Fuckpig: An Essay

(humil) (nc)

The author often gets mail from anxious readers requesting help in training a fuckpig. Sometimes this mail is bogus, jerk off material from some horny reader seeking correspondence. However, now and then, the author gets to interact with a genuinely concerned father, brother uncle or master, who sincerely wishes help in shaping and training a boy into a perfect fuckpig.

First, we must agree on what the term fuckpig means. A true fuckpig is a boy (I use this term loosely as the fuckpig can be any age, which I shall explain shortly) who lives only to service cock.

It is an easy thing to say, but a challenging condition to achieve. It means “only to service cock.” In other words, the fuckpig wipes every other thought, desire, dream, goal, and interest from his mind. He spends every waking hour thinking about cock. Moreover, most of his dreams concern only cock too. Although many men think they want their boy in this condition, in actuality few do, as it requires a great deal of responsibility and attention. A FUCKPIG IS NOT A SLAVE. A fuckpig is a boy reduced to truly being nothing but a living breathing fuckhole! The boy has been conditioned to require cock, the way a heroin addict requires a fix. If he does not have a cock up his ass almost constantly, his hole itches and stings unbearably. Not tasting and smelling fuckmeat all the time reduces the fuckpig to tears or worse so that he can hardly function. Connecting his every move, ever need, every thought is to please cock.
Of course, the mind is affected. A fuckpig in this condition is almost what might call retarded, or challenged in the modern sense. So he requires constant care and attention. He needs cock so badly that his glands salivate whenever near a man. He stares at the fuck lump in every pair of trousers like a vampire needing his next blood fix. His need reduces him to nothing but an ass cunt and a face cunt that constantly needs filling. How can this be enjoyable for the father, brother, uncle, or master? Simple. To get his “Cock Fix,” the fuckpig will do anything! He will degrade and debase himself. He will humiliate himself beyond belief. He will gladly abuse and hurt himself. One can see the responsibility involved. Give a fuckpig a knife and tell him it would be pleasing to see him cut off his hand, he will do so. He has no power to resist because he needs to service his master’s cock so badly.
Most have never even seen a real fuckpig; a boy reduced to this state of constant need for fuckmeat. A need is so strong that it is all he ever thinks about is the need for cock. Most masters could not bring their boys to that degraded point even if they tried. They would kill the boy with training, or they would so destroy his mind that the boy would end up a vegetable in an almost comatose state.
Most would not enjoy having to take care of a creature who is like an animal. Who will not piss, shit, or eat without permission? Who will not think of anything except cock! Who will suck ass, lick balls, take extreme pain, eat shit, drink piss, and do anything to please his master’s cock! To create such a creature takes time and patience. The master must enjoy every step of breaking and training the fuckpig. After all, it is the journey, not the destination that matters. Once the author has created a fuckpig, he loses interest in him and will soon pass him on to others to use. The author is only interested in a boy’s mind while he is still able to resist, to fight a bit, to suffer. However, the author has several friends who truly love having a fuckpig around. It reminds them that they were able to take a healthy, normal, clear thinking boy and destroy his mind, body, and spirit. It makes them feel good, and they also have a perfect fuck receptacle for themselves and their friends.
Now there are two kinds of fuckpigs: a fuckpig, and a slut fuckpig. A fuckpig lives only for his master’s cock. He has been taught to look at the master’s cock with hunger, with love, with adoration. Some make the master’s cock into a god and pray to it. The master’s cock gives them everything life, and they owe their very existence to it. To get to service the master’s cock, they will do anything the master wants including taking great pain, complete degradation, servicing other cocks, balls, assholes. However, the thing on the fuckpig’s mind while he is serving other cock is always the master’s cock!
A slut fuckpig lives not only for the cock of his master but also for all cocks. He feels he needs to service the cock of every many he encounters. His mind is insane with the need to taste the cock of every man on earth and to have every cock up his cunt. One can imagine the twisted mental condition of such an animal. It is tough to take him in out in public because he will feel no shame at all at begging every man he encounters to allow him to worship cock! Present two or three dicks to him at once, will almost give him a seizure because he needs to service all of them at the same time and is not sure how to proceed. The author has seen a slut fuckpig have a total breakdown because he could not handle all the cock presented to him, and felt he needed to!
Both types of fuckpigs are pretty mindless. They are no good for conversation. They only follow orders. They kneel with their mouths open for cock all the time.
How to turn a boy into such a creature? Here are a few tips, although every man will have to find his way. The author has been available upon occasion to make house calls to help train a fuckpig, but only rarely. The author would need to extremely interested in the boy. The author has trained two fuckpigs long term in life. The author has dabbled with many, many more. Do it correctly. It takes years, not months. Extreme patience is required, but the training itself is the fun.
The ideal age to begin training a fuck pig is between eight and ten years of age. At that age, one can genuinely shape the boy’s mind to convince him to believe he was born to be nothing except a cunt for cock. He can be made to believe that his mouth is a face cunt and his asshole a pussy. His very ideas of sex and his role in sex can be shaped as his sexual feelings emerge.
However, the author is well aware that many readers are moral and ethical and feel that it is wrong to tamper with an underage boy. One feels that this is child molestation and are terrified of the potential legal punishments that go along with such activities. The author understands and agrees. Very few men will take the risk of working with underage boys. The author is merely stating the fact that this is the best age for the training, The author is not advocating that one behave in this way. The author has been very fortunate in life to be able to cross the line in various countries and work with boys of different ages.
A note of encouragement: There are now some countries where the age of sexual consent is sixteen, fifteen, and even fourteen. Here one would be free to experiment within the law. However, one must remember that turning a boy of any age into a mindless fuck animal would probably is frowned upon by the law in any nation. So let us suppose for our discussion that this essay is merely academic and not realistic.
A boy of eight to ten is ideal. However, one can train a boy of any age. If one works with an older boy, sixteen to twenty say, one will have to spend lots of time wiping his former sexual ideas and desires from his mind, which in itself can be lots of fun. One must re-train him. One must convince him that he is not a regular high school student with usual sexual interests, but a fucking animal put on earth to service cock! What fun! He will resist whereas a younger boy will not. He will fight, and one needs to be particularly strong.
It is more fun to turn a straight boy into a fuck pig than a potentially gay one. A straight boy suffers more. He feels he is unsexed. He feels he is losing his masculinity as he is forced to suck cock and take it up his ass. He can feel his ass turned into a cunt, slowly, painfully. Most readers know of the author’s extensive work with teenage boys in this area.
There is an absolute extreme pleasure one achieves in knowing that the boy will never recover, not only physically, but also mentally. He will be crippled his entire life sexually. Once a boy becomes a Fuck Pig, he is most likely never able to resume a normal life. He will be passed around and fucked and fucked and fucked. He can no longer take care of his simple needs. He can only serve cock!
To properly train a fuckpig takes years. If one wants a total fuckpig of twelve or thirteen, then one needs to start the training two years earlier. A boy who willingly drinks the piss out of one’s cock when one wakes each morning, who licks one’s ass after one shits takes time. Here are some tips to use in his training.

  • Give the fuckpig plenty of love. Mix punishment with love. Confuse him by defying the logic of when and why he gets punished. If he crawls wrong, if he kneels wrong, if he does not suck cock with enough enthusiasm, punish him. Punishments should be painful and creative. Thumbtacks in the feet, nipples, scrotum, penis, tongue, etc., whippings and beatings on the ball sack, ass, feet, being bound in painful positions for long periods, being burned with cigarettes and candle wax, breaking fingers and toes, these and more should lend variety to the boy’s training. In between and even while the boy is in great pain, kiss and lick him and tell him how much he is loved when he is a good boy. Tell him one does not want to hurt him, but he has to learn to be a good pig!
  • Call him pig and cunt. Do not use his former name. Make he respond to the most disgusting names willingly. Compel him to call himself these names.
  • Have the fuckpig sleep with earphones on, with a tape calling him, “a fucking hole,” “ a cunt,” “a cock dump,” “a fuck face,” and every other degrading name you can think of to label him. Reward him when he begins to think of himself this way.
  • How does one reward a fuckpig? One might allow him to lick pudding off one’s cock! One might allow him to eat something delicious out of one’s asshole. Some scrumptious food works well. That is because his daily diet consists of tasteless or foul tasting food! Dog food is great to serve a pig, but make sure he gets all the vitamins he needs. Anything served to him, other than those special reward treats, should contain cum, piss, shit, pre-fuck, spit, snot, or a combination of all. He needs to know that everything he eats is laced with one’s body fluids. The author finds cornflakes soaked in piss are an excellent breakfast for pigs. For lunch, a salad with a nice cum and snot dressing!
  • Headphones can also be used to train a fuckpig on how to behave, how to kneel, how to address a master. The author finds things like six hours of telling a pig “Cock tastes wonderful. You need cock. You must suck cock!” really works wonders, especially if the pig is in pain, and one reduces the pain when he sucks cock for example. If the boy is forced to keep a nine-inch dildo up his ass at all times, except when he is sucking cock or being fucked, then he will look forward to the sex, especially if one covers the dildo with Tabasco or Ben-gay, or if it has painful bumps and ridges.
  • Make the boy work out to develop his body. Teach him that the more perfectly formed his body is, the more one will love him, and the less pain he will face.
  • Do things to disorient the fuckpig sexually like making him wear a bra and panties when one’s friends come over to visit. Dress him like a cunt to make him behave like a cunt once in a while.
  • The fuckpig is never to disobey an order. Eventually, he is never to hesitate when given an order, even it involves cleaning out a shit-filled public toilet with his tongue.
  • Control the fuckpigs cock! Force him to remain erect for hours and hours at a time, without any thought of orgasm. If he ever cums without permission, one must administer the most severe punishment. (With young boys, of course, you will not have such a problem, but make them remain erect as well, and forbid dry cums.) Taunt the pig by masturbating his cock until he cannot hold back, and then punish him for lack of control.
  • The author is a great believer in using Viagra with a boy. He finds it fun and helpful. He feeds his boys two or three Viagra every single day. He wants his pigs in an almost unbearable state of arousal.
There are many more tips I can share with you, but space and time force me to stop here. The author will be glad to continue this discussion if one is interested.
The author reminisces about some fuckpigs with whom the author or some friends have worked with:
First is of our friend Brian, the Bible student turned fuckpig eating shit off the floor. Many of may remember Brian. He is doing well, and not an almost mindless fuckpig who will do anything.
The second is a younger boy forced to masturbate but not cum. If he cums, he will have his smooth young balls beaten. The author fed him three Viagra. He is suffering nicely.
The third is of the fuckpig who belonged to an Asian bar owner friend of the author. One of our readers helped to train this fuckpig. He did an outstanding job. The fuckpig has a dead mindless look in his eyes. His mouth is hanging open ready to suck cock or eat shit. The boy is a total fucked up mess. Moreover, he started only a year earlier as a straight-A student—good work.
The last is of one of the author’s Asian fuckpigs. Notice how he needs to stay close to the author's cock to be happy. He wants to worship the author’s cock 24/7. The fuckpig would lick it for hours while the author watched TV, ate, sat around, visited with friends, or worked on the internet. The author’s cock was his whole life.