Gas Station Rape

M/m/B/b, anal, oral, ws, humil, nc, rape, inc, inf
A palimpsest based on a story by Aaron310
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Perverted Discoveries

Tom glanced down at his gas meter and swore. He was almost out of gas. He and his eight-year-old brother Eli were on their way back from a baseball game. They were almost home but he figured it would be better to be safe than sorry so he pulled into the next gas station that he saw.

The station was a little one-horse operation located about seven miles outside of town. It had only two pumps and the building looked like it had seen better days. It doubled as a garage as well and had a large junkyard out back filled with old cars, thousands of tires, and whatever else people liked to dump there.

As soon as Tom parked next to one of the pumps Eli made it known that he had to go. Tom sent him inside to find the bathroom.

Max sat behind the counter and watched as the big red F-150 pulled up next to the pumps. It was not long before he saw a sandy haired, freckle faced kid hop out and begin walking toward the store. A man with the same sandy hair got out as well and began to pump gas into the truck. Max was not interested in the man though. He watched the boy avidly as he made his way to the door, entered and asked where the bathroom was. Max raised a large, oil-stained arm and pointed to the back of the store. The kid nodded his thanks and headed to where Max had pointed.

Max eyed the little boy up and down as he walked away. He drank in the site of the kid’s tender young legs and the way his cute little butt wiggled as he walked. As soon as the boy was in the bathroom, Max turned to his friend and coworker, Josh Pullman and told him to mind the counter while he took care of something. Max did not fool Josh. He knew exactly was on Max’s mind. Max was forty-two, muscular, and weighed three hundred and sixty-four pounds. He had been in and out of jail for most of his life, mostly on charges of child abuse and molestation. Josh had seen the boy come in and knew what was about to happen. Not that he had any inclination to stop it. He and Max had been friends for years and knew most of each other’s secrets. Even if Josh had wanted to stop Max, which he did not, there was no way that his meager one hundred an fifteen pounds could do anything.

Max walked back to the smelly little room they called a bathroom and shoved open the door. The boy had just pulled down his shorts and started to pee. He looked up, startled, as Max pushed his hulking mass into the little room and closed the door.

“Hey I’m going to the bathroom in here! You can’t be in here!” the boy yelled.

Max just grinned down at his tiny, little, naked ass and pecker. Admiring the steady stream of yellow piss as it splashed into the porcelain bowl.

“Well kid, I need to go myself so I hope you don’t mind sharing,” thus saying, Max pulled out his own cock and began to pee next to the boy. The boy’s eyes grew big and round and he became speechless at the sight of Max’ massive cock. He had never seen another man’s cock before especially one so big.

Soon they were both done and shaking off the last drops of pee. The boy was just about to pull up his pants when Max stopped him.

“Don’t tell me you’re not going to wipe the piss off your cock boy? We do not allow that kind of thing here. Always clean up after you go.”

The boy looked puzzled and even more so when he looked around and could find no toilet paper. Confused he looked questioningly up at the big man.

Max just smiled and said, “Guess we’ll just have to clean each other up boy. We don’t have any paper so would you please just lick the piss off my cock with that sweet, little tongue of yours? That should be good enough to get it clean.”

The boy was shocked and disgusted. He shook his head hard, “No that’s gross!”

Max smile suddenly vanished as he put his hands on the boy’s shoulders and forced him to his knees. The head of his cock bobbed in front of the boy’s face.

“Lick it boy! Clean it up real good if you know what’s good for you!”

Scared, the boy shook his head no and began to cry. Max slapped him hard across the face.

“Lick boy or I’ll kill you and your brother out there!”

The terrified boy stuck out his tongue and began to lap away at the massive rod of flesh before him. He grimaced at the taste and smell of the disgusting cock. It was dirty, sweaty and tasted salty and bitter at the same time. He could tell Max had not bathed in a long, long time. Finally, he managed to clean up all the pee from the cock and he thought he was done. He was wrong.

“Open your mouth boy. I’m gonna fuck that sweet, little mouth of yours. Your little tongue felt so good I’m just gonna have to try out that mouth and throat of yours.” Max had given up all pretenses of ‘cleaning’. He was ready to just out and out rape the boy’s mouth.

Max hit the boy hard across the face again when the boy tried to refuse and Max pinched the boy’s nose until he had to open his mouth for air and Max slammed his cock in. The boy choked and tears streamed down his face as the grease-covered pedophile raped his eight-year old mouth. The cock forced its way down the boy’s throat until he had buried his seven-inch cock down the little boy’s throat and his balls rested on the boy’s chin. Unable to breath, the little boy panicked and began to beat his tiny fists against Max’ massive frame. Max slid out and the boy had just moments to gasp for breath before Max’ cock filled his mouth again and face-fucked the boy as he forced the boy’s head up and down the shaft.

Suddenly the door burst open and Eli looked up to see his brother standing in the doorway with a look of shock and horror on his face at the sight of his little brother with a huge cock shoved down his throat. Relief flooded through Eli since he was sure his torture was over. His brother had come to save the day.

Seconds passed by though, Tom just stared in shock at the scene as his brother and the rapist stared back at him. He was shocked and outraged to see his little brother abused like that. His first impulse was to take a swing at the dirty fuck that was raping his brother, but he just could not take his eyes off the sight of Eli’s straining mouth wrapped around the large cock.

Max was the first to break the silence, “Well bub, I’ve got my cock shoved down yer little brother’s throat. What’re you gonna do about it?”

Then Eli saw something change in his Tom’s eyes and it scared the shit out of him.

“Do? Oh, um…nothing. Please, keep going. Um…can I watch?”

As it was not what he expected, the response shocked Max. “You mean you want to watch me rape your little brother’s mouth like he was a cheap, cocksucking whore?”

“Umm…yah, yah I do”

“Make him slurp up all my cum and swallow it down like the little cumdump he is?”

Tom started to breathe hard as his cock pushed against his pants, “Yes.”

“Bend him over and fuck his baby ass as he screams and bleeds all over the floor?”

“Yes, yes I want to see you violate my brother!”

“I’ll piss all over him and in his mouth and make him swallow that too.”

Tom could not take it anymore. He pulled out his hard throbbing cock and began to pump it wildly, “I don’t know why but I want you to rape my brother over and over. It makes me so hard just seeing your cock in his mouth! Please, please continue!”

Max could not believe his luck and the dirty talk with the boy’s brother was making him even harder so he continued to rape the now hysterical, panic-stricken boy’s mouth.

Tears coursed down Eli’s cheeks as all hope fled. His last chance of being saved disappeared with his brother’s betrayal. The big nasty man kept choking him incessantly with his huge cock as Eli tried to keep from blacking out. Suddenly he felt the disgusting slab of meat suddenly jerk with spasms as something warm and thick forced its way down his throat.

Max gave out with a loud grunt as he came and pumped ropes of cum into the boy. Tom groaned at the sight. Max could tell that Tom was so fucking close to cumming and the big man motioned Tom closer. Timidly, Tom complied and inched closer to the perverted scene. When he was close enough, Max reached down and wrapped his massive fingers around Tom’s quivering cock. He began to jerk the other man off as he aimed it at Eli. Having another man’s hand on his cock was too much for Tom. He suddenly unleashed his cum and spewed cum all over his younger brother as Max aimed Tom’s cock like a hose and wet the little boy down.

Once he was done, Max kept a hold of Tom’s cock and kept massaging its limp form as he ordered Eli to undress the rest of the way. An ashamed Eli did as Max commanded him. Tom gasped at the sight of his naked, little brother with pedophilic, incestuous thoughts he never knew he had.

“You need to go?” Max whispered into his ear.

The question caught Tom off guard, but he suddenly realized he really did need to go. He affirmatively nodded.

Max grinned as he kept working the other man’s spent cock and balls, “Then why don’t you use your brother like a toilet? Spray your piss all over his innocent, little body. Drench him.”

Tom’s cock suddenly sprang to life again at the thought. He breathed hard as he took his cock from Max and aimed it at his whimpering, eight-year-old brother who had fallen to the floor. A golden stream arced through the air and splashed all over the little boy as Tom relieved himself on his defiled sibling. A second stream splashed down as Max spent what was left of his reserves. The two men finally finished wetting Eli down and zipped back up.

Tom looked with wonder at his sobbing brother, “Man what a mess.”

Max shrugged, “It’s all right. I‘ll make the boy clean it up while we go out into the store and talk.”

Tom nodded as Max pulled Eli to his knees and hit him across the face, “Ok boy, I want you to clean up all the piss on this floor with your tongue.”

Disgust and horror spread across the boy’s face until Max hit him again, “Your brother and I are going right outside to talk. When we come back, I want the floor clean and you had better not use any paper towels. I don’t want to find any in the trash or hear the toilet flush. If you disobey or if the floor ain’t clean by the time we come back then we’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk or talk ever again. Got that?”

Terrified Eli nodded mutely. He bent over immediately and began to lap the piss and dirt up off the floor. Tom watched him avidly until he and Max were outside with the door closed. After the door closed, Max led Tom up to the counter.

“So I’m Max and the guy behind the counter is Josh. What’s your name?”

“Oh…um, Tom. My name’s Tom.”

“So Tom, how long have you been into fucking and humiliating little boys?”

Tom shook his head amazed at himself, “Never! This is my first time. I never even thought about it before.”

Max and Josh stared at him for a few moments, “You mean you just all of a sudden decided you wanted to turn your littler brother into a cumdump?”

Tom nodded, “Uh yah, I mean I heard some noises coming from the restroom. I knew Eli was in there so I decided to see what was going on. I was going to kill you at first, but when I saw my brother with your cock shoved down his throat and, I don’t know, something just snapped. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It was so perverted and I realized I didn’t want to stop you.”

Max and Josh nodded uncertainly, “Your one strange fucker, you know that right?”

Tom just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well Tom what are you gonna do now? What we just did is illegal. We could be locked up if the kid tells.”

Tom shook his head, “I can keep control of my brother. All I know is that I don’t want to stop. That was the best thing I’ve ever felt. I’ve never even done it with another guy. Never even thought about it.”

Max gave him a strange look, “Well, I like the guys, especially if they’re three foot tall. Josh here is straight, but he ain’t against doin’ it with a boy. Why don’t I have him call his favorite fuckhole and we’ll shut down the store while I teach you how it’s done between pals?”

Tom just nodded his agreement. He did not know where this would take him, but he was not about to stop. Strangely, he felt no sympathy for his pathetic brother, who at this moment was lapping up piss and scum off the bathroom floor. Maybe his shy brother would come around and start to like this stuff. Even if he did not, Tom would enjoy breaking the spirit of the brother he loved and yet needed so badly to hurt.