am having all his teeth pulled? Ha! That would be something. Not very realistic though. I guess one cannot have everything one wants, right?
I am going to get a big male dog, however. I have suddenly developed a longing to see Clarence fucked by a dog. I don’t know why. Perhaps something I have seen on the internet. I just want to look at a big ugly dog cock fucking in and out of him. And I also want to see him sucking on a dog cock. I think that would be really swell. Ach, call me an old dumb German. I have needs and wants. I guess I am pretty lucky, all in all, to have a fag around like my grandson. I took a photograph of him sucking my dick. I forced him to look happy so all my wonderful internet friends could see what a good little slut he is. I’m not bad for a man of seventy either. I am going to sit on his face now and have a nice long ass suck while I watch some World War II documentary films on the History Channel.