Galen and Conner

A palimpsest based on Galena and Conner
(mBb) (anal, rim) (nc) (inc)

Don’t miss the latest film from Mr. Black Productions, Galen and Conner. This is a warm sweet fuzzy romantic film of two fourteen-year-old teens fucking their teenage brains out. Conner has fucked before, but this is Galen’s first time. You will see Conner get Galen high so that it is easier for him to get his teenage dick into the virgin ass.

As Conner undresses Galen, he twists and pulls young teenage tits until they are about to explode. He has Galen bend over and pull his ass cheeks apart to reveal the soft, pink pucker with just a sprinkling of blond hair, which Conner later shaves off so that the boy-cunt is baby smooth.

Both of these kids are beautiful, ripe young things. Both have perfect bodies, and you will be in awe of Conner’s eight and a half-inch dick. How hung can a fourteen-year-old boy be?

Conner is patient and teaches his new friend how to suck cock, lick balls, eat ass, and fuck. Conner sits on Galen’s face and masturbates while he eats out his teenage boy ass. Galen is shy, and Conner urges him on. When he aims his big dick at Galen’s virgin asshole, the look on Galen’s face as Conner shoves his dickhead into his rectum is priceless. It is so fucking romantic.


Conner, of course, uses no condom. He wants his baby seed to soak into Galen. Conner is proud that at fourteen, he has fucked lots of boy ass, once with a five-year-old. To see him accomplish that look up our film, Conner’s Five-Year-Old Fuck! Conner was only twelve at the time. No doubt about it, Conner is one of our biggest stars. The footage of the five-year-old boy-cunt taking Conner’s large cock is astonishing. Holy shit is it painful for the five-year-old kid.


This is a film that you must have for your collection. Conner is so fucking creative. He gets Galen a bit drunk after he fucks him and convinces him to drink piss. The shots of Conner standing over Galen and peeing into his pretty mouth are so heart-warming.


He fucks Galan twice in his fresh young boy-pussy and unloads inside of him each time. He spreads Galen’s ass cheeks so you can see his cum leaking out. The close-ups of Galen’s just fucked no longer virgin boy-pussy with a bit of blood and Conner’s cum leaking out of it are breathtakingly beautiful.


There are scenes of tender romance too, as Galen lovingly sucks on Conner’s balls while he watches a sports show on TV. Galen bathes each teen nut and sucks on the sack. It is really a beautiful scene of young love. And when he eats out Conner’s ass, you know he really loves him and would do anything for him. Conner gets a bit strict with Galen when he does not stick his tongue deep enough into his asshole, but faggots have to learn, and Galen is soon doing a splendid job.


One of the most charming scenes in this romantic film happens when Galen’s little seven-year-old brother wanders in to find the teen couple fucking. Conner is so patient and kind to the little kid. He does not want to scare the boy away from sex at such a tender age, so he pulls his fat, sloppy pulsing dick out of Galen’s squishy ass-cunt and shows the little boy what a teen boy prick looks like. Conner tells the boy to touch his teenage dick and balls to show him why Galen loves cock so much. He then convinces the little boy to kiss and lick his big fat dick.


Galen is put off by this, at first, until Conner gets the little boy to lick and his big brother’s dick, too. The little boy is so good at this that Conner strips the kid naked and has him lick his big teenage balls while he continues to fuck Galen. The little boy really gets into it and hardly cries at all when Conner sticks one of his big fingers up the little boy’s asshole.


Conner finger fucks the seven-year-old while he fucks the kid’s older brother. Then in a fantastic sequence, Conner pulls his dripping dick from Galen’s sopping boy-cunt and shoves it into the little boy’s mouth. Then he fucks back and forth for a while from the teen boy-cunt to the little boy mouth. Making sure the seven-year-old boy gets a good taste of his brother’s cunt slop on his big dick.


The film’s big climax scene happens when Conner telephones four of his high school buddies to come over and fuck Galen. He is naturally shy about this at first, but Conner convinces him that if he does not want everyone at school to know that he will do this for him. He wants to show off to his buddies what an excellent fuckhole his new friend is. Not only do the four other teenage boys take turns fucking Galen, but he also has to eat all of their asses, and they end up double fucking ass and while fucking his mouth at the same time.


You have seen films of adults doing these things, but never a movie with fourteen-year-old kids engaged in this way. And all of the ages of the actors have been verified. We’d frankly all be surprised if Galen is not fucked up from the experience.


As an added bit of kink, Conner offers the mouth of Galen’s seven-year-old brother to clean off the dirty dicks of the teen fuckers. Conner masturbates and unloads on the little boy’s face and then has Galen lick it off. It is so fucking sexy.


And in the next film they make, Galen and Conner: Encore, Galen’s father finds out about the orgy and threatens the teens until Conner seduces the man and goes to town fucking him balls deep. That’s right, Conner fucks Galen’s real-life father. He begs Conner to use a condom when he fucks him, but no deal. Conner fucks raw! Then he invites his four buddies from the first film over to fuck Galen’s dad. Wait until you see how nuts he goes for all that teenage cock.


You will be astounded when Conner has the father fuck his seven-year-old son. And then Conner introduces all of them to a piss and shit party.


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