Gang Rape at the Youth Hostel

Mm, anal, oral, nc, reluc
Karl Webster

It was a quiet mountainous area of central Europe, and the youth hostel was a good central point for cycle rides to various beauty spots. Sammy and I had just left school that summer and taken the train from a channel port to the nearby town. There were two large dormitories with bunk beds, and each of the showers was big enough for about six people. Sammy and I were the only guys around for the first two nights. It was on the third day at about four pm while Sammy was fixing something on his bike and I was in the shower when I suddenly became aware of quiet voices near me.


“Hey, did we go through the wrong door?”


I heard one say. When I turned to see who was there, I saw these four big guys looking straight at my naked body but seemed to be sharing some hilarious intimate joke between themselves.


“So what were you expecting?” one said.


There was more laughter between them.


“Sorry!” I said. “I never saw you. Please excuse me!”


“No, don’t worry,” said one trying to compose himself, “just a little misunderstanding that’s all!”


I went on showering, and they stripped off and went into the next shower. They kept glancing in my direction, and I thought I noticed some of them were getting erect.


“Hey control those daydreams, Andy. You got to accept it. Seeing is believing, you know!”


I guessed Andy was the big black guy and there seemed little doubt about why he had to control himself!


Then I noticed another six guys had arrived and were already naked and heading for my shower.


“May we join you?” one asked me


“Yeah, sure, I was just finishing anyway.”


“No, don’t rush, you were here first. So long as you don’t mind us, I’m afraid there’s not much privacy here!”


They were all big muscular guys, and when they started soaping themselves next to me, I found myself delaying my departure and re-soaping my body a second time. I had not even admitted to myself that I was enjoying their physical company. I had never been near such big guys before especially not in the nude, and they too seemed to be looking at me a lot especially when I turned my back.


I had only just turned sixteen, and I did not count myself as gay, but now I was struggling to conceal a growing erection in front of these beautiful bodies all of whom now had quite rigid cocks.


None of them tried to do anything to me. Although if they had, I reckon I would not have tried to resist. Instead, I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off and dressed leaving them swapping all sorts of ribald comments between themselves and bursting into shouts of raucous laughter. I met Sammy just as I was going out of the door. He took one look inside and retreated immediately at the sight of all these guys.


“They’re okay,” I said, “they won’t eat you!”


“That’s not what concerns me!”


Sammy was very correct but rather prudish. He was not in the least bit manly in his ways or muscular in appearance. I suppose in some respects he was more similar to me in that we could both be described as youthful looking and perhaps a little effeminate.


He had once been teased at school for being too fat, and I had persuaded him into this trip partly to improve his fitness. His face conveyed a bit of the ‘I’m a fatty’ look, and while he was okay in the nude I couldn’t get too excited about him as the prospects for any intimacy always seemed quite hopeless.


Later on that evening in the dining hall we found that the new guests had monopolized the hall with their rowdy conviviality. They were already sitting around two big tables telling jokes and gulping frothy beer from large glasses. Sammy went immediately to a table as far away from them as possible and complained about their noisiness, poor manners and lack of respect for others. After about ten minutes, he said he thought we should turn in early but I told him to go ahead as I would stay behind.


As I made my way back from the dining hall, the main group was looking at me, and I smiled back.


Hey, would you like to come and join us. Where’s your friend gone?”


“He said he wanted an early night,” I stated in a conspiratorial whisper, making no effort to conceal my distaste for his puritanical mentality.


“Let me guess you’re a rugby team and you’re over on holiday?” I ventured as I took a seat.


“Nearly right,” said Bob, the captain of the team. “Although we’re on tour. Teaching this lot how to play, I suppose. How did you guess?”


“I was once a mascot for the local team when I was twelve years old, so I’ve pretty much grown up with you lot.”


“You don’t look much like a rugby player though! If I may borrow your word ‘pretty,' please don’t take that wrong we don’t mean to tease you or anything, but I just can’t imagine you as part of a scrum.”


This was Colin, a huge guy who played scrum half. He was one of the ones I had seen in the showers earlier. There was a growing titter of laughter as some guys sitting next to Colin started whispering to one another.


“You’re just making excuses,” said one of the guys.


“It was a genuine mistake. How could I tell?” replied Colin.


This left me perplexed as they rolled around laughing about whatever it was that had so amused them.


“I think we’ll have to tell him,” said Andy.


“Yeah, you go on then,” said Colin, but Andy was not so easily embarrassed.


“It was just that, well, when we first saw you, you were actually facing the other way and some of us sort of saw you and wondered if we hadn’t made a mistake if you know what I mean.”


“Perhaps he doesn’t quite,” chirped up a smaller guy called Lenny.


“What we all saw was a fucking sexy ass, so naturally we thought you were a chick. And I suppose your hair had something to do with it also,” Andy added.


“Steady on, Lenny!” Bob interrupted getting quite angry. “That’s not the way to talk to our guest who we hardly know.”


I felt more amused than offended especially as I remembered what Sammy had said.


“So, I suggest it’s change of subject time now. What shall we all do? How about a game of cards?” said Eric a big tall guy who was the only other black player.


I had counted eighteen of them, fifteen players and three reserves.


“We’re quite a lot for cards aren’t we?” I said.


“It depends on what you play,” said Colin.


“So what are we going to play?” Andy asked


“Strip poker!” bellowed Lenny.


He had a very challenging manner to him. What he had said might have sounded ridiculous but as I soon realized, not when it came from Lenny.


“I thought this was a change of subject,” observed Bob and then turning to me. “What is your reaction to this?”


“I don’t mind joining in at all. It’s just that I am not too sure of the rules and so you may have to help me a bit.”


“The less you know, the sooner you lose and get your clothes off,” continued Lenny. “No! Have no fear I shall look after you,” he said grabbing my arm in a tight clasp.


“Here goes then!” said Hank as he dealt from a double deck of cards. “When it comes to things like shoes and socks I suggest they both come off together.”


“Yes, of course!” agreed Lenny on behalf of everyone else.


I fared reasonably well at the beginning, which brought remarks from Andy that I was not as innocent as I looked. Several of the guys had to take their shirts off before I did and the sight of these big hairy chests was already generating problems for me lower down and increased everyone’s anticipation of events.


A run of losses saw my shoes and socks come off and then my jeans. I survived many subsequent rounds as I watched the others strip off down to their briefs revealing those huge muscular thighs which characterize rugby players all over the world and massive bulges where the material struggled to enclose their substantial equipment. I had a raging erection when my turn came to pull my pants down. It was the most exciting moment of my life. I could remember having such feelings all those years ago when I was a mascot and had glimpsed some of the players in the changing rooms. This was it! Their eyes all went down to feast on my genitals. I felt so proud that all these good-looking men should be admiring me. Then I turned to show them my ass. This was even more exciting for me as here lay some of my most treasured fantasies.


Lenny was the first to run his hands over my buttocks then everyone seemed to be groping my genitals and slit. It was all over too quickly as Bob called them to order and the hall attendant was seen across the room.


I got dressed amid compliments. Eric said my ass was sexier than any chick he’d seen. We had played some more games before we all decided to go to bed. Sammy was asleep in the corner of the dormitory. Bob asked me where I wanted to go, so I chose a lower bunk near the middle of the room.


I watched the other guys strip down to their underpants and get into their bunks. I wondered whether anything would happen when the lights went out. In fact, I was fucking desperate!


As soon as everyone was in bed, Bob put off the light. Although it was dark, there was a lot of noise from guys telling dirty jokes and laughing. Others were going on about who had the balls to do something. I was lying on my side with my knees slightly forward when I felt a hand on my blanket from behind. A voice said, “How are you doing?”


“Fine thanks,” I replied.


I felt his hand coming in under the bedclothes and feeling my naked body. It was Daren who played fullback. He was in the lower bunk next to me. He was really nice but quiet. A bit of a dark horse but very handsome so I had no problem at all about his advances.


I moved my body backward towards him but remained facing the other way. This gave him access to my ass and slit. Instead, he pushed his hand between my legs and groped my balls and cock, which was very hard. I was near to cumming when he withdrew his hand. I remember being worried that something had made him lose interest in me.


The next thing I felt was the whole bunk sag as I realized that his big warm naked body was right next to me in bed. Now, he was feeling my ass crack in an even more exciting way that was making my heart pound. As he went down to suck my cock, I felt his fingertip locate my anus as he investigated my hole. I turned to lie on my stomach, and he got on top of me from behind. I just could not believe everything was going right. I had so much longed for this all my teenage years, and now I lay waiting for him to come up my ass with his lovely, big, hard cock, but there was no lube, and my hole was too dry for him to penetrate me at first. He was shafting my crack now working his hard penis between my tight buttocks. The whole bunk was rocking as he suddenly started to shoot cum into my ass slit. I felt his frenzied, twitching cock lubricating my hole before thrusting into my bottom as he squirted the rest of his semen right up my rectum.


Just at this very moment, the guy in the top bunk shouted out, “What the hell’s going on?”


Someone turned on the light. In the frenzy of my ass being fucked the blankets had slipped off the bed, and there we were stark naked. Daren was just pulling out his thick, shiny, fuck pole from my juicy, freshly fucked ass. A circle of guys now stood looking on in almost shocked amazement. It was a bit awkward at first. Perhaps they needed time to take it all in. Bob commented that I seemed to have enjoyed it, but Lenny had his own ideas.


“What the fuck are you waiting for? I wouldn't fucking care if he enjoyed it. That’s irrelevant! He fucking needs it, whether he likes it or not, and he’s going to fucking get it right up his fucking asshole! Come on, get your legs in the air, you cock slut and don’t try to fight me because I’m fucking stronger than you are.”


Lenny was full of testosterone and male aggression. His body was small but immensely robust and fit. His upwards curving cock looked threatening as he grasped my ankles so hard it hurt and forced my legs back and apart as far as they would go.


“Right. You’re fucking getting it right where you fucking need it. Watch me fuck that boy-cunt of yours. These are the only fucking balls here, and you’re just about to find out all about them.”


Lenny was ramming my ass so aggressively with his cock that my prostate was getting quite sore. There was nothing I could do. I felt overpowered by him and intimidated by his aggression, but above all, I couldn’t help wanting him to fuck me and to get his male juices up my bottom. His balls were slapping my against my buttocks as he pumped his prick in and out of my ass hole.


“Okay, you get to feel my balls! Now they’re going into action! I’m going to fuck your ass right up!”


He quickened the pace.


“I’m gonna fuck you full! Oh, hell, you’re gonna get it! Ah! Ah!


Lenny shot his load right up me. I could feel his eager prick jerking wildly inside my rectum as he squirted his hot, rich cum deep into my ass. I loved it! This was the cream of his strong muscles, his manliness, and aggression. Eventually, he collapsed forwards onto my chest releasing my ankles from his firm grasp.


“Thanks, mate! Thank was fucking marvelous.”


“Thanks, Lenny. You performed beautifully. You’ve got real balls!”


For the others watching, it was now obvious that I was game for a big gangbang and that each of their now bulging pricks were welcome up my hot sticky hole. I pulled my legs back of my own accord this time as Bob came down on me with his massive, muscular frame. He was twice the size of Lenny, and his muscles were so big he had no need for strong language. Once Bob was on top of you, you knew who the boss was! He was very cool and deliberate in everything he did. He sensed that I wanted to be fucked and there was no doubt about his determination. His cock was a lot thicker than Lenny’s, but once he started to push at my slimy sphincter, I felt myself yielding to his pressure so that in seconds he drove his big, strong meat straight up my eager ass. I don’t think Bob had ever fucked a guy before and the presence of his cock inside was having a big effect on my genitals. Every movement he made inside me provoked huge excitement within me, and both my face and my cock gave away my inability to control myself.


Everyone was watching intently as Bob settled into a steady pumping rhythm like a piston surging in and out. His steady face gave no advanced warning of the massive climax he was about to experience. I say Bob was strong and composed. Well, in a matter of seconds he suddenly turned quite wild, and I could see all the sinews of his arm muscles and his heaving chest, while his legs tensed and bulged as every ounce of strength he had was thrown into a massive orgasm. I felt his cock leaping in wild spasms as he pumped his spunk up my ass. Once again, it felt like everything strong and steadfast about this sturdy and resolute guy. I loved him as he winced as he spurted the last drops of cum up me. The others had been watching with growing excitement about who would be next, and the sight of his thick, sticky hose coming out of my hole was driving them wild.


Andy was next. Believe me, he was even bigger than Bob in every respect. There was more evident passion about him as he forced his cock up me. He held my legs like Lenny as if he wanted me to know who was in charge and that my role was just to lie back and let it happen. Wow, happen it did! Andy’s cock was massive and utterly irresistible. From the moment he penetrated my anus, he possessed my body completely. I couldn’t look at anything except his big flashing eyes as he fixed his on mine and propelled me into uncontrollable sex. I could think of nothing except the feeling of his huge cock against my throbbing gland. His big, black muscles on his chest were almost bare of hairs. He was immensely powerful but somehow tender too. He was not aggressive like Lenny in the way he fucked me. He seemed to probe me with sensitivity with an understanding of exactly how I was reacting to him. I was in uncharted waters of sexual excitement. At times, there was cum spilling from my half-erect cock. Somehow I couldn’t manage a full erection because Andy was just too dominant inside me. Gradually I became aware of a strange feeling welling up deep inside my rectum. It was a like a huge thrill but quite uncontrollable. Suddenly, I was orgasming deep inside my bottom and driving Andy mad as my anus clasped at his cock. It was too much for him. I saw his eyes shut tight as he gasped then let fly inside me with the fantastic burst of fuck insemination. Wow, Andy had some cum flow when he got going. They say you haven’t been fucked till you’ve been done by a black guy. Well, believe me, it’s true! Lenny seemed tame by comparison. Just as Andy withdrew, I took a glance over at Lenny, and his curving cock was rigid again. He saw me looking.


“Want some more?” he shouted.


“No way,” said Eric as he sat down firmly on my legs.


Eric was so big and tall he could easily outdo little Lenny. Apart from being the other black guy, Eric had a really long cock. It was much longer than anyone else’s was. He wasn’t as thick as Andy or Bob, but he would get places far beyond anyone else.


It was the sexiest sight to see Eric’s long, shiny cock gliding in and out of my ass hole. He was even more careful and deliberate than Bob, and he seemed to be able to direct his cock very precisely to where he wanted it inside my rectum. He was about to propel me into another massive rectal orgasm. I could feel it coming. I was powerless to resist. He was in total control.


“Hey, Lenny, come and do the honors man,” Eric called over to Lenny, who seemed to know exactly what was expected of him as he leaned over me and began sucking my cock.


Very soon, I had a massive climax and as Eric withdrew from me a little I was able to shoot my cum down Lenny’s eager throat. It was the orgasm of a lifetime. I was shouting out. I couldn’t stop myself. Then Eric went into full flow. I had heard the others talk almost reverently about his balls. They were big and dangled low in his scrotum. It seemed like oceans of hot cum which Eric was delivering into my bottom. He boasted about being able to produce a tablespoon and a half against a regular guy’s teaspoon. Well, all I can say is that it felt like gallons!


There were still another thirteen guys desperate to fuck me. As I looked around, all I could see was a forest of erect cocks waiting to do me. Now, to speed matters up, I bent over the end of the bed and invited them in from behind. Even though some of my enthusiasm had been drained off, I loved each and every one of these big, sexy guys as they took it in turns to ram their cocks up my ass and fuck me full of cum. They were all so excited by the sight of each other’s cocks dosing me with spunk and the slime now oozing from my crack and trickling down the inside of my thighs. It took each guy took less than half a minute to do me from penetration through several piston strokes to getting their cum pumped in.


I noticed Sammy was awake and sitting up in bed watching me getting fucked. He was in a very vulnerable position. The remaining guys who hadn’t fucked me were champing at the bit to fuck. Two of them went over to Sammy and were not in any mood for formal introductions.


“What’s your name, pretty boy? You look as if you’re in need of some attention!”


Sammy was wearing pajamas. We all heard them tear as Nicky ripped off his bottoms.


“Oh, yeah, fucking lovely and smooth. Now you can’t keep a lovely ass like that all to yourself now can you! Come on you’re going to get it.”


Sammy was struggling hard to get away, but now three guys were holding him down as another applied some cum to his asshole which they had collected from mine to lube him up.


“Hey, get off me! This is rape! Leave me alone!” he protested.


We were all watching as Jock tried to force his cock up Sammy’s ass hole. He was crying out in obvious pain, as Jock was far too big for him. I shouted over that he should stop before they did him some serious injury. Bob seemed to have gone to bed in another dorm. Anyway, he was not around to keep order. Sammy was kicking out and pleading to be left alone. The sight of him like this was inspiring for everyone. There was no doubt that his ass was beautifully smooth and sexy and when he was watching us, he had got an erection.


Lenny now took over with the help of two others who held Sammy’s legs up. He got himself into position to penetrate Sammy’s ass with his slim, curved cock. Lenny was the only guy to be slim enough to stand a decent chance of getting into tight, clenched hole. We all watched as Lenny gently pushed his knob against Sammy’s sphincter. It had taken several minutes before Sammy yielded and we saw Lenny’s cock bury itself into Sammy’s bottom. Having both hands, free Lenny got to work on Sammy’s dick which was already hard.


“Don’t try to pretend you don’t want it! You’re loving this, aren’t you? And it’s just about to get better!”


Lenny was shafting Sammy very gently so as to excite his prostate to the maximum. It was Sammy who started to cum first. He was groaning and gasping as his gland tried to ejaculate, but Lenny was pressing his cum tubes inside. Suddenly Lenny let fly and fucked Sammy right up his lovely ass. Sammy managed to ejaculate on his belly button as Lenny shot his load up him and ended Sammy’s virginity for good. The fertilized Sammy was now sent back to bed to absorb the fluids now well up inside his young body.


I lay on the mattress on my stomach and took the rest of the guys in the same way that I had taken Daren. They said afterward that it was more exciting than doing me bent over because their cock shafts were clasped by my buttocks while their knobs were squeezed by my anus.


I had been fucked by eighteen guys, and I could feel their semen inside my ass. It was a lovely full feeling, and I was able to keep their fluids inside me all night as I slept naked next to Daren.


Needless to say, Sammy’ sexuality had now been determined for him, and he was a much happier person. He even stopped complaining about the behavior of rugby players!