Fun Times

(MB) (anal, oral, rim) (nc) (humil)

Brought a cute kid home with me the other night for a little partying. The stupid kid thought the party was just going to be the two of us and would involve smoking pot and playing video games. Well, obviously I had other games in mind. I couldn't wait to get his clothes off, and was delighted that I was not disappointed. When you just pick up a kid at the mall, you never know what you are getting. It’s the ass that is most important of course, and it's not easy to tell the full shape and potential of teenage boy ass with their jeans on. You can sometimes make a good guess. This boy had a nice ass curve and a cute tight melon look. Of course, he had never been ass fucked before. He had also never sucked dick before. He had never had sex of any kind before, which is the way we like them. Getting to my house, he was surprised to find ten horny dudes there. He became immediately uncomfortable, but we gave him some pot and beer to relax him. Somebody put some gay porn on the television, and the sweet innocent little bitch began to get the idea. The porno vid involved six well-hung dudes having their way with a boy of about thirteen.

The boy told me he had to leave, and I told him the party was just starting. It was at that time I invited him to remove his clothing. He made such a fuss we had to restrain him. We didn't just want to hold him down and pump our swollen dicks into his young boy ass. No, we wanted to play with him a bit first. We wanted to teach him how to please a man by licking and smelling a dude's dick and balls and sucking on male asshole. We tied him down into a chair, and I calmly explained all of this to him, which only made him more hysterical.

His body though was a treat. Tight, young, smooth, beautiful. He had a fucking darling prick, a fat chubby dick, and nuts on him, quite large for one so young. Cut and pink and pure. We played with his nipples and dick to try to get him aroused, but he was pretty terrified. I held his face and tongue kissed him, depositing lots of spit into his virgin mouth. We used some strong silver tape to keep him still while we licked his sweet young body. He was not entirely comfortable with our attention. I fed him some Viagra and more beer. It was so cute the way he begged us to let him go. He begged us, while my buddies stood around frigging their dripping dicks, drinking and jerking, and waiting for their chance to meet the party guest of the evening.


Eventually, I began to finger his virgin asshole. My God, it was tight and sweet. I had indeed chosen correctly. I could barely get one finger up into his sweet hairless teenage ass pucker. How would he ever be able to take our swollen dicks, the swollen throbbing dicks of eleven well-hung men?


We teased him a bit into submission. I told him that if he was willing to suck our dicks, we might not fuck him. After much crying, he finally agreed, so we all took turns presenting our fat leaking dicks and balls to his cute face, and he licked our sweaty nuts and kissed our wet prick heads, crying all the time. I made sure he licked down deep under the nut sacks of all the guys to give them the full treatment.


Of course, nobody wanted to shoot yet, we all wanted to unload up his boy ass. I told the cute crying kid that the guys just were not satisfied, but maybe if he licked and sucked their asses, they would be content. Of course, he refused, so I told him then we had to move to the bedroom and the asshole fucking. He screamed and agreed to lick ass. Kids are so gullible. So for the next forty-five minutes, this sweet virginal boy ate sweaty shithole. Jesus, my buddies pushed their assholes onto that smooth hairless young face. I told him he had to work his tongue up into the assholes, or the guys would be angry. I went last, and by then the boy was doing a reasonably good job. His tongue wiggled back and forth up my asshole while his lips sucked at the ass ring.


Too bad, I told him, we still had to fuck his young ass. I told him that if he relaxed and worked with us, it would not be too bad. If he fought, we might have to hurt him. It was fucking fun I can tell you that.


Of course, since I brought the boy to the party, I got to ram my eight and a half inches into his virginal boy pucker first. It took me fifteen minutes to get it balls deep into him. He was so fucking tight he almost strangled my pecker. He passed out twice, and I waited, buried in his hole until they roused him so that he could feel every moment of his first ass fuck. They woke him by rubbing dick leak on his lips and face. I fucked him for about ten minutes and then unloaded my balls up his hole. The second guy had a little easier time because of my cum. After two hours, the kid's ass was well opened, about the size of a half dollar coin. Most of the guys fucked him twice, so that is twenty fucks for a virgin teen boy. I shot off a second time into his mouth, not wanting him to miss the experience of swallowing sperm.


We told him that his friends at school would probably be able to smell cum on his breath no matter how much he gargled and brushed his teeth. We also told him he would walk different and any real man would be able to tell he was an ass-fucked boy. We jerked him off over his face to have him eat his cum. Of course, we gave him the usual warnings that if he ever told anyone about what had happened to him, not only would he be labeled as a faggot forever, but we would find him again and make it much worse the next time. I did take down his personal info like where he lived and phone and stuff, just in case we do want to pay him a return visit, which is sometimes fun.