Gino in the Principal's Office

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A palimpsest based on a story by jibsheet

The man kept working as the young boy entered his office. Spread out on the desk in front of him, where the boy could not fail to see them, were photographs – photographs of vandalized walls spray-painted with graffiti. As these things go there was not much damage, but enough to warrant bringing the boy to the principal’s office for discipline.

The man heard the boy’s quick intake of breath as he saw the photographs and the man smiled to himself. Silence filled the room as the man made the boy wait, making him even more nervous than he already was. Finally, the man closed his folder with a slap of his hand and looked up.

"Gino, I'm very disappointed to have to bring you here. Do you know why I sent for you?"

The boy’s head dropped and his long, dark hair fell forward across his face. The man let the boy stew for a minute while he looked the boy over. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing. Even though beautiful boys filled the halls of this high school, this fifteen year old was a standout – golden, olive skin, long, dark hair that hung down past his shoulders. Even the uniform - pleated shorts and plain white shirt - couldn't hide the boy’s fabulous, young figure. In fact, the shorts only seemed to accent his beautiful ass.

"Gino! Answer me!"

The boy’s head came back up and there was a flash of defiance in his eyes. The man watched the boy’s full lips as he spoke, barely hearing the words.

"The walls … I'm here because of the paint, right?"

"Well, I'm glad to see you realize you can't deny it. Do you know what we do with vandals here, Gino?" The man raised his voice a notch to push that defiance back out of the boy’s eyes. "We turn them over to the police. You know we have a 'zero tolerance' policy, don't you? It's automatic suspension and then we'll let the police and your parents sort this out. Are you prepared for that?"

The boy’s answer was a polite, quiet "No."

The man opened his folder again and spent another minute reviewing it. Then he pushed the chair away from the desk, but stayed in his seat.

"Gino, you have an outstanding record at this school. Never been in trouble before, I see. I'd hate for you to ruin that record, because of a momentary lapse of judgment. Let's see if you can use some better judgment now. I can offer you one option other than the suspension and the police."

A look of hope crossed the boy’s pretty face.

"In view of your previous good record, I'm willing to waive the normal rules in this matter if you will submit to punishment by me. That is the only other option for you, Gino."

"Oh, I'll do it! Please...my parents will kill me if I get suspended..."

The boy was so desperate. The man could tell he had not really heard what he had said.

"Gino, I want to make sure you understand me. You will be submitting completely to my judgment as to your punishment. You will accept whatever I say or do and if you do, the matter will end here. Neither you nor I will speak of it again, outside this office. Do you agree?"

A moment of doubt crossed the boy’s face, but only a moment.

"Okay, I'll do it. Whatever you want, I'll do it - and you won't suspend me or report me, right?"

"That's correct, Gino."

"Okay. I agree."

"Fine. I think this will be a much better arrangement."

Silence fell again as the man let the boy think about what he'd just agreed to.

"Alright, Gino, step over here in front of me. We will begin with a paddling."

"What? Oh, my god, no! You're not serious? You’re not allowed!"

"Gino, I gave you an option and you agreed to it."

The man stood and turned to his desk, reaching for the phone. "However, if you feel you can't cooperate, then I'll have no choice but to begin by calling the police."

"No! Wait. Okay, okay, what do you want me to do?"

The man sat down again.

"First, drop your shorts and hold your shirt above your waist."

Gino's eyes grew large, as he realized what the principal was going to do. His hands went slowly to the waistband of his shorts and just as slowly, he unbuttoned and unzipped them before allowing them to drop to his ankles. The man admired the increasingly revealing view of the boy’s slender legs and his cock jerked as the boy raised his shirt to reveal his white briefs. The man caught himself wondering if any of the boys in the school had been lucky enough to enjoy the boy’s body.

Gino held the shirt above his waist and the man let him stand like that for a moment. He could see the boy blush in spite of his dark complexion and he wanted the boy to feel the embarrassment of his submission.

"Lie down across my lap, Gino! And make sure your shirt stays up."

Still clutching his shirt in one hand, Gino shuffled over, knelt at the man’s side and bent forward across his lap. The man felt the boy’s prick brushing against his leg - of course, his position was wrong, but enjoyable nonetheless. The man ordered the boy to move forward, until his toes were barely touching the floor on one side of the chair and his hands almost on the floor on the other. In this position, the boy’s underwear-covered ass was perfectly exposed and raised for the man’s enjoyment.

"Now take your underwear down to your knees!"

Gino's position was awkward and that only made him struggle to lower his underwear even more arousing. His arm brushed the man’s stiffening cock repeatedly as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pushed them slowly down. As he did so, the man was rewarded with several glimpses of the boy’s tiny, puckered asshole and balls.

With one hand, the man seized the boy’s small body around his waist, pulling him up against his hard cock. The man’s other hand, gripping a paddle, went up in the air and without any warning, the man began to paddle the boy hard. The man listened to the boy’s cries and made sure each new blow landed in a different place. After ten hard swats, the man stopped. Gino was panting, breathing hard through the pain. The man laid the paddle down and let his hand fall to rest on the boy’s ass before h began a stern lecture about respecting school property.

As he spoke, he allowed myself the pleasure of fondling the boy. His hand slid over the smooth mounds of the boy’s ass, enjoying the heat from the reddening buttocks. His fingers dropped into the hollow between the boy’s cheeks and he let them run downward, feeling the boy jump as his fingertips brushed the tight opening. Moving lower still, the man urged the boy’s legs apart just a little and let his hand rest on the back of the boy’s leg and his fingertips just brushing the back of the boy’s balls.

Just then, the vice principal's voice crackled from the intercom, to let the principal know that the estimates for repainting the wall had arrived.

"Good, bring them in - I'll need to see them."

"Oh, god, sir, can I get up? He'll see me!"

"Of course he will, Gino. Do you think he's never seen one of our students punished like this?"

"But...but my...he'll see..."

The principal silenced Gino with a swat just as the door opened. The vice principal came in, a knowing smile on his face when he saw Gino spread across the principal’s lap with his red ass raised in the air. Through the open door, the principal could see the school hall beyond the outer office. Students were coming and going and he could tell that several of them saw Gino's body across his lap too. Gino's quick breath told the principal that the boy had just realized the door was open and he was imagining how his body looked as it was lewdly displayed to the other students.

The vice principal’s eyes ogled Gino's lovely body too, staring between the boy’s legs. For his benefit, the principal let his fingertips brush up and down Gino's boy-cunt, rewarding both men with a small, stifled groan from the boy and a visible increase in the drool from his hard prick.

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Will you call Mr. Samuels and ask him to come down and discuss these estimates with me?"

Jim Samuels was the head of the physical plant team and would be the one to handle the repainting. As the vice Mr. Johnson turned to leave, I addressed Gino again.

"Alright, Gino, you may get up and I want you to go stand in that corner while I consider if any further punishment is needed."

Gino struggled to his feet, reaching for his underwear, trying to pull them up.

"Wait a minute! I didn't say anything about pulling up your underwear or lowering your shirt! Step out of your shorts. Now take your underwear off. Yes, take them off, right now and put them here on my desk. Then go stand in that corner and keep your shirt raised."

The principal watched as Gino balanced on first one leg and then the other, sliding his underwear off. The movement gave the principal several nice views of the boy’s aroused, leaking prick and the principal was pleasantly surprised to see that the boy was smooth. When the boy’s underwear landed on the corner of the principal’s desk, he picked them up and put them on top of the painting estimates where Mr. Samuels would be sure to see them. Then the principal watched as Gino went to stand in the corner. Of course, the boy let his shirt drop a bit, but there would be time to correct that mistake.

The principal worked steadily and quietly on other matters for the next few minutes, all the time admiring Gino's pretty ass, covered with the visible marks of his punishment. Voices grew louder in the outer office, and the principal heard Mr. Johnson telling Mr. Samuels to "go right on in."

"Gino! Pull you shirt up higher! Higher!" The principal knew Gino would be embarrassed tremendously, as the he stood in the corner like a little boy, exposing his body to a man he saw every day around the campus. The principal also suspected that the exposure would be making the boy’s hard prick leak even more.

Mr. Samuels came in the room. Quickly noticing Gino, he smiled broadly as he enjoyed the view.

"Is that the young man who spray-painted the east wing wall?"

"Yes, and as you can see, he has agreed to the alternative punishment."

"I hope you're going to redden his ass better than that for what he did!"

"Perhaps I should let you administer an additional punishment?"

A whimper from Gino made both men smile.

"I'll think about that. In the meantime, here are the estimates for the repainting work to cover the damage he did."

I handed him the folder with Gino's underwear resting on top.

"Okay, I'll have a look at them. Are these his?"

Mr. Samuels played along, knowing that the discussion of the boy’s underwear would only increase the boy’s embarrassment.

“I'm not done with his punishment yet. Why don't you take them with you and he can come get them from you at the end of the day? Oh, on your way out, tell Mr. Johnson I don't want to be disturbed."

"Will do."

The door slammed shut behind Mr. Samuels. Gino and the principal heard a low conversation in the outer office and a burst of laughter.


The principal pushed his chair out from desk again.

"Turn around and look at me!"

As the boy turned, he kept his shirt pulled up high and the principal admired the boy’s smooth prick and balls, his perky nips and long legs. The boy stood silently, waiting.

"Get down on your hands and knees and keep that shirt up. Good. Now crawl over here to where I'm sitting. Turn around for a moment. I need to see if the skin is broken from the paddling."

God, the boy looked like a little whore on his hands and knees in front of the principal with his shirt thrown up over his back and his head hanging in shame. The principal fought back the urge to take out his cock and fuck the boy straightaway. Instead, he used one foot to make the boy spread his legs. Reaching down, he took one ass cheek in each hand and pulled them crudely apart.

"Good, excellent!"

The principal let his hand travel down the boy’s backside, enjoying the boy’s quick breath as his fingers stroked the boy’s leaking prick. Gino was dripping wet and as the principal ran his fingers up and down the boy’s prick, he began to flick gently at the boy’s balls with the fingers of his other hand.

Gino groaned and arched his hips. Try as he might, he could not help responding to the pleasure spreading through his body. The princpal ran his fingertips in circles around the boy’s stiff prick and rubbed his thumb over the boy’s wet prickhead.

"Oh, god, sir, what are you doing? Ohhhhh!!"

"Preparing you for the next part of your punishment!"

The principal kept working the boy’s prick for several minutes as the boy’s moans grew louder. When the boy was panting hard, the principal quickly pulled his hand off the boy’s prick and slapped his ass.

"Turn around, Gino!"

Gino shuffled around, still on his hands and knees, raising his head to clear the principal’s knee, and then lowering it between his legs. The principal unfastened his pants, and brought out his stiff cock.

"Gino - stay on your knees, and come here and suck my cock!"

"Sir! No...I can't!"

"Oh come on now. You expect me to believe that you haven't done this with the boys in your hall?"


"Alright, then, I can always call the police..."


Gino shuffled forward, and the principal felt the boy’s warm hand around the base of his cock. Pushing his hair out of the way with his other hand, the boy lowered his head over the principal’s lap and the principal shuddered as the head of his cock slid into the boy’s mouth. The principal watched as the boy’s full, red lips spread open to accommodate the shaft and the principal groaned as the boy lowered his head. Slowly, at first, the boy began to move his head, letting the principal’s cock fuck into his mouth on each downward stroke and back out again a minute later. The boy’s cheeks flushed as he worked and the principal felt the boy’s hand grip the principal’s growing cock tighter and tighter.

"Gino, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were enjoying this! But I'm not surprised, I'm sure you have quite a reputation around school as a cocksucker..."

Gino moaned as the principal called him that and sucked the principal’s cock in even deeper.

"Mmm, I see, you do like being called a cocksucker, don't you? I suspected as much. Deep down, you really are a little cock whore, aren't you?"

Gino's hand dropped down between his legs, scrabbling to push his shirt up and out of the way. His fingers flew to his prick and he began to get himself off as he continued to suck on the principal’s cock.

"Here, you little cock whore. Why don't you move your hand out of the way!"

Immediately, the boy’s other hand dropped. The principal grabbed the boy’s hair and began to move the boy’s head up and down, raising his hips to push his cock into the boy’s mouth.

"After all, I can tell you enjoy this. I can tell how hot it makes you. How much you want to cum. Why don't you do that, cocksucker? Why don't you show me what a little cock whore you are and cum with my fat cock fucking your face cunt?"

The words did it and the boy furiously stroked his hard prick, his body stiffening as his orgasm hit him. The principal pulled the boy’s head off his cock and kept calling him names, as the boy jerked and groaned in pleasure. Before the boy’s orgasm had finished, the principal stood and pulled the boy up. Sweeping the papers off the end of his desk, he bent the boy forward over the desk and moved in behind him.

"Now, you little cockwhore, I'm going to finish your punishment. I'm going to fuck that tight ass of yours..."

"Oh, no!"

The boy bucked back against the principal’s hand that was pushing him down.

"I've never...oh, god no...fuck my mouth, please...but not my ass..."

The principal laughed, "I guess that answers one question: you obviously do open your mouth for the boys here, don't you? You have no choice, Gino. I'm going to fuck your ass! But I will use your face cunt to get my cock nice and wet!"

The principal lunged forward and drove his cock home into the boy’s throat. Pulling his spit-lubed cock out of the boy’s body, he reached down to lodge the head of his cock at the opening of the boy’s ass. Pressing forward, he slowly forced the boy open.

The boy fought, clenching tight, his knees banging against the desk.

"Agghhh...no! Ahhhhh! Oh, no, oh, please don’t fuck me…please!" Gino begged.

"No! I already told you you're going to be fucked!"

The principal kept up the pressure and groaned as the head of hos cock popped through the tight ring. Seizing the boy’s hips in his hands, he pulled the boy back as he continued to force his cock down into the boy’s ass until his hips rested against the boy’s hips.

"There, young man! That's not too bad, is it?"

Gino groaned in answer.

"After all, a little fag like you should get accustomed to being fucked in the ass."

The principal began to move, slowly drawing his cock out and then forcing it back in again. My god, the boy was tight! The principal pulled the boy back from the desk a bit and slid his hand down in front of him, moving between the boy’s legs and searching out his prick. He found it, stiff and hard, and began to pinch and rub in time to his thrusts into the boy’s ass. The boy was so very tight and the principal knew he wouldn't last long. His fingers on the boy’s prick were having the desired effect as the boy was beginning to move back against the principal, slowly.

"There, see? You're beginning to like being fucked there, aren't you?"


"I asked you a question!"

The principal quickly pulled his hand back and slapped the boy’s ass hard, before resuming the stroking of the boy’s prick.

"Oh...yes...yes...it feels...feels good there..."

Slowly, the principal let the pace increase...fucking into the boy’s tight ass, massaging the boy’s prostate and stroking him at the same time. The boy’s moans became more and more insistent and the principal felt the boy’s legs shaking beneath him as he used the boy’s body.

Bending, the principal began to whisper the dark words the boy loved, calling him a cocksucker, a fuckhole, a cumdump and telling the boy that he was going to let Mr. Samuels use his boy-cunt too.

The principal’s cock began to swell and he asked the boy if he could feel it, telling him that he was going to fill bouy-cunt with his cum. Suddenly, the boy was over the edge again, bucking back against the principal and yelling.

"Yes! Oh, god yes! Fill my ass with your cum. I want to be fucked hard there...aggghhhh...oh god, please…spank my ass, I'm such a cock whore...spank me NOW!"

The principal landed several hard blows on the boy’s ass, as the boy’s body jerked on the desk and the principal’s cock swelled inside him. Between each blow, the principal rammed his cock home into the boy’s ass, erupting each time, shooting pulse after pulse of hot cum into the boy’s young body.

The boy’s long hair lashed about the desk as he came again and the principal pulled himr back against him hard, driving his cock in deep and holding it there, emptying himself. The boy’s cries of pleasure were loud and insistent and then he collapsed forward onto the desk, panting and groaning.

Slowly, the principal caught his breath. He slid his cock out of the boy’s ass, leaving it red and open. He squeezed the last drops of his cum out onto the red handprints on the boy’s asscheeks and stepped back, fastening his pants.

"That will be all, Gino! You can go."

Still panting, Gino stood up, straightening his shirt and pushing his hair back.

"I trust you won't make me bring down to my office again, young man!"

"You mean, if I do something wrong again, you'd have to punish me again?" he asked in a little-boy voice.

"Most definitely, I'm afraid."

"Oh..." he blushed and then a small smile spread across his face and suddenly the saucy fifteen-year-old boy was back.

"I'll try to keep that in mind!"

Gino turned and headed towards the door. As he pulled the door open, the principal stopped him.

"Gino, don't forget to see Mr. Samuels at the end of school. You have something to pick up from him, remember?"