Fucked Up

(Mm) (anal, ws) (nc)

Many of you have asked me what a boy looks like when he is totally fucked up. I admit it is an extraordinary thing to see a boy almost out of his mind from being worked over. Most of the boys that I work with are fucked up over an extended period, months sometimes. I dismantle them slowly, exposing them over time to more and more filth and degradation. But once in a while, I too have my dark side, and I get carried away with a kid. There have been some pretty wild parties where a boy has been really fucked and fucked up over a short period.

Young fifteen-year-old Billy thought he was attending a modeling audition and photo shoot. One of my friends, who works in advertising and modeling set this up. I was simply a guest at the “shoot.” Young Billy had no idea he was to be the guest of honor at a FUCK PARTY.
My buddy got the kid high and a bit drunk, but not so much that he would not feel the dicks up his virginal ass and down his throat. At first, the guys at the party teased and flattered him, and he felt on top of the world. They told him how handsome he was (he was) and that he had a huge modeling career ahead of him. There were six of us who handled the modeling session, but another thirty or so horny mean fuckers were partying in an adjacent room and waiting for their chance to meet Billy.
We gave the boy some speed, and pretty soon he was out of it enough for us to get his clothes off. He had a beautiful smooth young body, a perfect match for his innocent young face and gorgeous blond hair. Our host began to play with the boy who was quite uncomfortable being fondled and kissed, but it was too late for him. The party was on. These guys were pretty rough with the kid right from the start. I guess I was somewhat violent with him too, letting my dark side out. Soon, the kissing and fondling turned to cocks in the kid’s mouth, slaps, punches, nipple twisting, ball sack slapping and so on, all to get the boy to stop struggling and begin to comply with our filthy demands. He was terrified, and you know how a frightened boy turns me on. Oh, and this was especially fun. We masturbated him to eight orgasms to make sure he was totally empty of any sexual feeling so that the fuck was only pleasurable for the dudes fucking him.
His hole was tender and tight and so fucking virginal that some guys lost it before they even got their dicks into him. And man-oh-man was this boy fucked. He was fucked nonstop for almost forty-eight hours. I have never seen an innocent young boy fucked so hard, so much, for so long a time. Every time a dick shot its load and pulled out, another dick plunged in within ten or fifteen seconds of the previous one. The boy screamed until he was hoarse. I can’t say that I blame him. To watch him unravel mentally and emotionally was a real sexual thrill. Every few fucks, we would coat his tongue and lips with sperm and ass slime. Of course, when a dick pulled out of his ass, Billy had to clean the slime-covered fuckmeat with his mouth. This too was an entirely new experience for him. We had to use a cattle prod to get him to accept his position.
And speaking of positions, we fucked him kneeling, lying on his back, standing, on a chair, on a bed, on a table, on the floor. A doctor buddy of ours gave Billy something they use in interrogation to make the body react more intensely. It was something to make him feel the experience more powerfully. It was as if every nerve in his smooth young body was on fire. While one dude was fucking him, others played with his dick, balls, feet, pits, tits and so on. We would take a break after shooting our fuck up his beautiful young ass, to drink and chat before going back for a second or third fuck. Eventually, the cum was bubbling and running out of his ass. We collected it in a bowl for him drink later.
Halfway through the kid's ordeal, the boy is totally fucked up and fucked out with sublime anguish on his young face. When he begged for water, we pissed in his mouth, we spit in the boy's mouth, and we blew our noses in his mouth too.
The fucking went on endlessly. We made calls to friends of ours to come on over and fuck the little angel. Every few hours we had the doctor check him and pronounce him “good to go.” What usually take me weeks to introduce a boy to, my friends did to this boy over one night. We slapped the kid about, beat his balls and ass with belts, and just fucking broke him. We put him in a bathtub, and six or eight of us pissed on him at the same time. Dicks were shoved in his mouth, and they pissed right down his throat. Soon his fucked asshole could not control itself, and he shit right on the floor. We made him eat it, of course. A boy has to learn to clean up after himself.
Over fifty guys, most of them fucking him two or three times, fucked Billy over a forty-eight hour period. We were depleted of all of our nut juice and pretty wiped out ourselves, so my buddy brought in his dogs from outside to give them a go at the boy. They were not as well trained as we would like to see fuck dogs be, and some of them nipped and bit the poor kid. It did seem pretty funny at the time. The boy's asshole was opened to the size of a beer can by now, and his inner ass was starting to come out. His ass lips were torn and swollen beyond belief.
All in all, it was a lovely time, and I am certain that no matter where young Billy is now, he must be seventeen or eighteen by now, he will never forget his “coming out” party.