Graham's Anal Agony

Mm, anal, oral, sad, spank, nc, rape
A palimpsest based on a story by Vidi Vici Veni

Were he not a professional, Kurt would have been embarrassed by the cliché of capturing jock boys for punishment and rape, but he had his reasons. He felt it was more entertaining to work with boys who knew each other before he encouraged them to acquire a much more intimate knowledge of each other. They also had to be handsome and in good shape, of course.

The most efficient and least suspicious way to find boys who met these qualifications was to go to a high school football game. It was one-stop shopping for a man like Kurt in a crowd of thousands of strangers. One day he chose Graham, Alec, and Jeremy. A few weeks of careful planning (and a few hours of skillful action) later and they were his.


Kurt had taken the three boys, one at a time, and brought them to the place he had prepared to subject his captives to degradation, punishment, and rape. The boys now were arrayed before him tethered and terrified. Kurt examined them again.

Jeremy, just seventeen, was slim and short with a medium-sized build. His curly light brown hair hung to the bottom of his neck. His face was cute, his skin slightly tanned. He was a tight package of hard muscle with a pert little ass.

Alec, fifteen, had long, straight, raven hair. Taller than the other boys, he had pale skin and dark eyes. His cock was six inches soft, and his balls hung low, and his slim waist flowed into a nicely rounded ass.


Graham, a sixteen-year-old blonde beauty, was Kurt's favorite. His face had a thin nose and clear skin framed by golden blonde hair. His body was almost perfect: a narrow waist with a flat stomach while his muscular calves and thighs climbed up into a prominent ass. Graham also smiled all the time or at least had until Kurt had him bound and naked.


Each boy was on his knees, gagged, blindfolded, and collared with his wrists bound behind his back and his ankles shackled to a spreader bar which was chained to rings in the floor. Each could hear Kurt moving on the concrete floor. Each could hear the sniffling and muffled sobbing of his fellow prisoners.


Jeremy wore only white high-heeled shoes with lacy frilled pink ankle stockings. Thin but inescapable leather cuffs encircled his wrists, ankles, and throat.


Alec wore spike-heeled black leather boots that came up to just above his knees. His handcuffs, shackles, and collar were stainless steel.


Red pumps, white silk stockings, and a garter belt around his waist were Graham's only clothing. The pumps had heels so high that Kurt doubted Graham could stand in them, but Kurt had no plans for Graham that night that required — or permitted — him to stand. His leather restraints were wide and black.


After watching the boys squirm, Kurt decided to begin. He removed first Graham's and then Alec's blindfolds. Their shocked first look at Kurt, tall and hard muscled, wearing a black shirt, trousers, and hood, brought about a look of terror on their faces. Further shock appeared when each boy recognized the other as teammates.


Only Kurt's cold blue eyes could be seen through the hood, and he turned those eyes first on Alec, then Graham. He allowed his eyes to travel from toe to head of each boy finally locking eyes with each prisoner after having explored his nude body rudely.


Kurt darted, making Alec and Graham flinch, but his movement was towards Jeremy, who was still blindfolded. Kurt untethered Jeremy’s ankles, pulled him to his feet, and pushed him to a wood beam that was set into the concrete only five feet in front of Alec and Graham. Kurt pushed Jeremy against the beam, and then bent the boy over it. Using a short chain, Kurt attached Jeremy's collar to the beam and then fastened his shackles to the posts. The boy was doubled over secured tightly over the beam with his arms bound behind his back and his cute butt high in the air.


First, looking to see that his captive audience was paying attention, Kurt raised his right hand high and brought his palm down hard on Jeremy's left butt cheek. The blow resounded off the concrete walls of the chamber as did Jeremy's gagged yelp. Kurt's hand rose and fell against, Jeremy's right butt cheek with force. Alec and Graham heard Jeremy's muffled grunt. They could clearly see, in the spotlight that shined from the ceiling onto Jeremy, a glowing red handprint on each white globe of Jeremy's bottom. Kurt looked into the eyes of Alec then Graham once again to make sure they were beginning to understand the full consequences of being a cute, young boy in Kurt's custody.


They felt terror.


For his part, Jeremy felt not only the sting of the two hard slaps on his ass but the sting of humiliation. Especially after Kurt's hand slapped his ass a third, fourth and fifth time. Jeremy shamefully realized the truth. At seventeen years of age, he was getting a spanking.


As Kurt's palm slapped Jeremy's cute butt, again and again, Jeremy yelped into his gag and struggled against his uncomfortable position. He too was terrified. He had no idea where he was or what was happening. He only knew that he was being spanked by someone strong — and that he was naked.


After delivering twenty swats to Jeremy's now reddened ass, Kurt took a firm grasp of Jeremy's hair in one hand, and he pulled the blindfold away with the other. Between his spread legs, Jeremy saw that five feet behind his bare ass, were his two kneeling friends, Alec and Graham, bound and gagged. Jeremy could see nothing of his captor. Kurt quickly replaced the blindfold as burning shame brought a blush to Jeremy's cheeks.


Now that Jeremy knew he had close friends in attendance to witness his degradation, Kurt continued Jeremy's spanking. Kurt enjoyed slapping one firm butt cheek then the other watching as each slap sent ripples of flesh across the bound boy's bottom. His ass would swiftly settle back into its attractive curve in time for Kurt's hand to swat it again. He sensed the humiliation Jeremy was feeling at being punished like a little boy in front of his friends.


As Kurt's palm continued pounding on Jeremy's posterior, Kurt enjoyed hearing the boy's stifled yelps of pain. And then, because he was the sort of man whose cock grew harder as a bound boy's screams got louder and his ass got redder, Kurt removed Jeremy's gag and slapped his butt even harder. Jeremy fought his restraints and pleaded for an end to the spanking that had turned his ass cheeks glowing red. Tears pooled behind Jeremy's blindfold as the pain and humiliation continued.


Fright seized Alec and Graham. Their captor seemed like a machine as he relentlessly swatted their teammate's rosy bottom. And worse, each boy noticed how a tent had formed in the front of the man's pants, which made chillingly clear the effect that punishing an attractive boy had on this man who held three such boys in confinement.


Without a hint, Kurt stopped spanking Jeremy and walked off into the dark shadows of the room. Jeremy hung, sobbing, over the beam. When Kurt appeared again, his right hand carried a leather paddle. Alec was closest to him, and when he was within a few feet, he swung the paddle through an arc that landed it on his ass. The boy squealed into his gag, but the paddle was already moving again. It smacked into Graham's lovely ass, causing an instant grunt of pain. Tears sprung up in both boys' eyes even as nasty welts appeared on their ass cheeks. Kurt moved behind each of the two boys and released the chains that tethered their spreader bars to the rings in the floor. He then removed their gags then stood in front of them to Jeremy's left.


Speaking for the first time, Kurt said, "Now, you fags can show your little boyfriend, Jeremy, what good friends you are to him. I will paddle Jeremy's ass until one of you fags crawls up to him and sucks his cock."


Kurt swung the paddle and was rewarded with the sweet crack of leather across the upper curve of Jeremy's ass along with the even more delightful screech of a young boy in pain. The paddle rose and fell again, putting another red mark on the cute boy's ass. Even as the paddle landed for a third time on Jeremy's ass, the crying boy began to beg his friends for help.


"Please, help me! Ow! Alec, Graham! Please...aaghh...do what he wants! Ooagww! It hurts...aghagh...I'd do it for you! Oh, please..."


Kurt continued the deliberate battering of the bound boy's ass cheeks. He carefully covered the surface of his bitch's bottom with blows from the paddle. He started to look both Alec and Graham in the eyes between each slap of the paddle on Jeremy's red butt. The boys looked down and let the punishment continue.


"Help!" Jeremy cried out.


"You fuckers! Aaagh! Come suck my cock! Owww, it hurts...help...make it sto...stop! Aaa..." Jeremy yelled between sobs and the gasps of pain that Kurt's paddle forced from his lips.


Kurt transferred the paddle to his left hand and then stepped in close to Jeremy's left thigh. He crushed his erection up against the boy's leg and gently caressed the boy’s crimson and black ass globes with his right hand savoring the heat radiating from his sore cheeks.


Looking at Alec and Graham, Kurt said, "You’re hard-hearted little twats. You won't suck a little cock to save your friend. You should realize that you may find yourselves in similar circumstances and in need of a friend's help soon."


Both boys shuddered at the thought as Kurt resumed paddling Jeremy's helpless ass. It did not take long, however, before Alec began to move toward Jeremy. It was not easy for him to move with his hands cuffed behind his back with a three-foot rod spreading his ankles apart, but he slowly crawled by inching his knees forward. Kurt watched but continued whacking Jeremy's backside until Alec's face was close to Jeremy's ass.


"Do it now, cocksucker, or you'll suffer too!" Kurt ordered.


Alec slowly leaned in and touched his lips to Jeremy's cock head. Fighting his instincts, Alec pushed his tongue out and slowly licked the tip of Jeremy’s cock. Kurt smiled slightly behind his mask. This was a pleasure, watching the gay sex he forced upon unwilling boys. He watched Alec lick the cockhead, then take the cock into his mouth. The sight was all the more beautiful because tears were running down Alec's cheeks as he tended to his task. Jeremy was too grateful for anything that stopped the paddling to worry that it was a guy sucking his cock.


Kurt leaned in close to watch Alec shamefacedly sucking Jeremy's cock.


"Do you know, I've never sucked a boy's cock. Do you like the taste, cocksucker? Bet you don't. I wouldn't."


Kurt stood up.


"But then pleasing men is not what I'm about."


Kurt let the cocksucking go on for as long as he could contain himself. There was a lot more punishment to be done before he could fuck his cum into one of his new fuckholes.


Kurt turned to Graham and said, slowly, "You've been a bad boy. Bad boys get punished.”


Graham began to sob imagining the pain. Kurt seized Alec by the hair and pulled his mouth away from Jeremy's cock.


"You've been a good boy," he said stroking Alec's long black hair.


"Too bad good boys get punished too."




After placing Alec in the proper physical position for his ordeal, Kurt relaxed in the shadows of his chamber as he drank Irish whiskey and watched the boys.


He had raped his first boy when he was an eighteen-year-old student in East Germany. The boy, Andy, was a gymnast and fourteen years old.


Andy had been Kurt's friend for only a few months. They were out one night when Kurt decided, for the first time that he wished to fuck a boy up the ass to see what that was like. Andy refused. Even then Kurt, who was a handsome and popular athlete, was used to getting his way. Kurt subdued the boy, tied his hands, spanked him until he stopped kicking, then ass fucked him while he begged Kurt not to.


The best thing about raping Andy was that he did not stop seeing him. Andy had so frightened of him — and Kurt was so popular in school — that Andy could not bring himself to stop seeing his friend even though he continued to fuck his ass.


After this experience, Kurt decided that he would never be denied anything again.



Now, Alec found himself lying on his back on a bench that was waist high. His wrists were shackled under the bench, and his elbows were also strapped together under the bench. A strap running across the hipbones pressed his hips down on the bench. The boy's legs were bent back over his body, extended straight out and spread painfully wide. His ankles were shackled to bars that rose at angles from the sides of the bench by his head. Because a headrest supported him, Alec was able to look across his chest, over his flat belly, and between his widespread thighs. Graham was kneeling, chained to the floor in a new spot about six feet away. Alec had never felt so exposed and humiliated in his life.


Kurt moved to stand behind Graham. He could see Alec and, behind Alec's head, Jeremy, still bound to the beam.


"Boys, your punishment and abuse are being recorded from a dozen angles. You will note I even have a mini-cam mounted on my head. Men, and even some women, pay me well for the digital recordings I make from sessions like this. Among those people are some powerful men in the judicial system by the way.


"I know who you are and where you are from. If I ever get arrested for what I do to you, the day I'm convicted I have friends who will begin dropping copies of the DVD into the mail to your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers in your towns. Some recipients will turn these DVDs over to the police after seeing your naked bodies punished and violated. Others will keep the DVDs. For the rest of your lives, you'll never know if the man who smiles at you in the elevator goes home to jack off again while watching you suffer here tonight.


"Worse, and more likely, is if that if I am charged and not convicted, I will revisit you. And I will be indignant during that visit."


Kurt walked to stand near Alec. He displayed to Alec's widening eyes a riding crop.


"This may sting a little," he said.


Kurt snapped the leather loop at the end of the crop on Alec's balls. The boy screamed. A red splotch rose on Alec’s balls. Kurt swatted Alec's balls again getting another agonizing scream.


Kurt's blood engorged cock pressed hard against the front of his pants to see a squirming boy stretched open before him. The man swatted the boy's balls again. Alec squealed in pain. Kurt struck Alec’s balls again. Kurt’s cock jerked in his pants.


Kurt began rubbing his hard-on while he hit Alec's swollen balls. The effect of this on Alec was to fill him with further humiliation — he was crying out from the whipping on his balls even as his masked torturer was rubbing his cock through his pants.


Kurt was quite excited by his cute prisoner's screams and his struggles. As the crop continued falling on Alec's balls, Kurt undid the front of his pants, and his massive cock sprang forth. Looking across his red and swollen balls, Alec saw Kurt's cock and felt with dread the certainty that rape was near. Looking at Alec's terrified, teary eyes made Kurt all the harder. Now, Kurt was concentrating on striking the boy’s balls with his hand. Kurt's instrument of correction played musical screams, squeals, and yelps with Alec’s balls. He began rubbing his cock up and down on Alec's smooth ass, but he paused on each down stroke with the tip of his rod against the entrance to the boy's asshole. Alec winced each time, preparing for the horror of his captor's dick ramming into his virgin asshole.


Then Kurt plowed his cock into his cute captive's tight asshole. Alec screamed out as he watched in helplessness the man who was taking his body by force. The man’s hand still struck the bound boy's balls even while he fucked his thick cock all the way into his prisoner's tight, hot fuckhole. Dry as it was this was not easy for the boy.


Kurt slapped his hand rapidly all over pitiable Alec’s balls while his cock enjoyed the contortions the boy’s muscles went through as he suffered and screamed. But then Kurt stopped beating Alec's balls and pulled out of Alec’s boy-cunt. Kurt walked to Alec's head and removed the headrest so that the boy's head dropped back. The crying boy understood that his mouth was to be next.


"Open your mouth, cocksucker!" Kurt commanded.


Alec did this, expecting that his captor's cock would be the next thing in his mouth. Instead, Kurt forced two small rubber triangles into the boy’s mouth, one on each side between his molars. The rubber was attached to thin, hard plastic wires that came out of his mouth, then bent back along his cheeks. He could feel Kurt cinch a strap behind his head. Alec could not close his teeth but could close his lips around the strange bit the man had jammed into his mouth.


Kurt took a fistful of Alec's long black hair to hold his mouth steady as he held the tip of his cock near it. Then he showed Alec his other hand, which held a long leather strap.


"You'll want to try hard because I'm going to whip your balls until I cum."


Alec's grunting pleas became an odd shriek as Kurt plunged his cock into the boy's mouth even as he cracked the strap down onto Alec's tormented balls. With his thick cock in the restrained boy's mouth, Kurt whipped Alec again on his balls and enjoyed the vibrations of his pain-filled yelps.


Alec at first struggled to close his thighs to protect his tender balls, but it was hopeless. Through his pain, the helpless boy, desperately choking on a man's cock, started sucking as hard as he could on his punisher's cock to get him to stop lashing his beaten balls. Kurt looked down to take in the sight of his captive straining. Alec's flushed face twisted around on his huge hard-on trying at the same time to suck on it and get in enough breath to fuel his stifled gasps of agony. His shoulders rolled as his wrists tugged at his cuffs, his large, whip-reddened balls jiggled, his ankles pulled at their shackles, and his thighs tensed reflexively trying to close over his poor stinging scarlet balls.


The man kept pumping his cock into Alec's mouth as he laid into the weeping boy’s balls with the leather strap. Abusing Alec had the cum boiling in his balls, and he knew he would have to blow his first load so he could properly punish Graham. With this thought in mind, Kurt's piercing gaze rose from Alec's welted, swollen balls to lock onto Graham's terrified eyes.


Alec's alternating sucking and pain-filled screams drew the first jet of cum out of his tormentor’s cock to flood his throat. As he choked on cum, Kurt pulled his prick out far enough so that the subsequent cum shots blasted Alec in the face.


After a final lash at his sobbing victim's balls, Kurt dropped the strap and grabbed on to one of the boy's nipples, and he began to squeeze and twist them while he stood still to allow his member to drip the rest of its goo onto Alec's face.


"Ahhh," Kurt said while staring at Graham," my next load goes up your ass, faggot."


Graham whimpered.


"But don't worry. After such good head from this cock whore, it may take some time for me to get ready again. So you'll have some time to relax — while you help me get excited again.


"With tears in his eyes, Graham squeaked, "Please, no...I'll do anything...please?"


Kurt's answer was to move to Graham, grab his blonde hair, and wipe his barely softened cock on his cheeks, wet with tears. Kurt then walked off into the dark shadows again leaving his cute prisoners to their physical pain and mental anguish.


Of course, Kurt's rod had stayed mostly stiff. He had found that, when he was working on naked captives, he never went soft until he had blown jism into their helpless bodies three or four times. However, Kurt wanted to be fully recharged before he dealt with Graham and the anal rape he had planned for him.


Kurt often thought of his cock as having a life of its own. It was a being stirred from slumber by the cries of a cute boy in pain. Once roused, his cock feasted on the sounds of a boy's suffering. The creature's single eye sought out the sight of boy tears and reddened male flesh. Once fully engorged, the monster forced its way far inside its prey in a frenzied rage then attacked with insane angry lust until it spat its venom contemptuously deep into the fuckhole's bowels.



Now, blindfolded again, Graham was bent over, his hips resting on a small stool with a single leg that Kurt had fitted into a deep hole in the floor. A thin leather strap ran from the bench over his back at the waist, cinching it tightly to the bench. His arms were behind his back, his elbows cinched by a strap and his wrists cuffed together. The cuffs were linked to a chain that rose up to the ceiling above and held Graham's wrists far away from his back while keeping his torso almost parallel to the floor.


Graham's thighs were spread wide and held that way by a cuff around each thigh just above the knee. These cuffs were attached to arms that extended out from the stool's single leg. Each of Graham's ankles was cuffed, and the cuff was chained to a steel loop set into the floor. Each chain was a foot long, allowing Graham to move his feet a bit. The position left Graham with slight freedom of movement above the waist and below the knees, but from his waist to his knees, Graham was firmly restrained so that no effort of his could budge his up thrust ass or his widespread thighs in the least. Graham's smooth, little, pink asshole was held immobile, helpless against Kurt's inspection and cruel intentions.


First, though, Kurt turned to his blonde jock's tits. Graham sobbed when Kurt seized one tit with his left hand to clamp a shiny metal clip on Graham's nipple swiftly.


"Ow!" the bound boy squealed.


Kurt grabbed Graham's other nipple.


"No…please," he begged.


He squeezed the second of the two clips on a chain to his other nipple. The man let his fuck toy squirm around, adjusting to the bite of the nipple clamps. It was an erotic sight, not just because a boy clad only in white stocking and heels was bound in pain and at his mercy, but because of a second boy, Alec, who now lay, still doubled over in restraints, with his cock just inches away from Graham's mouth. The scene sent pulses through Kurt's cock just thinking about it.


Then Kurt looked at Graham's superb ass. Its creamy white flesh was, as yet, unmarked. He caressed the soft, smooth curve of both cheeks, feeling the firm muscle that lay underneath. Graham was already crying. His nipples hurt from the clamps. He was scared of the horrors he knew were ahead of him — utterly helpless and exposed under the control of a sadistic man. Kurt was touching Graham’s shapely ass as though he owned it. Graham's backside instinctively clenched as fears of the anal invasion that the man had promised flooded his mind. The boy would have never permitted such a disgusting penetration of his precious young body, and he dreaded the pain he knew it would cause. Kurt knew these thoughts would be filling his prisoner's mind. To further them, he briefly touched the tip of his hard cock to the boy's anus.


"Nooo!" the boy screamed as if his tormentor’s cock had shot out a lightning bolt.


‘Beautiful,’ Kurt thought before stepping back slightly to begin Graham's first ever spanking.


Kurt brought his hand down hard on the right ass cheek of his beautiful bound boy bitch. The boy cried out as Kurt's hard hand was already falling on the boy's other ass cheek. He could barely yelp before Kurt slapped his sweet buns again. As the man's hand repeatedly struck his captive's reddening ass, Kurt considered the enjoyment he took in administering a spanking to an arrogant boy like Graham. Though by no means easy on his tied and crying cutie, Kurt's hand was less painful than the instruments of correction he would soon use on the boy. He would not think of denying himself the pure pleasure of feeling Graham's bare bottom heat up under his palm as he harshly spanked the boy. The flesh-to-flesh contact of a spanking was intimate — a mark of Graham's forced submission and a token of Kurt's mastery.


The stinging blows raining down on his restrained ass caused Graham to yelp and tug fruitlessly at his bonds. He felt so vulnerable trussed up and unable to resist the callous spanking. He could not comprehend why a man would desire to hurt him and why he failed to control this man with his charms as he had all the others in his life.


Kurt made sure to swat every square inch of his boy bitch's cute posterior and halfway down each thigh as well. The sound of the slaps on the boy's springy young ass flesh and the boy's constant sobbing was lovely music to Kurt and his thick, pulsating cock. Now that the hard spanking had turned his poor prisoner's bottom red, he stopped to caress their hot surface. The shackled prisoner winced to Kurt's amusement as the man leisurely took in the feel of Graham's sore ass. He patted the plump, tender moons affectionately. He owned them.


Kurt took the next step in Graham's lesson in discipline. A tawse hung on his belt. It was a one-eighth-inch thick, two-foot long length of leather that was two inches wide and split into one-inch wide strips for the last foot of its business end. Kurt first stroked the tear-streaked cheeks of his captive's face to give him an idea of what was in store for him.


As his sobs slowed, Graham choked out, "Please...please...I'll do what you want...don't...I'll be good..."


"Indeed," was all Kurt said to his blindfolded boy bitch.


Then Kurt cracked the tawse across both ass cheeks. Graham screamed as Kurt admired the angry welt that the leather had left on the boy’s skin. It was quite red, with a bit of purple along each edge. Kurt struck Graham's ass again with the tawse. His scream was even louder. Kurt enjoyed seeing how the useless effort to avoid pain caused his cuffed wrists to tug at their chain and how his feet kicked up off the floor to the ends of their chains. The boy's naked, terribly vulnerable ass stayed right where Kurt had tied it. A third and fourth stroke of the tawse followed. He had laid each stroke edge to edge, as he intended to leather the entire surface of his prisoner's buttocks. He wanted to see Graham's whole ass covered in welts from the tawse. He wanted to hear Graham scream. Graham obliged Kurt's desire. He bawled as if his ass was on fire. The concrete room resounded with the boy's shrieking and the flat crack of leather on the bound boy's backside. But best, for Kurt, were the moments when he allowed Graham to catch his breath because then he would beg.


"Please…oh…please…" the weeping fag said. “Stop…please stop...don't hurt me anymore...I can't...can't take it...stop...anything...please...I'll do what you want. What do you want?"


The tawse fell again on Graham's ass.


"Aaaiiieee!" Graham wailed.


Again the man struck the secured boy's behind.


"Aaagggh!" Graham yelled.


Kurt whipped the boy’s beaten, red buns once more.


"Aaagggh…owww…oh...please...what...do you...want?" the restrained, blubbering fag begged.


Kurt’s cock was thick with the deviant pleasure he got only from abusing a weak, sweet young thing in bondage. Kurt answered the boy's question.


"The answer should be obvious, even to a stupid fag like you. I want you to suffer, and so far you’re not doing enough of it."


Kurt now laid into his beautiful captive's sore ass with a flurry of strokes of the tawse that made it hard for the boy to breathe around his desperate need to scream. The savage cuts with the leather quickly turned the boy into a thrashing banshee who flailed with every muscle against his restraints. All to no avail.


When Kurt let his arm drop to his side, Graham's ass was a shapely mound of beet red flesh — a source of searing pain to a boy who found himself still in bondage with a captor who had not yet even fucked him.


The man was tremendously aroused by the sight of his slim, young, crimson-assed prisoner sobbing wildly. His cock swelled with pride because Kurt had taken this boy far beyond the limit of any pain he could have imagined, and he still had further to go.


Kurt took off Graham's blindfold to look at the huge tears still rolling out of his pretty blue eyes. The first thing Graham saw was the man's huge prick. Then Graham noticed Alec's whip-reddened balls just inches from his face. Graham could see Alec's semen spattered face and that his cum-crusted lips still held a gag. Graham realized the man was going to make him suck Alec's cock.


"My cock still isn't hard enough," Kurt said though Graham could see otherwise.


"To make it harder, I have decided to whip your balls like I did Alec's."


The boy nearly fainted at the thought. As bad as the whipping on his ass had felt, he believed he could not survive being whipped on his balls.


"Please," he said again though he realized that his pleading only turned this man on. "Please…anything...no," Graham said.


"All right," Kurt replied. "You could turn me on in another way. I won't whip your balls if you do a good, thorough job of licking..." Kurt smiled to himself. "... Alec's asshole," he finished.


Graham choked back the protest that rose up automatically.


‘How could he lick another boy's asshole?’ he thought.


At the same time, the captive boy knew he couldn't endure the alternative. Graham sobbed softly.


"I will."


"You beg to do what, fag?" Kurt demanded.


Graham knew what Kurt wanted.


"Please, let me lick Alec's asshole, sir," Graham said choking again.


"You'd better, my little fag or your balls will pay," Graham's captor said.


Kurt adjusted the chains attached to Graham's handcuffs so that his face was lowered just above Alec's crotch. Graham looked at Alec’s red, raw balls.


‘How it must have hurt,’ he thought. ‘Much worse than being ass whipped.’


Graham knew he couldn't take having his balls whipped by this man. The blond hair boy pursed his lips and dipped his head slightly. He noticed the man's hooded face just inches away, blue eyes gleaming as Graham kissed his friend's asshole.


“Kiss it!”


Kurt's hardon thrummed with the lust he felt as he watched his captive degrade himself. In a matter of hours, he had reduced this proud and beautiful young jock to an ass-kissing faggot.


Graham's mind was consumed with his humiliation and fear as his lips repeatedly smacked on Alec's ass pucker. He couldn't believe he was doing it, couldn't believe that some sick man was forcing him to do it.


"Now, lick it, fag," Kurt ordered. "Paste your tongue into that asshole and keep slurping."


Kurt watched Graham quickly stick his pink tongue out and press it against Alec's little rosebud, and then noisily run his tongue over the small crinkle. Kurt was pleased by the haste with which his little boy bitch obeyed his commands to avoid pain even though the boy must know that despite obedience pain would come.


Under other circumstances, Alec would have detested having anyone, especially a guy, doing this to him. But now, Alec was too busy fighting to keep still and quiet hoping not to attract any more of the man's attention to himself even though his body ached from the position he was bound in and his balls ached and throbbed from his punishment. Alec felt lucky not to be his captor's current plaything.


Shame ate at Graham as he licked another boy's asshole. Even though his friend's asshole seemed clean, the musky smell and taste, even the wrinkled feel of it on his tongue repulsed him. Just the mere thought of what he was doing made him nearly vomit. Over and over, he lapped at his friend's little hole. He regretted very much that he had been too proud to suck Jeremy's cock. To avoid seeing what he was doing — and seeing the way the man's blue eyes and mini-camera inspected his shame — Graham closed his wet eyes. A stern pinch on the side of one of his nipples made Graham gasp and open his eyes.


"If you try to ignore me, then I'll have to try harder to get your attention, fag. Stick your tongue up his ass!" Kurt commanded.


Choking down a sob, Graham made his tongue into a hard little dart that began to probe Alec's asshole, desperately trying to work its way in. Kurt watched in amusement as his fuck toy slowly wormed his pink tongue into Alec's tight asshole. Forcing this vile task on the boy did to his self-esteem what the good, hard spanking had done to his ass. He watched a little longer as Graham's tongue washed Alec's asshole, but Kurt's enormous erection was pulling him towards its sheathing inside the unwilling boy. The man walked behind Graham. Again he touched the tip of his cock to the rosebud between the young boy's ass cheeks.


"No," Graham moaned.


"You're right, boy," Kurt said.


He squatted down on his haunches.


"We need a before and after close-up shot for your video audience," Kurt said.


With his hands, he spread the boy's ass cheeks wider and allowed his forehead-mounted camera an unhurried inspection of the bound boy's anus. Graham squirmed because the mere touch of Kurt’s hands on his whipped ass hurt.


The boy's little pink pucker had been perfectly visible before Kurt parted his buttocks further, but he knew how this extra indignity would add to his captive's humiliation.


Kurt said, "This boy's name is Graham Saville. He is a sixteen-year-old jock boy. He does not want me to fuck him up the ass. I won't, for now. Despite all I've done to him and even though — as you have seen — he is a good little faggot ass-licker, he hasn't yet made my cock hard enough to penetrate his boy-cunt. So, this is Graham's asshole before I beat it with a riding crop."


Graham sobbed.


"Oh…no…please…no!" he cried.


Kurt stood up. He'd left the riding crop nearby where it would be handy. It was three feet long, ending in a half-inch side leather loop. Graham jumped when Kurt merely touched the loop to its intended target to measure off the distance.


"Please, don't," Kurt's captive moaned helplessly.


"This should hurt," Kurt said.


Taking careful aim, Kurt snapped the tip of the crop down between the restrained faggot's ass cheeks directly on his asshole. The helpless boy screamed. Kurt smiled and waited until his victim settled down. Then Kurt lashed Graham's anus again, hard. His shriek of pain reverberated in the concrete room — and through Kurt's long, stiff cock. Using real muscle this time, Kurt cracked the crop down on Graham's asshole.




Kurt's cute prisoner screamed. To no avail, the terrified boy thrashed in pain against his unyielding restraints. Kurt saw that he had created an angry red dot in the white crevice between the boy's ass cheeks. The man whipped it once more.




And again.




And again.


"Ahhh…Aggghhh! Please…nooo!" the shackled boy screamed.


Kurt moved to Graham's head. He was thrilled to see tears pouring down the sobbing faggot's cheeks when he turned to look at him. His beautiful face was hot with pain and shame.


"Please…please...no more," he begged.


Kurt returned to his mark. He raised the riding crop and began to lay into his beautiful captive's shamefully exposed anus. Crack upon crack of the leather falling on Graham's tiny pucker sent bolts of blinding hurt through his ass. He tugged wildly at the bonds what held him wrists high above his back. To Kurt's delight, Graham used the small amount of slack he had permitted his feet to engage in useless little kicks. Though his efforts to escape made his clamped tits dance for Kurt's pleasure, Graham's ass remained firmly restrained and his wounded asshole quite still and easily found by the crop.


Hopelessly bound, Graham dwelt in a vale of tears. Graham's mind reeled in horrible fear as Kurt's savage whipping scorched his asshole. He was stunned, in those seconds when he could think, at how cruel the man could be and at how much he must enjoy hurting him. Alec's hard cock was sopping wet with the tears and saliva that had fallen from Graham's face as he suffered under Kurt's harsh lesson in how a jock boy should be disciplined.


Kurt took enormous pleasure in the blatant chastisement of a boy's ass pucker. He often considered why he so enjoyed punishing a cute young boy with an anal whipping. He thought, maybe it was just because he was a sadist, and the only thing that hurt a boy more than forcing an anal penetration on him was forcing that anal penetration through a whip-shredded anus. Either way, the deviant cruelty of disciplining an attractive jock boy by lashing his most private hole filled his cock with blood and seething hot rage.


And how his cock was pleased by the way Graham screamed and struggled against his bonds as Kurt laid the final few hard strokes of the riding crop on his unfortunate asshole. Kurt squatted down again and splayed Graham's ass mounds once more. The mini-cam recorded Kurt's handiwork, and his eyes feasted on the sight of the swollen, shredded red pucker he would be using soon. In fact, Graham's whole ass, from garter belt to the tops of his stockings was now crimson and black.


"This is Graham's asshole after I’ve beaten it with the riding crop," Kurt said.


Kurt slapped both hands down on his prisoner's ass causing Graham to lurch. He knew it was going to give him a good time. Kurt stood. His cock was now rock hard. He allowed a tiny bit of his spit to dribble on the tip of his cock, and then he braced it against Graham's boy-cunt. This stung the crying boy all by itself, and he yelped. Kurt listened to him beg.


"Please, sir! Please, don't do it. I'll suck you off better much better than that. Just...please...don't..."


Then, at last, Kurt rammed his rock hard prick into the bound jock's virgin asshole. Graham's shriek of agony went nearly beyond hearing as the terrified boy madly fought to get away from the white-hot pain that pierced his asshole. He yanked his arms, kicked his feet, and wriggled his hips trying to escape. His sweat slick body even managed to move an inch or two under the waistband, but it was too late. Kurt's cock was unstoppable and plunging deeper into his ass.


Kurt watched happily as his thick shaft sank into the tight, tortured hole between the boy’s two whipped ass cheeks. The faggot howled as he drove more of his cock the wrong way up the boy's narrow tunnel. The brutal invasion was as obscene as it was painful. Never had Graham thought of allowing a man to do such a vile thing to him. Sex had always been on his terms, but now —as a man's huge prick plowed so painfully into his asshole — Graham felt weak and pitiful. He screamed and screamed, but nothing he could do would prevent this man from doing what he wanted to his body.


Kurt leaned into his task. It was not easy forcing a thick, seven-inch-long, barely lubricated cock into the tiny, whipped asshole of an unwilling, desperately struggling sixteen-year-old boy. His tight anal tube clutched at his cock, yielding each millimeter bitterly. Graham’s efforts to keep him out were exciting Kurt far more than if the boy had tried willingly to get him off. Kurt listened to his pleading victim again.


"Stop! Please…please...aaaggghhh…stop it! It hurts! Oh…please…get it out...take it out...uh…uh...please. Oh…it hurts…so much!"


Kurt smiled and forced the last inch of his dick home into the shackled and screaming fag's beaten ass. He pushed the boy’s head forward to smother his screams momentarily on Alec's cock invading his throat.


His pulsing tool painfully filled the cute boy’s fuckhole. Kurt proudly regarded his dominance of the impertinent boy. His beaten ass, trim thighs, narrow waist, heaving chest, and beautiful face — they were all his.


‘No pleasure could be greater,’ Kurt thought, ‘than raping an attractive young boy by tying him down and teaching the suffering fuckhole how to take a man's cock up his boy-cunt.’


Kurt dragged his cock almost all the way out of his victim's abused boy-cunt and then jammed it back in all the way to the sound of pleas and screams. Huge tears of pain coursed down Graham's cheeks while his captor built up the speed with which he reamed out the boy’s narrowest passage. Kurt's hard hips slammed again and again into Graham's welted bottom. Only Kurt's fanatic will kept him from blowing his load. Though near his peak, Kurt was driven by the need to degrade and torture this little blonde faggot with a prolonged, brutal ass fucking. With each stroke of his cock, he pumped suffering and humiliation up his beautiful prisoner's ass.


Graham’s once tight sphincter stretched horribly, he gasped for air as he sought to survive the barbaric assault on his asshole. He could not believe he had been spanked and whipped, forced to lick ass, and now was being fucked up the ass. That the sadistic man’s horrid cock was mercilessly thrusting in and out of his violated asshole. He yelled, pleaded, cried, and struggled, all to no avail.


Kurt could not hold much longer. He had earned this. The man drew the full length of his cock out of Graham's ass. Then, just to feel the joy of forcing a brutal anal penetration on a restrained jock boy, Kurt drove his cock all the way home into his cute prisoner's whipped asshole. When he heard the blubbering boy's shriek in agony — saw the helplessly shackled young fag's tawse-reddened ass cheeks squirming around his cock that was driving into the tortured boy-cunt — and felt the poor boy's asshole spasm on his manhood. Kurt let his cum start jetting out, steaming hot and dominant, into the boy-cunt of his abused and tormented cumdump in bondage.


Graham kept screaming as his captor fucked his jism deep into the helplessly splayed ass. The cum seemed to burn as it boiled out of the cock and filled his ass hole.


Kurt was able to pound even harder into the boy’s cunt now that it was lubricated by the generous load of semen he was dumping into his ass. It seemed never-ending agony for Graham and endless bliss for his tormentor.


Finally, Kurt stood still letting the last of his cum seep into his victim's boy-cunt. He slowly pulled his cock out of the crying boy. Kurt gave Graham's ass a hearty slap.


"Now, that's what I call a good piece of ass," Kurt declared.


Kurt looked at his shit-streaked, cum-covered bloodied cock. It was a mess. He needed to clean it off, and Jeremy had a cock-cleaning mouth if he had ever seen one.


He would entertain himself with them for another six hours or so. In the end, he would force them to drink each other’s piss and eat each other’s shit. And then they would service the dogs. For the coup de grâce he had Alec and Jeremy double penetrate Graham’s wrecked boy-cunt until the boy came.




Drinking Irish whiskey again, Kurt admired his boys. All were aching in their restrained poses. Graham's weeping was broken by an occasional racking sob. Kurt believed that his twisted lust would eventually get him caught. However, his cock would have its way. Even now it was not soft.


He would drug them, pack them in a van, and they'd wake up in a motor lodge, the kind with cabins. It had already been reserved over the telephone using Graham's credit card. The key would be left out for a late check in after the night manager went to sleep.